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Mazda MPV



  • jtlucejtluce Posts: 7
    What does the term RSES mean?
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    RSES = Rear Seat Entertainment System... i.e. a flat screen monitor, VCP (video cassette player), etc. (some include DVD player, game console,...)
  • jtlucejtluce Posts: 7
    The 2001 MPV's have $1000 of Dealer Incentive AND Mazda is offering 0% 24 month financing to customers. My dealer is claiming that I cannot have both. Is this true? Seems to me that these are two seperate issues, but of course I want everything. Commments Please.
  • We desperately need a minivan.4 kids in the back seat of a taurus is enough to give any adult high blood pressure.My wife fell in love with the MPV.I however was very concerned about the engine.I read something about a more powerful engine (3.0 liter).Is that true.Will it be for 2001 vans mid year? I dont think we can wait if it will be available only in 2002 models.Thanks
  • jtlucejtluce Posts: 7
    I have pondered the same issue. There is a rumor that there will be a mid-year 3.0 engine, however, it is only a rumor. The dealers are not very informative, assuming they even know. But, think about it. IF there is a change coming they would not advertise it know otherwise they would find it more difficult to sell the 2.5's. Also, if there is a change you can bet it will be more expensive and probably no discounts. I for one have decided that it isn't that big of a deal and would rather get a great price NOW. Most of the people on this board seem to think that the power under most conditions is just fine. I had a 94 MPG for a few years (4 cyl) and only rarely noticed the lack of power, like the time I drove over the Rocky Mountains at one of the highest points, but I made it. I just need to find a dealer that will give me all of the rebates and the 0% financing. Good Luck with your decision.
  • jktaxjktax Posts: 7
    done shopping around for my 2001 ES. Saw a dealer sheet on the current promos. read like a chinese can either have 1)RSES or $1,000 dollar Factory to Dealer incentive or 2) special lease deal or factory to dealer incentive or 3) financing special or factory to dealer incentive. cannot combine any of the two. Here's what I will end up with for $25840 plus tax. Silver ES with fog lights, roof rack, 4 seasons, mats, cargo net, rear bumper step plate, and RSES. A little less than edmunds TMV. This price was from the first dealer I went to, little or no haggle. other dealers visited in person or via phone were $200 - $1000 higher.
  • I spoke to someone in Mazda customer service yesterday to address some of my questions about the MPV (Thinking about getting a 2000 LX soon). She said:

    1. A more powerful engine is slated for the 2003 model year, not before.

    2. It will still be a Ford engine.

    3. The 2002 are already in production. She suggested it is likely that 2002 will be available soon and 2003 may be early as well (e.g., next spring).

    Don't know if there is any truth to all this, but the one thing she seemed most clear about is the news about the more powerful engine for 2003. I don't think I will wait. Engine power seems to be a non-issue for most owners. I want enough power to pass on 2 lane highways without majore stress.

    Any thoughts/comments appreciated!

  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Don't waste another day. Get a deal like the previous post and be a happy MPV'er. Just compare what a Chevy Venture with the looney tunes stuff on it will cost. I think you will be running to get the same deal as JKTAX.
  • Gee,

    I didn't realize you could get a Sienna loaded up to $34k-$35k. I The only things it had that out MPV didn't was an entertainment system.

    I think I'll keep that $5k-$10k in my pocket. Our family needs it more than Toyota.

  • Hello fellow MPVers. I have lurked around the forums here for a month or so since I got my new 2000 MPV. I just wanted to add some comments on my buying experience as well as my thoughts on the van. I got a 2000 Emerald Mica ES with a roof rack, rear air, bumper step, and fogs. I printed up all of the info on the web I could find here at Edmunds and eslewhere and shared everything as well as my notes with the salesman as soon as I walked in. I got pre-approved financing off of the web as well. We picked out my van and I checked it out and decided I wanted to try for it. It came out to around 24,600. The best part of all is the fact that Mazda gave me 6.9 financing for the entire cost of the van and I have less than perfect credit. Not one penny down, no trade, nothing. I walked in, signed, and drove out in just a little over an hour! I surprised my wife with if for Christmas. My salesman even gave me a big red bow to put on it. We love the van! It has been perfect and defect free for the first 500 miles so far and we couldn't be happier. It has been officially named the "Road Runner" becuase of the beep sound of the horn. Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and share my experience. Wes
  • Hi All,

    My MPV story: I too was worried about the power (I "grew up" [sort of] driving a built 6.6 liter Trans Am), but I shopped and shopped and everything else about the MPV was just right so I took the plunge. It's fine. Our other car is a '97 SOHC Explorer, which isn't all THAT fast but sure has plenty of torque, but in comparison the MPV isn't too bad. After all, it's not a sports car.

