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Honda Accord Owners: Meet the Members



  • I am a new owner of a '04 Accord Coupe V6-EX in Black. Ride has been awesome except for several defects that have caused me to return to the dealer several times. Other than the constant washing to keep the dust away I love how my black car looks!
  • Hello everyone. I just bought a Blue 04 EX-L/NAV sedan and Im LOVING IT!!!! Had a 93 Accord EX coupe and she was a sweetheart. But this new one, whew! The V-6 is a big jump over my old 4 banger. Takes some getting used to. Trying to be good while I break her in. But sometimes you just want to get away fast.
     Hit the gas and sssswwwwooooooshhhh! And with XM playing your favorite tunes over the improved stereo. I think I may need a good radar detector. I like the Escorts. See ya out there.
  • htthtt Posts: 75
    I have a 04 EX V6 w/Nav too. I had to fight the urge to floor that gas pedal during break-in period. I have 850 miles on my car right now. This car is way too fast!!!!
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

        Have you gotten a chance to test out your vehicle with the 87 octane?
  • rueshanrueshan Posts: 32
    I also have a Silver 04 EX V6 w/Nav... I added the spoiler, visor, fog lights, flaps and tint.... only problem is that the odometer seems to run fast... already has 18k in 6 months and I only work 9 minutes from home. Must be all those trips up and down the east coast... the urge to stomp on the gas has not subsided, and the car seems to be even faster now than it was in the first several months... I have never had the desire to try 87 octane either, though I'm sure it would run just fine. My only advice is to keep an eye on that Navigation joystick, they sometimes have a tendancy to fall off and disappear. This car continues to amaze me every day. My only advice is to swap out the factory speakers for some good Polk's or JBL's - believe me, it will sound even better than it does now. Enjoy your new Accord!!!
  • htthtt Posts: 75
    I have 87 in my tank right now. It was OK the last couple days. But when I started the engine today with the door opened, I felt the engine vibrated a little bit more than usual. I could feel the opened door vibrated too. But when I drove it, it felt normal. I need to drive it a lot more to see the difference b/w the octanes. It's a long story but basically I didn't have to drive my Accord everyday. However, I'd drive it more in the future. I plan to switch to 89 and 93 to see if there's any differences.

    The trip computer reported I averaged 27.7 mpg in my last tank. My calculation resulted 26.7 mpg.
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

        Please keep us informed. I have switched back from 87 to 89 and the idling is back to normal, (smooth). I will try the 93 this summer, I shall keep you updated.
  • So far I've gone with 87. I'd like to stick with it during break in. The manual says 86 or above,
    so I'm trying to stay the course. Besides these
    gas prices are getting a little high. 87 is going
    for $1.67 here in Philly. Afraid to try 89, I might like it.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    I live in the area as well - purchased my Accord previous to moving here. I have taken it to a few of the local dealerships for service - where did you purchase your Accord? Are you pleased with the service they give you?
  • I got mine from Martin's Main Line Ardmoore.
    I've had it less than a month,so I'm still on the
    honeymoon :). So far,I brought it back once and the service was fast,courteous and done right.
    Marty Sussaman Honda in Willow Grove did ok work
    on my 93 Honda. Just be sure to call for appointments.
  • jumpnjoejumpnjoe Posts: 34
    took delivery today. I love this car. Blue EX v6 sedan. It flies and is so smooth and quiet.
  • woosailorwoosailor Posts: 3
    I have my dream car....a '93 Accord EX with manual 5 speed that I bought about 7 years ago. Also have a Miata and an old Bug convert but have not seen a need to upgrade. My dad was a Lincoln Mercury dealer and we always had new cars when I was growing up. In the 60's those cars were some low class classics ( except the Lincoln Ellwood Engle slabsides)
    Have heard several of you mention '93's. A great year( IMHO).
    I know this is old news to you Honda veterans but although Hondas are great, why fix something that ain't broke? I'll bet the new cars are awesome but I may retire this one to a garage somewhere for the good service it has given me.
  • Just purchased my 4th Honda and 3rd Accord yesterday. It is an EX-L in Redondo Red. It will be delivered this week and I can hardly wait. I'll miss my old one though. After 226,000 miles and 10 years with only 1 issue (replaced a master cylinder at 200,000) except for normal service, you get attached!

    And, that's why I'm getting another Accord. I found cars that handled better, others that were cheaper, others that have similar reliability, better gas mileage, etc. None have it all, but the Accord is the closest, and the best value.

    So I'll stick with the Accord (until I can get that S2000 anyway!)
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    We added a 2004 Redondo Red EX-L manual transmission to our driveway last night. I have not seen it yet and can't wait. She is having fog lights, front chin spoiler, cargo net, rear spoiler, and splash guards installed.
  • bobcatbobcat Posts: 1
    Greetings everyone,

    My tale-
    I purchased a 2004 Accord V6 Coupe, silver/black, about two weeks ago. My ex-wife has a 1994 Accord and it has been a great car for her - 150K miles and in great shape. I traded a 2001 BMW 325 coupe manaul trans. The only car I have ever traded in but did not want the hassle of selling it. Super car but I was in a higher tax bracket when I bought it and did not want the maintenance costs. I also wanted an auto transmission. I have driven manuals for years and just wanted to be lazy for a change I guess. I also swapped out the 16" wheels for 17" wheels and better tires. Big difference! Anyway, I am really enjoying this car and do believe it is the beginning of a long friendship. Cheers!
    - BobCat
  • I bought a 2004 Honda Accord Coupe EX V6 in Blue in the beginning of June. I love the black leather and silver accent on the interior. I added a spoiler and fog lights. I love the is fantastic! Much better than my '96 Grand Am Coupe :)
  • I just got a 1990 Honda Accord EX last week. and did not think I would like it, but I REALLY DO! I just have a question, (or 10):-)) Although an automatic transmission, there is a button on the side of my shifter that says "sports"...What is that for exactly, and when am I supposed to use it? Someone told me to only use it in the mountains, but i wonder.....
  • I recently bought this car from another individual, and I notice it pulls slightly to the right. Had it aligned twice, but problem always seems to come back. Now a rattle appears in the drivers side window (somewhere). Any suggestions on the steering problem especially, it's too nice of a car to be driving me nuts like this.
  • got it yesterday, really like the handling and smooth ride, the cornering is so accurate, much better than my previous chevy.


