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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking at a 2013 A4 with Prestige and Sport Package. Checking around the local dealers, none of them have the right combination of features and colors we like. So, I will likely have to order.
    From my research, it looks like some people have been getting these for ~invoice or $500 over invoice. I am in the Seattle area. Is is realistic to expect a deal like that on this car if I cannot buy one off the lot? Is the TMV price more reasonable? I want to have the right expectations when I go in to negotiate. I will be paying cash so financing is not an issue.
    I have a 2001 A4 so I should qualify for the loyalty discount. It expires in November. If I order, will I still get to use this if the car is not available until after November? Do I need to trade my current car in to get this bonus?
    Finally, is it reasonable to expect to get the kbb trade-in price for my old A4 or are they likely to low ball me on this and not be willing to move?

    thanks for any advice!

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    500 over at the most.

    yes they will lowball you. they know you want the car and they have you by the b ls.

    not sure about loyalty, ask a few dealers.

    don't buy any add ons.
  • Thanks for the reply. The trade value of my old A4 is only $3k. So, I could simply hold onto it and sell it privately. Just figured I would trade it to avoid the hassle.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Your present A4 might be worth more than you think. It's a hot car for 16-20 year olds.
  • Really?
    BTW: it is actually a 2002. Had it so long I forgot!
    It has 143k on it. Manual. 1.8T Quattro. No special features other than sunroof and factory 6 disc CD changer in dash. Normal wear/tear but well maintained and running good.
    KBB says ~$3k trade, ~$4300 private party.
    Prices on Craigslist seems to range from $6k-$11k (are they nuts?)
    Local dealers asking ~$8k for a very similar car.

    So, what do you think I should hold out for on trade or private sale?
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    Unquestionably private sale. I just sold my old car, and like yours it was worth far more on the private market than trading it in. (I made about $4k more.)

    It happens. People start liking a particular type of car, and the used pricing starts going back up. My car was worth as little as $10k privately and then came back up to $12,500 18-24 months later even *including* the extra miles I put on it during that time. Nutty, huh?
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    Well, did the marathon comparison test this weekend. Drove the ATS, IS250, C300 4matic, 328i xdrive and the A4.
    Came down to the A4 and the 328i. The BMW is very nice, but I can't see it being $6k nicer. Also, the A4 engine seems smoother and more refined.
    Really liked the s-line package (especially the flat bottomed steering wheel) but can't live with the summer tires in the PNW.
    The sport seats are a must, however, so it looks like either Prestige with Sport or Prem+ (with Sport, Nav, Key and Prem Sound) will be the way we go.
    Unfortunately, no dealer in the state has those combos in the colors we prefer. Either going to do the monsoon grey with light grey interior or the silver with black interior.

    So, to my question: should there be any difference in how we negotiate price if we are ordering vs buying off the lot? I am planning to stick to invoice minus the loyalty discount and try each dealer in the state if the one we visited won't play ball. Am I being realistic?


  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    Made the deal at invoice + $500. They also tacked on their doc fee and prep fee for another $500. But, got the loyalty bonus which took it back to invoice + tax and licence fee. Pretty good deal, IMHO.
    Only bummer is I had to order it so wont get it till December...

    Went with Monsoon Grey, grey interior and oak trim. Added the exhaust tips and the all weather mats as well.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Sounds like you paid $1000.00 over invoice. That's above average.
  • Hello all, first time poster here...
    I've come across a CPO 2011 A4 with 18,973 Mileage, Ibis White with Black interior. asking price is $28,377. Is it a bit too low? Should I wary of something? I mean for this price I see listings for 2010 and 2009 CPO A4s, with more mileage. It has a clean Carfax. I'm very confused. Price, mileage and year-wise it seems to be a great deal. But it's got me wondering why it's still available, why hasn't somebody already bought it if it's such a good deal.. I'm very new to car shopping, although i've been driving for the last 14 years or so (back in my home country), this will be a first car i'm looking to buy here in the US.. i've been renting\zipcar-ing when i need wheels currently... any help would be great... thanks in advance.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Need to know the if it is a premium, premium plus, or prestige.
  • It does seem to be a bit low. If the Carfax checks out as a one owner(don't always trust it though) then there's something else at work here. Read the fine print for additional fees such as another "delivery" charge for a used car. Yep I've seen some dealers do that. Also, misc. dealer fees like a 500.00 doc prep, emission fees and other small ones add up quickly.
  • Carfax does show it as a one owner. the following just caught my eye on the carfax report:
    State safety inspection completed
    Pre-delivery inspection completed
    Body electrical wiring repaired
    A/C refrigerant recharged

    this was at the mileage 11, even before the car was leased.
    i'm not sure when exactly brakepads are supposed to be replaced, but this car had both front and rear brakepads replaced after 18K miles..
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    Full brake pad service is nearly guaranteed on Audi CPO. I've never seen a CPO car that didn't have it done.
  • ah ok, that makes sense
  • Hi,
    I am planning on buying a Audi A4 CPO which has the piston rings replaced and is being offered as a CPO. The price is $29k Out the door. Is it a good deal and is it ok to buy a car which has a engine repair?

