2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



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    Notice that your username is dcsaab. Are you in the DC/MD area? I'm assuming its a used car dealer and probably is Select Auto Imports in VA. Did you see the car with the mileage on it. One time I went there and they originally told me one thing over the phone and when I got there it was different. Just giving you a heads up.
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    Good call! Yep, that's the place. On their website it read the car had 9 miles but when I got there, the car had 38 miles - probably the sales people taking it home overnight. The price is okay, but I still think it's high. It doesn't have a cd player! $32k for an '04 car and it doesn't come with a cd player! Anyway, I'll see what the in service date is and then see how much lower they'll go. Thanks and I'll keep you posted.
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    Also, green is a cold, cold color! I'm not saying you can't like it, but a dealer won't tell you it's a harder color to move than black or silver. It is. This fall the 240 will be replaced by a 280, so you will also see an immediate adjustment (adverse) in it's value on top of the usual depreciation, since the new engine will be much higher output, and some folks think the 240 is a dog already. Is this a new, untitled car? Any benz dealer that still holds a brand new, untitled '04 240 is going to have 1000's in incentives on the car, so if this car has already been titled once B-4, it is used, and you should be able to get it for less.

    -6 disc changers were the only way to listen to cd's up to '04, and they were optional (it's been ridiculous since '01) so even tho it should have one already, it can be installed any time. Heads up! Fiber optics...only a benz dealer can install, and it's upwards of $1000 to do so!
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    Stroudman - that is excellant advice. Thank you. I will be in Atlanta next weekend and I will check cars there. Any suggestions on dealerships? (I was born and raised in Atlanta and just moved to DC a year ago so I go down often). I will pass on this one (green one) - I think for $31~$32K I could get a new C230.
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    If it was me, I would get a new c230 or wait for the 06 c280. I definitely woul stay away from Select Auto b/c $32K for an 04 is ridiculous.
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    RBM is the oldest store in the market, and they're big. The other two dealers are also big, atlanta classic cars, and mb of south atlanta. The only other store remotely close is mb of athens, (about an hour east) and they're a laid back mom-and-pop kind of place. All of them will likely have something you want, it's just a matter of what you prefer for a shopping environment. The only thing you're sure to get at the big dealers is more flash.

    -DON'T go to augusta...

    Where in ATL are you from? I grew up in Brookhaven, NE side, not too far from Lenox Square. City's too darn big nowadays, IMO. Nice place to visit, but can't live there anymore.
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    I'll try RBM.

    I went to Mercedes of Alexandria (Va) today and try to negotiate a deal for '05 230K Sedan with Metallic, CD, Auto, Heated seats and sunroof - the sticker was $34.9 and they won't go down on that price. At all. They kept pushing this '04 240 4matic. Had 19k miles, CD, Black, Sunroof and automatic. So I thought he'd make a good deal on that car. Sticker was $34,900 and after about 45 min of bickering I got up to walk out and he came down to $31,900 - firm. So I left. It's frustrating. I guess I'm use to more 'common' cars. I'll re-group and try my luck next weekend.
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    Stroudman - I was born and raised in Tucker Ga and moved to Vinnings after college and lived there until last year.
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    I can't believer that they won't budge on the sticker. It's not THAT great of a vehicle and from various posts here many are getting them at or near invoice, although it may depend on region Just hold out as long as you can til the 06's come out. I'm sure you can get one at or near invoice by then.
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    Tks Kennynmd - I agree. I live very close to the dealership and they've had the same 4 C230's sitting there for at least a month and a half. I don't have to buy a car right now so I'll wait, but I was pretty shocked they didn't go down more.
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    Everyone... stay away from Euromotorcars. I ordered Sirius Satellite radio, and the dealership did not tell me about the placement of the antenna nor the the fact that they drill a hole into my trunk to attach it!

    They will not even assist me with findout out information regarding a solution... pathetic for a MB dealership.

    Stay away...
  • dcsaabdcsaab Member Posts: 13
    Where is Euromotorcars?
  • lccalvert_1999lccalvert_1999 Member Posts: 64
    Bethesda, Maryland. www.euromotorcars.com.