      this morning, took my accord out of the garage,

    found oil leak stain on the garage floor,

    not sure whether the stain is from accord or my previous chevy: so park the car in the other side of the garage( i have 2 car garage) which has no stain ,put newspaper underneath the accord


      hopefully, i will see no stain tonight, otherwise, I have to ask the dealer to fix it or switch to another accord.

      any suggestions?




  • I just purchased a new 2005 Accord as my daily driver to replace my 1995 Prelude SE which has 215,000 miles on it. This is my 4th Honda and the first car I've ever purchased with an automatic transmission. I've always purchased sticks but I recently moved and now face urban commuter traffic which made me decide to try an automatic. I'm going to hang onto the Prelude to satisfy my desire for shift manually.


    Before the Prelude I had an 87 Accord that I put 265,000 miles on. I'm hoping for similar mileage durability from the new 2005.
  • I bought our first Honda yesterday! Graphite Pearl EX 6cyl with leather. Truly a beautiful car. Handles great. The wife will drive it the next two weeks until I go back to work after the holidays (my commute is must longer).


    I test drove a Pontiac G6 since I get all the GM employee benefits from my father, but the Honda blew it out of the water. The Honda Seemed like it had much more quality feel to it and it was just $500 more than the G6 GT.


    I get free oil changes and tires for life if I use their maintenance department. I expensive is the dealer service programs?
  • myers5 - concerning your pulling problem - you stated that you have aligned it twice. Has anyone rotated the tires? If not, rotate the front tires to the rear & vice versa. I've had this situation recently on a 01 Accord. The tires were almost new, and I had aligned it. Rotating as I described above completely solved the problem.
  • I bought this car three weeks ago and I must say it's the nicest car I've ever owned and believe me I've owned alot in my 40 years. This car has quality written all over it and I really can't see a weakness with this car. I feel like I'm driving a luxury car ever time I get behind the wheel. The interior is absolutely beautiful with the most comfortable seats I've ever had the priviledge of sitting in. The leather is awesome with a quality feel and the XM radio is great. The stereo sounds fantastic and the ride is fantastic. Kudos to Honda for building such a great car.
  • I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX. Bought the car in March of 2004 with 65K and I now have 105K. I drive alot. Bought it basic EX. Added factory fogs, tints, rain guards, half mask bra, rear spoiler, Satellite radio , wood grain dash kit and new Yokohama 205 60 15's.

    Green with tan interior
  • boas13boas13 Posts: 30
    My first advice: Don't buy one. I own a 2001 and an Acura too, same year, and had transmission problems and others. If you still are, the extra money for the 4 is not worth it.
  • I have 01 Acoord EX v6 with about 56,000 miles. The dealer told me to do a maintenance.I have had this car for about 4 years wihtout problems. i did one or two maintenance, and skipped one (not sure). I like the dealer service, but too expensive. My questioin is: should i follow the schedules on the Manual and do the maintenace at dealer, or follow the manual's schedule and do it at other autoshops? or just change the oil without maintenance? where do you have oil change after warranty?

    I appreciate any info!

    Thank you
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    If you want to protect your life, and the life of your vehicle, you should (at a minimum) follow ALL of the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules published in your Owners Manual. Just be sure to keep records of the dates and mileages of each service and where it was performed. Keep all receipts in case you need them in the future. It is not necessary for you to have the work done at a Honda dealership. Any independent shop that you know does quality work should be fine.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Black, fog lights, rear wing, roof rack, two bike racks, window tinting, wheel locks , spalsh guards, premium floor mats.

    Borla Cat-back exhaust ( part no. 140080)
    K & N Air Filter.

    Question: Air conditioner works fine in non-dual mode. Seems not to react as fast or not at all if it is dual mode and there is any substantial diference in the two temperature settings.

    Sure would like to have had the Canadian heated outside mirrors. Does anyone know if they can be ordered and installed on a US Honda Accord. Lots of morning fog in Houston.

    I am getting great mileage my first two tanks of gas 23.6, 25.0 Mostly highway at 75-80 mph.


  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi everyone! ----------- I just purchased a 2003 4 door LX Accord that was in storage for two years, for less than $16,000.00. At the present time, the vehicle is being serviced by my mechanic, after which, I am going to have it completely cleaned and detailed. This was a once in a life time deal, and I could not pass it up. My primary car is a 2002 Yellow Ford Mustang / 8 cylinder / 5 speed. Because I live in a condo off the Hudson River, I have secure parking for my new addition to my stable of vehicles. My knowledge of vehicle maintenance is zero, but I love to read about new cars, talk to people about cars and visit new car show rooms. My mechanic told me that the Accord only had 1,592 miles. I can't wait to pick it up at the end of the week, and take it out for a long ride on the Palisade Interstate Parkway. I will probably take a friend, and have dinner at one of those quaint little restaurants along the Hudson. I am so happy that I have discovered this automotive site, and the great people who post on these boards. Because I know nothing about cars, I will be asking many questions. Please be patient with me. ----- Best regards. -------- Dwayne
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