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    lccalvert -- I'm in the Houston area. We actually get a lot of transferees from Fairfax, Virginia (is that in Fairfax County?) who work for Exxon-Mobil (and probably send our share over there, too). Unfortunately, I have a trade-in, so that complicates things. If I can't get the price I want, I'll probably just wait until some factory-to-dealer cash is placed on the C-Class.
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    Hi everybody! Just got a quote from a Mercedes dealer in the Southern California. Tell me if you guys think this is a reasonable deal or way too high????

    2005 C230K Sport Sedan :

    Power Front Seats
    Automatic Transmission
    6 CD changer
    Lighting Package

    Color: Opal Black

    Quote price: $31,700 (NOT including tax and license)

    Thanks for any valuable response : )
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    It seems like a very good price. MSRP on that vehicle is $35,640 and invoice (not including any advertising fee) is $33,198. So, the offered deal is $3940 below MSRP and $1498 below invoice. carsdirect's target price is $35,148 -- is carsdirect a joke now, or what?

    I would take that deal.
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    Did you contact my dealerhship in Maryland? I'm interested to see if they would accomodate shippping the car to you.
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    No, I never contacted them. It just seems too difficult to operate sight-unseen, etc. like this. I'm sticking with dealers that I can drive to and actually see the car before I purchase.
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    Hello All!

    Just curious, do you foresee the "C-spot" coupon coming back this year??
    I'm interested in an '05 c230k, auto, lighting pkg, entertainment pkg, sunroof pkg, power front seats.
    I'm from the Southern California area. Any suggestions on dealers or initial bargaining price??
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    Well, I did contact both the dealerships you mentioned because I can't find the car I want around here. The one that sold to you told me that they sold to you for no profit so that they could soak you on future deals. (j/k) But that tells me something -- $1500 below invoice is a "no profit deal". They won't do that for me but we are trying to put something together.

    pharmd2b -- I would tell them you want to pay $4,000 less than MSRP and see what they say.
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    Obviously your experience with Herb Gordon Mercedes was better than my experience with their Volvo dealer. Read my post at

    Volvo S40: Prices Paid & Buying Experience
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    Hey..which socal dealer did you go to ? If you have any contact info ..I would appreciate it...
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    No contact info allowed - just dealership name, city & state.

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    We went and drove both the C-230 and the C-240 yesterday. We are coming out of a 02 BMW 325i so the C-230 was more appealing due to the sporty feel. We really liked the appointments that were standard and especially the 17" wheels. Any way, at the dealership in Memphis, the Mercedes Benz of Memphis they were only offering $1200 off the sticker of 35,850 for Pewter, sunroof pkg, memory seats, cd changer and were stating the invoice was only $1985 less that sticker, so that $1200 off was a good deal. They also said that that the lease incentives from MB only applied to the c-240 4matic and that they were not going to get an extra $1000 form MB. With $2000 down they offered a lease of 39 months for $493 for 10k per year or $523 at 12K per year(including MS taxes). I laughed and walked away. We will still get the car, after renegotiating and or visiting other dealers. The money factor presented was .0029 does anyone know how to do the conversion to interest rates? Were they indeed full of it on the lease specials not on this car and on the invoice as I concluded? Thanks to everyone who replies.
  • kenneyddskenneydds Member Posts: 5
    The price was $34850 on the sticker not $35850.
    Sorry and thanks again.
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    Interest rate = money factor x 2400 So, .0029 = 6.96% which is very high.

    I can't make your options on this car add up to $35,850. I come up with $33,460 -- perhaps you forgot to mention something?

    Anyway, the invoice on the $33,460 vehicle is $31,170 -- a difference of $2,290 so it would be about $2500 on a $35,850-optioned car.

    People are buying the 230 Sedan for invoice or below + IRG (advertising fee) which can be $300-$500 dollars.

    If you go to the MBUSA website they SHOW the incentives on the various models.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    made your correction. I am guessing that the vehicle has an automatic transmission. That would raise the MSRP to your stated $34,850. Invoice on that is $32,463 plus IRG (lets say $500) = $32,963.

