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Just curious if anyone out there has their car serviced at Mercedes of Littleton, and their impression of the service department. Only been in twice for scheduled maintenance, but I'm not impressed. They forgot to put the oil filler cap back on after the first service. Had a coupon for a "free" snow tire swap that cost me 65$.
(Oh, you want them BALANCED too?)


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    Just wondering if anybody has any information on Mercedes Ben show room at Port land, Oregon. I am planning to move there in couple of weeks and planning to get C240. Does anybody know what is the normal wait times for C240 for orders not available at their show room ?

    Thanks !!
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    Checked out availability of C320 last Sat. Dealership delivery was six to eight weeks. European delivery was mid July.

    Dealer had three I models in stock. Think one was a C240.

    Dealership service history varied. Hear some good and some poor reports from friends who own Ms.
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    I have my 2001 Mercedes C-320 for 5 weeks I noticed condensation water inside the fog lights did anyone else see that?
    Thank you much
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    Have any owners had difficulties with the key fob locking/unlocking devices and mechanisms? My fobs have been replaced twice and the car still must be opened with that small painful key. The courtesy lights at night do not come on (head lamps and inside lights-when exiting) The seat presets do not work and the windshield washer fluid leaks very badly, and all on a new C320 with little mileage. They promised the Navigation System but used the excuse the factory could not get them. Took delivery in early 2001. Any one out there have a similar problem?
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    booradley1: Our windshield washer tank sprung a leak a couple of months after we took delivery of our C320 in February. (It's the small tank; we don't have the headlamp washers.)

    Our dealer repaired it under warranty. It required the removal of the front bumper and left headlamp assembly.
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    I picked up my C240 in late December. It is now August, and it has been in the shop 5 times. I thought I was buying a brand new Mercedes to prevent that from happening! I am so totally disappointed in this car. The underlying issue seems to be the electronics of this car. First, my seat motor went out, then the CD player went out, the keys had to be replaced once, and now it is in the shop to replace the EIS system. Anyone have similar issues? I am going to take this as far as I can....
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    I just discovered the key problems similar to that mentioned by booradley1 on my new c320. Will go to dealer to have it fixed. Any one has this problem fixed?
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    Yes Booradley1 I have had the same kind of problem with my C320. FIRST locking and unlocking with the key fob would not work. Took it in and they replaced the keys. SECOND, the left and right mirror settings and the steering wheel settings were not being saved. I would set everything to Memory Setting 1, get out of the car and nothing would be saved. Also, the steering wheel easy entry feature would not always work. The wheel wouldn't always go down when I got in the car. The dealer said it was a key issue, that they didn't order the right key number. New keys were ordered and installed. Still not fixed. Then they replaced the control units for the left & right mirrors. Better but still not fixed. Also had a problem with the windshield washer reservoir sensor. Control unit for that was replaced too. I spent a lot of money for this car and spend more time at the dealer than I do driving it. It's maddening! Sorry to hear you're having the same problems.
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    thinking about buying c240, any opinions about thins car, or would the c320 be a better car. any pricing discount on these cars? thanks
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    I am about to purchase tires for my 2000 C 230. This car has only 46K miles, is this average?
    I have always gotten better wear on tires from the other vehicles I have owned. I also need to mention that the wear on the tires is only on one tire! What's up with that? If I am being stupid someone tell me. Thanks, cgbtoo
  • paul_ppaul_p Member Posts: 271
    Does your C230 have the sport option (low profile tires)? Which tires wears the most?

    - Paul
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    On a C230 Sedan. Please mention the sticker price, negotiated price (Do not include tax, title etc as they may vary) and the options. Thanks.
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    Anyone having problems with poor radio reception from time to time. I sometimes totally lose signal.
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    I have had a 2001 C240 for a little over a year.
    I had poor radio reception and the dealer replaced the antenna module - in the process deactived the sunroof and forgot to reset the software so it would open and not close.

