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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • To all owners past and present, I am seriously thinking about a 1996 sedan, with 80,000 miles. I am used to driving 1960's Fords and Lincolns. Will a Jaguar cause me to lose my mind and my retirement savings? I realize that maintenance will be high but are there idiosyncrasies in this car that are way out of the expected? As an example of what I mean; I was interested in an Audi until I read that one of the early 90's models (A4, I think) requires a complete new front-end, every 30,000 miles, at a cost of $4,000 because of the way it was designed-individual parts can't be replaced, only the whole unit. Any advice or comments on the Jag will be appreciated.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    on whether this is going to be a hobby car, or your daily driver. As a weekend car, maintenance costs shouldn't be too prohibitive. As a daily driver, it could be fairly undependable. Leaks will be frequent and plentiful. Electrical gremlins will haunt. It will always be something. I know of no catastrophic weaknesses in the 96, but you're much better off with a 98 or newer. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    The Dr. across the street from me has a 90 XJ-6, which he drives all he can in the winter. But he also has a Chevy Impala to drive when the Jag's in the shop, and in the summer because the British A/C isn't up to the task here in the southwest.
  • tmjddstmjdds Posts: 22
    I am looking at the 2004 XJ as well. I currently have a 2001 LS430 and looked into getting a new one. The Lexus has "BlueTooth" capability and does not require you to buy a Lexus phone the way Mercedes, BMW and Jag do. You use your own service and all you do is upgrade your cell phone to have the bluetooth technology. The Lexus picks up the info and allows you to use the car phone features seamlessly. My only problem is that the Jag looks soooooo cool! I'm willing to give up some of the Lexus quality, quiet and electrogadgetry to get into a XJ8.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I feel the same way.
  • happy holidays everyone!
    i'm the mom whose hubby got her a tahoe instead of another jag....
    so i've been in the tahoe for a few months now. i do love the roominess of it (looks much less cluttered than my old xj6, always full of boy stuff) but i still experience "car shock" on a frequent basis. and i'm always at the gas station.
    i was standing outside a local restaurant the other night w/some girlfriends. i asked what the one was driving that eve (she has several choices); it was the bmw convertible. she said she still looks for my black jag at school, restaurants, parties etc. my next buddy then says, as the tahoe pulls up, "this is so not you. we really miss your jag!" no kidding, girls!
    my husband is taking a beating on this as people often ask me, in his presence, how i like my new vehicle. i just cannot lie on this one!! and, to add to my distress, my 5 year old son points out every jag he sees on the road!! and there's lots of jags here in so. fla.- at school, in the neighborhood, etc.
    if i'd have been thinking clearer, i'd have gotten a suburban that hubby could taken after a few years when his old one dies. then i could've begged and pleaded for another jag.
    i see lots of the new '04s on the road. are people happy w/this car? looks like a ford to me. (wonder why?) and it seems like it's a bit of trouble to get body repairs on the aluminum...
    best to all- heidi in so. fla.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Don't know how you get that, Heidi. The car looks the very same, which is one thing the critics hold against it!
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    I know how you feel. Recently I sold my Q45t and purchased a Navigator, oops! I sold the Navigator within 2 months. We really do spend a great deal of time in our cars (some of us more than others) and life is to short to drive a car you don't enjoy. I am currently looking for a 2000 or 2001 XJR. I have driven a couple, they seem pretty solid (and very, very fast). At first I was looking at the 2001 S-Type 4.0, but not nearly enough power after being spoiled by the Q and the interiors didn't seem to wear well as they passed 50,000 miles.

    Any suggestions on the 00-01 XJR anyone? I intend to purchase one with low miles, extend the factory warranty and I have a spare "Chevy" to drive when the Jag is in the shop. I did get pretty spoiled by the Infiniti and their incredible service Dept. I hope the Jag dealer is as good.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have a landlord who has an 01 XJR. He has nothing but great things to say, and also says he has had -0- trouble with the car. You may not even need the Chevy.
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    I have not been able to get any feed back at all on the XJR, I hope your neighbors experiance is typical. Since I plan to buy one under factory warranty the worst it could do is cost me time. After driving a couple of XJR's I think I understand what the magazines mean by classifying the XJR as a "carnival ride", fast, scary and fun is my interpretation.

