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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier



  • i had the same problem... my a/c was backed up so i was over flowin into the car not out
  • My daugther had a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse that leaked water on the drivers side everytime she used the A/C. I found a place in Houston Texas that fixes it.
    Everyone had told me it would cost 800 to 1000 to fix. It cost me 285.00.
    For those of you that are able to go to Houston or live in Houston call:

    Mcginnis Mitsubishi
    12211 Katy Freeway
    Houston Tx 77079

    It took them 2 hours to fix. Great Service and great job.
  • I just bought a Mits Eclipse 2003 GS Spyder, but suddenly the alarm goes off everytime i open the door! Does anyone know how to off the alarm? Or is there a switch to off it?
  • has Lots of parts mostly parts for repair but I Luv them 1 stop shopping..
  • did U get a Key Fob w car or u got the wrong one & if U tried that I'd call a Dealer & ask them or a car alarm place it might just be ur setting it off,Don't try removing anything that often just makes it worse
  • dianna13dianna13 Posts: 1
    Can u please share with me what the problem was and how they fixed it? I have same car and same problem. Driver side caroet soaked with a drip while air conditioner is running.
    Thank you
  • I have an eclipse that leaks (driver side inside) bc the AC evaporator line is clogged. The evaporator case needs to be cleaned.. Maybe Add a filter to prevent the problem from happening again. I've got the carpet, seats, and center console removed and all but one screw of the evaporator case removed. I can't get the last screw off to remove and clean. (I can touch it just cant get a bendy driver in there). Does the dash have to come off too?! How do I get the last center screw out of the case? Do I just break it to get it out and cleaned, and replace the whole unit after?
  • I have owned many of these cars over the years and also work for toyota dealership and see that problem a lot. Underneath the car there will be a drain hose somewhere near the firewall for the a/c. Stick a blow gun up the hole a bit and squirt some compressed air up there and a lot of water should come out if nothing comes out a clog is not the problem. Try bringing car o a shop of don't have access to compressed air hopefully they shouldn't charge u much or anything at all. Good luck.
  • So I recently started having issues with my 1996 eclipse starting . I thought it might have been battery had it tested battery works just fine. The alternator is only 4. Months old so I thought it might have been the starter so I replaced the starter still same problem I have to jump the car every time to get it to start any ideas of what it could possibly be because I'm tired of dumping money into things that aren't the issue its a 1996 eclipse 2.0 non turbo
  • I have the same problem when it rains or when I wash the car. I know that the car was totaled before I bought it (wish I knew that before I bought it) so the dealer would not repair it. So my problem my be different from yours. The water comes in the driver's side and soaks the seat. Let me know if you've found a solution.
  • That could be the seals around the driver side windows are torn or cracked somewhere and should be replaced. Does the car have a sunroof?
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