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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • We just yesterday purchased a XJ8 1999.

    We had windows tinted. There was water dampness inside car from process.

    On way home, one window automatically went down anf the steering wheel moved.

    Returned and dealer said it would be okay when it dried out.

    Today it is still doing these things.

    Has damage been done? If not, what should or can be done?

    Taking it back tomorrow to dealer.

    Appreciate your direction.
  • hello! i have read several of your entries and i am so glad you guys are here to help us jag newbies. we purchased an '05 XJ8L a month ago with 34,000 miles. the car is absolutely gorgeous but we are hearing a cracking/creaking noise overhead around both driver and passenger doors. its not a constant noise, but loud enough that you can hear it over music playing quite loudly. has anyone experienced this annoying in your ear noise. i am taking my car to the dealer on friday, i would appreciate any experience you can share.
  • Welcome new Jag owner! Just some info that you will benefit from: Go to and post your question. You purchased an "X350" That is the Jag technical despription for your XJ. Go to the X300 forum which includes the X300 ('90 - '97), X308 ('98 - '03) and X350 ('04 to present) and you will have your question answered by a very technically inclined audience. Good luck! I use it all the time and have found so much useful info and answers to my questions there.
  • Note:You talked with the dealer and he said it
    would be ok when it dried out? I left my window
    down on the drive side and it rained and had the
    about the same problem. I would open all windows about half way and put a fan in the car overnight. The windows half way
    down will work best.
  • Thank you for the tip.

    I returned it to the seller, and I believe he is going to replace the "mother board" just to be sure.

    Can I assume you have had no lasting effects from the dampness?
  • hofiii, Thanks so much i am on my way to has been an invaluable source of excellent advice and problem solving with my chrysler. i look forward to chatting with you guys regularly, hopefully, no because there is problem.
  • sag5sag5 Posts: 9
    Hello Guys! i noticed that after a 20 mile drive, the area around the shift knob (where the p,n,r, and d are located) was warm/hot to the touch. should i be concerned about this? has anyone else experienced this. thanks!
  • The Jag boards here are dead. (I guess minus 40% in sales of XJ according to JD Powers is the cause). Anyway, I need to get some prices on the 07 and 08 VDP. Maybe the host can help me here but I don't understand the Edmunds TMV pricing of "what others are paying". It shows about a $700 discount on a car that I've been offered 13K off (07). How can I find out what the real market is for both a new one for both years?
  • Note: First I would check for best dealer price and service.
    The best price is not always best, and good dealer service is not easy found.
  • You may have no problem, but the transmission will
    get hot if the oil cooler fails. A failure of this type should
    show a code on the dash, but then again? I would drive the car
    and get it up and make sure the transmission is not hot. You said you drove 20 miles, but did not say how. 1 mile heavy
    city or steep hills is harder than 20 road miles on any cars
    engine and transmission. If the transmission is indeed hot, call a
    let us know if there is a real problem or not!
  • sag5sag5 Posts: 9
    Dennis thanks for your reply! i drove her approximately 40 miles to a dealer and the area did not heat up as it did previously, the plate was cool. i am not sure why the it got so warm that day, i did turn the seat heater on during that trip just to see how it works, i don't know if that would cause other areas in close to the seat to heat up. the seats didn't heat up but the plate did LOL. i am going to turn the seats on again to see if it heats up again. i so value the responses i receive from you guys. thanks again!
  • sag5sag5 Posts: 9
    Hello! my new car is black and keeping her clean and shiny has become my new obsession, i am looking for an excellent car cover, i purchased one off the shelf to protect her from the tree sap but when i remove it she is so dirty, especially, if it rains. do you guys know where i can get a good custom cover. thanks!
  • I got a really nice, fleece lined cover for my wife's '01 XJ from Griot's Garage. I shopped around, but all the "good ones" are pretty much in the $250-300 range.
  • sag5sag5 Posts: 9
    Leadfoot4, Thanks! i will try to locate their website.
  • Hello Hofiii, just wanted to give you an update. i took my car to the jag dealer and was told that it was not the headliner as we thought but it was actually a weakness in the roof joints that had to be resealed by a certified jaguar body shop. it was flat bed to PA, i live in MD. i thought that was very interesting. Jaguar is taking this problem very seriously and I appreciate that. thought you might want to know where i am with this issue.
  • I'm sure that they will take care of it for you. I actually had heard about this before. When Jag changed to the all alluminum bodies in 2004, this issue arose occasionally. I wouldn't be concerned since the issue is being taken seriously and has been identified. Best of Luck!
  • Having problems with the chimes randomly going off. A series of five chimes in groups of five.

    I assume this is a warning of some kind.

    Seat belts are on !!

    However, there is a light out on the rear light bar. Could this be the cause?
  • Thank you for your response.

