2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



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    Hi Artiste9,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Maybe this post is too late for you, but I still like you to share my experience.

    Black ext. color is hot under sun, but it's much cooler if the int. is light color. Ash is a good choice. At work I park my MB directly under the sunshine, never under shade of trees (no tree sap or bird droppings). Comparing with my previous BMW 328i black/black, my MB black/ash is pretty cool. In the mean while I lift up the sunroof, so that the hot air goes out all the time. Even with a silver color, the car body is still very hot under the sunshine. I think mostly it depends on the int color of the material which stores the heat. IMHO, I'll never choose a silver. It's too popular here (california). No color can compete with black if the car is a MB or BMW. Go and choose the black one.

    Auto or 6sp? It's totally a personal preference. In my family, we have no doubt to buy a stickshift. My wife loves stickshift only, if it's a sport car. Especially C230K is relatively under power. I felt its hesitation while test driving an automatic C230. 6sp is much better, even though the 1st gear is easy to hit the redlines. About bumper to bumper traffic, I may choose an automatic, but it will loose the meaning of buying a sport sedan like MB C230. You need to make your call.

    Let me know what you finally bought and how you feel about it. Definitely you'll love C230K. It's a Benz. I enjoy it everyday.
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    Just got a quote for a 2005 C230 Kompressor Sedan, Black/Charcoal, auto trans, sunroof, 6 CD changer. List- $33150, Price quoted $30881 (Invoice). Is this a good deal?
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    Hello all...
    Just curious what the thoughts are of an 04 vs 05. The 04 has maintenance picked up for 4/50, where the 05 does not.

    I was quoted $29,900 for a 2004 Capri Blue/Ash 4 door with Auto, Sunroof, heated seats and cd. I see zip1 was quoted $1k more for the 2005. Any thoughts if the price is good or should I hold off for an 05 when those rebates hit next spring/summer?
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    Just my opinion, but the interior of the 2005 looks much nicer than that of the 2004. The instrumentation is more complete with a separate tach. The instruments are round and have chrome bezels. I prefer the look and sound of the radio as well. The body work on the sport model is more subtle too. I'd pay the extra $1k IF that were the only difference.
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    I believe u are talking about C230K Coupe. I got a 2005 model for $28900 with following options :
    Capri Blue
    Auto Transmission
    Sunroof package
    Ash Leather
    6 CD changer
    Fronted Heat Seats
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    Does the $28900 price include tax and destination charges?....thanks.
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    I just traded my 2001 C240 for a demo 2004 C230 Kompressor. I bought it last Saturday and took delivery Tuesday. I brought it in yesterday to change the front passenger marker light on the bumber. When I asked the Service advisor why the light was broken, this is when I was told that is probably happened when they repainted the bumper. I was shocked to learn the bumper had been repainted. I called the sales person and told him so. He offered to order and replace the repaired bumper with a new one. I said I did not want a car that had been repainted. At the end of a long discussion he said he will explore whether he can find another 2004 to switch the cars. I would appreciate your thoughts. Is a new bumper ok. Should I proceed with trying to replace the car? he said the only way to ensure no repainting done on a car is to buy a new one. The reason I did not but a 2005 is that it would have cost me an extra $5,000. I live in Canada. Kindly provide your advice. Thanks.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Just my 2 cents, but I'd make them trade out the car for another '04. There are still plenty around to choose from. I wouldn't trust the dealer to tell me the true extent of the damage if he wasn't honest enough to disclose the damage when you bought the car.
  • louie578louie578 Member Posts: 4
    Dear "Vinnyny":
    Thanks for your input. I followed the direction you suggested. The salesman has been very good, and located an identical car with same number of kilometers. It has one extra option, wiper sensor, whatever that is. I will have a look at the car tomorrow (saturday). I asked for the VIN # of the vehicle and had the assistant service manager at the MB dealership where I have my car serviced to review the service history of the vehicle. He said he saw no items of concern, in fact no items that needed repair. Also I checked with the government body that registers motor vehicles, and confirmed that Mercedes Benz is the registered owner of the vehicle they located, and that it had no previous owners. I am proceeding with a little more caution this time. I hope the car checks out tomorrow. I have found this whole situation a bit stressful. I will let you know how it turns out.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Good job! I love when people stand up to the dealer and get what they want/deserve.
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    I am considering buying Lexus ES 330, BMW 325xi and MB C320. ES 330 looks like Camry, 325xi although nice handling but too small. That left MB C320 (2005), which is a little more pricey. I am looking at this model (4matic for safety reason) along with the sun roof package, MSRP $42180 and invoice $39278. What's a fair price for this brand new vehicle? By the way I live in NY (metro) and your feedback is greatly apprciated.
  • louie578louie578 Member Posts: 4
    The good news is that the dealer located a 3rd car, with fewer miles, and a sunroof, all at no additional cost to me. Needless to say I am satisfied. Thanks to all for your advice.
  • louie578louie578 Member Posts: 4
    I live in Canada, therefore I cannot comment on the pricing, however, I was wondering whether you had considered the C240? I drove my 2001 C240 for four years, and was happy with its performance. It is available in 4matic. The price is somewhat lower than the C320. In fairness, however, I have never driven the C320. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Hello all !

