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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • Engine hesitation?!?! What do you mean?
  • Sounds like a heater core problem. It's never happened to me in a cabrio, but I had to replace the heater core in an escort and a mitsubishi cause it would soak the passenger floor. ICKY!
  • You can find a lot of info @ the folks there will be able to assist you very much. As for ABS light, I have a cabrio and some times the ignition (key) does not return all the way after starting, it sticks a little, this causes my ABS light to stay on but if I wiggle the key a bit the light will go off.
  • dongondongon Posts: 4
    She stated that her RPMs' were dropping and it felt like the car was ready to stall then she pulled over and the engine picked up and off she went.
  • cab98cab98 Posts: 4
    My 98 cab has a pull knob/cable set-up inside the trunk that you have to use to have the rear seat back go down. I imagine it's a safety feature so someone would not be able to get into the truck when the top is down and you're not around.
  • jnfjnf Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Cabrio and found water is coming in the driver's side door, dealer says I need a whole new front window seal, more than $700 job. Can you tell me more about your seal problem and how it was covered to be repaired? Thanks
  • :cry:i bought my 2000 cabrio this last feb. like always everything was fine until a month after the warrenty exp. well the problems that i have w/ my car is that it makes this clicking noise when i turn the wheel, my engine light came on this weekend, my stereo wont play 'cause it has "safe" sign on, when i release my emergency break the light remains on on the dashboard and if i put my car in park when that happens the car turns off, the car kicks when going 30mph (i just know its gonna backfire one of these days). i just realized that my car didnt come w/ an owners manual and the dealers want to charge 65bucks to order one and then another 95bucks to turn off my engine light.... can anyone help?!!?!?!?!!?!?
  • Sounds like she might have gotten the RPM's up too high. (like around 7K) If that happens, the car goes into safe mode so you don't blow up the engine. Also, if you are doing a manual shift on an automatic and get into reverse accidentally, the same thing will happen. If it only happened once, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    those would be the only obvious answers. Is the check engine light on?
  • where is the cruise switch is located in the engine ?
  • dongondongon Posts: 4
    Check engine light is not on; actually the next day the car was dead, wouldn't turn over and they had to install a new starter. Since you know quite a bit about Cabrio's I have a question, her tailight is out and as we didn't have time to change it before she left for school, only noticed it the night before, is it that difficult to change can she handle it on her own?
  • I just read your message and have the same problem with my 2001 Cabrio. It happens very sporadically so it can't be diagnosed by my mechanic. Did you every find out what the issue was?
  • NO and it hasn't happened since so now we shall wait and see
  • hey i can help with the manual my wifes first cabrio (1999 new) was totaled and i kept the manuals and we bought a 2001 and it already had the manuals email me with your address and ill gladly send the whole manual package your way (
  • i seen a few on ebay in black and tan for 100 to 150 dollars.

    2001 VW Cabrio
    Batik Blue w/Blue Top
    Black Cloth Interior
  • My 99 Cabrio was running great, until I washed the engine compartment this morning. I have spark but no hitting at all. Where is the first place to start checking for the problem?
  • u need to dry off the distribtor cap inside and outside that is the easist thing to do first.i had the same problem went through a deep puddle.
  • My daughter has a 95 cabrio she just purchased. Now she has her friend's school books in the trunk and she cannot open it. It looks like the lock is out of place (broken). Isn't there any way to get into the trunk? There are no vw dealers nearby. We've removed the bottom back seat but cannot find a way into the trunk. Any suggestions? (We'll be going to a locksmith tomorrow, but he may not be able to help)
  • OHH I am so sorry to tell you this but I had the same thing happen to my 95 Cabrio. Let me guess, her lock is surrounded by a plastic frame like mine and it now has a crack in it. You will have to go to parts and I mean the dealer only unfortunately. Make sure you have the vin number because VW changed the style half way through the year. The lower the last 4 digits of the vin the earlier in the year her car is. Mine was # 310 built for the year :) . Once you buy the piece, they then can put the lock back in it. I was lucky that I already had bought this part because I wanted to fix that due to the crack in it. I hope she can live with the quirks of this car because there is more in store :surprise: .
  • What is the best way to clean pine needles and sap off of my cabrio's top? I've tried everything and it continues to be sticky. Thanks.
  • Thanks for your reply-we ended up finding a very persistant locksmith who wouldn't give up! :)
    After fooling around with the lock, took it to a friend's autoshop. There they had to bend down the back seat and cut the bolt that hooked the backseat up. This gave us access to the trunk and the backpack. Then he repaired all the damage, rebuilt the cut part, repaired and remounted the trunk lock and, on a Saturday, charged us $140. I think we made off very well! We will probably look into re-doing the mechanism that locks the back seat up so that, if this were to ever happen again, we will be able to access the trunk via the back seat (of course, we would only do this in a way we would know so that there would still be a bit a security there) ;)
  • Hi there!
    My check engine light is on (again) the first time, I was told it was the mass airflow meter- which I had changed. The following week the light cam eon again- this time the code was "evaporative emissions"- The light has come & gone & is currently out, though it will come back on. Will it pass inspection if the light is on? Or if it's not on, is the code still active? Thanks so much- running out of time in the month!
  • My daughter has an 88 Volkswagen Cabriolet (summer beater) and is presently having problems with the odometer. We had the instrument cluster replaced with a used one (much less expensive), but since it was installed she has found that this odometer only works when it wants to. The mechanic advised me that this is a cable driven odometer and can not find the reason why it does not work all the time. Was wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems.
  • I have a 2000 cabrio 5 speed and the handling isn't quite as nimble as I had hoped it might be. Turns out there is some control arm damage and the bushings on the stabilizer bar need to be replaced. I trust the mechanic. He also suggested that a chnge in tires and maybe wheels would also provide a marked improvement. Thoughts?
  • I just bought a 98 cabrio, the people I purchased it from lost the owner manual. I've finally ordered one, but maybe someone can tell me whats the top speed u can push a cabrio to, cuz I dont want to ruin my car tryin to make it do somethin it can't Anybody know like a general top MPH speed??? :confuse:
  • I recently bought a 95 vw cabrio. I love how it drives and I got a great deal on it. It always starts right up but occassionaly it seems to have trouble starting if it's been raining for a while. I'm not talking about going through puddles either. The car is just parked in my driveway. Usually I open the hood and let the sun in and it starts up after a short time. Any ideas??
  • i have a 95 cabrio sometimes the fuel pump relay clicks and the car starts fine b ut when the relay doesnt click with the key in the on position only the car wont start. the relay has been replaced any ideas. where does the relay get its signal from
  • cab98cab98 Posts: 4
    I have had my ' 98 up to 100 mph. Don't know if it will go faster than that.
  • I got my 2000 up to 115 going downhill
  • I got some responses about how fast Cab's can go, thank ya'll appreciate it bunches!!! :) But my friends and I have been aruguing about what gear I should be in to go like Hwy speed ie. 75 they say 5th I say I'm waiting on my manual unless another Cabrio owner tells me :blush: suggestions here guys, I'm just really parinoid about ruining my car cuz its super special to me and ultra cute!!!
  • i'm having exactly the same problem...mine did not pass inspection...first because the check engine light was ON so it automatically fails...then had code (memory?) erased (my mechanic got the codes, but wasn't finding a we erased the memory just to do the smog, and although it passed emissions, i was failed because the test came up as "incomplete" memory!! they told me to come back in a week or so when the memory resets...doh! but then the ck engine light goes back on and i'm back at square one!! time is running out, i'm on my second and last! extension...i have 4 days...what to do???help me please!!!
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