    Drying out did not fix the problem. As a matter of fact, they only waited one day and replaced the necessary "board."

    Do have another electrical...kind of...question. The chimes go off five times in groups of five. I assume it is warning me of something. There are no dash lights on. The only known thing is that there is a rear bulb out of the light bar on the top of the trunk. Could this cause it?

    Making me crazy, not to mention concerned that I am missing something.

    And one more quick question. Sorry, but when I find someone who knows something, off I go :)

    The console how two releases. The bottom one being the phone.

    Cannot seem to make the top latch do anything.

    Suggestion? What is under there?
  • Hofiii, thanks for the reassurance. actually i am feeling comfortable with it even though i have owned this car for two short months. because i have received impressive service from my jaguar dealership, and jaguar's urgency in addressing and resolving the problem has put me in a calm place. not to mention, knowing you guys are out there if i have any questions. again, thanks!
  • hofiiihofiii Posts: 16
    You might try It is VERY helpful. Good luck!
  • robcavrobcav Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what is the best way to sell a used car. I purchased a brand new 1999 xjr, back in 1999 as a summer car. The car is garaged kept with 9322 original miles on it. The car has never been driven in the rain or snow. I may look to sell it and wanted to know what is the best way to sell it without taking a huge hit on it. So far I was offer 25,000 usd for it from a friends neighbor.
  • k2usak2usa Posts: 5
    $25,000 is a great price- Take it before they change their mind!
  • hofiiihofiii Posts: 16
    I totally agree. With the tensioner and nikisal problems common to that year, 25,000 is a great price even taking the mileage and condition into account. The car isn't old enough to be collectable. Take it!
  • I have a 1998.

    I receive approximately every 20 minutes five chimes in groups of five.

    I do not know if this represents a warning or if perhaps it doesn't think the seat belts are active.

    Question: Any idea what this would represent? Any reason I cannot disconnect? Had windows tinted and the "mother board??" had to be replaced on the driver's door. Could there be a problem in this area?

    Help as it is driving me crazy !!
  • OK I started looking at a 2008 mercedes C class (very cool car, but in high demand , nad certainly no deals being given) Not wiling to pay full sticker for this I started looking at pre-owned. I was looking at mercedes E-class, and on a whim one day i decided to swing by the jaguar Dealership. I have to say this is more of an emotional stop as I have always had a dream of a jag since reading the "Odessa File" as a kid. I think I pick up an '05 XJ8 -loaded including bluteooht and Nav and Ipod connector - for about $38K (so=und reasonable to you guys?) I like that it is certified.

    I have to say, i think the Merc is wonderful engineering, but BORING. Just not elegant, or really special looking.

    So I guess the feedback I was hoping to get from you nice folks was:

    1) Am I silly to follow my heart more than my head?
    2) shoudl I be worried about the expected sale of jaguar?
    3) what do you guys think of the difference in the driving experice between the e-class and the XJ? I am going to dirve the XJ today (I am very excited) so I will have my own opinion soon.

    Would love any feedback, support or jeers you all want to send my way. This purchase is of course occupying much of my mind these days. Would love some other - perhaps more informed - opinions before I slam down a $40k CHECK ;-)

    Thanks in advance for any inut!

  • You will love the XJ I am sure. Better driving car then the E-class and better gas mileage too.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    You will pay more for the certified car, but I have seen 05 XJ8 L's listed for less than that at dealers in the Chicago area. Saw an 04 Vanden Plas with navigation, DVD screens in the headrests, sunshades, etc. sell in Madison for $28,000 (silver/black with 40,000 some thousand miles). I've seen 05's listed for less than $38,000, even with miles only in the 20's. Look around. Compare on autotrader and You get a better idea of true worth by seeing what a Mercedes or Bentley or Buick dealer lists a used one for. At least it gives you some ammo for negotiating a lower price.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    If you watch Ken Burns, "The WAR" on PBS, you'll buy the Jag. ;)
  • I keep meaning to watch that and I keep missing it. I am just going to have to buy the DVD.
  • first, thanks for all the input and support. I really WANT to buy the Jag, just want to cinvnce myslef it is not a mistake. Drove a beautiful XJ8L this afternoon. Smooth as silk. Unfortunatly not a lot of opportunity to really put her through her paces. But in a couple of curves and red lights, I could get a sense onf the power under the hood. It felt really big though. (but I am used ot a small SUV) Want to make sure I don't feel like I am am driving an old land barge ;-) I will jsut have to go drive it aain....boy what a hardship ;-)

    Doe sthe XJ8 feel significantly more sprtiely than its 5 inch longer sister?