    Those who are considering one might hunt a little for a 2000 model. We got an LX, with 6-cd, touring, 4-seasons, and rear air (sticker, $26,300) for about $21,300 + taxes, etc. (Came to just over $23k out the door with GA's exhorbitant taxes and fees.) I too looked at Toyotas, but goodness, one equipped the same way would have easily been over 26k even with a decent deal. This is my fourth Mazda over the past 10 years (626, B2500, Protege) and I've always found the dealers to be OK and the deals excellent. So if you want an MPV don't wait another 15 months for that bigger engine. Don't really need it, and you can get a sensational deal!
  • elayelay Posts: 2
    We did not get racks on our new MPV.

    Do I need the Mazda rails up there if I want to put stuff on top? Does anybody have any experience with aftermarket arrangements which have worked?

    I imagine I will need to have stuff up top only occasionally -- perhaps the odd bike, skis, or container of camping gear.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Yakima and Thule are the biggest names in aftermarket racks, but they're spendy. They may not have fit kits for your vehicle yet. Unless you need to put something directly on the roof, you could probably skip the rails. Some containers don't suspend from the racks though, and could scratch the paint.

    Anyone with rack experience with the MPV?

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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Thule has a tower and clip setup for the MPV, but I haven't seen it. Yakima does not have a Q-Clip for the MPV, but you can attach it on roof-top rails, just like the factory system. I'm a Yakima fan, so I bought parts to put my gear on it. Figure on spending $300 for a rack, plus accessories.

    This is exactly what you'd need for the Yakima rack:

    54" Tracks - You have to DRILL into the roof

    2 Sets of RailRiders - Towers to mount the bars, removeable in no time.

    48" Bar set - Longer if you want... I use 54"

    Fairing - You'll want this, reduces noise ($50)

    Any accessory (bike/ski/canoe/surfboard/case)
    I don't use Yak's bike attachments, I use Rocky Mount brand...cheaper, $40-vs-$80 each.

    The drilling wasn't bad. The instructions are very good, and you only drill thru the top layer of the roof, as the screws that hold the rails are self-tapping (took an hour and I didn't rush). Incidentally, these are the same rails that Mazda is using for their factory racks. Load rating for the Yakima is 165lbs-vs-100lbs for the factory rack. Best part is you can take it off when you want in about 2 minutes, and just have the rails wind noise.

    But, as Steve said, do you need a rack? If you're carrying bikes, I would recommend the roof racks, and not the tailgate type, since you can't really open the hatch on the van, and your precious bikes are munched if someone rear-ends your beloved MPV. I use our's for skis, 3 mt. bikes and bike trailer, 2 sea kayaks, and a "Space Case," (not all at once) so it's very handy. If you are using a van-top carrier, the Yakima is better since the towers rise higher off the van than the factory or the Thule racks, and would avoide contact w/the roof. But, test before you use to avoid probs.

    Where to buy, I go to REI ( Their prices are the same or LESS than Yakima's website (, they have sales often on Yakima gear, and the REI staff seems to know alot about rack systems.

    Happy racking!

  • I'm curious about what people have been paying to dealers for bogus things like advertising, prep, ect. I was very close to purchasing an MPV ES last week and agreed to $300 over invoice (after deducting $1000 dealer rebate). Then I asked about title transfer fees and was informed that there was a $279 prep/adv fee. I refused to pay and the dealer would not budge. So I walked. When posters are claiming to have purchased these vehicles at barely over true dealer cost are they paying a big fee for prep?
  • jtluce,

    You were smart not to pay the prep/advertising fee. All you should have to pay is tax, license, and registration. Nothing more.

  • Here is an interesting thought. I did a comparison of the 2001 Honda, Toyota and Mazda vans, top of the line, but without any add-ons and looked at the trade-in figures for a 2000 of the same model. Honda TMV $28040 Trade-in $22539, Toyota TMV $26953 Trade-in $21622, Mazda TMV $24110 Trade-in $16773. If you believe these figures the Mazda has a much higher depreciation rate than the others, even more so if you consider the Honda TMV is $1200 over MSRP and some dealers are now selling at or below MSRP. I still like the MPV, but one cannot ignore these numbers. Granted this is the first year depreciation and over time the numbers may improve for the MPV. Any Thoughts. John
  • Thanks to everyone who has contributed, we will shortly own a Black Mica LX, security, 4 seasons, 3-in- audio, rear air, cargo net (?). We are paying out the door price of $23079,with 0% 4 year financing. (Price excludes tax, title and registration which we will do here in NJ.) We are buying in Ma. and pick up van tomorrow. As far as extra fees, the dealer wanted a $95 "documentation fee" which I didn't want to pay since I am doing all the documentation. But with the $95, according to Edmund's prices, he is only making about $169 profit. Guess I'll fight with him tomorrow before we sign the papers but we may give him the full amount.