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    I keep an example of the sat radio antenna in my office, and the first chance I get show it to anyone with even a passing interest in it. It's a permanent change to the car, and even tho the techs do a fine job with installation, some folks just mind. And it's their car.

    dcsaab - I waited tables at the TGI fridays at Wildwood office park on Powers Ferry Landing a lifetime ago...small world. Regarding the negotiations on the C230, I would get #'s from other dealers and make every attempt to buy the car from your local dealer using those competitive offers. That's silly tho, to hold list on a bread-and-butter car like that. SL, SLK, CLK cabrio's, new M-class, CLS, sticker price all day long, but a C230? There's very little to play with there, it's the cheapest car they make, and it honestly has no incentives so far this month. Let the dealer make a little money on their car, but really. The amount of negotiating power you have is directly related to the temp of the car, and how easily the dealer can get another one. 230's are selling well, but everyone's got plenty of them, also.
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    Seems like everyone hgere in the last couple of posts are from the DC/MD.VA area. I would wait it out. At least thats what I am doing. I curreently have a Sequoia but recently been annoyed by a creak in my sunroof. The dealership says there is a TSB out on it and I'm bringing it in this week. Hope they can fix it, and if they can't I may have to meet up with you to see if we can get a deal on 2 C-class cars soon.:)
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    I don't buy that. I've been to the Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Beverly Hills, Torrance (suburb just outside of L.A.) and Santa Monica and my best service has been at the Beverly Hills dealerships. The worst service I was given was at the Infiniti Santa Monica, where I walked into a room with at least half a dozen dealers standing around and actually had to ask a dealer for help - as opposed to the dealers offering.
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    I think I will "wait it out". The dealership called me Sunday and then again twice today. I called him back and told him I was going to get my own financing and I will contact him again in the next week or so (true story).

    Stroudman - I've eaten at that TGIF's several times. I used to live at Woodmill Apts (the big water mill in front off Akers Mill Rd). Small world.
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    I have received a few offers along the following lines in the New York metro. All of the dealers are authorized MB dealers; two are certified (i.e., contain the extra year up to 100K miles), the last is not certified pre-owned (just the balance of the original warranty):

    2004 C240 4 matic (AWD)
    10,000 miles
    Metallic Paint
    6 CD changer

    $27,500 (certified pre-owned), $27,400 (certified pre-owed), $27,000 (not certified).

    Does this price seem too high? Are the prices about to fall through the floor? Please respond asap; I'd like to finalize my decision soon. Also, are there other forums like this that show people's purchasing experience?
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    I believe it is kind of high. To me, its pretty much a 2 year old car since the 06's are right around the corner with the c280. There is also an incentive or rebate the the 4matic models. I believe it is $1k. I would stay away.
  • bashabasha Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick response. My sense is that it is high (which is why I haven't bought anything yet). That said, I don't want to buy a new car, and there are reasons that I am inclined to buy a 4matic now (though, I don't have to). So, the question is, how much is a good/reasonable price to pay for a 2004 model with that kind of mileage, that is certified pre-owned? On the official MB pre-owned web site, the dealers are all asking way over that (and, I have noticed, the cars are not moving off of those websites!!). Is the right price $26K? $25K? Is anyone trying to buy a similar car and getting these types of offers from dealers?
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    Hi Always49,

    We are about to buy a C230K Sports Sedan, and we live around glendale california. Would it be possible for us to buy an 05 for the same price you paid? Where should we go? Should we just buy online instead? Help! Thanks
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    Looking to purchase 2005 C 230 Sedan new or used- in Chicago area- any help on prices? Thanks
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    Can someone who recently signed a lease agreement tell me what to expect for a c240 4matic automatic with heated front seats. Please provide invoice price, msrp, MF, residual rate down payment; and your monthly payment. Thanks
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    the formula to figure out the invoice on any benz car is easy: subtract the $720 freight charge, since that isn't actually part of the car, then multiply that number times .069. There aren't any incentives from the factory on '05 C-class, so your typical 240 will have $2,300 to $2,500 profit margins, depending on ad-participation fees, and options on the car.
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    please excuse the noob questions please.....

    just started looking at the c240....from previous posts here i see that deals BELOW INVOICE are quite common. is this still true? if so, how much below invoice is reasonable?

    also....if someone has recently leased a c240, can you please post your monthly payment? i am wondering whether it will be below $400/mo 36mo.

    if someone is in the NYC area, id also like to hear comments about which dealers are good/bad.

    thanks very much!
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    I got a quote for a C240 4matic with sunroof and cd changer. The initial out of pocket was $1672 which includes 1st month's payment. $460 a month for 39 months with 12K miles. I believe they will do 15K miles for $479. (I asked how much out of pocket for $375 a month and it would be $5500 out of pocket.)