    The problem with the remote function of the key is well known by Mercedes. I've had the key replaced twice and it has been functioning well for about 6 months. MB blames it on the supplier.

    Overall the car has been very good (but wish I could have afforded the 320 for more power). Gas mileage on premium is typically in the highteens, occasionally the low 20's. Not great but then if I wanted gas mileage I would have bought and Echo (it's not a real car, just the echo of one).

    Keep bugging the dealer when your remote craps out. Eventually you'll get one that will keep working.
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    Just getting caught up with Town Hall and noticed some of you were having problems with radio reception. I had a problem with AM reception fading in and out and dealer fixed it by tightening the little tel-aid antenna. Somehow it connects.
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    We purchased a C320 about 1.5 years ago. We had so many problems with it that we recently traded it for a new Lexus GS-300.

    Our 2002 C320 had numerous problems from the start, including noise, electronic controls, sensors, brakes, and worst of all, a horrible transmission.

    It was in the shop about 25 days total. Over half the problems were never fixed. The service dept would simply say that "they could not detect any problem at this time".

    The transmission would delay when changing gears and punched in gear for a very choppy ride. After five visits and saying they couldn't find a problem, I took the service manager out for a ride, and demonstrated the problem. His response was: "That's normal for this model".

    Well, at least I got an honest response that time.

    The final straw was when the service dept overfilled our oil resevoir at the 11k service and the sensor detected it 4 monthes later.

    We finally got tired of constant trips to the dealer with no fixes, so we did some research and cut our loss. We found that the 2002 Lexus GS300 was top rated in it's class for reliability. The C320 was rated below average.

    So we traded our C320 for a car that is actually worth $40k. We are very happy with our 2003 Lexus, and we are even happier to not have the C320 anymore.
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    '00 C230: 6,875 miles, no problems to date as second vehicle.

    '93 Toyota Truck: Turns 170,000 miles tomorrow morning, 2/4/03. No problems since 101,000 miles except leaky water pump (replaced at 121,000 miles).

    Best of both worlds!

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    Our 2002 C320 was a nightmare. Numerous problems including false sensor readings, memory features not working, brakes, horrible transmission, noise problems and loose seats.

    Forget the promises made by the Sales Dept. The Service Dept would regularly give us the car back saying they couldn't detect any problem at this time. Got to be kidding. I took the Mgr out for a test drive, and then they couldn't ignore the problem. Then the response was, "That's the way this car is". Hmmmmmmm.

    Okay. So (No Quality)+(No Fixes)= Trade In.

    We now own a Lexus GS300 and are very happy. No problems. Great quality. Promise made and promise kept. Thank you Lexus. Good bye Mercedes.
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    '02 C230 Coupe with 16.5K miles, been to the shop twice. Once to replace a driving light ($300.00+ I paid, the raccoon that caused it paid with his life), once again for initial service, will have to go again shortly for service and to have an underhood sticker replaced (detected at first oil changed and ordered).
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    anyone had ther mb serviced in prestige in paramus nj let me know like to know how they are
    just got a new c230 sport sedan
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    Has anybody had any negotiated pricing info on 2003 or 2004 C class, any model? Just read the current issue of Motor Trend and it says MB has dropped $1250 off C class sedan and wagon with AWD. Can anybody confirm this?
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    Auto transmission, sunroof package, CD changer (the basic options) pewter silver $29750 + tax. We got it from Penske MB W. Covina, CA 9/13/03 as my husband's birthday gift. We also got the extended warranty after reading about the problems MB owners have here. Total out of the door price is 34876.09.
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  • mbformembforme Member Posts: 10
    2004 C230 Sport Sedan
    Sunroof Package, COMMAND, 6 CD Changer, Auto. Transmission, Metallic paint

    Invoice: $32500,MSRP: $34900,Paid: $33900

    Smith European, Stevens Creek, San Jose, CA
  • kartman0kartman0 Member Posts: 17
    Well, last Friday the wife and I went test driving several make/models including the Mercedes C230 and C240 sedans. What surprised me was the inability to negotiate a good price.