    I have been reading these boards off and on since August 1999, when our family of 5 made our 1991 Ford Explorer seem awfully cramped. (As you can tell we don't make any decisions fast in this family!) At first we were convinced we needed an Odyssey, but the prices and it's huge size deterred us. We loved the way the MPV handled compared to the Chrysler, Ford and Toyota vans. We first went to a dealer in Fall of 1999 but insurance problems (points and settlement for a fraudulent injury) made getting a new car (with extra collision/comprehensive surcharges) too expensive. Insurance problems are mostly solved now so we started looking again at Christmas (2000). Unfortunately the only 2000 LX's left in central NJ were loaded with options, including the GFX-which we thought made the van look too much like a Jersey-car. No offense meant to NJ-ites, but I'm from upstate NY and my husband is from Ma. We currenly have a Honda Civic wagon, and the Explorer (and a 51 GMC 3/4 ton truck) and all are manuals. (We too would have loved to find a minivan with a stick, but guess we'll have to make do with popping off the O/D on hills!)Obviously we don't go for fancy cars. But this time we feel like we have splurged on a very stylish (as well as functional) vehicle.

    Seems like everyone here seemed to resolve the few problems that the early 2000 MPV's had. Hope ours is ok. I'll let everyone know. Thanks again everyone.

    Oh, as far as the rebates, the person a few posts back seems to have it right. On the 2000's you can get $1750 cash rebate (goes up to $2750 with more options, like entertainment, GFX or touring), OR $500 cash rebate AND current 2001 financing (0%2yr, 2.9% 3 yr, 4.9% 4yr, 6.9 % 5 yr, OR 0% 4year financing (if qualify-it appears that this one is harder to qualify for). Of course maybe there are hidden incentives to dealers right now. Maybe someone can get the big cash rebate and great financing but I couldn't find anyone in NJ or Ma willing to give me both. And most of the dealers seemed pretty sincere about getting rid of their 2000 stock.
  • One more thing, our invoice shows a line item for "portfolio" or POL. Salesman didn't know what it was for. Edmunds doesn't list it. Does anyone know what is involved in the "portfolio" package? It was just under "cargo net" and above the "3-in-1 audio system" on the list of Equipment.
  • I do not know where you are from but here in new jersey, every dealer charges a documentation fee. It is anywhere from 99.00 to 299.00.
  • Yes, the MPV has a much higher 1st-year depreciation rate than the Sienna and Ody, but that is nothing new. Hondas and Toyotas have always had excellent resale values, partly due to the very high owner loyalty. Mazda just has never had that. One minor quibble: the TMV does not seem to take into account some of the amazing financing deals that are available with the MPV, which can save thousands over the life of the loan (it saved me ~$3000). That could easily bring the depreciation of the MPV right back into line with the Sienna and Ody.

    If it still concerns you, be a real dealmaker and buy a 1-year-old MPV! That would be an easy way to take advantage of the MPV's high depreciation in the 1st year. I do suspect that over a few years, the depreciation difference will become much less dramatic. It always does.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248

    I have a question... I have been reading some nice experiences some are having with MPV after switching to synthetic oil (better engine response, etc). When I asked my service rep during last oil change about switching to synth, he told be that Mazda doesn't recommend to use synthetic before 24,000 km. Does this have any sense? If so, why is that? Could it be that in case of synth, I will be replacing oil less frequently and the dealer will have less money from me? Just wondering... Any insight is appreciated.

    P.S. MPV is my first (motor) vehicle ever so I'm not that good at all that stuff (yet)... So forgive me if this question appears silly/dumb...
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    There's a great topic elsewhere on synth-vs-dyno oils, I think in "Accessories" but I haven't been there in a while, so I can't remember off the top of my head.

