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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yng99yng99 Posts: 3
    Finally, I got my EX for 24,000+TTL, and 26,000 OTD. I believe it is a fair price in CT. It only has 5 miles on it.
  • esaskyesasky Posts: 2
    I was quoted a price in the Cleveland area for a EXL-R&N (with dvd and nav) for $31,490 + ttl. MSRP is $37,625.

    I am hoping to understand what the dealer paid for the car and how the $2500 dealer cash works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • od_man_outod_man_out Posts: 2
    Bought a '09 EX-L w/ RES in the color my wife wanted (Ocean Mist) tonight. Details:

    Original quote with no add-ons: 29,017 plus TTL.
    Dealer agreed to throw in the add-ons already on the car: Cargo tray, wheel locks, mud flaps, window tint, and door guards. Added roof rack cross bars for $160 (what they cost from an online vendor; I will install them myself).

    Total out-the-door: $31,252.21.

    Dealer: Frank Kent Honda, west side of Fort Worth
  • new_beenew_bee Posts: 6
    is that already include destination and must add TTL?

  • radkeksradkeks Posts: 6
    Seems really good based on what I'm receiving, also in Chicagoland. Our best on an EXL-res is $31,250, and they let us walk not once, but twice!. Do you mind telling me what dealer you're working with?
  • ody97ody97 Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I have a Honda Odyssey 1997 Model ( automatic transmission) .1 year ago , I replaced radiator when it started leaking.Recently, I noticed oil leaks on the oil pipe from the engine to the radiator (the shorter pipe).It leaks on the clamp.I changed the clamp and its still leaking.After a while I noticed the top hose of radiator was damaged.I changed it.
    Do you think there is a problem with the radiator to cool the oil or maybe problem with the whole cooling system..Does the oil that goes to the radiator from the engine, have a pump,if so is it damaged.
    Fans are working fine (I think) and radiator doesn't leak.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Hey, ody97.. Welcome to the forums!

    This Odyssey discussion is for pricing, but I think we have one just for your type of problem: Honda Odyssey Heating/Cooling Issues

    Try re-posting your question in that forum, and you'll be more likely to get an answer...

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  • peb307peb307 Posts: 5
    Can you tell me what CT dealer you bought the EX from? I'm in CT and am looking to buy an EX also and like the price you rec'd. Can you also provide the break down of your OTD price? Thanks alot. By the way, what color did you pick and do you know how long that EX was on the lot?
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    My wife and I bought an Odyssey EX from Jim Coleman in Clarksville, Maryland yesterday (Apr 30). This was after reading all the good posts here (thanks, everyone) and using Edmund's dealer email service to find the color and price we wanted (we emailed 9 dealers in all).

    $22,791.54 - Price
    $670.00 - Honda Freight
    $100.00 - Dealer Processing
    $0.00 - Mud Guards, Wheel Locks, Door Edge Guards
    $23,561.54 - SUBTOTAL

    $1,413.69 - 6% Maryland Sales Tax
    $274.00 - Maryland Registration (2 years)
    $25,249.23 - Total Drive off Price

    The best part? We didn't walk into the dealer until they emailed us the itemized costs above, the color, VIN number, and dealer stock number. We had our credit union put the VIN and stock number on the cashier's check we brought to the dealer (to avoid any bait & switch). We also paid the maximum the dealer allowed on a credit card ($3,000) to get the 1% credit card rebate (that amount would have gone into the check, so we'll just pay it off anyway).

    Oh, and one small but time-consuming thing before signed the purchase agreement and handed the money over. We test drove the van and both my wife and I felt a shake around 65 mph. The salesman didn't feel anything, and neither did the service manager and technician who joined me for another drive. Putting the wheels on the balancer confirmed what I was feeling ... at least one of the tires was flat-spotted from sitting for a long time. They swapped all four wheels and tires with a new EX-L on the lot and we went out again -- problem completely solved.

    All in all, we're very happy, and ready for a good road trip.

    p.s. I will post a separate dealer review in that forum topic.
  • ckrahe,

    can you email the quote you recieved and the sales rep name at

    i am also thinking about buying the EX now since i was recent victim of bait and switch for exl w/dvd and nav since then we have decided to just purchase the ex.

    Also wonder what rate did you finance your car and from which credit union?

    So far the best offer i have is $25,650 OTD.