    I'll keep the Chevy, you never know when it might come in handy.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Best of luck! It's a hellova ride, at least :)
  • Hi,

    How does the 2004 XJ8 drive in snow? We live in the Chicago area where a few inches of snow is possible a few times a year. We are considering this car for my wife and need to make sure that the new XJ8 will do ok in snow.

    Thanks for your help
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I wanted to offer a few observations on the 2004 XJR. I love mine. With exception of a few tweaks of the adaptive cruise module, it is a lovely solid automobile with no defects .

    The '04 XJR is fast, but not scary, unless you take off the traction control and try to push it in wet or slippery conditions. I find the car very tame and lovely at normal city driving.

    Of course, the XJR gets fast and gnarly when you push it, but it is very smooth and driveable in day to day driving....Better yet, I am averaging about 18 mpg in my XJR....I find that pretty incredible for a car with this HP. My 2002 Q45 with its lower HP V-8 got about 16.5 average MPG. The Jag's light weight and tranny give it great economy.

    By the way, the alum body seems to actually be a bit tougher than my other steel bodied cars with respect to door dings, etc......I say that after watching a lady in an old car thump mine the other day...I could not find a mark!

    With respect to the phone, I do not have the Jaguar phone, but my father does have an '04 XJ8 with the phone. He is not satisfied with the sound quality...but he is also 80 years I offer that feedback with qualifier.
  • It will be a reiteration for what Jags have been and what they are. Also as I wrote in another post, do not pay over invoice price for your jag.
  • I am new to the world of Jags. Fell in love with an '89 XJS-12 convertible. The seller is asking 10K and while this is more than edmunds says it is worth, I am not sure about exotic cars. The seller says it has a rebuilt engine with 7500 miles on it and the car has 71,000 miles. It is in excellent condition. Don't expect to drive it much, occaisonal weekends.
    I have several questions
    1. Will this car appreciate?
    2. How much of a headache is this car to maintain?
    3. Is it reliable?
    4. Are there any problems/quirks with this particular year?
    Thanks for any advice you can throw my way.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    1) Yes, that one will appreciate
    2) A big headache.
    3) Sort of, it will leak like the Exxon Valdez
    4) Electrical Gremlins - Air Conditioner stuff.
  • For some reason, I am not too thrilled with this Jaguar. I have to say, I was impressed with the X Type, the S Type and am in love with the XK. I also loved the 2003 XJ--a real classy vehicle. But the 2004 XJ just doesn't give me the "classy Jaguar" feel. There is something about it that makes this car unappealing to me. I haven't figured out what it is yet...
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That's interesting, because Jaguar went to extreme's NOT to lose the appeal of the XJ while redoing the car for 04. Wonder what they have subtly missed?
  • I don;t think Jaguar missed a thing. To me, the new x350 has more Jaguar styling cues than the x308 did. The exterior is clearly a Jaguar and sitting inside, you know you are in a jaguar as well. And I don't mean because of the leaper on the hood. The burled walnut and leather, the J-gate (like or not, it's part of the Jaguar feel), good performance and handling, but not at the expense of a great ride, four headlights at the front of a curving hood. It's all Jaguar. Thats why I bought an XJ* and not an A8 or 7 series. 6100 miles without any problems at all.
  • Hi:

