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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The best qoute I have so far

    $27,041 including destination, splashguard and paint protection.

    Sales tax, doc fee and liscence extra.

    Is this a good deal?

  • joshua_rjoshua_r Posts: 1
    I just paid $23667 + ttl ($25326 OTD) at Battle Creek Honda in Michigan. They had the best price by over $500 (internet quotes) and there was no pressure at any time during the sale. Their internet contact was real easy to deal with.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Just purchased 2009 EX-L with RES & Nav from Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA. Dealt with Tony, the manager of their internet department; all communication was via email or phone calls initiated by me. Had to drive 90 minutes to get to their dealership, but it was worth it. They are very aggressive on pricing, and they know it. It's their strategy for making it thru the tough economic times. This is going to sound corny, but if you live in southern California, you absolutely should get a quote from them and IF they can get the car you want, based on my experience with them, I would recommend you buy from them. Their deals sound too good to be true, but in my case, they did everything they said they would do. I paid $30,180.05 + tax and license. No dealer packs other than the $55 DMV fee that all dealers charge. No electronic transfer fee, no other dealer fees of any kind. AND...they're giving a $500 prepaid gas card with the purchase. They were $1,200 under any quote I got in San Diego County, and that was before the value of the prepaid gas card. I wanted a Touring, (their quote was $33,295), but I had to have white, and they weren't able to find a white Touring, so I took the EX-L with RES & Nav. BTW, I found out about Spreen from reading postings on this site! I had never heard of them until about three weeks ago, but evidently, they've been in business for several decades.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Sorry I didn't see your question until this morning. Best quotes in SD County came from Ball & Fuller. They were each about $3,125 under invoice. BUT see my posting from today - best quote by far was Spreen Honda in Loma Linda (near the 215 and 10 freeways. It's a drive, but their pricing is $1,200 to $1,300 below any quotes I got in SD, and on top of it, they include a $500 prepaid gas card.
  • malvern81malvern81 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a new 2009 Sterling Gray EX-L Odyssey in Omaha Nebraska from O'Daniel Honda.
    +$99 Doc fee
    Price does not include TTL
    Had a very good experience
  • glomoglomo Posts: 5
    How did make them offer a $500 gas prepaid card? I got an quote of $23,597 for EX from them, which is about $1000 lower than what I got from other dealers around LA area. But they didn't mention the gas card.

    Thank you.
  • Hi

    Could you please send me the contact details for the dealer with quote 30K?

    My email id is anil2009ody at

  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Saw their offer here on this forum before ever contacting them. What I saw was the free $500 gascard AND free lojack.When I got my quote, they offered only free lojack. I asked why not both;they said that promo had ended. I then said I would prefer the gascard instead of lojack and they said OK.They know they're $1,000 or more lower than anyone else. I asked why not be $500 low instead of $1,000 low. They think they have to be $1,000 low or competitors will match them.
  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7
    I think it is, I am shopping for EX-L with DVD and $280,000 is the best I heard so far. Can you share the dealer with us?
  • murph14murph14 Posts: 3
    Best price was from Huntington Honda--so far. Still shopping and have seen some posts below 23k for ex
  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7
    Thanks very much bigdadi118!
  • phil08phil08 Posts: 3
    Hi, What are some OTD prices for EXL w/ RES in the bay area?
  • I started at the beginning of June by getting quotes online from various dealers (never left my phone number just email address). In the DC area you got to make sure when you compare your quotes you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. Meaning does the quote include the freight or not, AND you got to figure what the OTD price is because in VA the processing fee can be anywhere from $100-$500 depending on dealership but in MD by law the processing fee can't be any higher than $100 - it's a big difference. I looked at the dealer's online inventory and if they had the Odyssey with no PAX and in silver with gray interior, I requested a quote for that specific vehicle. I got about 6 quotes. After I got the lowest one from a MD dealer, I contacted the other 5 stating what my lowest quote was and if they could beat it or match, I would come and buy that day. It was a Sunday and most MD dealers are closed but the VA ones were open. Because it was the only day I had time to buy (in the processing of moving out of state with the military), that pretty much left the VA dealers The internet sales guy from Landmark Honda who I had been emailing with (referred by my girlfriend who bought an Odyssey through him last year) was out but I got a reply from the sales manager who would beat or match the deal. I called him and said we were on our way in to the dealership and he asked that I bring a copy of the quote. I was ok with that because really the dealer is going by your word which you could be making up to get a great deal on a car. He verified the quote to include the freight and processing fee to make sure it was apples to apples. We then worked with another sales consultant to close the deal. We bought a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring with NO PAX from Landmark Honda on 6/14/09.

    Keep in mind the following:
    1) Dealer Cash incentive is $2500
    2) APR Financing incentive is 2.9-3.9% depending on term for qualified buyers
    3) Invoice for Touring no PAX is $36,677 + $670 freight = Total $37,347
    4) Refer to MSG 21447 regarding Honda pricing and dealer break even point/net

    We paid:
    $33,567 (includes freight - lowest quote was $33,852 but took off $285 to match MD processing fee of $100)
    $385 (processing fee - took off $285 from the quote to charge the dealer full fee)
    $1018.56 (VA 3% sales tax)
    $133.22 (title/registration, license fee, dealer business license tax)
    TOTAL OTD: $35,103.78
    *Bonus for us is that it also included a dealer appearance package priced at $595 for wheel locks, mud guards, and pin stripes. We didn't know this until we got in the car and saw the window sticker. We don't like pin striping and in fact it didn't have it so we were happy.

