91 Nissan Stanza radiator fan

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I just bought a 91 Nissan Stanza and am having a problem with the radiator fans coming on when the car gets hot. I let the car idle for awhile and noticed the fans weren't turning on. When I got in the car, the gauge was near hot. So I turned on the AC switch and the fans came on and the engine cooled back down. Yesterday, the fans ran non-stop and I had to turn the car off to get them to turn off. So is this a fan relay malfunctioning or is it the thermo-switch in the radiator(if it even has one). I would appreciate anyone's input, as there is no manuals out there that has any info regarding this problem.


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    Ingtonge18: I have an '87 Stanza and there is a thermo switch.
    In the service manual it says to check continuity at 194 deg. F.
    The switch is open(fans off) at 193 deg. and the fan is on at 194deg.
    the switch is closed. Or the relay could be the problem. Some models
    have two relays. One operates the fan when the A/C is turned on,
    and some the thermo switch operates another relay. Cheers
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    Thanks for your input. I was begginning to think no one owned a Stanza in here, LOL. Believe it or not, my Stanza has 3 radiator fan relays!! So, if I tried trial and error, it could end up costing $30-50 just for relays and that may not even be my problem! I think I will start with the thermo switch if it doesn't cost much to replace. On another note, the coverage of repair manuals regarding the 90-92 Stanza is absolutely appalling! Haynes manual was utterly useless and Chiltons cost way too much for the little bit of useful info it had. Chiltons did not even mention how to check and replace the thermo switch for the fan, so that's why I was unsure whether it had one. I have never owned a car that was so hard to find a repair manual for. I may be forced to buy the Nissan manual at a high price. Anyway, how has the reliability of your Stanza been? Has it been a good car? Mine has 134,600 miles on it and I am hoping it will at least last me a year with no repairs. Its the XE model with a 5 spd. It is a solid, rattle-free car and boy does it haul butt. The 2.4 liter engine has some serious torque and it is averaging 24 mpg in all city driving. Once again, thanks for your input and I would be interested in hearing about your Stanza and how it has held up.
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    I have a 91 stanza, everything work great but have found it has fuel leak at fuel injectors where connected to CAM head. I took it to a garage and they ran a fuel pressure test confirmed the leak. They asked for $1,300 for replacing all four fuel injectors. Do I need to replace the fuel injectors or replace injector orings? Help!
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