    What quotes are other people getting?
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    I believe i am or will be having the same nightmare. Just bought a 2005 C-320 coupe last month, from San Jose, CA. got the windows tinted. I noticed that I cannot open the doors, unless i point the key directly into the info light. Took it to the dealer, they suspect it is due to tinting. left my new car overnight. they informed me, when they open the combar? where they have the frequency for the door etc. , they found alot of water. They said its because of the process of the tinting. Hmmmm. perhaps they are right, but, this is a hatch back, they should have already anticipated that it will get wet, from either the rain, some sort of a spill of what ever. and the rep. told me that glass has no seal around the combar, therefore there is no protection. They are asking me to pay over $1500.00 if i wanted it fix. WHAT? not covered? they are blaming the Place where i had it tinted. Sure, why not. my point is, even if water got there, it should not short circuted or malfunction just like that. I found out that the tinting place owner's daughter has the same car except for her's is 2002. mine is 2005. He also tinted her windows and key works fine. I suggested to the owner to bring his daughters car into the dealers and show them. I dont what to do. i am upset. barely a month old car, and here is what i have to deal with. Any suggestions?
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    I got a quote for a silver metallic 6 spd with sunroof, entertainment and heated seats. List is $34,090 and they offered the car for $31,757 or invoice and also they don't have this car so they need to swap for it. What do you think? I asked for the car because I wanted the upgraded stereo. The lease term on the deal at $475 a month with only first month and title due at signing. Tax and bank fees are rolled into the $475 on a 39/15k lease. How did I do?
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    I'm glad I saw your message! I'm trying to buy a similar car, but haven't had an offer that even comes close to yours. The '04 c240 4-matic I'm looking at is also certified pre-owned and has about 15.5k, but the dealer won't go below $32,600 all inclusive. It has the comfort package (driver and passenger electronic seats with memory) and an upgrade on the sound system, but that's still not worth the thousands more I'm being quoted. Thanx!
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    I bought my first MB on Saturday...a 2002 C230 K!

    Here's the issue...it has 58,500 miles, and it not covered under any manufactuer's warranty. I purchased a warranty from the dealership (and I can cancel w/in 30 days) and I feel like I may have gotten an overpriced deal.

    The warranty is exclusionary and for 36 mos/36,000 miles is $3129. It includes a $250 dissapearing deductible if I go back to the dealership.

    I've been looking at quotes on line since Sunday and Monday (tonight) and it is VERY overwhelming with all the quotes and coverages, and articles. I want exclusionary (bumper to bumper).

    Any warranty suggestions?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • bob_grahambob_graham Member Posts: 63
    Trying to complete an agreement on a new C-240 4 Matic. Wondering how this deal is looking. Northern California

    Seems like finding a White C240 4 Matic in California is pretty hard.

    2005 C 240 4 matic
    White exterior - Black interior
    Entertainment Package
    Sun Roof Package
    Split folding rear seat
    Driver power seat / sterring with memory
    Sticker = $39040
    Price = $36865

    Dealer adding Sirius radio with installation = $800 list $200 install

    Total Price with satellite radio = $37,500 plus tax and lisc

    Is there some dealer cash I'm missing?
    Comments please.......
  • robl1robl1 Member Posts: 25
    Seems high. In CT same car as a dealer demo with 9K miles was offered to me for $32,000. New they are giving around $4000 off so I would shoot for $35, 000 before the sirius radio (which they are making a fortune in mark-up on).
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    Hi, I'm new to the MB purchase arena but having done some research and just test driven........I got a quote of $34900 for black ext/black int C240 4matic, power driver with memory, split seats, sunroof, 6 disc CD changer.

    Be sure to ask for the $2000 dealer incentive plus $1000 if you finance through MB.

    Market: Seattle
  • bob_grahambob_graham Member Posts: 63
    Here is the final price we paid. We went back to the dealer that we bought our 2004 C240 4matic because of the great service department and the excellent sales person.

    I should note we had one problem with the 2004 C 240 4 matic, a noisy spring in the front end, that is it after 1 1/2 years and 30,000 miles. Cool part about the dealer, they pickup the car at your house for service and then deliver it back to you.......If you like they leave you a loaner.

    We bought the 2005 C240 4 matic after driving both the C240 4matic and a large discounted 2005 e320 4matic. (7000 off of sticker of 55050)

    The C has a much more sporting feel. So we went with the C class.