    This is EXTREMELY aggressive pricing. I got a response from one VA dealer who said they could not match it and that the deal sounded too good to be true and asked if the dealer had the car in stock that I wanted. Two other MD dealers also responded after I bought the car that they thought someone was pulling my leg. It's tough economic times and dealers have inventory that they need to move and sometimes it means they lose some money to move cars off their lot. Also Honda may be giving more incentive to dealers that we don't know about. We are very happy with our decision and definitely price...we were driving a 2009 Nissan Murano with 3 kids (our other car car is a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder with 3rd row) but decided we really needed a minivan where the kids couldn't touch each other - we just needed to overcome the stigma - ha :o)! We sold it to Carmax a few days before buying the Odyssey and they gave us an excellent price for it - $29K! Our buying experience with Landmark Honda was first rate and highly recommend them. The sales manager knew I didn't have a lot of time and we were out of there within an hour and half - could've been shorter but we had a rookie financing guy. There was a couple that was there before us buying an Odyssey and were still at the table when we left. Get this - the guy had the audacity to come up to us and ask us if we were buying an Odyssey - pretty good assumption with 3 kids with us - we should've said no we're buying the S2000 - haha - and then asked how much our quote was. Of course we didn't play into it and said we were still negotiating the price. I'm the one who did all the work and wasn't going to give my price to him nor would it be fair to the dealer. I'm sure we looked prepared as I had my stack of papers when I walked through the door. I can't believe the guy had the nerve to ask us that!

    We're a Nissan family so we're getting used to the Honda (we did have an Acura TL a few years ago). The Quest didn't have the 60-40 3rd row so that was not in the running. We didn't like the look of the Sienna and there were too many trims/options to choose from and the Limited didn't come with 8 seats like the Touring does.

    Hope this helps - good luck buying your Odyssey!
  • Just purchased a 2009 Odyssey EX-L RES for 29,350 in Rochester, MN (this included the splash guards). I added the warranty for $1400. The only dealer that could match this was Brookdale Honda.
  • I just purchased a 2009 Odyssey EX-L RES for 29,350 in Rochester, MN (this included the splash guards). The only dealer that could match this was Brookdale Honda. Is this a good price? It was $600 below the TMV on Edmunds.

    thanks for your opinion!
  • nagogaminagogami Posts: 3
    Apatel2, would you mind sharing the dealer information with me ? thanks.
  • graceo1graceo1 Posts: 9
    After reading a months worth of posts on this forum we purchased an EX-L with Nav & RES today for an OTD price of $30,749 which included mud guards, pinstriping and all documentation fees. This was in St Louis, MO. We brought in an internet quote from a dealer in the Chicago area with the exact same setup that was $250 cheaper, they wouldn't match but it was worth the extra $ not to have to drive up to Aurora. We also purchased the 7yr 100,000 mile Honda Care for $1200. This was also more expensive than Sacucci Honda's price of $1055 but was worth it to roll it into financing. Thanks to all who are posting on here, it has made the car buying experience much easier.
  • willsmomwillsmom Posts: 1
    We are about to go get a 2009 Ody EXL for $27,515 + TTL. Is this a good deal? We are in SE MI.
  • toymomtoymom Posts: 3
    Am I too aggressive to ask for 29,500 with destination for a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES/NAV in the Boston/ Rhode Island market? Any thoughts?Thanks.
  • moorthimoorthi Posts: 5
    hi Tangic, What's your email address?
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Hello Guys,

    Today I just got my Honda 2009 EX-L with DVD for 28K. ( 99 for service and 5% sales tax + 94 for plate transfer). Dealer did not come down not even for single penny - in fact he let me go out. Then my wife wanted to drive car today home. We are happy with car - ofcourse really nice...

    Thank you all/edmunds forums for support - hope this information may be useful...

    PS : I am in WI and no trade ins..
  • chereyachereya Posts: 11
    Which dealer did you end up buying from?
  • Sounds like really good price. Is $28K including service and tax or not?

  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7

    I also get my car at this price. well sort of.:)

    In my case, I have a trade-in. I was quoted for $280,000 for the car EX-L+DVD, and later I said I want to try trade-in, they quoted me a price. I did not agree because that is the first dealer I tried.

    I went back home and called a couple dealers, essentially no one could beat that price. I went to another Honda dealer, they could not match the sale price of the car, but they managed to give me a higher trade-in. Overall it is almost the same price but I am more familiar and thus comfortable with this dealer.

    The one quoted me $280,000 is Continental Honda in CountrySide, I think it is really nice price, the sales person is Chris a big guy, he is nice in my opinion, not very pushy. I felt a little sorry I did not end up buying from him.

    It is really a great car.
  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7
    A bit clarification, that is the price before tax, title fee and document fee.
    Since I did not end up buying from them, I don't know if they have any hidden fees.:)
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Yes 28K is before tax - On road it came to me around 29.5K.
  • av8terav8ter Posts: 1
    What is the dealer name and the salesman or woman that you bought from. Thanks!
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Anybody know when the 2010 is coming out? I am wondering if we will see such a deep discount with the new model year??
  • graceo1graceo1 Posts: 9
    St Louis Honda, salesperson was Josh. Very nice, don't let his age fool you he knows what he is doing.
  • great deal, did they have the color you wanted? in general did they have a good selection?

    thanks for your reply
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