    People in the major markets are paying $1,000 below invoice and that might be a good starting offer: $31,963 + TTL. Since you are in Memphis, I think you might actually have to pay something like $32,963 + $500 = $33,463 + TTL. But I don't like that interest rate at all.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    shows a 39 month, 36000 mile lease offer at MF .00205 which equals $482/month, but there is a $395 disposition fee. Was there a disposition fee on your deal? BTW, .00205 = 4.92%
  • kenneyddskenneydds Member Posts: 5
    The disposition fee was $350 i believe. We travel to major markets like Atlanta often for business. I will start over there in two weeks.
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    I have no clue what is a appropriate price to pay for a new C230k Sports Sedan, but here is what the Dealer offered me on a Demo with 420 miles.

    Black leather inserts
    324 Sunroof package
    Teleaid Ditial/Prewiring Cell
    5-speed Auto
    Radio 20 w/ single CD
    6-Disc CD Changer
    Blue Glass & Rain Sensor
    Heated Front Seats
    Super Plush Floor Mats
    $32579 Subtotal
    $ 720 Transportation & Handling
    $ 500 IRG Participation
    $33799 Total
    -$ 2000 Demo model discount
    -$ 1200 Corporate Executive Fleet Discount
    -$ 650 Split the difference on the "markup"
    $29949 + TTL

    -This is a Demo with 1 month less on the 4 year warranty.
    -I prefer the metallic silver color. :)
    -my ONLY must-have is the Automatic Drive
    -Sun-roof and heated heats are nice, but not necessary
    -I could careless about the Teleaid, rain sensor, and 6-disc changer.

    Should I be considering this because of the Demo discount or does it make more sense to get a Automatic SIlver Metallic Barebones model with 0 miles?

    Your insight and suggestions would be helpful.

  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    of personality, I think. If you are even considering it then it is probably "ok" for you. I would never touch one. When I buy a "new" car, I want a new car.

    I don't recognize some of those options you listed as options. All I am sure that car has is metallic paint, automatic transmission, 6-disc CD changer, teleaid, and heated seats. That has an MSRP of $35,750 and an invoice (including IRG and Dest) of $33,801. Depending on what size market you are in, you may or may not be able to get a 230 for invoice, but let's say you can. You, then, are being offered the demo for a $3852 discount.

    BTW, it is very hard to find a "barebones" C. They almost always come with the sunroof and 6-disc cd changer. A 230 configured with those, auto, and metallic paint has an MSRP of $34,250 and (gross) invoice of $32,405. This is still $2456 higher than the demo deal you are being offered.
  • carridercarrider Member Posts: 1
    hey icechuu
    i think that you are getting an excellent deal. I was quoted 33,088 so I think you should be fine. I was curious to know which dealership offered you such a good deal because I too live in Southern California.
  • leklek Member Posts: 1
    I just got my first MB yesterday. It's about $1000 below invoice. The sellman was trying to sell me the perma-pate protection and extended warranty. Are perma-plate protection and extended warranty are necessary? What are the average costs for these? Thanks.
  • icechuuicechuu Member Posts: 10
    Hi Carrider,

    I got my deal at Rusnak Mercedes Benz in Arcadia just 3 weeks ago. I have to say my experience is quiet unpainful compare to the past, the sales was very patience , and we did not have to negotiate for long(thank god!). I also heard from others that Penske Mercedes Benz in West Covina do give competitive prices. So check them out and good luck. I hope this helps.
  • savsav Member Posts: 7
    Care to elaborate on $1000 below invoice price?
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    it sounds like we should all expect to pay less than invoice + TTL for a new model...however, would it be reasonable to pay somewhere between invoice and msrp in the midwest?
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    Edmunds shows what I call the "net" invoice. That is, it doesn't include the IRG fee charged to the dealer (because this is different for different dealers). The dealer client advisor is going to insist that invoice includes IRG, because the invoice they actually receive DOES include the IRG. I call this the "gross" invoice. So, be sure you are talking about the same figure. The first thing to be done is find out what the IRG for your dealer is. An easy way to do that is ask to look at an invoice. Having said all that, I consider gross invoice plus $500 a reasonable figure for anyone not in a major east or west coast market. Just my opinion, of course.
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    Has anyone seen the latest Consumer Reports Best of 2005 CARS Edition? Looks like Mercedes-Benz is near the bottom. Their whole line including the C-class are listed as cars to avoid, simply because of reliability. On the other hand, the Acura TL and BMW 3-Series were in fact highly recommended. It looks like they really like the C-class in terms features, drive, and comfort. But again, because of its below average reliability, they don't recommend it. I am interested in picking up a C230k (or a Acura TSX/TL or a 2006 BMW), but I am now hesitant on going with MB, even if I get a near or below invoice deal. Anyway, I would like hear thoughts or experiences on what others have to say about the latest Consumer Reports April 2005 issue.
  • wmquanwmquan Member Posts: 1,817
    It just means that statistically speaking, you're more likely to have some more problems with a C-class than a TL. If that really bothers you, you should get a TL.