    Dealer Berberian European Motors in Stockton California

    2005 C240 4 matic, entertainment package, sun roof package, fold down rear seat, Tele-Aid, Drivers power seat package

    White exterior black interior - a real hard combination to find....

    Sticker - 39040

    Price - $35675

    Added 5th year and 100,000 mile warranty - $1825 I think this was a little high but the list on this was $2150 so my wife talked me into it.

    Sirius will be installed on Friday at their dealer cost somewhere below $800 installed.

    Mercedes 5 year note with $7K down was 6.49% I check a few banks and the rate was 6.5% to 6.99% - rates are going up in the San Francisco area.

    We also traded in a 2002 Lexus RX 300 AWD with 38K miles $25K trade in. This was pretty fair since I checked and most dealers were thinking around $23K trade in.

    How do I rate the service between Lexus and Mercedes, both are good however it seems like the Lexus dealer really sticks it to you on cost over the Mercedes. Oil change and mini service every 3000 miles at $150 plus big service every 15K versus service every 13000 miles on Merc.

    We were on the list for delivery in May of a Lexus Hybrid but the more cramped interior of the 06 over the 02, the blind spot in the rear and the $51K did us in. Our 04 C240 4 Matic averages 23 to 25 MPG so we now have 2 of them. For speed we bought a 2005 Hemi Grand Cherokee which I posted 2 months ago on Jeep forum.
    So were hooked on DC for now. .

    Overall maybe not the best deal but the dealer is very good, they had the color combination, so we decided we did not want to drive around to save a grand.

  • dominique1dominique1 Member Posts: 2
    That seems like a great deal, where and what dealer is this?
  • batman5batman5 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 clk 320 in Athens which was $2000 less than at RBM.Also chk Mercedes of South Atlanta.
  • lois53lois53 Member Posts: 1
    You should come to Colorado to buy this car - my friend just bought a silver 2005 C240 4matic, sunroof package, folding rear seat, driver power seat, all other options you mentioned - the sticker was around $38,000, dealer gave her a $7000 incentive off sticker, gave her $5000 trade-in on her 1999 Camry LE, she put an additional $5,000 cash down. The dealer then asked her what was the total amount she wanted to finance, and her boyfriend chimed in $15,000 (she was prepared to finance $20,000) and the dealer negotiated an $18000 total loan. She got her financing through United Airlines Credit Union for 3.9% for 60 months, so her monthly payment is $337.
  • brandonhoangbrandonhoang Member Posts: 5
    Does any one know which dealer in Chicago area or twin cities area offer the best deal for a new MB C240 4 Matic ? would you like to share the experience w/ the rest of us ? I meant like how much do the dealers willing to take of form the MSRP price, thanks

  • andrew8198andrew8198 Member Posts: 2
    I am in the process of negotiating the purchase of a 2004 C240 4Matic Wagon with 8,600 miles from a non MB dealer about 150 miles away from my home. The car has an inservice date of 11/03. The car is equipped with the Comfort Package (317) which includes power front seats with memory and the sunroof package (324) which includes autodimming mirror, rain sensor, and glass sunroof. The car is white and has a tan interior. Do people think that $26,500 is a good price? I have confirmed with the MB dealer that serviced the car that it has had no warranty claims and has been properly serviced. I need to make a decision quickly so your fast responses are appreciated.
  • jwcornelius43jwcornelius43 Member Posts: 2
    I am considering buying a C320 for my wife. We live in the North Alabama (Huntsville) area but I am willing to travel to Birmingham, Atlanta or Nashville to avoid a hassle and get a fair price.

    I have a general question concerning the pricing for the vehicle. Expressed as a percentage of the MSRP, what can I expect as far as an actual out-the-door discount for the vehicle purchase ? What have been your experiences concerning pricing negotiations ?

    Thanks in advance for any advice...
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    Generally, in smaller markets, a good price that you can get is invoice as shown on Edmunds + IRG (advertising fee = up to $500) + $500. BUT, now is the time of year (or soon will be) when MB starts giving incentives to the dealers to clear out this year's models and these incentives keep increasing on into October so be sure to check Edmunds for any incentives out there and take those into account.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    Just a note, according to Edmunds, there is a $2500 incentive or rebate fro the 320.
  • 71eh71eh Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm new to MB owner. I just purchased my first MB, Certified pre-own 2004 C230K sports coupe. It has most of packages included except light package. Deal was started from near 2800, then I settled down as 24k. It includes full 4 years/50k warranties. Just wish that i got "Okay" deal. - I always and never expect "Best" deal from any dealer (I'm not good at sitting over few hours and strong).

