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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • How did things go? I called them & they told me that I have to buy by June 30. I can't make it till July 4th. I know the incentive is there at least till 6th. I am sure you are enjoying the car & the deal. BTW, can you list the fees?
  • dalindalin Posts: 9
    I am in TX,Houston area and looking for the basic LX model. I was told that the inventory might be low and I may never expect to see a deal like Tampa 1312 for 2009 LX $19400. Check all big dealer's website, they have average 6~7 LX in inventory.But the web information might not be accurate.

    I have been given as low as $23100 OTD, is this a reasonable deal in TX, or, I should still hold for the end-of-summer clearance when 2010 models are out?
  • glengarryglengarry Posts: 6
    I just closed on an EX-L RES last night. But confused by a couple of things- I live in Kentucky. Wanted to compare fee's, Tax Title, etc. They came to me with an out the door price that was $200 over agreed to OTD. I told them OTD had to be what we agreed to - so adjust the price. They came back and said they did that- I signed since I was focused on the OTD price which matched. But now I realize they did NOT adjust the purchase price- so wondering where they changed from the original!

    I don't want to get stung by additional Kentucky fees. The other thing that confuses me- they said something about getting an OHIO title- and then I'd have to transfer to Kentucky?!?!

  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    Sale price $22,883.54 + $1,283.61 Sales tax + $93.00 registration fee.

    Original MSRP - $30,125.00
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    What is your OTD?
  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    OTD = $24,260.15
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    You got a good deal.
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    Thank you .
    Congrats once again ! 29.3 is a great price for EX-L .
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16

    Any suggestions about how much max mileage a new car should have ?
  • Can you please provide the dealer/sales rep name, what state are you in, what color did you get and if the car had any addtional things (splash guard, ect) and what was the milage on the car?

    Also, was there a tradin?

  • scribe58scribe58 Posts: 1
    Forgive me but what is OTD?
  • OTD = OUT THE DOOR price
  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    OTD = Out The Door Price
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    OTD = Out of door price

    OTD = Base price + Extra Package price if any + taxes + destination fees + registration, tire, license fees etc.
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    WiscoKid, Can you please share the dealer from where you got this ? Would appreciate it greatly
  • srilu_10srilu_10 Posts: 6
    can u pls send me ur quote email I am planning to buy it by july 4th
    I am in CA bay area

    email me at srilu_10 at yahoo dot com.
  • srilu_10srilu_10 Posts: 6

    Just wondering if u made the purchase

    I am in Sanjose area, Looking for Odyssey EX-L with Res/Nav and Misc (Mud flaps etc)
    I would like to know your OTD price and the dealership name.

    I am planning to make a purchase in this weekend
    Pls reply soon

  • Things went well. Herb Chambers Honda was pretty easy to work with. No pressure, at least I didn't feel any on my part and maybe that was because I felt armed with information from this forum and others.

    I ended up with a mocha EX-L with RES/NAV. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase and my wife is really looking forward to enjoying the van. I just need to learn how to use the NAV so I can train her!

    Prices and Fees as follows:
    OTD: $31676.34
    Sales Price: $29,500
    Vehicle Wheel/Tire Warranty: $695
    Tax: $1187.34
    Doc Fee: $289
    Title Fee: $201.75

    A couple of thoughts:
    - Tire/wheel warranty: You can take it or leave it. I didn't remember seeing any postings about it here, but I decided to go ahead and purchase the tire/wheel warranty because it was a zero deductible warranty that seemed pretty lenient for replacing/repairing tires and as much as we drive, I wanted my wife to have piece of mind that if she had a blowout and tire/wheel damage, she could get it replaced/repaired easily.

    - Extended Warranty: This one was pretty funny. After I allowed the finance manager to give me his pitch on why I should buy the additional protection packages and warranties, I broke out a print out of the cost of the extended warranty online from either Saccucci or Bernardi Honda. He appeared stunned to me and didn't know what to say other than "I don't know how they can offer it that low." I told him unless he could match or beat their price, I wasn't interested. Although he appeared shocked, I can't believe he has never heard of the cheap online warranties. Especially since those other two dealers are less then 50 miles from his dealership.

    - Protection Package (Mud Flaps/Wheel locks/tray): Wasn't offered and didn't ask for them. You can get them cheap aftermarket.

    - Incentives: The $2500 factory to dealer and 2.9/3.9% APR incentives are still active until July 6th, but I was able to take advantage of a $1000 dealer quota incentive that ended yesterday. I wasn't sure if Honda was going to offer an other incentive like that in the upcoming months and the inventory on my color choices were limited so I jumped on it. Seemed too good to me to pass up, but hopefully Honda will keep the incentives coming.