    I need your savy purchasing tips.

    I am currently in the process of negotiating a purchase for a 05 c240 4matic.

    The car lists at retail for 36780.00, the Mercedes dealer is willing to let it go for 35,000.00 which is 743.00 over the invoice.

    What kind of deal should I be looking at......

    PLEASE advise.


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    i just got a C230 coupe 6-speed in black w/ the moonroof, entertainment, and lighting package for about $630 over invoice (custom order). i picked it up in kansas city at aristocrat motors. it was a pretty good experience, not much haggling, just laid it all out for the rep and he played ball. i think this is a good deal, i was aiming for $500 over invoice, but $630 isn't bad. what do you guys think?
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    Was that invoice + advertising fee + $630 or invoice + $630?
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Member Posts: 910
    Hi ckim1754.....$35000 is a good price. Don't forget, most Mercedes dealers get charged $300 to $500 over invoice from MB to cover group advertising (called IRG participation). His real invoice is probably $34257 to $34467. He probably is as low as he wants to go. MB dealers typically don't sell cars for "$100 over invoice" from my experience.
  • p3001p3001 Member Posts: 5
    it was invoice of $27,xxx (can't remember the exact figure) + $630. the total price, excluding "processing" fee (what is this? can i have it waived?) of $295, was $28,330 (or something like that).
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    So you paid invoice + $295 + $630? The $295 sounds like too much, but may not be, depending on your state. However, since you didn't explicitly pay an advertising fee (IRG participation as jwilliams2 pointed out), that sounds okay to me. As to whether this is a good deal or not, I haven't a clue as I'm just starting to monitor this board to get an idea of what IS a good deal. Still, I've read a number of posts on various sites that spoke of the dealer only giving $500 off MSRP, and that leads me to believe you did okay.
  • p3001p3001 Member Posts: 5
    yeah, i'm not sure whether this "administrative" fee is really an advertising fee hiding in the bushes. i do intend to get it waived though, the sales rep seemed like he might be able to do it. at other dealerships (non MB) i've been to they had big signs that said the "administrative" fee would not be waived for anyone. since i didn't see this at this place it would lead me to believe they might. as far as the price edmunds said people in my area are paying about $200 below MSRP and for them to knock off over $1300 seems good to me. the trick for me was to ask them to throw in the most expensive package for free, this got me to around what i wanted to pay for the car without having to say "i'll give you X over invoice". also it was halfway through the day on the last day of the month (quarter) so i think it helped.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    I've explored these administrative fees on other boards here. $50-$175 seems normal depending on the state. The advertising fee is usually much larger, more like $500, so I don't think they are sneaking it in on you that way. Perhaps your dealership doesn't get charged this fee. If they are in a smaller market they may not pay one.

    I like your strategy. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. I DO NOT WANT and am unwilling to pay for a sunroof. On the Gulf Coast, with our heat, humidity, and air pollution it is useless (to me at least). So I expect to special order unless they will "throw one in for free".
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    Does anyone know the actual holdback and type of bonuses that Mercedes dealerships get?

    I am trying to figure out what type of profit margins they are dealing with. My local dealer is one of the largest in the country so they probably qualify for the highes bonuses.

  • jc2121jc2121 Member Posts: 5
    If they can't find one without a sunroof, isn't there a special order surcharge? If so, it makes more sense to just get the sunroof package which also includes power rear window sunshade, autodimming rearview mirror, autodimming driver's side mirror and rain-sensing windshield wipers.
    Also, I think most dealers try to get a higher markup on a special order.

    What do you mean by "throw one in for free?" If they deduct the sunroof cost from the MSRP, do you consider it free? I am kind of curious of how you can tell or what you interpret as it being free.
  • jc2121jc2121 Member Posts: 5
    Did you take possession on the last day of the month or afterwards?

    I have always been told that the deal has to be completed and not a just a contract.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    I have read a number of posts on this board (I'm working my way through all 7000) that state that the holdback is 3% of MSRP.

    There is, or was, a $1000 special paint color fee but I've been told (by my salesman) that there is no special order fee. If someone knows differently please let me know.

