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Toyota 4WD systems explained



  • tomy2tomy2 Posts: 7
    edited February 2012
    I'm trying to put new front pads and I've tried everything using the C-clamp method to collapse the 4 piston caliper I have with no luck, the two on the outboard side I can collapsed, its the two on the inward side that will not budge, not matter how hard I try. I've opened up the fluid brake line, and opened the master brake fluid reservior, still no luck. I'm I missing something?
  • lsuz20lsuz20 Posts: 3
    Because I'm 6'5" tall, and the Four Runner wouldn't pull my boat..... ;)
  • sirgreysirgrey Posts: 1
    The yellow light for the diff lock flashes with both the four wheel high and the four wheel low lights about three time a second. None of the buttons for the four wheel system make a difference. There were three instances where the vehicle just went into four high while driving down the road. Any suggestions?
  • zinger60zinger60 Posts: 3
    We are wanting to buy a used Sequoia but one with lower miles is hard to find. We found an ad for a 2006 with only 56,000 miles and at a good price but it is 2WD. We live in the snowbelt of the Midwest and would prefer the 4WD. How does the 2WD handle in heavy snow?
  • rcstratrcstrat Posts: 1

    I really appreciate your thread on the 4WD systems of Toyota. I just bought a super clean 2000 Land Cruiser and do I understand you correctly that it is always in 4WD (more like a modern AWD) and that I do not need to shift into Diff. Lock in order to go through snow? I live in Minnesota, so it is helpful for me to know this. I notice that the shifter shows (4H, N and 4L). The lever is set at 4H all the time, but should it be in in N for better gas mileage? Either way the car is fantastic and will serve us well.

  • royallenroyallen Posts: 227
    RC, in the absence of a LC owner reply, your best resource would be the vehicle owners manual. My ride is an '08 4Runner and it also has shifting instructions on a card in a clear pocket of the drivers sun visor so you might find help there. Last, I will guess that, like my 4Runner, you must be stopped to shift from 4H to 4L and N represents neutral, a required transition point between 4H and 4L. Royallen
  • Hey guys, I have an 06 taco 4x4. Love the truck but ran into a lol problem hunting the other day. Went to go through a small mud hole my 4x4 ranger handled fine previously and got stuck. When I put the truck in 4x4 low and high all wheels were spinning except the rear left and that was the only one with any grip on the ground. No matter what I did that wheel would not budge so I had to have a buddy come pull me out. Why in 4x4 did that wheel not spin, where's the problem?
  • Old post.. But anyone have a suggested setting to drive through this 2 - 3 feet of snow coming in DC area? Should I even try if it's over 2 feet? Need to shovel my parents driveway but afraid I'll get stuck halfway there. : /
    I have 2006 4Runner with Michelin MTX tires.. No lift.
    Made it through 18" of snowmegedden just fine a few years back.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Heh, I guess the question is what do your parents drive and why would they need to leave their driveway any sooner than you would?

    I dunno, I love the snow and when it dumped I'd go play in it in my Subaru and push some around with my front bumper, especially in recent years when we lived in the UP on Lake Superior. But that was a dry powdery snow.

    In twenty winters in Alaska, it was rare to get a dump more than a foot deep, and I'd wake up at two am if I heard the plows in my neighborhood so I could shovel out the berm before it set up like concrete. If all the predictions come true, I think your snow is going to be more like that - a heavy, wet, heart attacking inducing mess. I'd wait for the plows and try to hire someone to clear out the driveway (but I'm older now...).
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,902
    edited January 2016
    Yep, much better to wait a while and let them clear the streets. No reason to get stuck. 2-3 feet is EXTREME snow, if you have to ask, stay indoors.
    signed - another Anchorage veteran.
  • Here is the problem. Was having fun in snow in 4WD hi on the dial setting. Doung donuts in parking lot. Heard a loud pop and then the vehicle would not go either forwards or in reverse. Turned dial to 2WD let it disengage from 4WD. Once in 2WD I was able to drive normally. After a while I tried to engage the 4WD again, placed in neutral turned dial to 4WD hi and then shifted to drive. Heard grinding coming from front end and vehicle still would not go forward or in reverse. Help
  • I frequently get asked questions about various 4 wheel drive system on Toyota products. In the past, I replied on an individual basis. Finally, I wrote a fairly comprehensive piece on it but felt it was too long to post here. I have broken this up into four parts. The first is a list of terms and definitions. Next is an explanation of the Active-Track system on the Sequoia, Land Cruiser and 4Runner. Next is conventional 4WD systems like the Tundra and Tacoma have. Finally is a discussion of the AWD of the Highlander and RAV4.

    I hope this is helpful.

    hey cliffy1
    would love to read
    where do I find these 4 part pieces?

  • texasestexases Posts: 7,902
    edited August 2016

    Page 1 of this thread.
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