    While I worked with the Internet sales person via a direct website contact initiative, the most they would take off the vehicle was $550 for the C230 (no special financing offered). On the C240, they would offer a $1K off offer if we did not take their special 2.9% offer.

    I suppose what disturbed the wife and I was that this was dramatically different from the negotiations at Saab, Volvo, Toyota (don't ask), Infinity, and BMW. And while my wife liked the C230 over the C240 and the post-sale customer service support nothing short of astounding, the BMW test drive (last on the list) and better negotiations went a heck of a lot more better.

    In the end, we got the BMW 325i for $3K less than the C230, got better financing, 50% higher trade-in appraisel, and a matched B2B extended warranty. While I enjoyed the attitude of the Mercedes post-sales support ('just take care of the customer at all costs'), their pre-sales stiffness made them very inflexible comparatively.

    BTW, the offer for the C230 was $32540 (after the $550 discount) for Sunroof, no CD, black paint, auto transmission, from Atlanta Classic Cars.
  • khicekhice Member Posts: 13
    $22,998 on a 2002 C230K, 15K miles, Black, all leather w/10 way heated seats, CD changer, 17" sport rims, xenons, auto trans. Immaculate interior. Concours Motors repaired the scuffed rims, some stone chips on the hood and installed new Yokohama's. Between the deal on the car & trade-in ($11,500 for a 2001 Catera, resulting in a net price of $11,498 for the Kompressor) I may have left $1,000 on the table. Any opinions?
  • profvhprofvh Member Posts: 31
    According to the Wall Street Journal,
    Thursday, Dec. ll, DaimlerC is giving MB
    dealers up to $4,000 in dealer incentives
    on the C Class cars. Wish I needed a new
    car now. Sounds like a bargain if you can
    get the dealer to deal.
  • daqmandaqman Member Posts: 27
    If that's a sedan, you got yourself a great car at a very good price...way-ta-go!
  • poppadeauxpoppadeaux Member Posts: 1
    Will pick-up car on 12/12/03. negotiated a price of $26,500.00 tag and tax included.
  • joachim1joachim1 Member Posts: 3
    for $24,750, with premium option package, automatic, desert silver, cd changer, 11,850 miles. It was a "dealers" car. Traded in my 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T, got 9K for it, had 52,000 miles on it. Did I get a fair deal? The car is in like new condition. Bought from Mercedes on Van Ness Ave in San Francisco. Hope the car does not make too many visits to the shop. It's a Starmark certified used car, with a total of four years warranty. Rides much nicer than the Golf, much quieter, the electronics concern me for reliabilty issues.
  • spicy320spicy320 Member Posts: 10
    Just got the car a few weeks ago (from a dealer in the SF Bay Area) with the following:
    - Premium Pkg (Panorama Roof, Bose, Blk Leather)
    - Metallic Paint
    - 6CD Changer
    - Auto Trans
    - and of course the 17" rims, etc. that come standard (wish I got the Bi-Xenon as well though)

    $32,000 out-the-door
  • jen2398jen2398 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a new 2004 C230 Kompressor Sedan (brilliant silver metallic, ash leather interior)with sunroof package and 6 disc changer. What is a reasonable out-the-door price(after everything including TTL)? There is a $2,250 manufacturer to dealer cash incentive on the car until 5/31, so I think I should be able to get a pretty low price, especially since 2005's are coming in. So far I have a quote for $33,500 out-the-door which I think is still way too high. I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!
  • jeff193jeff193 Member Posts: 29
    Bought a C230 Kompressor sedan. Pewter (670$)..heated seats sunroof etc pacakage, and the automatic.

    Sticker was 34985$..