    Everything you list as being part of the sunroof package is either worthless to me or a negative -- just things to go wrong. (Read some of the earlier posts about the rain-sensing wipers staying on when the windshield was dry.) Sure, on resale you get about 40% of your money back for this package so if you WANT it, it is something of a bargain but I'd rather keep 100% of that money and take the 40% hit on resale.

    That's a good question about throwing it in for free. I guess I expect to meet with some resistance to special ordering. Most salesmen want to sell you something off the lot even though it doesn't meet the customer's needs. I'm saying that I would let them do that if, after working out a price on a special order, configured just the way I want it, they would then offer that same price for a car on the lot that had more options. Does that make sense?
  • jc21212jc21212 Member Posts: 2
    Yes, the dealer holdback is stated at 3% on edmunds and other sites, but that that means it is only about $1000 on a C-class. The "bonuses" mus be much higher since I saw one post where a lady claims she was quoted $4700 under invoice. unless it was a demo, it doesn't seem possible. I was hoping someone may have some first hand knowledge about the bonus system.


    On the 2004 models there was a special order charge

    SOC Special Order Surcharge info $1,150

    On the 2004/2004 there is an extra charge for metallic paint.

     063 Metallic Paint $670

      I am not sure why you are holding off buying a car since right now is the best time to buy a 2005 and a 2004 if you can find any left.

      If they have a price increase again, any savings from waiing for incentives will be offset especially on the c230's plus the depreciation factor of a full year vs 4 months from now.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    If you look at posts back in May-July you will see some people got $7,000 of MSRP. This was because of $4,000 manufacturer's incentives. When I saw that I decided to deal on a 2004 but could only get $4700 of MSRP -- not good enough for me because I'm not ready for a new car yet. (For $7,000 I would have gone ahead, though.) I will check again with the dealership to see if there is a surcharge for a special order. My fall-back position is to do an ED at invoice in June.
  • dprovonsdprovons Member Posts: 6
    I just purchased my first Mercedes a couple weeks ago (end of Sept). The dealership experience (at MB of Knoxville, TN) was one of the best I have ever experienced. They really took care of me there. MSRP on my car was $33,570.00 (sunroof pkg. and CD changer with black paint and ash interior). I got a couple thousand off and some help on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer I was driving. The people at the dealership really sold the deal for me, though. Real straight-forward, no B.S., no pressure, showed genuine desire to make me a MB owner for life. Great experience and I didn't leave there thinking I got screwed on some part of the deal.

    If anyone is in the southeast area, the sales manager told me that my local dealer is in the Jacksonville, FL region. Nearly 50% of the Mercedes sold in this region are sold in Florida. Since the back-to-back-to-back hurricanes, Florida M-B sales are WAY off (practically non-existent at end of Sept). All other dealers in this region were being begged to step up and sell more cars than ever. It gave my dealer more room than normal to negotiate and it may help one of you (who live in the same area) to know about that.

    Oh yeah..., and the CAR is spectacular!!!
  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    I got a quote in Dallas area on a new '04 C240 wagon with only 6-cd and sunroof options, it's about $500 over invoice - about $32888 before TTL etc.

    Is this a good deal?

  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    Well, it's a couple thousand less than you would have to pay for a 2005 model, but I believe the dealer got a $3,000 incentive from MB on this car so, in that light, that $500 over invoice is $3500 over the dealer's true invoice and remember invoice is 3 percent or so over the dealer's true cost.
  • hpoohhhpoohh Member Posts: 35
    Hi Orionc230k,

    Congratulations to your new C230K sport sedan.
    I am looking at the 04 325i or the 05 C230K
    did u get the 05 model or the 04 from Penske? Is that a demo? $5000 off MSRP seems unbelievable. I've purchased by previous 3 vehicles from Penske (Not Mercedes tho) do you think they could offer the same deal to me. Pls email me [email protected], i might want u to hook me up.

    Thank you
  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply and details.

    I decide to take the offer tomorrow with out of the door price @ $35,000

    It seems that the current market incentive of $2,500 (on '04 C240 model btwn 10/4 - 11/1) was applied already.
  • ravi2ravi2 Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone....just bought a 2004 C230 coupe RWD today. I went in to see the 2005 model but the price was too high and the dealer said he had a 2004 model that had 0 miles on the odometer. The price I paid was $24882/- Albaster white+Oyster leather+Moonroof package+6 CD changer+heated seats plus $250 destination charges and taxes. I feel very happy as I think thought this was a great price. The dealer is in Greenwich Connecticut and the service was excellent.

    Also does anyone have experience driving in the C class Rear Wheel Drive in light/moderate snow. I hear a lot about FWD being better in slippery conditions vs. RWD, but am not sure with Traction control. Would you advise snow tires or other precautions ? Thanks
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    Wow! That may be a record low price for a new C-class. You should be very happy!

