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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier



  • i have had mine for 5 years now and its mostly for show. its a great car and fun to drive and the 4g63 is a great motor.




  • I also have a Mits. Eclipse. It is a 2001 GT. I have had issues with the water leaking for about a year. In the beginning I thought it was wet snow. I soon realized it was a more serious issue. I tried to find the leak myself. I used a hose and tried to locate the leak. I used a rubber cement to try to solve the problem. I thought it worked, but the problem is back. Now I have water on both the driver and passenger side front and back floorboards. Please tell me what you did or what the dealer has done for you. I too cannot afford to spend your estimated $600.
  • schaef04schaef04 Posts: 1
    question: my head went out on a 01 eclipse spyder gs a/t(2.4L 16valve) and i found one with very low miles for a very cheap price. the problem is that all the seller knows is that its off of a 2000 eclipse 16 valve 4cyl automatic. would this head work for my car?
  • burton24burton24 Posts: 3
    I have an 01 Eclipse GT V6 auto transmission that just recently went out. I have searched everywhere for one for it. I was told that there are other cars such as a newer model Galant and maybe a Chysler Sebring that have the same transmissions. Can anyone give me any info?
  • hey i had the same problem. i also have a 200 mitsh eclp with around the same mileage. a seal was leaking transmission fluid and i was stalling out alot. i had to get the entire trans replaced. what happened with your car? have you had any other issues?
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 10,692
    "...a newer model Galant and maybe a Chrysler Sebring..."

    I'm not a gear head so take my advice with caution.

    IIRC, the 2001-2006 Chrysler Sebring coupes were just rebadged Eclipses'. They both had a Mitsu made 3.0L engine, so it would follow that the tranny's are compatible. Just make sure you get you tranny from a coupe as the sedan was a different car altogether.

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  • 2000 eclipse GT. Same water problem. But it seems to come and go (not with the weather :)). But sometimes for a period of a month the driver's side carpet will be soaked. That's when all those great smells come out.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 10,692
    "...carpet will be soaked..."

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that on the post 2006 models they were having a problem with drains on the A/C that was causing water to back up into the passenger compartment. Don't know if this is the same for the pre 2006's but it might be a place to start looking.

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  • spointerspointer Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Eclipse Gt 3.0 and I have an engine roar that is driving me nuts also. Took it to the dealer, changed tie rod ends, an axle bearing and the idler tensioner and still have the same problem but when I am excelerating and engine is cold, dealer is stupid and cant figure it out either.
    Did you ever figure this out? This car only has 44,000 miles on it and is in perfrct shape, just cant figure out the noise.
  • jos121212jos121212 Posts: 2
    im looking for a fast car and i cant seem to find the hp base on these when i finally found a 3000gt 5 speed, whats the hp on it and the 3000gt spyder? thanks.
  • Okay, there is one small holes on each side of the car in the trunk. On the sides of the trunk if you look carefully when you open the trunk of course, Now, what seems to be the problem I believe is that one or both holes of your drainage system of the car is clogged, depending on which side of the car is wet while or after rain. Try to clean your drainage system somehow by poking something through that hole so that the water flow coming from and to your trunk will go out and not be redirected to your cars interior!

    Another quick resolution to this problem is to park it on a incline with the front side of the car up so that the water won't be redirected into your car.

    I hope this works for you, pass it on and good luck!!!!!!!!
  • I too am having a water problem. my back driver side floor is soaked, and now so is my driver's floor. They say it is a hose problem. I took up the carpet to peak under and didn't see anything. What can I do? Also, where can I find a schematic for this vehicle?
  • I checked for the two small holes in the trunk, couldn't find them. However, when I took the carpert back and checked the holes from the back seat to the trunk, it was dry. So I don't think that is the problem. Do you know where I can get a schematic for my eclipse? A wiring diagram? Or an engine diagram? Thanks
  • Yes, I am having the same problem. I was told it must be a heater hose line that is clogged, water draining from where the convertible top gets stored and from the trunk. The answer your people gave you sounds as good as any. I looked for drainage holes in the trunk as well, unless you pull the material back, you won't find any. I'm at a loss too. If you find before I get back, please post it. My husband and I are taking it apart this week to try to find the source, if we do, I'll post it.
    Good luck!
  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    I took ownership of a 1993 Eclipse but am not sure what engine is in the car. How can I find out if 1.8L or 2.0L?
    The sticker inside the engine compartment says Engine = 4G37 (whatever that means).
    Is it based off of the vin number perhaps?

  • hey im buying a 01 eclipse gt 3.0 but the trans is shot in the trany pump keeps blowing. and since in 01 they only made a one year transmission its so hard to find one so i found a complete set up for a conversion to a 5 speed has any one done this in a 01 eclipse if so what problems arised and did you have to change and computers or anything ?
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Posts: 10,692
    "...says Engine = 4G37..."

    According to Wikipedia the Mitsu 4G37 engine displaced 1.8L.

    2015 Mustang GT, 2009 PT Cruiser, 2004 Chevy Van

  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    Hmmmm....someone also told me that if there's a hood bulge on the left side (which I do have), then it's a 2.0 engine. That's there because the camshaft pulleys are too tall for the hood to close without it. The 1.8 liter engine is shorter and the hood, therefore, does not have that bulge.