    Hope to hear some of your voice!
  • suniljmsuniljm Member Posts: 10
    Purchased Mid March 2005.

    Metallic Silver Sports Sedan
    Black leather inserts
    324 Sunroof package
    5-speed Auto
    6-Disc CD Changer
    Heated Front Seats
    3 Free Oil Changes
    Winter Floor Mats

    Brand new (not a demo).

    Paid $30900 + TTL

    Probably could have gotten a little closer to $30k from other dealers, but I just wanted to get into a car at my closest dealer location. I assume people in the big cities will find even cheaper prices. Mine was purchased in Missouri. Love it so far!
  • reyngelreyngel Member Posts: 3
    Hi everyone. I'm now in the market for a C230, and I was hoping some of you could aid me in the process. As of now, I'm looking for this setup:

    -Brilliant Silver paint
    -Black leather interior
    -Automatic transmission
    -Entertainment package
    -Lighting package
    -Power/memory seats

    Edmunds says the invoice for this setup is $35,103. That's a bit out of my price range, though. I think I could live without the leather interior, and settle for the "leather inserts," which would drop the invoice down about $1,400, but maybe someone could tell me what the difference is? For those of you who have leather inserts, how's the quality?

    Also, for those who have the entertainment package, is it worth the extra money? Or should I just settle for the changer only? The thing about just getting the changer though, versus the whole entertainment package, is that it ends up being about $300 for a mere changer, when you can simply get the whole package with extra speakers, subwoofer, and the changer, for $900 invoice.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm curious as to what I should be looking to pay, out the door. Obviously I'd like as best a deal as I can manage. Seeing as how the 2006's are on their way in, and they'll have more horse power, and a better CD player that plays mp3's, do you think I can work out a killer deal for a 2005?

    Thanks. :)
  • mbz66mbz66 Member Posts: 9
    Hello Reyngel,

    I bought my 2004 C230 Sport Sedan in May 2004. The MSRP was US$29,250.00

    The options on the sticker are (in US dollars):
    Pewter Silver (code 723), $670.00
    5 speed auto trans (code 423), $1,360.00
    Premium sound (code 810), $640.00
    CD changer (819), $410.00
    Sunroof package (324), $1,640.00
    Destination and Delivery, $720.00
    Total Sticker price $34,690.00
    Negotiated price $29,390.00
    (Sales Tax, License fee are additional)

    In Southern California, there are several dealers within 40 miles radius. I first checked with Edmunds.Com for prices and any incentives, then clicked on all the boxes that list dealer names for price quote. The Internet Managers from these dealers then contacted me by email and phone. We negotiated price on phone. I then paid a visit to three dealers (out of five) with competitive prices.

    If I were to buy the same car again, I'd get the option of the power seat with memory feature. During a long drive, I usually move the seat positions from time to time to relief pressure on my lower back. With the power seat + memory feature, it'd help me to reset to seat angle where I like most.

    I have the leather-insert seats. The headrest, seat back pockets, and side bolsters are not leather. The seating surface and seat back are of perforated leather. I think the MB-TEX material on the side bolsters will probably last longer due to rub and wear as one gets in and out of the driver's seat.

    I heard that the 2005 models no longer include free oil and filter changes under FSS (flexible service system) in the 4 year-50K mile warranty program. You may want to verify this, and check how much your dealer charges for FSS-A and FSS-B.

    Hope this help.
  • reyngelreyngel Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for sharing the info about the leather-inserts. Here's a strange question... does the cabin have that "leather" smell?

    You got an amazing price. I'm up in Seattle, but my family lives in Orange County, so I fly down there every summer. Which dealership did you buy your car from? I've sent out some inquiry emails to a few down there, like, Flether-Jones, Caliber Motors, MB of Laguna Niguel, MB of Newport Beach, etc.
  • mbz66mbz66 Member Posts: 9
    Have you contacted House of Imports in Buena Park?
    The cabin smells OK, not much of leather smell.
    Good luck in your purchase.
  • mbz66mbz66 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Reyngel,

    I forgot to address your question of dealership where I purchased my car from. It was House of Imports at Buena Park, in May 2004. I recalled something about promotion/incentive during that period of time in May 2004, around $2,000.

    Hope this help.
  • reyngelreyngel Member Posts: 3
    I will send an email out to House of Imports later tonight. Thanks for the imput!
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