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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • storm10storm10 Posts: 207
    $38,995 - is not the right dealer cost (invoice), but it does not make any difference anyway, because they are giving you a discount from MSRP and not from the invoice. Shoot for $9,500 off.
    Mercedes-Benz paint is "Top of the line" and it has protection on a molecular level. One of my cars is 1992 300E - snow white, with 187,000 miles. The original paint is in showroom condition.
    Wish you luck.
  • os16os16 Posts: 2
    Just pull a deal on 2009 C300 Palladium Silver on Black. Automatic, Burl walnut, P2, Ipod kit, Multimedia, Sport, panorama sunroof, 18" AMG Wheels. Msrp $45,180. Paid price $35,180 + CA tax + $558 lic.
    Thanks to this Forum:)
  • Long story short...I didn't get the '09. Ended up buying the '10 c300.

    msrp 38,995
    price paid 35,015 (a tad over 10% off msrp)
    1.9% financing for 66 months through Mercedes
    They pay my first 2 payments (advertised on their website for winter event) which took off $1234 extra.

    So... 2010 with msrp of $38,995 costs me $39,488 total with financing charges
    2009 with msrp of $41,770 and $10,000 discount but 5.75% financing (couldn't find 3.99% like I had hoped) for 72 months $42,120 total with financing charges.

    $2632 cheaper for 2010 but $2775 less of options on 2010 model $143 effective difference on 1 year newer car. By the way...they had a 2010 with same options as 2009 for almost identical msrp but I didn't really need some of those options. You were very limited in the packages you could choose with color combos due to there being few 2009's available. But I could have done the 2010 with $41,770 msrp for only $400 more than the 2009!
    If I was paying cash then the 2009 was a definite better buy...but financing muddies the waters!!! All in all...I still think it's a good deal for a 2010!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Nice job! Would you mind posting your dealer's information?
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    sheesh, i finally negotiated a 2009 c350 down by $9000 below msrp, but the dealer wants me to pay 7.25% interest rate. i tried to negotiate, but he wont budge. guess i wont be getting the car :(
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    walk away from that deal,. Those dealers most (99%) of them, punched in the rebate, when it was 5k on the C350. So they are basically only taking 4k off, still leaving him about 2400 in profit. At 7.25% interest, thats just robbery. Most people in the summer got the C350 for 10,5 to 11k off, so this late into the year for an 09 at those terms, is a terrible deal. Let him hold on to the car, find another person to take advantage of.
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    they said every 2009 car has no specials for interest rate now, that's not true right?
    and how is this deal?

    2010 C300W $33,600
    650 Arctic White
    118 Grey/Black MB Tex
    R22 17" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels
    07P Germany
    104 Rear Deck Spoiler $300
    105 Roof spoiler $300
    333 333 Sport Sedan: Sport Body Styling, Mer
    486 : Sport Suspension
    772 : AMG Sportline
    952 : Sportline Package
    954 : Avant Garde Package (Sport)
    413 Panorama Sunroof $1,070
    427 427 7-Speed Automatic Transmission: (Req $1,490
    P47 : Front Mud Flaps
    427 : 7-Speed Automatic Transmission (Required
    528 528 COMAND Package: 7" Power Retractable $1,800
    049 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable
    518 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface
    528 : Standard Radio
    731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim $320
    873 Heated Front Seats $740
    917 PZEV-Emission, USA
    SUBTOTAL $39,620
    TOTAL $40,495