    And thanks for the inp0ut on pricing all. It seems that there is a pretty comon $6-8K premium going from a 2004 to a 2005 even with similar mielage. I don't think there was that much changed, So I may be focusing on a lower mileage 2004 now.
  • OH and what does this Documentary ahve to do with Jaguar? Or is it just anti German (and perhaps anti merdcedes?)_

  • Hi all, I'm looking at a Liquid Silver/Ivory 2007 XJ8 VDP lease. What have others been paying over invoice??? I've gotten a dealer to agree to 2.18% over, but would like to pay 1%, sound reasonable? Jaguar incentives are quite good now at $6200 cash back and 4.9% money factor. Thoughts on trying to get 1% over invoice, 2.18% puts me about $100 less than the national average via edmonds info. Thanks much!
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    At Christmas time in '05, the '06 models were already out and there were a couple of '05s that the dealer needed to get out of inventory. This was a California dealer.

    I purchased the exact same car that you describe for my wife... a metallic silver/ivory Vanden Plas, loaded with DVD rear-seat entertainment, CD-changer, and all the goodies, including Jaguar-Voice, Bluetooth, chrome 5-spoke rims with performance tires, XJR wire mesh grill, (now standard on your model year), and more. I got the car for thousands UNDER invoice, and some of the extras for free, and I also received an extra thousand-dollar incentive directly from Jaguar for visiting their display at the International Auto Show, and purchasing within 90 days of the visit.

    The car has been absolutely perfect with zero issues thus far.

    I don't know your location, but here in California, there are numerous competing dealers, and that certainly is good for a buyer.

    Your $6200 cash-back sounds good, so long as it goes to YOU and not signed back to the dealer. You might inquire what the lease terms are on the '08 just to make sure it doesn't make more sense overall. Also, it sounds like you are very close in your difference with the dealer anyway, as the difference between 1% and 2.18% is about one thousand dollars. Perhaps there is an option or accessory that you want to acquire that they could throw in the deal, or perhaps they can give you a break on an extended service agreement. I was fortunate that the '05 was the last year they included the 4 years of total maintenance as well as the warranty, although they also provided me an extended 7-year service contract as part of the deal.

    Again, depending on the competition in your area, you might be able to squeeze a little harder... but it sounds like you might be close to making a reasonable deal.

    Good luck.

  • I found a '01 VDP with 56k miles, but I have a few questions since I never had Jag but always wanted one (I own 2 MB: '99 C280, '05 ML350).
    Are there any specific things/issues to look for at the '01 VDP? I was thinking it might be good idea to get an independent 3rd person to inspect the car since I am not a mechanic. Any ideas how to find a guy and what it would cost? The car comes with 2 month warranty by the used car dealer but I think it would be a good idea to get an extended warranty. Any recommendations out there? I looked at Easy Care (owned by Ford) at it sounds pretty good. Can you actually get a warranty through Jaguar itself? Since I own 2 MB's I am used to "high maintenance cars". How is the maintenance on the '01 VDP? How often do you change the oil etc.?
    Any input is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Matt. – [email protected]
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co.'s U.K. union today endorsed India-based Tata Group's bid to buy the Jaguar and Land Rover units.

    Look for the Leaper to be replaced by a round Red dot above its grill! ;)
  • Hi. I have a 2008 XJ VDP. My parking sensors on the front bumper are extremely sensitive. I pick up traffic as it moves in front of and along the front edge of the bumper as cars turn in front of me while stopped. Does anyone know if they can be adjusted to be less sensitive. Thanks Neil
  • I purchased a 1999 Vadam Plas brand new. I had all maintenance done at all regular intervals. In spite of doing all that I could do I have placed 3 throtle bodies on the car and just had my ABS module go out along with the throtle body again. This time the throtle body was three months out of warenty. Jaguar corporate no help, jaguar local no help. I am done with Jags. The British were no good, Ford not much better and India will probably be worse. Anybody with similar throtle body problems, ABS module problems or acceleration problems. Any class action law suites against Jaguar for any of the above problems?