    I am looking into trading in my car for a 1997-1999 Jaguar XJ. I have heard from several people that Jags aren't the most reliable cars in terms of their engines/mechanics. Can anyone offer some advice on this? Does anyone know where I can fnd out what specific problems to watch for in these years that I am looking at? Perhaps someone has advice in terms of which of these years would be my best best in terms of affordability and reliability.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Once again, A/C problems and myriad electrical gremlins, like power seats that quit adjusting, etc. If you don't mind fairly frequent repairs, they're awesome to drive. Try to get into one post 97. The Ford design was much better.
  • Well I have a 99 XJ8 purchased with 32,000 miles
    now has 49,000 miles repair history:
    Oil leaks from left and right side of engine(six trips to Dealer to get repair done)
    Part load breather cleaned and replace
    Driver side power seat switch replaced
    Tilt motor replaced in Steering Wheel
    Wood trim on dash glued back in place
    Upper radiator hose replaced
    Rear door lock replaced
    Trunk lock replaced
    Well you get the idea
  • rjborgrjborg Posts: 2
    To Dragonlady - The latest series XJ's (1998 on) have been very reliable. Just check the JD Powers long-term reliability results. Jag was much higher than Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. My 1999 XJ8 has 42,000 miles, and has had NO problems. It is a great car.

    Also, to the other poster; Ford had nothing to do with the design or construction of the XJ8. There is some platform sharing on the X-type and S-type; but not on the big Jag.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    I know it's been several weeks, but just caught this post. Must take exception with knock on Lincoln Navigator, as I just ordered my 3rd Lincoln since 2000, trading my 2002 Navigator for a 2004. My current 02 has 30K on the clock and has needed NOTHING but gas. All service is included, to include tire rotations. Even with the full-time all wheel drive, a family of 5 plus dog and Christmas presents, I averaged almost 17 mpg traveling from N. VA to ATL and back. If this awesome truck had a middle row bench instead of the dual captain chairs, I would not have special ordered an 04.

    Have I been lucky? Maybe, but my mother's 2000 LS V8 has over 70K on it and has been as solid as a vault. I just dumped an E Class with 79K because after 60K it started falling apart. 67K Mass air sensor and front brake rotors, $1500. 69K front main seal blows leaving large puddle of oil in garage of new house. Another $500. If a Honda or Acura started blowing oil out of the front main seal at 69K miles, Mr. Honda would roll over in his grave. First and last Benz, my little 96 BMW Z3 has been a very solid piece, so I am not anti-German.

    Which is why I'm here, having lurked and read BrentwoodVolvo for years, Looking at a slightly used XJ8L or doing A-Plan on a new one to replace the E Crap,,er Class. The newer Jags seem to be doing much better from what I have read here, if you want to read about English quality problems go over to the Range Rover board. The Jag's are in great shape comparably speaking. Anyone done an A-plan purchase outside of Ford's core brands (Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar)? Just curious as to how receptive these dealers are to employee purchases, and if is the same no-hassle process as Lincoln has been.

    Thanks for the info over the years.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I agree with your comments on the Navigator. I'm on my second one, and am very pleased. Mine is even the dreaded "first year new" 03, and the problems have been minor and sparse. Very satisfied. My 99 had one minor repair in 65,000 miles, and 4.5 years.

    I'm lurking around here because should I go back to a sedan in 06, I'd consider an XJ strongly.
  • My wife has always like the Jaguar look and her girlfriend just traded in her l998 XJ with 56K miles for a new BMW530i. We have a chance to buy it for $17,900 from the dealer. The vehicle has been garaged, dealer serviced and pampered. She would drive it perhaps 10K per year.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the price? Did Jag use an effective traction control in '98? This is of concern because we live up a steep driveway in New England. Or given where we live and the quickly depreciating X Series, should we just pop for a used X Series with AWD to satisfy her Jag craving, yet still ensure foul weather capability? I've read the preceding posts and frankly wouldn't feel too bad if we had to replace some belts, hoses, and had to throw say, $500 in AC work into it in May and maybe some brake work come summer.

    (If anyone is still laboring under the impresion that a big Jag is a money pit, check out the posts on the MB E Class and the BMW 7 Series Boards. Those manufacturers WILL separate the gullible Americans from their money.)