  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    Just contact their Internet department. You should expect a consistent level of service from any of their sales people.
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    Oh yeah, they also gave us a $75 iTunes card (we had filled out a form ahead of time on their web site). Nice little bonus.
  • We are in Chicago area and bought EXL with DVD and Nav for $33k OTD. Do you think it's a good deal?
  • yng99yng99 Posts: 3
    The dealer is Brandfon Honda. The original quote was $26800 OTD. There were two EXs in their parking lot. I got a silver one, which was on the lot for about half month. If you are more patient, I believe that you get a price below $24000. I have to take this price since I need this van in hurry for my newborn.
  • xncgxncg Posts: 5
    How can I find out the time a specific car was in a dealer's parking lot? say, 1 month or 2 month? Thanks a lot!
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    The final assembly date is printed on the door jamb label. Mine was built in February. CarFax will show when a vehicle was first delivered to the dealer, and if it was transferred to any other dealer before being sold. I've never looked up a brand new vehicle, though, to see if the data would already be in there.
  • skiiiii664skiiiii664 Posts: 16
    In reference to the noise level, I just purchased an 09 EXL and
    I find the noise level to be very low.
    My van drives like a dream and is very quiet.
  • jms8090jms8090 Posts: 29
    Long time lurker here and I wanted to thank everyone for their timely posts and input. Finally decided to purchase a Honda when they went to 3.9% financing. Was sooo close on a Toyota Sienna, but they could not get me what I wanted (XLE + NAV/DVD). So, here's my deal that I got last weekend in South Florida:
    $589.00 dealer fee+
    $1.50 battery disposal
    $5.00 Tire fee
    $89.00 tag and title document processing
    $79.85 license and title registration
    $31,428.00 +TTL (I had a trade in).

    The good news is this...I negotiated over the internet and made an offer for an OTD deal which was accepted. The car that I purchased already had the pro-pack on it (trunk tray, mud guards, wheel locks and a protection pkg which included door edge guards and all sorts of fabric protection, etc. all at no charge. They even included my first oil change. So, although I cannot report the types of deals that some are seeing in Cali, I can feel confident that I did rather well once you figure in all of the extra's that were included. Making a deal at the end of the month helps! We're enjoying our new Odyssey.

    Good luck! :)
  • vaking007vaking007 Posts: 1
    After watching this post for a long time, I bought my EX-L at OTD 28,399. It inludes VA Tax, Title and all the charges that dealer can think of. Luv driving new van.
  • xncgxncg Posts: 5
    Thanks for every one here. We made our purchase of the odyssey EX-L with Nav and DVD today (5/2). The OTD price is $31,269 (with MD 6% tax and process fee/2 years registration.)

    We enjoy it a lot!
  • xncq,

    can you please provide the delar and sales rep name? also did you car have any addtional add ons?

  • skbasuskbasu Posts: 1
    Hi XNCG

    Can you please provide the dealer & sales reps.

    What does the OTD price include ?
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    "They swapped all four wheels and tires with a new EX-L on the lot and we went out again"
    So the next person to buy the EX-L will be a victim...
  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    They were motivated to make this sale, so swapping wheels was their choice. I would have been happy picking up a new tire in a few days. So what to do. I suggested they replace the tire for the next customer, and I posted here in hopes others would be aware, not only for themselves but to pass the word.
  • mkellypcmkellypc Posts: 3
    Just got an 09 touring model for 35,500 otd in FL. How's this seem?
  • dreamgirldreamgirl Posts: 2
    Just got a new 2009 Odyssey EX-L for $27000 + $400 in doc & registration fees in Boston area. They threw in the wheel locks and an oil change for free.
    Do you think this is a good deal?
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    Looks like Maryland gets all good prices for 09 Ody, or the market price drastically dropped in the past couple of days? I fight so hard just to get the before-TTL price down to 24,000 in NY, and that's even at month end.
  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    Hi bosmike

    Can you share the OTD price with breakdown? Also which dealer & city. This seems to be the best price. I live in Tampa area and so far i have got 27129 OTD for a EX as the best price. Any folks from TPA who had better luck?
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    Congrats xncg, sounds like a great deal. Can you give us the dealer and rep name? Also, if you can give the price breakup and tell us whether you got any dealer installed package too?
  • xncgxncg Posts: 5
    The dealer is sports honda. they give me this quote directly through their internet department. I actually didn't negotiate at all. There is no dealer installed package though. I'm not sure whether the price can go further down through negotiate. Since I definitely need it yesterday for some reason, I settled with the price.
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