    There's a chance you may get a C230K that beats the average, or is worse than the average, just like there's a chance you can get a TSX/TL that'll be a lemon. The surveys report what people have experienced to date.

    If you're worried about reliability, it wouldn't be wise to buy the first year of the new 3-series.
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Let's keep this focused on prices paid and buying experience. If you would like to compare vehicles, please do so in the appropriate discussion (e.g., sedans).

    Thank you for the cooperation.
  • amt7565amt7565 Member Posts: 165
    During my lunch break I decided to go and test drive the C320. After entering the huge showroom, I could not find the car I was interested in. They only had about 4 expensive models inside. I was looking for some assistance. After a few minutes someone approached me and asked what I needed. When I told him I wanted to test drive a C320 he said that he was a used car salemen and someone from the new car dept. would assist me. I waited for a few more minutes and had the same experience with another used car salesmen. Someone told me to go speak to the receptionist. She was elderly and was yapping her mouth off to her fried on the phone, small talk, barely noticing me even though I was standing right by her. I stood by her for a few minutes and still did not get any attention from anyone. I finally left and another salesmen at the door asked me what I wanted. I said I would come back later and left. I was really ticked off at the treatment of these jerks!

    Here I go on my lunch break and all I get is rude discourteous service. They probably saw me drive in my 99 Accord and felt I was not rich enough to get their attention or maybe my appearance did not gain them their respect. There were many employees in the showroom, but seems like I was probably the only customer.

    I am thinking of writing to the BM manufacturer and complaining about their treatment. Anyone have similar experience? Please do share-

    And yes, please avoid Ewing autohaus in Plano Texas if possible.
  • hkusp40chkusp40c Member Posts: 3
    I just left the MB Dealer - for a 2005 230K Sedan, Automatic, Sunroof, Lighting Package, Power Drivers Seat/Wheel, they quoted me a price of $32,500. Ran it past two other dealers, and they would not match the price.
    This is for a brand new, zero mileage car - several in stock. Any opinions on this price? Not quite the $1k below sticker I was targeting, but fairly close. By the way, this is in the Tampa Bay area....any thoughts!?!
  • hkusp40chkusp40c Member Posts: 3
    ....oh, the car also included the 6 disc CD changer. ...sticker price was a shade under $35k.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    I understand your frustration, but I think, really, they do things differently at an MB dealership. Go up to the receptionist and ask for a client adviser -- you'll get one.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    You didn't state the color, but assuming this is for a metallic paint color, then MSRP (according to Edmunds) is $35,640 and invoice is $33,198. So, their offer is $698 below invoice. If a standard paint color, invoice is $32,565 and so that's still below invoice. And don't forget, their invoice could include a $500 IRG (advertising fee) so their offer could be $1198 or $565 below their true invoice. Sounds good to me.
  • hkusp40chkusp40c Member Posts: 3
    Not a metallic color - going with either Red or Black with a Black interior.
    One other question - anyone think that the Entertainment package is worth the price?
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    This sort of thing happens at any high end dealership. I've had the samething happen to me at an MB, Lexus, Infiniti and believe it or not an Acura store. I say ignore them, the dealer. There is really nothing the manufacturer can do about a situation like this. I'd just go to another dealer.

  • jccai1jccai1 Member Posts: 113
    I got the exact same treatment at this same dealership a few years ago. When I did convince the front desk to page a sales person for me, he wasn't terribly interested in selling me the car, either. Maybe that's their tactic to make the customer feel that their products are in high demand, but I didn't like it at all. I ended up buying a BMW.