    I'm trying to negotiate this deal down to about 33000. is that reasonable? or am i kidding myself?
  • First off...I found out from going to look at several of these that all 2009 C300 and C350s were put into "demo" status the first of October. Doesn't mean a whole lot, but Mercedes is giving the dealership a $5000 rebate for demos and $5000 for clearing 2009s. That's how they can do the $10,000. Don't know how far off you are on your numbers, but they can do the $10,000 and if you look online, you can easily get 5.75% up to 72 months with good credit. Hopefully this helps:/
  • Sure! It was Anaheim Hills Mercedes in California. They had about 30 joke! They had nice packages on them too. Some dealers really load the options on...some order them bare and some are pretty good at ordering nicely equipped ones. I found that especially when looking at BMWs. Some dealers would order the worst color combos and all their cars looked terrible. Others...all the cars were hot and nicely equipped. It's funny what a difference that can make. I also just have to comment that I read on yahoo that the best day to buy a car in the entire year is Black Friday. They have done averages for percentage off on cars throughout the entire year and 4.8% is typical. On the day before and day after Black Friday, 6-8% but on Black Friday...9% plus. Black Friday has going for it 4 things...end of year, not a weekend, most people looking for electronics or doing other shopping and end of the month quotas to meet...I also happened to luck out and get an accident that shut down most traffic to the dealership and RAIN!!!! The planets were aligned!! ( Oh yes...and I read these blogs which helped point me in the right direction!) Good luck!
  • $36,000 is probably more realistic and would probably be a very good deal for them right now. Remember that the financing is really low right now which affects things greatly if that is what you are doing. You can get up to $1300 towards your first two month's payments and even though says that financing is 2.9% for up to 60 months,but they gave me the 1.9% for the longer period. That difference saves you about $700 between the $36,000 at 1.9% and the $33,000 at 2.9%. WIth the extra $1300 for the first two save a total of $2000 extra, effectively making your purchase price more like a $34,000 deal...pretty close to what you wanted.
  • Does the $1300 payment assist only apply to the 2010, or does it apply to the 2009 if financed through mbusa?
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 207
    You don't have to finance through the mercedes, you can call your bank or credit union or apply online at many different banks. Just read their terms before applying. 2009 models don't have special finance rates.
  • 2010 only for the first two payments. You do not have to finance through mercedes but why wouldn't you on a 2010 with the promo financing? You won't find it cheaper somewhere else if you finance. For a 2009 you can certainly shop around.

    A little bummed right now..just got back from the car wash and only my 3rd day with the car and the nav and ipod are acting up. The curser is jumping around and flashing the different names and won't respond to the nav wheel next to the cup holders. Hopefully they can fix and it's just a fluke:(
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    so i'm dealing these 2 dealers. one of them gave me 34000 and another's gave me 38000. the options difference are about $900. i emailed the one that gave me an expensive offer and they said "Well, there are a lot of low ball offers out there. Just be careful before you drive somewhere, because there might be a lot of grey area in those so called “to good to be true” quotes. Let me know if you want to do a clean business." is this true? or are they just trying to trick me?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    The bottom line is the bottom line. They'll all fill you full of BS about superior service, VIP treatment, and silliness like "clean business". You're buying a car, not laying the foundation for a beautiful relationship. The dealer who offers you the lowest total transaction price should get your business. Forget all the fluff...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 207
    Anybody who uses words "clean business" - does not reassure my trust...
  • Wow, already yea that's not cool.

    I contacted the Anaheim dealership you listed and they said they haven't had a c300 09' in months!

    Here's the dealership addy info:
    Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim
    200 North Via Cortez
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

    Is this the correct one?
  • anyone looking for a c class in the ny/nj area email me at [email protected]

    i just bought an ML350 on monday and have a great salesperson to recommend.

