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Land Rover Freelander



  • I have had a 2003 Freelander for 4 months and after drivingit for 9,000 miles I need to replace the engine due to Coolant Ingress in the engine. I think that is crazy. I don't know what to do? Anyone have any suggestions. My extended warranty doesn't want to pay for the new engine. Some one help.....
  • Well, my extended LR waruntee tried to wiggle out of paying for my new transmission b/c I got my 60000 mile check at 63000 (I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment....) I fought, kicked, screamed...really....I would not take NO for an answer....They were trying everything...suggesting I borrow money to fix it....I flipped, told them that I would loose not one, but two jobs..(which was true) and said that it was unacceptable. You need to throw a fit in the dealership.....really....this is a common problem with all Freelanders. Look at all the listings on this forum alone.....this company is horrendous! I think you are part of my list...if not, email me [email protected]
    I am in process of speaking with lawyers right now.
  • Hi - I had to repalce my engine as well because the head gasket on the coolant burst and leaked into my engine (taking oil with it!) This is a common known problem, landrover UK actually issued a bulletin on this, but I don't think it made it's way to to the US or Canada. Please get on the petition list!
  • Can you find or get your hands on the U.K. Bulletin? Thanks, Dave
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    It's called [email protected]
  • Hey, random question for everyone. Has anyone had issues with the car downshifting on it's own when going down a almost buck you forward??????? This has been another costant problem with my car and they don't have a clue as to what it is... :lemon:

    Please, please email me at [email protected] or [email protected]
    We really want to pursue a class action and need all the names we can get. Thanks.
  • Hi-I am in the usa my engine same problem. Its at the dealer now. I am still under warrenty and LR has denied me. I have a 2003 freelander 2.5 liter engine coolant has leaked into the oil. I still owe on this car. I am fighting with them. I am going to dress like a lemon and stand out side of the dealer .I so done with LR Talking to lawyers now. I feel like bending over and telling to just get it over with then slowly wish me luck Diana
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    ask the certified land rover mechanic to check the radiator and the air flow first. if they refuse then get a lawyer then punch him square in the face.
  • I bought my 2002 Freelander early last year (around May) from the local Land Rover dealership. It was a certified pre-owned vehicle, but I went ahead and purchased an extended warranty plan just in case. I'm glad I did. For the past 5-6 months, I've had nothing but problems with my car. 2 weeks ago, I had dropped off my car at the dealership because the brakes seemed weird. They told me I just needed new brake pads. What I thought would take a day at most to do ended up taking 7 days. Apparently one of the techs reported "oil leaking from head gaskets". To be honest, I didn't even know what that meant, but I didn't care as long as it was going to be fixed. But it took forever to get approval from the warranty company. Everything seems ok now, but after reading all of your stories, I'm completely freaked! From electrical problems to gaskets, I don't know how much more I can take. Especially since I'm expecting my first baby in a couple of months, and I don't want to put her life in any kind of danger. I'd love to join y'alls class action suit. My sister also has a 2003 Freelander. We're going to see what we can do about trading our cars in asap.
  • congrats boy or girl? I know the 2002 freelanders have lots or trouble and the 2003 are just starting. My car G4 fully loaded bought new. I owe 7000.00 if I have to pay for a new engine I m screwed. but whether I do or not. The day I get my car back. I am trading it in. I am so done. I was doing to get a Jeep Liberty I should of now I will have to recover financially. I might lease . right now I dont even want to go into another dealership. The LR dealer ship where I live is so ghetto
  • Thanks! It's a girl.. =)

