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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • I'm in North Carolina, and the dealer in Raleigh refuses to move on price if they have to bring a car in. The dealer in Winston Salem offered me the c230 with a $35,600 sticker for $33,900 after bringing in the car from Tennessee...

    Should I go back and press for a lower price, or am I right at point for North Carolina?
  • Hi epikgtz,

    don't know about your area, i am in S. CA, so there are like 5 MBZ dealers around here. I looked at the Edmunds TMV, seems like they are going for $1200 over invoice. However, if you go to, you will see that they are offering $1200 below invoice. (I got mine for $1800 below invoice w/ 2 weeks of shopping around) If you wanna get one, you might try carsdirect or simply print out that page when you go to that dealer. In addition, going through Fleet Department would be a easier solution.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    Where did you get the "Love Mercedes" coupon? Can anyone get one?

  • Just bought a 2004 C230 Coupe with Pewter metallic paint, Auto Trans, 6CD changer and panorama sunroof package with rain sensor and auto dimming mirrors for $23,920 (destination charges included). Window sticker was $30,250... I think it was a reasonably good deal for a nice car and a 1.9% MB Credit loan rate was offered by the Dealership as well. How'd I do???
  • My friend attended the Love Mercedes driving event and he just give that to me since it's a big fan of BMW and he got a 325i and i got my C230K.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Thanks. Does anybody have a coupon they're not going to use?
  • potemkinpotemkin Posts: 196
    '05 Coupe w/Sunroof package, Lighting package, Power driver seat with memory and Orion Blue metallic paint for $27,767.00.

    The drive out price came to $29,621.52 including 6% sales tax, tag, title, etc.
  • c320sc320s Posts: 2
    How did it work out 4U? I also live in NY, got the 4matic wagon. very satisfied.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    Just picked up a 2005 C230wz Pewter/Charcoal with a Automatic, Sunroof, CD changer for $31,000.00 ($1,500.00 under invoice). Add to that a $1,500.00 Mercedes Love Drive coupon and ended up with a deal at $29,500.00 ($2,500.00 under invoice!!) This was in southern California.
    So far I love the car, can't wait to put some mileage on it. With gas at almost $2.50 per gallon here I averaged 29mpg on my first tank of gas!!!!
  • rip5rip5 Posts: 2
    2004 c320 sport sdn , or, 2005 c230

    I am looking at both, both 6 sp std . I believe the price will be about the same on the current 39/mo lease ($1,800 driveoff + 320/mo). I am leaning towards the '05 simply because of the improvements discussed on the board, but the 320 seems to have some nice upgrades, plus a v6.
    Comments in reviews talk about better shifter, and gas mileage is better with the 4 cyl.
    any suggestions or input on pros / cons of each appreciated.
    JK So California
  • swamiswami Posts: 3
    Hi all,
          I am a new user in Edmunds. I am planning to buy a Mercedes C - Class. and my budget is $25000 (Max). I am looking in Dallas area and am immediately moving to SanDiego. Which one is better place to buy the car. And also abt the dealers and offers. I am awaiting your replies.
  • Just got my 2005 opal metallic, automatic, sunroof package, and CD changer...$30500 minus $1500 Love Mercedes coupon = $29000 plus license and tax. Not a bad deal....and what a slick ride! Love this car.
  • I think I heard a lease deal offered on the radio of $349 per month plus tax, nothing down, for 42 months, and 42,000 miles allowed. Anybody else heard this ad and inquired about the fine print? Am I wrong on the terms? Which dealership was it? Seems like a good deal
  • coco3coco3 Posts: 1
    You just raised the bar!! That is a very good price. Just recently I got the "bug" for a C230 for what you paid, I have found 2002 models with low mileage. When and with what dealer did you get yours?
  • Does anybody have a love mercedes voucher that they didn't use? Let me know. Thanks.
  • dev1dev1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a C230K sedan in boston area and paid a horrible 584 $ over invoice + 318$ for registration, documentation etc. I was told later by several friends that I should not have forked out one cent over invoice. The MSRP was 31,360. The invoice 29,216 including 720$ destination. Financed the car for 4% after 10K downpayment.