    The Mazda dealers, for some reason, don't like to switch the oils over to synth before 15,000 miles (24,000k for y'all metrics). The story I heard is that the parts need to wear in. I switched at 12k miles, and have seen smoother shifts from the tranny fluid change. Can't say I've noticed any increased power or mpg (km/ltr). But, remember, not all synthetic oils are truly synthetic. Castrol, for one, has been marketing a synthetic for the past few years, which has petroleum-based oil in the compound...I'd recommend Mobil 1, Redline, or Amsoil products if you are thinking of taking the petro-plunge.

    You may be correct that the dealer's stance on the change is money-driven, but they're probably going by Mazda's recommendations. Our Volvo is serviced at the same dealer as our MPV, and they have no qualms about putting whatever fluid (within reason) I want in it. It's supposed to run sythetic oils tho. I still replace oil every 3,000 miles/3 months tho, just as insurance.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    He may have concerns about break-in. You want everything to be fully worn in before you use a synthetic as the lubrication properties are different than petroleum/wax based oils.
  • rjr425rjr425 Posts: 53
    Thanks to people like you who generously share your experiences and your insights, good deals can still happen.
    I'm just about at the end of a lease on a 98 Cherokee. I've been lurking around these sites since October, checking out what people are saying about their various deals and wheels. Browsing this site about a month ago, I realized that I'd been overlooking the MPV as a potential verhicle. Part of the problem was that I never realized that the car was even in my price range. Once I saw that the price was right and the package seemed to be even more right, I decided to get serious.
    I test-drove a MPV LX on Saturday. My main concern was the reported sluggishness of the engine at low speeds. Well, with three 200+lb people in it over some very hilly Pittsburgh terrain, I'm here to tell you that sluggish is not the word for the MPV's pickup. Stately might be more accurate. I sort of got the feeling that I was guiding the old Queen Elizabeth down the Hudson River. It's no Porsche, but it'll do quite nicely, thank you. It had no trouble whatsoever climbing our steep hills, and if the take off was somewhat slower than my Cherokee's (which goes like a bat with that 190 4L powering it), it was instantaneous and more than I would have credited after reading the comments. So if there are any out there like me who are looking to love but afraid of the pickup, don't be. Plan on it being slower than a sportscar, but don't worry--it's no cement truck.
    So I bought it. Tonight. And I think I did all right on the deal. Here's what I got:
    Sand Mica LX
    Dual Air
    Roof Rack
    LX Security package
    +all the standard DX and LX goodies

    MSRP = 25055
    Invoice = 23042
    My cost = 22042 (Dealer incentive)

    I think I got a lot of car--an awful lot of car--for that money.

    I"m picking it up on Saturday. I'll post periodically to let other potential buyers in on my continuing experiences with it.
    And thanks again to everyone who shared their experiences and --I think and hope--steered me into a good purchase.
  • Re: post #778 Roof racks by elay

    I have an 2000 LX with the factory roof rack, but as advised by many folks, even some of whom I consider objective, I purchased a Thule "system." Supposedly, the factory cross bars are not strong enough to carry something as heavy as three bikes, which I believe, so I bought the Thule 751 cross bars that clamp onto the factory rails (the ones running parallel to the length of the car) and then the Thule 525 bike mounts. They are pricey - $180 for the 751 and $70 for the 525 (you need one for each bike you want to carry).

    I've carried three bikes several hundred miles on interstates and back roads, and these racks have proven to be sturdy, reliable, and fairly easy on/off.

    Hope this helps.
  • My wife and I are looking to finally delve into the mini van market and have access to several different makes (family dealer discount). We are looking primarily at the Chewy Venture(sortie), the MPG(my choice), or a DC (shortie). Dealer problems wont be an issue, but I am concerned about the "POWER" problem. We have owned Mazdas previously, so reliability is not a question,MX-3 (v-6), and Protege. This will be an extended process as we will be taking our time. Another question is whether to get the rear air/four seasons package as I live in Cincinnati and it gets REALLY humid in the summer. Your thoughts would be appreciated!!!!!!
  • Congrats on your new MPV. Sounds like you made a great deal. Did you purchase a 2000 or 2001 LX? I am considering a very similar purchase to yours with a similar price, but for a 2000. Did you get this price on a 2001?

    Thanks, and I especially appreciate your perspective on the power question. My husband is hounding me about this issue!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Go back and read the posts on this board. Many have been led to believe by the automotive press that you need a top fuel engine in your mini-van for that sudden lane change. However, as 99% of the posts I have read stated that the power is not an issue. I am on my second 2000 MPV and have driven it from Southern California to the Canadian border with my wife and four kids. Not once did I whine that I need a turbo or Nitrous. About all that I whined about was the speeding ticket in Oregon due to the MPVs cruising ability.

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