    I don't think this is common practice among luxury brand dealerships. It's true that they usually seem less eager when you walk through the door than a Honda sales person would, but most of the places I've been still treated me better, including Acura, Infiniti, Volvo, Saab and Audi.
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    Purchased Mid March 2005.

    Metallic Silver
    Black leather inserts
    324 Sunroof package
    5-speed Auto
    6-Disc CD Changer
    Heated Front Seats
    3 Free Oil Changes

    Brand new (not a demo).

    Paid $30900 + TTL

    Probably could have gotten a little closer to $30k from other dealers, but I just wanted to get into a car at my closest dealer location. I assume people in the big cities will find even cheaper prices.
  • kenneyddskenneydds Member Posts: 5
    That sounds like a good deal to me-- if postoak confirms it certainly is. Where was this? I will be purchasing at the end of April and am not opposed to traveling to pick one up within reason. We are closest to Memphis, TN but I travel to Dallas, Tx and Atlanta, GA almost monthly for business.
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    This was in St. Louis, MO.
  • kenneyddskenneydds Member Posts: 5
    What dealership? That is only 6 hours away from me!!
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    http://www.plazamercedes.com/. Let me know if you need any other information. Best of luck.
  • tunnonatortunnonator Member Posts: 2
    I've heard that if you look at the sticker price (MSRP), you can do a pretty good guess at the dealers' invoice by subtracting 7% (multiply by .93). Does anybody have more information or a simpler way to figure what the car costs the dealer ('cept for the holdback, which is so "sacred")?
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    Look right here in the new cars section of Edmunds.
  • westcoastlivewestcoastlive Member Posts: 1
    I leased a C320 sports sedan about a month ago. I shopped around in my local MB dealers and did not find a good price. Finally, I got the deal online. The transaction was easy and smooth. Price was reasonable too. The local dealer I went to – Claridges Mercedes in Fremont, CA – was polite, but they marked the price for their cars way too high. They added $10,000 to the sticker price (yap, more than the sticker) for some models. The price they offered for C320 sports sedan was about 10% higher than the price I got from the online dealer. Oh, by the way, the online dealer is “direct source motorcars”. They are located in LA.
  • reindhar7reindhar7 Member Posts: 4
    Just bought a new 05 c240 4matic
    black exterior
    stone interior
    automatic transmission
    heated front seats(standard on 4matic)
    sunroof package
    power driver seat and steering column w/ memory

    brand new. price paid $33300 + tax.
    I think it's more than a thousand bucks below the invoice, and $3000+ below the MSRP

    Oh yeah, and the car is magnificent !
  • lovemyjaglovemyjag Member Posts: 5
    That is a great price! Is this your first MB? You've got everything on it that I would be interested in having if I decide to switch. How did you manage to get such a good deal? How many miles so far?
  • jdg1jdg1 Member Posts: 7
    got a quote of 2250 under invoice.
    i just started looking, wondering if this is a good start.

    im in Los Angeles
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    $2250 under invoice? That sounds like a good price, and LA is a tough market. If you have confidence that that price will be honored, I think you'd do well to go for it.

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  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    Thats a heck of a deal. How are they offering it with som much off? Acocording to this site there aren't any incentives or rebates on the C230.
  • stroudmanstroudman Member Posts: 192
    I would make darn sure this car is a brand new, untitled car. The c-class is commonly used as a service loaner, and mercedes doesn't give the dealer any breaks for using them as such, so the dealer will eventually sell them at cost or so, and some dealers will advertise the car at that price without disclosing that fact until the last minute. I would also make sure that the car isn't damaged, or something isn't fishy, b/c that number is too good to be true. The typically equipped 230 sedan ( roof pkg, auto, 6-disc, metallic paint) has about $2,300 profit, and if they're more than $2k below that, something is up.
  • dcsaabdcsaab Member Posts: 13
    Got a quote of $32,800 for a 2004 Dark Green C240 with only 38 miles. Xenons, Sunroof, Full Leather and automatic. This is one of those places that have just BMW's, M-B's and Jags so it's not a dealer but I would have the remainder of the factory warranty. How much lower do you think they could go?
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