    CarFax shows
    Engine removed to complete repair
    Piston rings replaced
    Cylinder head gasket replaced
    Radio replaced
    A/C refrigerant recharged

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    29k is not a good deal. The car is going to be 4 years old and has major issues. Withe those issues who knows what else is going to go. I would keep looking and relax there are a ton of those cars out there.
  • That sounds just like my old car to be honest. Mine had piston ring repairs. Personally I would not buy. If you do buy plan on possibly having your car back in the shop for something else.

    Since it is CPO you will have a warranty on it for a couple of years but once that is gone. Well let me put it this way. The amplifier failed on my car and the warranty repair was $2,000.

    Good luck.
  • snehsneh Posts: 3
    I am currently interested in buying the 2013 A4 Quattro with the Premium Plus package. I've looked around and there seems to be a wide range of cars with different sticker prices at various dealerships. I am not really concerned with any add-ons such as the Navi or B.O. Sound System. I am just looking for the car with AWD and standard features that come with the premium plus package.

    What should my estimate look like (including destination fee but without tax). I've seen a large varying rage in price from 35k-43k. I am expecting mine to be around the lower end since I don't want the extra features. Has anyone bought a similar one like the one I am describing? I would love some input.
  • As priced out the MSRP for an A-4 prem. plus will be 39,695 and add another 475 if it has metallic paint. We would sell you that car for 37,079 plus another 475 if it has metallic paint.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Just go to the home page of this site and you can price the car out yourself, with any option you want. It will give you the retail price and invoice price, it will not give you wholesale cost.
  • urmieurmie Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    Working with the internet manager of a dealership:

    2012 A4
    2.0T Premium Plus
    Premium Plus Package
    Mileage: 2,110

    Price: 35,750 (down from 36,495 on the site)

    No Loyalty bonus for CPOs, so that's out.
    Audi offers 1.9 financing.

    Quote from him: "I want to mentioned about two things here one savings of $5605, secound warranty value of $2800 versus new." (savings from MSRP of 41,350)
  • colin_lcolin_l Posts: 591
    The warranty value of CPO so early in the life a car is indeed high if you drive a good number of miles. You have 6 yr 100k versus a brand new A4 having 4 yrs 50k. If you're under 15k miles per year, you can easily compute that you are going to run out of years before miles.

    It's not a bad deal. Still, I would try to grind out another $1,000.
  • If you haven't pulled the trigger on the deal yet I would try to get them to move away from the notion that it is a new car and move to it being a used car.

    Like it or not, the 2013 models have been out since June. So, there shouldn't be any discussion about comparison to new. I personally would look at typical depreciated 2012 prices to see what the deal shows, then add the $2,800 in for the warranty.

    Speaking from experience, there is real value in an Audi warranty. I had the B&O amp replaced under warranty and that repair was $2k.

    So, to me see what the comparably equipped 2012 would sell for used and go from there.
  • urmieurmie Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    Checked right here on Edmunds for used: - &bodyType=Sedan&model=Audi|A4+Sedan&mileage=*+TO+5000&year=2012&trim=2.0T+Premiu- - m+quattro&sort=&currentpage=1

    Adding 2,800 to these prices keeps it in range.

    Haven't heard anything in 2 days, I guess their internet division doesn't really keep up to date on emails.

    Appreciate both of your responses. Thanks!
  • 2010 A4
    2.0T Premium Plus
    Premium Plus Package
    Rear view camera
    Mileage: 22,000
    Price: $26,800 + tax + lic fee

    Car fax shows, it was a leased vehicle for 3 years and had only 1 owner.
    Folks, is this a good deal?

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Buy out on that car after lease was about 21,500.00. You should be able to negociate that down to 23,000 plus tax.
  • I told the dealer what you mentioned but he says that the wholesale value of that car is $26,408.00?
  • It was listed for $29,500 and I negotiated it down to $26,800. Still not sure if this is a good price though?
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