  • rvevearvevea Posts: 11
    I've had three Jags since 1980 (currently own an '01 XJ8 & an '05 XJR) and spent my working years in the car business. Having started from the ground up, doing every part of the business in between, managing in new car stores and then owning my own, I feel very confident that it is not your car that has been the root of most of your problems. I would bet just about anything that it is the dealer and/or his service manager/writer or techs that have been doing a number on you. It's probably too late to tell now or to prove anything but I've seen this happen to others. NOT very often with Jaguar though.
    The XJ series have been very trouble free cars for the last 10 or 12 years. The X-type and S-Type are not so trouble free. They are more Ford than Jag, but the XJ has been and remains a vehicle built only in England and to higher standards.
    If you have used more than one Jag dealer to do these repairs it could also be that one of them "sabotaged" your vehicle, setting it up for problems. This can be relatively easily done on any car via the ECU or other ways. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens way to often and is actually a result of cars being built better and better and, in truth, not needing as much maintenance or repair. Consequently some of the "low lifes" generate their own work and a big paycheck. A rash of similar and related problems like you mention is more common in more vehicles than one would imagine. And they virtually always (when there is a THREE time failure of a specific item or a related component especially) are the result of the human factor rather than the machine. I've driven nearly every foreign and domestic vehicle except for the really exotics or stuff we can't get stateside. I'm 62 and will own and drive at least one Jag as long as I live. But I WILL stick with the genuine article, the XJ series. I just tell it like it is. There are both good and bad wrenches and dealers. You can get a real lot of fine automobile if you buy a one or two year old model, because, unfortunately for some- fortunate for others, they depreciate a lot. Their poor reliability record from many years ago still haunts them. Good luck to you... but don't give up on Jag.
    Robin (they call me "The Car Father") 8>)
    PS... if someone has done a number on your '99 you could continue to have problems so after 8 years it may be time to bite the bullet. Buy an '05 or '06 XJ8 with low miles, certified and with a clean carfax. The V.P is nice too but the extra $ is hard for me to justify. (Even though the XJR brings as much- but it has GOBS of guts!) And find another dealer. Remember, you don't have to see them more than roughly once a year during the 4 year warranty so if you have to drive a ways, so what.
  • Robin(Te Car Father)
    Thanks for your reply. I agree the new Vadam Plas are too much $ for what you get. I DID like Jaguar but not all the problems. You might be right about my dealer but there is only one dealer within 100 miles. The reliability problem is confirmed by consumer reports, thus the depreciation. Any suggestions on how to make my local dealers life miserable. After all I invested a lot of $ and received a negative return? Still afraid of Jag especially the cost to repair the new aluminum bodies and the bad experience with the dealer. By the way this dealer was the only one that worked on my car.
    Maybe time to bite the bulet and go to a reliable car. I hate to say it Infiniti M35 highest rated. Hate to do the Japanese thing but tired of spending time with my car in the shop. Besides there service is a 100 times better than Jag, they actually care about retaining customers. I don't think the Indians(tata motors) will be any better. Besides with the high value of the English pound the car and its parts will be more expensive!

  • I am currently looking at two XJ8 (the VDP's I looked at recently were both crappy). One is a 2001 with 40k miles, one owner, a former Jaguar lease bought by a used car dealer specialized on Jags from Jaguar credit. It has a clean carfax and was always Jaguar serviced. The 2003 has 50k miles, is also a one owner car but there are no service records (neither in the carfax). It was traded in at a new car dealership and those guys don't have a clue about Jags. They are very similar in price (the '03 is listed $1k higher) and both seem to be good deals money wise. Which car would you guys go for?
    Any comments or advices are appreciated!
    Thanks, Matt.
  • hofiiihofiii Posts: 16
    I would seriously consider the 03 because it is only 1K more and you would not have any chance of purchasing an auto with a potential Nikasil problem. It was a known problem for late 97 - 01 4.0L V8 Jaguars and BMWs as well. The nikasil liner was abolished by the '02 -'03 models. You can read about it on the internet if you'd like. Also, I'd like to suggest the website. A wealth of info can be found there. BTW, for your information, the '98 - '03 models are technically referred to as X308 and included in the X300 forum on
  • Thanks for your response hofiii!
    It seems like there are some conflicting reports regadring when Jaguar stopped using the Nikasil engines. What I found in my research was, that if the last 6 places of the VIN start with the letter 'F', then the vehicle does not use Nikasil and is fitted with steel liners. According to this the '01 i was looking at does NOT have the Nikasil. Do you have other info on this hofiii?
    I am just checking out the forum; a lot of info there.
    Thanks, Matt.
  • hofiiihofiii Posts: 16
    I believe you could be correct. Post this question and any other concerns on and you will get a definite answer. They know what they are talking about and are VERY helpful, I've found. Good luck!
  • Thanks hofiii for your tip. I just posted it at
  • hofiiihofiii Posts: 16
    You are welcome. I've found the website to be invaluable. They know their Jags!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Please come back here and let us know what you find out - that would be helpful to many others in your situation.
  • Sure, I'll let you guys know.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I see in this Jaguar section that there is not a thread on prices paid, etc.

    A friend of mine is considering a 2008 XJ Vanden Plas... list is $76,000.... what would a realistic offer to give the dealer?

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Dealer cost is around $69000. There are no rebates, but there are financing incentives.

    However, sales have been awful ever since this new generation (2004-) was introduced. So price should be very negotiable. It is too bad, because it is a wonderful car with great amenities, good gas mileage for the amount of power, comfort, reliability, handling, efficiency, etc. The VDP is especially nice with better leather, a leather covered and stitched dash, better wood, better sound system. Beautiful car, but dealer cost is about all they can reasonably expect.
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