  • above post should be for ny/nj area
  • Not sure what you are talking about....yes, Mercedes-Benze of Anaheim is the dealership I purchased from and I bought a 2010 not a 2009. There were no 2009s when I went there. The 2009 I spoke of purchasing in previous blogs were from Mercedes of Escondido. There were 4 of them there as of 1 week ago. Two silver c300s with msrps of 41,770 and the other a little less b/c of no wood inside. There was a white one with a stick shift and a c350 silver with a msrp around 45,000 with a panoramic roof....wasn't interested so didn't look carefully. I'm not really sure where your confusion is, but I looked back at my prior posts to see what you might be talking about. You must have thought I was saying there were 30 or more 2009s at Anaheim. I was talking about the 2010s because I was saying that the 2010s were almost the same deal as a 2009 if you were financing and there were far more choices and combos than a 2009. Hope this clears things up! If you are looking for a 2009 then check Escondido. There are 3 2009s at Walter's Mercedes in Riverside, but they didn't tell me until I got there that they had 100 miles on a couple of them and 400 on another. They also had changed out wheels and added crap to them and had the grill painted on one...weird stuff!
  • You're right. Thanks for the info. I was confused.
    I'm now dealing with Anaheim. They actually remembered your deal and say they're willing to repeat it. Did they really give you the comp room to the Wynn Hotel in Vegas?
    What options did you get?
  • I am considering the MB C280 4matic. Found a dealer that uses them for loaner cars. A bunch of them have just come off loaner and they are selling them. Prices seem very good, 39K miles for $22,000. Any thoughts on this deal? Any experinces buying CPO loaner cars from dealerships? Any help is greatly appreciated. I was considering the BMW 328xi and Audi A4 quattro, but those seem to be priced at least $3000 higher, which is out of my budget.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 207
    Mileage seems to be high, but you did not mention the year of the car. Anything more than 12,000 per year is considering high mileage. On another hand, if you don't drive a lot - it may be a good deal, because the mileage can catch up with it's age and the car will continue to retain it's value. Original warranty is 4years or 50.000 miles whichever comes first, so it has only 11,000 miles left. But if it is Certified (you have to make sure), you get additional year and up to 100,000 miles warranty. The good place to research CPO pricing is here: Find Certified Pre-Owned MBZ Locally, - just wait a few seconds until it loads in real time.
    Hope it helps.
  • I got a quote for a 2010 C300 sports sedan with premium package 1 and multimedia package for $2200 down, $550/month for 39 months. The Mercedes dealership is also taking my leased BMW out of my hands that has 5000 miles over the limit at no cost to me. What do you think about the price?
  • My local dealership has a new (~500 miles) 09 C350 for sale MSRP $46,640. They have it on sale for $41,640 is this a good price? Looking at previous post, it looks like they were going for up to -10K below MSRP with the incentives at that time. Are their any current incentives? And what would be a good offer to take this 09 off there hands?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Most dealers punched their 09 leftovers before the incentives went down. Usually, the dealer "buys" the car for its service loaner fleet. If that's the case with this car, the dealer cash was $5k. You should be able to do at least $8-9k off.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I agree with vinny. I heard they buy them when incntives were out and never technically titled them so they are still "new". I was offered 9k off sticker at one time...good luck
  • Just offered $1800 under invoice for any 2010 C300 in inventory in CA dealership. Texas and Kansas offered $1250 under. It evens out because shipping costs eat up a good chunk of the $1800.

    Thanks for the info -scgirl1-.
  • upperupper Posts: 5
    $40,085 MSRP
    2010 c300 sport.
    7 Speed
    18" AMG
    $36000 Invoice

    $613 for 60 months or
    $560 for 66 months
    $5000 sign off

    is this good? bad?
    any tips to avoid dealer scamming me once i actually go to the dealer?
    any deals i should know about?
    Can i still ask for more? like make them add rear spoiler or something?
    How is the warranty? what does it cover? where can i get more information on warranty?
    What should i get once i paid the $5000 walk off from the dealer?
    I know it's a long question, but it's going to be my first new car. I've driven used car my entire life, don't know anything.
  • Today walked into an NJ dealership and was able to get c300 sport p1 for $100 under invoice with 1.9 for 66 mos. No haggling no nothing, I just made the offer and they accepted it, took 10 mins. Almost too easy, now I feel like I could have gotten a better deal but I think I did ok, unless there was some hidden rebate from MB, otherwise #'s make sense and was about 1k less then TMV posted.
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