    Yeah, my sister has already been complaining a bit about electrical problems. My parents purchased her car in cash. But I still owe on mine - a little under $10k. So I feel like I'm basically screwed coz I doubt I'll ever find a buyer for this car now. It's still got pretty low mileage (36k). Regardless, I'm just convinced that the car's gonna completely fall apart any day now.. I'm already looking around online for a replacement. I'm considering a Honda Civic (although I REALLY wanna stick with an SUV). But the Civic's SEEM to be pretty safe...
  • cespiritu...
    I just traded mine in this past weekend. It was a 2002 se with 87000 miles on it. I was at the end of my rope (I'm the girl you emailed, fyi), but I went to a Toyota dealership and test drove a few cars. They gave me 7 for mine (i owed 10700)....let me pay what I wanted for a new 2007 corolla sport which is fully loaded..they asked what I could pay..they made me a deal and it was the smoothest thing that I have ever experienced. If you need an suv, get a rav4..the new ones are beautiful....I am just doing more travelling and needed the better fuel economy.....that is my suggestions....I am still going after LR though...those useless sh***. I don't know what state your in, but if it's in MA, email me and I'll give you the details on where to go.
  • elliegunsellieguns Posts: 14
    I agree tiredflr Toyota is the way to go. The rav4 would have plenty of room for a baby. My girlfriend has one no problems. Its a little older now. LR called my husband today with our second denial. It sinks not having a car. Lr for north america wont tell my husband why and he wants to know why there was antifreez in the engine. they say nothing. we know its the head gasket . i need to talk to you. I am glad the other dealer ship went smooth. i am still in shock
  • silahsilah Posts: 1
    I have an '02 Freelander with almost 59000 miles, bought it used in '04 with 33000. Initially I noticed the Drive gear not fully engaging right away and mentioned it to my mechanic. He gave me a referral for transmission service way across town that I have not followed through with yet because of all the other issues I've had to deal with: Brakes serviced sooner than normal (2 times), coolant leaks, radiator serviced at least 3 times, water pump replaced (VERY expensive labor), timing belt replaced, it is STILL overheating and they tell me now that it is due to the Fan Control Module not signalling the fan to come on (?) another very expensive service (parts + labor). I also experience that same 'burning smell' constantly. The electric rear passenger window doesn't work.
    I am moving to Texas from Cali this month and am afraid to drive it there. I do not need the engine blowing up on me!! What should I do? Is there a remedy that I can direct my mechanic to look into regarding the overheating issue? could it really be the Fan Control Module? and what is this head gasket/bolts issue and how does it effect the engine/overheating? Please help!! :confuse:
  • dbfinlaydbfinlay Posts: 13
    If your engine is not yet bad (check the coolant for a chocolate color, check the dipstick for brown foam), then trade it in to a car dealer immediately for something else. Whatever they offer for trade, take the loss ..... it will not be nearly the loss of $6000 for a new engine. Yes, the engine is $6000, I just got my THIRD engine at 67,000 miles.

  • We cannot let LandRover off the hook by selling our cars at a loss.... that is just not an option!!! that is a ridiculous response -- we are consumers and have gotten a BAD APPLE from LandRover--- bottomline, LandRover needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their product....
  • wdormanwdorman Posts: 7
    Where do we stand in regards to legal action. I was turned down by the BBB Autoline due to the amount of miles on my vehicle. The same holds true for my local Attorney General, however they did say that they would contact my dealership regaqrding the complaint. I am now going to file a small claims case agaist both my dealership, and Land Rover North America.
  • hey gallovescars, what did you decide on, and how did it work out!

    Mr Arizona
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Posts: 40
    We are not letting them off the hook if we sell our cars....if you are like me and commute 50 miles each way...the decision comes down to which I was nearly killed twice last month. Every attorney that I have spoken to let me know that we can still pursue legal action even if we no longer have the's just shows how bad they were that we were willing to take a significant loss on our vehicle....because it was such a hazzard and a wallet-sore. We are obviously going after damages and trying to get exposure as much as we can. I am meeting with a lawyer on Thursday to figure out what to do. Also, I have another LR owner who has affiliates in the media who is going to try and break this open. We are still going to pursue this class action..but LR isn't going to do anything until a media storm develops....
  • I certainly wasn't aware that we could still sell our vehicles and SUE at the same time. Thank you for setting the record straight. Looking for a buyer now!!!
  • nitroboynitroboy Posts: 4
    Does everyone who owns a Freelander owe me money for using my last name?