    You wont beleive what i haggeld it down to...they are also throwing in a free pinstrpe with initials,....alltogether....


    What do u guys think of that ???? pewter with Charcoal leather interior, did i mention In dash CD?
  • g17g17 Member Posts: 45
    I think you're crazy....nobody should put a pinstripe on a Mercedes, its completely tacky. And whats with the initials? Are you a rapper?
    Call the dealership as soon as possible and call off this atrocity.
  • grneyesgrneyes Member Posts: 12
    Got quoted a killer price on a C320 sedan sunroof, cdchanger. $33,375, $4700 below invoice on dealer stock '04 last week. This was internet-generated, and $1K under carsdirect! Started talking about other avail. colors, he said he could get same model, same options by doing a trade with another dealer. We found the car and got ready to do the deal, and found the car at the other dealer was produced later in the year than the first, and there was a manufacturer's price increase. Now, the model I want is $1000 more simply because he made an error in the quote. Faxed me the invoices, showing that one had an earlier ship date and a $1,000 lower MSRP.
    My choice is to take a color I don't want or pay extra. Does this sound right?
  • decsdecs Member Posts: 8
    Any indication on what type of deals posible on '05 C-Class in the DC metro area...shopping 2005 C230K within the next 2 months. Thanks.
  • beersnob1beersnob1 Member Posts: 2
    Just got a 2004 C-230 Sedan and thought I would pass along the specifics. The car is brilliant silver with 5-speed auto, 6 disc changer and sun roof package. MSRP was $34,050, invoice was $31,717 and we got it for $30,317. We bought the car at Schumacher European in Scottsdale, AZ. They had a few more '04s on the lot and expected the '05s anyday
    We are very happy with the deal and my wife loves the car.
  • sbardaysbarday Member Posts: 1
    Have you had any issues with your C230 coupe? I'm looking to purchase a certified pre-owned C230 2003 model. Am looking for an automatic with panoramic sun roof, leather seats, power driver's seat, cd changer, rearview dimmer, rain sensing wipers, and approx 13K miles. Have been quoted $21525 as wholesale price with 3.9% APR. Would you consider this a good deal? Also, what are the added charges that I should consider and how much does it come up to approx? CA state tax is 8.5%, smog $80, registration $200. anything else I'm missing out on?
    Also, how does one interpret the inspection points on the pre owned cars?
  • grneyesgrneyes Member Posts: 12
    Just closed a deal on '04 C320, metallic paint, CD changer, sunroof package, leather inserts,

    RAB Motors, Marin County, CA. There are still some '04's on the lots that were delivered pre-price increase in Feb. '04. They quoted me about $1,000 less on those.

    Selling my baby, '93 190E. Rides like a limo. A few too many shop visits for me in the past year though. Time for her to go.. Hope I can get used to this new world of sport suspensions.
  • orionc230korionc230k Member Posts: 1
    Just got my C230K sedan last Friday. Orion blue/charcoal, HID, automatic, Bose audio, heated seats, sunroof, CD changer. Paid $30,600, which was $5,500 below MSRP.

    Bought it at Penske in socal. Comfortable buying experience. 2004.5 model is real nice.
  • highenderhighender Member Posts: 1,358
    in April and ahe bought a 2004 C230 sports coupe with panorama roof, 6 disc CD, leather, auto, metalllic blue, for car direct price of $27,700
    out the door for $29,800 and change...