    I tend to agree with the engine sticker though.
    However, shouldn't there be a way to tell via a VIN letter/number check (i.e. some letter or number in a certain position)?

  • I have a 1992 eclips with a 2.0 and all it dose is crank over and will not start the car ran in the morning got in it latter that day and would not start ,Has spark ,fuel and the injectors seem to be working .
    I have no clue what is wrong with this car and any advice would be nice dont know alot about these little cars.

  • j_griff02j_griff02 Posts: 4
    I've got a 2000 6-cylinder eclipse and I'm wondering if it's possible to hook up and tow a small trailer from Cali to Texas with some furniture in it.
  • During that body style all Eclipses had the 'power bulge' regardless of the engine. There should be a badge on the rear underneath the tail lights which should tell you which engine you have. It should say something like, "GS", "GS DOHC" or "GS DOHC TURBO".

    The GS has the 1.8L engine. The GS DOHC has the 2.0L and the TURBO version is simply the 2.0L with the turbo-charger added. Another method for identifying which engine you have is by checking what size the OEM tires are. If they're 14" you have the 1.8 and if they're 16" then you have the 2.0.

    I hope that helped.
  • erik9erik9 Posts: 25
    Hi all,

    My girlfriend has a 2001 eclipse gt with 215 -50 -17 tires on it,i have a used set of 235-55-17 's ,does anyone know if these larger tires will work on this car?

    your help would be greatly appreciated! :confuse:
  • One of the best resources online for tires and questions about them is the Tire Rack. You can find them at and they should be able to answer your question.
  • I have a GST Spyder... About 3 months ago I changed my stock Intercooler, and added a complete Aftermarket kit with an HKS Blow Off Valve. The car was running fine, except for the fact that 1 of the pipes kept coming off on high boost! I replaced it and it ran fine afterwards. About a week ago, I drove the car fine up until Saturday afternoon. I didn't drive the car at all on Sunday. So on Monday Morning, I checked my oil and coolant level as usual, and everything was correct. When I got on the freeway, I noticed hesitations, and when I reached 45 MPH, the car feels like it's choking. I managed to get to work on that speed; however, with that problem, my BOV was still going off. I also noticed that the car was throwing black smoke because it's burning a lot of gas. So now I don't know what to check for.

    Please help
    Thank you
  • I hate to say this... But this is why I dont have a dang thing to do with Automatic Transmissions.

    First of all when it comes to replacing them? It is cheaper with a manual.
    Second better fuel economy
    and third... Better control of the vehicle.

    Automatic Trannies are the biggest pain when it comes complications...

    Take it to a specialist.

    Many Blessings

  • i got a 01 spyder GT. stock tranny and partially stock engine, just upgraded ignition, intake and cat back with a shine flared body kit and rims. no biggy. but the thing i cant stand is its an automatic. im trying to figure out a way to go standard H 5 speed. ive thought about trying a evo 7 trans and doing the labor to make it a awd platform, or trying out the gts trans. im just not sure about if it will bolt up to my 6G73 fine. fabrication to get the stick, shift linkage and clutch is a bit easy. but i also thought about going to the 4G63 set up and truboing the [non-permissible content removed] out of it being theres hardly any parts for the 3.0. any one got any advice
  • so ive been saving up to buy my own car and i could use a little advice. I love eclipses look wise and ive heard that they are great cars to drive. Im looking for something thatll last me the next 4-5 years and that will have little trouble or repairssince im a student living on a budget. A local dealer has an O3 GS coupe automatic for sale. The only thing im a little worried about is the fact that it has about 77k miles to it. Will this baby be able to fulfill my needs? minus a few long distance trips a year at holidays it would be for completely local driving.

    Any insight would be amazing!
    + Liadee
  • Cherieberry? What happened? Is there a hopefull conclusion to this story?

    I have the same problem with wet floor boards on the front drivers side. I have pulled back the carpet and the insulation and found what look like black plugs about the size of a quarter. The carpet seems very wet near these plugs and surrounding, but not on the outskirts of the drivers side cockpit (i.e. wetness seems focused in the center). I guess that could be gravity, but I'm wondering if the water could be coming up from through those plugs? I know NOTHING about cars, but I did see the discussion about drainage holes, and thought these might be what they are?

    Does anyone know if I should try to pull these out (they don't pull out easily) and super-duper (technical term) plug them up? I have never noticed any dripping during rainstorms or at my feet.

    Any help would be much appreciated. When I felt this wet floorboard about a year ago, I just thought melting snow...window open...etc., just like everyone else. Now it is back. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!
  • My 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder has been sitting idle for almost two years. When I went to jump the battery, every time I connected the jumper cables the horn starts honking. From what I have read, I think it was the alarm sounding because the dead battery must have reset the alarm. So now I need to figure a way to turn off the alarm and jump start the car without sending all my condo neighbors into a tizzy. I tried to pull the horn fuse according to the manual, but that didn't work. Does anyone have any ideas? I can find no reference to the alarm in the manual.
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