    Richard Freeland
  • dbfinlaydbfinlay Posts: 13
    No, You owe us all money for having such a horrible & costly vehicle named after you.

  • carl20carl20 Posts: 3
    Hi all. My rear window regulator has gone out, so that I can't open the door. The dealer wants $700 plus to fix it. The replacement part is about $400, but it seems to me that this should be a matter of having a bad connection, or a faulty electric motor that could be fixed for less. Any suggestions?
  • kelesmomkelesmom Posts: 11
    2003 Freeelander. This is my 3rd LR. I've always been a HUGE fan, it's a driving experience, until now. I purchased, knowing better, a Freelander close to the end of warranty. within the first month, still under warranty it overheated, and was in Louisivlle LR Dealership. Not once, but twice within 3 months, for the same overheating issue. Now my warranty is up, I've driven it cross country, and my engine is blown. I need NEW CYLINDER HEADS. The LR dealership, here in Santa Barbara told myself and my automotive Dept which I took it to (b/c it was out of warranty, AND It was in such bad shape I couldn't afford to drive it 1 hr away to a dealership, it wasn't holding any water, it was smoking etc.) that it's a piece of junk, to get rid of it as quick as possible. I went to LR Corp., they aren't willing to help me out due to the fact that an automative shop worked on it, AFTER WARRANTY. As I've stated, this is my 3rd LR;1 2005 Discovery-loved but ex- husband has it, and a previous Freelander with never a problem. If there is a Class Action Law Suit, I want in. I am now taking it to LR Corp Appeal process, for whatever that's worth. I am attempting to communicate with the dealership I purchased ALL of my LR's from, with no luck so far. VERY discusted. I am making car notes on a car that has no engine, thanks to the crappy quality of workmanship, I am renting a car which I do not have the money to do. My insurance only pays if it was in an accident.
    I am discusted, furious and ready to fight! LR NEEDS to stand up like a real Corporation and take responsibility for their products. :mad: :sick:
  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    Yes, trade it in for a Honda now while you still have trade in value. This car is a money pit....had one and had, rear window failure like yours, seats that stuck in the folded position in the back, windows that would not work, radio failure, constant brake problems to name just a few within the first two years of owning. Luckily an excellent mechanic gave me heads up on a slow but soon to materialize head gasket problem and got rid of it. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LAND ROVER. Get used to handing over money to your dealer :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: BIG TIME
  • tiredoflrtiredoflr Posts: 40
    Yes, Steve, I received my recall letter in the mail...unfortunately...I've already spend over $400 with them trying to repair that problem (mine was mostly with the downhill decent control) I'm now two months into my new Corolla sport and I have to say that I have never been happier. I ended up at an independent dealer in South Boston, Bob at Roverland was life-saver. He was about the only person associated with Land Rover that was ever honest with me and didn't try to take me for a ride (no pun intended, of course). I hope that anyone in the Boston area would consider going to him as he helped me through what could have been financially devastating times. We are still pursuing a class action against this's moving slow, but we believe that it will eventually be exposed. Thanks for hosting!
  • cmarsh2cmarsh2 Posts: 3
    join the push for a class action lawsuit. Email Bridget at....
    Bridget OR []

    to join forces. The more; The better.
  • davetcdavetc Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I am sorry to hear that so many people are having issues with their freelanders. I just had a quick question for this forum. I am a long time Land Rover enthusiast and just recently purchased an 2005 freelander 5-door. I guess after reading these posts, my question would be, though I understand a much smaller amount of 04 oand 05 Freelanders were sold, have any owners experienced the same engine or Transmission issues that are occuring with the 02 and 03 freelanders. Thanks for the info.

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