    Thanks to all who have contributed here. The information posted here was tremendously helpful and I hope future buyers are able to use it to their advantage as well.
  • shumin1shumin1 Posts: 14
    Hi, I missed that deal too due to the schedule conflicts. I was not able to go down there on June 29th or 30th, and dealer called me today saying that I have to pay $1400 more since it is July 1st. I tell them I would pass this deal and just wait to see what will happen on July 4th.
    In the mean time, I did sign all of the paperwork to purchase the EXL from another dealer (I did not pay attention to their total price and thought it was $27,500 OTD mentioned in email, actually it was the base price and total cost ended at $32,000). I red the contract more carefully at night after got home, and found out I was cheated on price, plus there are almost 600 miles on it. I refused to go there picking up it on the second day, when dealer planed to help me to get FL driver license in their local town to finalize the transaction. The owner threatened to sue me and I asked them to talk to my lawyer (I dont have one yet). Then I did not hear anything from them, more than 24hrs so far.
    I have two questions, will I be in trouble to sign the contracts without buying the car? Is it true that you need FL driver license to purchase a car in FL? (dealer told me so but the manager said it was not necessarily true).
  • srilu_10srilu_10 Posts: 6
    can you pls send me the quote that u recieved for the above purchase

    I am planning to make a purchase this weekend

    It would be of a greatdeal of help to me
  • srilu_10srilu_10 Posts: 6
    I am a Bay area resident, andi am looking to buy the same ody exl with res/nav
    the best quote i recieved till now is 31000 base price excluding everything.

    can you pls forward me your quote of any otd price so i can have an idea of what to ask,

    I would really appreciate your help.

  • srilu_10srilu_10 Posts: 6
    Can U pls send me your end quote for otd price and options and from which dealer did u negotiate
    also if u recieved any freebies like accessories of oilchanges etc?

    I am in bay area loking for the same model.

    my id srilu_10 at yahoo dot com.

    I am planing to make a purchase in the next couple of days your quote will be very helpful to me.

    thanks in advance !
  • wiscokidwiscokid Posts: 4
    Boyland Honda, WI
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    Thanks WiscoKid,, I called them and told them I was Referred ...he asked for a nam e I didn't want to say WiscoKid... My Email is Mohan.Pyare at hotmail dat com
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,363
    That's the way it works.. The dealer gets an Ohio title, then transfers it to KY...

    Most dealers in Ohio charge the state maximum of $250 for a document fee... Most likely, they removed or reduced that charge to get to your OTD amount.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • glengarryglengarry Posts: 6
    Interesting....they said I'd receive the Ohio title- then I'd have to transfer it myself. the only paperwork I received was the Retail Order. Don't I need an Affidavit showing they took Kentucky Tax to transfer title and register?

    Got the EXL-RES great deal- I also got them to throw in the All Season Mats and extra headset.

    The Retail Order shows:
    Selling Price: 28153.
    Doc Fee: 250
    Tax: 1714.18
    Registration: 15.5
    Total : 30,132.68... the OTD price we agreed to!

    Anything missing here?
  • cguacgua Posts: 7
    After a few weeks of educating myself through this board, I purchased a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES and NAV, white exterior, from DCH Kay Honda in Eatontown, New Jersey yesterday. The overall experience was very positive, and I recommend them highly.

    The final cost of the Ody was $30,375. This amount does not include the dealer doc prep fee ($199), state mandated tire recovery ($7.50) and registration transfer ($48) fees, and sales tax. In addition, I qualified for Honda's incentive financing and elected to pay 3.9% on a 60 month term.
  • glengarryglengarry Posts: 6
    G15- Curious- I just bought mine last night for the same price exactly. And completely agree wit the jaggy grainy statement. Very very poor quality there. I wonder if this is a bad batch- cheaper sourcing- are others seeing the same quality issue here?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,363
    The Ohio title will be in your name, as a non-resident (no tax due)... They will likely cut you a check to pay the taxes in KY.. (you'll probably get it, when they give you the Ohio title). Then, you just transfer at the county courthouse.

    I'm curious... How far do you live from Ohio? Most of the border area dealerships have no issues with getting KY plates/registration for their customers..

    I live in KY, and every new car I've ever bought has come from an Ohio dealership.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jerry2009jerry2009 Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the information on this board, I purchased a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L , from Honda of Kirkland yesterday. It was a smooth transaction.

    The final OTD cost was $27,000 + Tax + $50 doc fee + $182.25 Title/Licensing.
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