  • rjborgrjborg Posts: 2
    The dealer price on the 98 XJ8 is a little too high in the current market. If you want that car, definity negotiate the price. There are a lot of low mileage 2000 and 2001's out there; it would pay to shop around some dealers. Also, it's not a bad idea to get a Select Edition car because of the 6 year warranty. The cars are really quite reliable. For your weather I would get a set of snow tires - I'm in PA, and plan to get some myself. You are very correct on the Jag reliablity versus MB and BMW. JD Powers surveys have shown this for years.
  • I agree you should be able to get a better price, plus check with the Dealer to make sure they did the 50,000 miles service it's a major one. Finally if you're planning to have the car service
    at a Dealer $500 is not going to go far, I would check out your local independents repair facilities.
  • Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of not much wealth but exquisite taste. ; )

    In large part due to this board, I've chosen to purchase a '98 XJ8 over the similarly priced same-year BMW 740i and Audi A8. Both are fantastic cars but lack the sex appeal of the Jag. And I'm now assured the Jag will be as reliable. (The last-generation 740 and A8 are both reliable cars. I've owned the former.)

    I bought my Anthracite/Charcoal SWB privately from its second owner for $17.3K with 49K on the clock. It has premium sound, all records, a recent tune-up, and is in near-showroom condition. The water pump/thermostat, one of this model's few weaknesses, has been replaced.

    Both the car's previous owners were rather obsessive about taking care of it, and the seller "selected" me out of a number of contenders because he thought I'd give it the best home.

    (I don't think this is BS! : ) San Francisco Bay Area forum members may have seen this car advertised in the Chronicle last week. I've been shopping intensively and at $17.3K this unit compares well with similar models on the lots in the mid-20s (no warranty) and privately offered units in the low twenties. Five minutes into the test drive I was asking the seller when I could take delivery at his asking price.)

    My advice to prospective buyers like Blockislandguy would be to buy privately! (Block: Why didn't you buy your wife's friend's XJ from her directly? You'd have saved thousands for both yourself and your wife's friend, who could have negotiated a cash price for her 530i.)

    Buy a scrupulously maintained Jaguar from somebody who loves their car and has all the records. In other words, from somebody like us! Maintain it correctly and drive it like a Jag is meant to be driven: hard. (After thorough warm-up, of course.) If you do, you won't have to waste money on third-party warranty plans or other pitfalls for the insecure. You'll have a mostly-reliable and always-wonderful car.

    And to those wondering whether to get a 2004: I compared the X308 and X350 yesterday at a dealer's lot, side by side. BIG DIFFERENCE! The X350 is substantially larger than the SWB in every dimension. It looks a bit bloated in comparison, and its lines are less defined. It's like your friend the runner who you haven't seen in a few years, and who has quit running and gained 20 pounds.

    I'm 5'10", 160 lb and rarely take back-seat passengers, so the '98 SWB is just right for me. And it LOOKS so "just right." Lithe and graceful, perfectly proportioned, and yes, feline. (Comparatively, the LWB looks a bit taxi-like IMHO.)

    Speaking of weight, we Jaguar owners seem to have become the guinea pigs of Ford's "Let's try aluminum and see how it goes" experiment. I'd be VERY leery of owning an all-aluminum car, for reasons Jagboy described so eloquently in #1750. The weight saving is nothing special, maybe 200 pounds. The original steel X308 was already the lightest car in its class. Don't get me wrong, I love the technology. But I think it will come back to bite the X350's resale. Just ask anybody who's trying to sell an Audi A8 on the used market.

    The silver lining of the aluminum issue is that X308s should hold their value better than anticipated. Much as I'd love an X308 XJR, if I'd bought one I'd almost feel guilty driving it, knowing what a collector's item a low-mile unit will be in the future. But of course, that kind of thinking is okay for investment bankers, but not Felophiles!

    Drive fast!
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    I found a 1996 jaguar with only 3,594 miles (yes that is correct). white one for 16,000. It is and XJ6. Is that a good price for it and is that a reliable year and engine. thanks
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