    great car....beat the Audi A4 in acceleration.
  • kvissakvissa Member Posts: 1
    Just got my very own brand spanking new 2004 C230 Sports Coupe. Excited as hell! Here is the low-down:
    Exterior: Red
    Interior: Blk Heated Leather seats.
    Options: Auto, Panorama sun-roof, 6CD Chgr, Bose system (8 speakers), Rain-sensing wipers, Bi-xenon head-lights, 17" wheels with alloy rims.
    Got the car for $29,174 with 0.9% APR for 60 mos. Bought the extended warranty - 7 yrs, 100,000 miles for abt $2800.
    I used this message board/forum and edmunds.com in general in order to get a good deal. So a BIG THANK YOU to every one of you for posting your experiences!
    The car is a blast to drive. Tremendous power. Feels more powerful than the advertised 192 HP.
    Bought the car at Bellevue Barrier Mercedes. I had the best time shopping there. The staff was extremely courteous, and willing to show you a wide range of cars, and negotiate a good deal. Will post some more observations abt the car once I get over the euphoria!
  • acura2000acura2000 Member Posts: 17
    Are dealers offering much discounts with the new 05 models? The best I have been able to do so far is $500 off MSRP.
  • angelangel Member Posts: 2
    I'm working with a dealer on a c-320 - 2004 sedan. What is a good price to pay?
  • kevin111kevin111 Member Posts: 991
    just curious?
  • angelangel Member Posts: 2
    I just got a brand new 2004 C320 Silver metallic for $33150. It took a bit of haggling, but since the dealers are already cleaning for the 2005 models, I guess they are willing to move them out.
  • always49always49 Member Posts: 29
    I'd like to share my experience with all of the Edmunds.com's friends here.

    Traced Edmunds.com and other sources for couple months, utilized Cardirect.com too, and test drove couple times at dealers. Finally figured out what I really wanted. I live at North California (Bay Area). The deal was made on the last day of June:

    2004 C230K Sports Sedan(4Dr), Stick Shift (6sp), Black ext (not metallic, saved $600) and Ash Int. 6CD Changer, Sunroof Package.

    Price of the car: $26,700
    Doc Fee: $45
    Some Tire Fee: $5
    Tax: $2,000 more (don't remember the exact number)
    License Fee: $225 (dealer estimated, will return extra if there is any)

    Total out door: $29,185 for the car
    Bought 4yr/50,000mi Luxury tire/wheel road disaster insurance $299
    Then the total is $29,484.

    Also was offered 7yr/100,000mi ext warranty at $2,380. I'll buy it soon.

    I bought a 2000 BMW 328i before. Two things we don't like:
    1. Automatic Transmission (even w/Steptronic)
    2. Black int. leather.

    Now we got all we want. Ash leather is a beauty! It matches so well with the Aluminum trim. Black ext with the 3-pointed chrome star, man! It’s a dream coming true. Me and my wife are just politely fighting for drive. The car was originally for me, but she has already moved our two carseats from our MDX to the 230K. Well, at least she happy, me happy.

    Here, I want to thank all of you with your posts. I also want to give my special appreciation to Edmunds.com. I am your loyal reader since 1999.

    Thank you all again with our love. You all have a happy I-Day!
  • artiste9artiste9 Member Posts: 2
    Dear Always49,

    I am purchasing a C230Kompressor this week and I am between 2 dealers. I can get a silver ext. with charcoal leather, 6cd changer,panoramic sun roof and auto trans. for 26,900 possible 26,500 with 1.9 apr. or a black ext. with ash leather at the other dealer for about 2k more.

    I have had a black cars for 10+ years and swore I would not buy one again. My car is parked in a high school parking lot from 7am to 3 or 4pm in hot Louisiana sun. Do you find the black w/ash leather hot when you get in?
     I also go back and forth with the manual vs. auto thing- I adore driving w/ a stick shift but drive an auto for now- and do so 50mi r/t each day...the a.m. is great as I can virtually "fly " to school but the p.m. is bumper to bumper traffic and takes 2x as long as the am. MY family thinks I should do auto for that reason as well as for resale value.

    I welcome opinions this is my first entry and I will let you all know what I decide by the end of the week. Thanks.
  • bumzmia904bumzmia904 Member Posts: 1
    is there any recent buyers of 2005 c230k sedan? if u did...can u guyz tell me how much u paid for this car and what special stuff u guyz put in???
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