    As for your questions, I think you need to ask them in the main C-class forum. Or better, use the search function in that forum as these questions have been asked and answered before.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
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  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    Congrad Ravi!!! It's indeed a good deal.

    I just picked my 2004 C240 Wagon yesterday (paid out of the door price of $35K even). My friend is in the process of getting the same deal. I believe that the Manufacturer to Dealer incentive ($2k for C230 and $2.5K for C240) really helped.

    Be careful driving in Conn (I lived in Orange for 6 years) on RWD cars during winter for sure.
  • sheilawsheilaw Member Posts: 1
    I am trying to negotiate a deal in the Bay Area, but the dealers are giving me the go-around. I would like to know the range of the price over invoice other customers have paid for the C-class.
    Also, last year in December, there is a dealer incentive on the C-class. How would I be able to check out whether there will be any incentives in the near future? I am not in a hurry to buy though, what I really want is a reasonable price.
  • postoakpostoak Member Posts: 537
    I suspect in the Bay Area you should be able to buy BELOW invoice. Check out carsdirect.com and see what they say for your zip code.
  • rcallahanrcallahan Member Posts: 9
    I purchased the 2005 C230 sedan with metalic paint, entertainment and sunroof package with MSRP of 34,800. Paid 31,150. Went through internet/fleet department. I had two dealers within a couple hundred dollar difference, all the offers I got were under invoice.
  • evilangelevilangel Member Posts: 11
    Got my RED (hard to find) 2005 C230 Sport Sedan w/ Automatic, Sunroof pkg, Lighting pkg (loved the Xenon), and CD Changer for $31100, throw in the $1500 Love Mercedes coupon that made the price $29600. Only 15miles on the odometer, loved the car. It's a lot cheaper than similiar equipped BMW 325i which will be replaced soon.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Member Posts: 18
    I'm in North Carolina, and the dealer in Raleigh refuses to move on price if they have to bring a car in. The dealer in Winston Salem offered me the c230 with a $35,600 sticker for $33,900 after bringing in the car from Tennessee...

    Should I go back and press for a lower price, or am I right at point for North Carolina?
  • evilangelevilangel Member Posts: 11
    Hi epikgtz,

    don't know about your area, i am in S. CA, so there are like 5 MBZ dealers around here. I looked at the Edmunds TMV, seems like they are going for $1200 over invoice. However, if you go to carsdirect.com, you will see that they are offering $1200 below invoice. (I got mine for $1800 below invoice w/ 2 weeks of shopping around) If you wanna get one, you might try carsdirect or simply print out that page when you go to that dealer. In addition, going through Fleet Department would be a easier solution.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764

    Where did you get the "Love Mercedes" coupon? Can anyone get one?

  • jchalkjchalk Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2004 C230 Coupe with Pewter metallic paint, Auto Trans, 6CD changer and panorama sunroof package with rain sensor and auto dimming mirrors for $23,920 (destination charges included). Window sticker was $30,250... I think it was a reasonably good deal for a nice car and a 1.9% MB Credit loan rate was offered by the Dealership as well. How'd I do???
  • evilangelevilangel Member Posts: 11
    My friend attended the Love Mercedes driving event and he just give that to me since it's a big fan of BMW and he got a 325i and i got my C230K.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Thanks. Does anybody have a coupon they're not going to use?
  • potemkinpotemkin Member Posts: 195
    '05 Coupe w/Sunroof package, Lighting package, Power driver seat with memory and Orion Blue metallic paint for $27,767.00.

    The drive out price came to $29,621.52 including 6% sales tax, tag, title, etc.
  • c320sc320s Member Posts: 2
    How did it work out 4U? I also live in NY, got the 4matic wagon. very satisfied.
  • twoof1twoof1 Member Posts: 308
    Just picked up a 2005 C230wz Pewter/Charcoal with a Automatic, Sunroof, CD changer for $31,000.00 ($1,500.00 under invoice). Add to that a $1,500.00 Mercedes Love Drive coupon and ended up with a deal at $29,500.00 ($2,500.00 under invoice!!) This was in southern California.
    So far I love the car, can't wait to put some mileage on it. With gas at almost $2.50 per gallon here I averaged 29mpg on my first tank of gas!!!!
  • rip5rip5 Member Posts: 2
    2004 c320 sport sdn , or, 2005 c230

    I am looking at both, both 6 sp std . I believe the price will be about the same on the current 39/mo lease ($1,800 driveoff + 320/mo). I am leaning towards the '05 simply because of the improvements discussed on the board, but the 320 seems to have some nice upgrades, plus a v6.
    Comments in reviews talk about better shifter, and gas mileage is better with the 4 cyl.
    any suggestions or input on pros / cons of each appreciated.
    JK So California
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