    LESSON: NEVER PAY OVER INVOICE! I feel sorry I got along with TMV.
  • Just purchased from Euromotorcars in Germantown, MD:


    2005 C230 Sedan

    Black Opal paint

    Heated seats

    Auto transmission

    Sunroof Package

    COMMAND Navigation

    6 CD Changer

    Dealer Installed Sirius Sat Radio

    Trunk Cargo Tray


    Sticker: $38,498

    Invoice: $35,551

    Price: $35,006 Before Coupon

    Love Coupon: -$1500

    Final Price: $33,506


    This comes out to $2045 below invoice, and $4991 below sticker.
  • Try ebay - I bought one for $18.
  • fmffmf Posts: 1
    That sounds like a great deal. What was the MSRP on this vehicle and where did you purchase it?
  • I will be picking up a 2005 c240 with 4matic, sunroof package, cd changer & metalic paint. My price is $31,500. I think this is a good price. The msrp is $37,460.
  • raj2raj2 Posts: 2
    Wow!! A good deal indeed with the 2005 240 4matic. Where are you getting such an excellant deal? Please let me know as I am in the market for exactly the same options plus the lighting package. Thanks.
  • The deal is in the NY long island area.

    No lighting package on this deal. It's only has the options that I am getting.
  • zappyzappy Posts: 1
    Hi evilangel,

    Which dealer did u buy from?
  • raj2raj2 Posts: 2
    Hello landsteam,

    How did you get the price down from $37,460 to $31,500. What kind of price did you start your bargaining at? Did you start even lower? I would never have imagined I could go so low! shows the price around $33,273 without any options added for my area (NJ). How were you able to get it so low with options included too? Really good deal indeed!!


  • Need opinion on price. Looking for C230K Coupe / AT / Sunroof and having real hard time finding it in Bay Area.


    I am getting $4500 off MSRP (which equates to ~2,000 below invoice) on a C320 or C230 with few additional options that I don't need, discounted price is creeping up to little over 29,000. Is this a good deal? I can wait couple of weeks but want to cut a deal in next day or two if there are any manufacturer-to-dealer incentives expiring soon.


    Impressed by landsteam's deal of ~$6000 off MSRP so wondering if what I am getting is reasonable.
  • Hi landsteam,

    That is indeed a terrific price, but misleading to most of us. The car you bought is a Demo (or as Mercedes would call it, a 'Alt Trans Car") which the dealer has punched and is not supposed to sell until after 6 months demo service. You can easily check this by having the dealer show you the warranty start date. The invoice on this car is $34888 plus IRG, so you got lucky and the dealer is playing games. The rest of us will generally pay a small amount over invoice.
  • jwilliams2 - you are correct that this may be a "demo" unit but it isn't necessarily bad.


    Earlier in the quarter, MB had a deal where if a dealer can punch in the car, i.e. show it sold, they would get $1000 flat from MB. Many dealers chose to do so while leaving the car in the lot, i.e. not putting in as demo/service car.


    So yes the warranty would have started but as long as duration is short (weeks), it makes little difference to the buyer.


    Inspired by landsteam, I am negotiating C230 couple deal in Bay area with 2 dealers and they both are willing to offer $5500 off MSRP WITHOUT having punched the car. So there is room there if one is willing to negotiate hard.
  • As a follow-up to my prior post, I have found a car in LA (I am in Bay area) and dealer is willing to offer $6000 off MSRP but I would need to pay transporation ($300 estimated). This deal sounds good and I am waiting to get it in writing to believe it.


    So I would essentially purchase the car "remotely". Any word of advise on what I need to be careful of in this situation?
  • Not really, as long as the car only has delivery miles, was punched recently, and is a '05 model. These cars only have a 7% markup, and after the IRG charge generally nets down to 5 to 6%. A good deal on a new "C" Class is generally a $1200 to $1600 discount. So it sounds like you've done well. Coarse, the choices are limited, as these units represent a very small percentage of the dealers inventory, and are supposed to be used for demo's or loaner's only.

    The dealer also needs to be careful 'cause MBUSA might pull the program if they find out it's being don't name the dealer! The problem I see is other folks will think they can do as well but they won't, unless it's a car with miles.
  • I picked up the car on 12/30/04. The car only had 10 miles and the title says "new". The car has a build date of 11/04. I could of picked the car up a week early if I wanted. Even if I couldn't pick all the options I wanted, I am happy with the options the car has, and the color is what I wanted anyway. They had 5 cars to pick from. The $savings was important and I just kept waiting till I found a good price. The dealer emailed the offer that's how I found out about it.
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