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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • Oh my god, I know. Innately I know my cabrio sucks, but it's my first car & I just can't help loving it. I've put probably $1000 into it since I bought it, but, the more I care for it the more I love it. Who knows why.
  • Hello Gym,
    I have a 95 Cabrio and the radio is in safe mode, but it doesn't come up with the 1000. Is that strange or common?
  • I have the same problem with the back small window. I had the motor go out in tthe front drivers side. Instead of paying the fortune they wanted I got a manual unit out of a junk yard. Popped a hole where the outline for a manual crank is on the panel. And now I have a window that works great and looks factory,all for $40.
    If you have an answer to the window problem I would like to know.
  • Hello, Heather here and new to the site. I am one of the parents of a 92 yellow cabi and a 85 thats being worked on in the garage! Austin the other parent is the one who works on them I just sit back and hand him the tools hehe Anyhow hoping to get some good idea's on what to transform the 85 into..thought about restoring it but It has about as much as nothing in it, which gives us open idea's, we were thinking of tearing off the top and turning it into a lil VW pick up...something you dont see every day. Tho it has been done.
  • Thinking of buying a 99 Cabrio for my soon to be 16 year old daughter. It has 60,xxx miles on it. All electricals worked on test drive. What sure i be aware of? Are parts difficult to find? It felt solid and has airbags. It is priced at $8350. Thanks for a quick reply :)
  • :confuse: I just bought a 2000 cabrio.. and it was the biggest mistake.. it is a veryy cute little car!!! and my car is 7 years old and it only has 54 thousand miles on it.. the night that i drove it off the lot.. the check engine light came on and i have had nothing but problems with it..

    just thought you should know.. i wouldnt do it if i were you..
  • The VW people are so rude they have no manners.. what so ever.. These cars suck
  • Funny, I have been debating trading in my car for one of these...seems like a fun, small car with decent gas mileage. I must be dumb because I keep seeing posts like yours and still find myself considering it. I don't know anybody that has one...did you have yours checked by a mechanic beforehand? Do you have to have it serviced at VW? Are parts that expensive and is it that poorly made? After all this, why am I still on the fence! :confuse:
  • kat43kat43 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 Cabrio GLS and it only came with a valet key. In the book I got with it(original manual), it shows that originally it came with 2 switch blade keys, a valet key, and a tag. When I talked to my local VW dealership they say that the 2000 Cabrio does not have a switch blade key it has a "banjo" type remote. Can anyone tell me what they have for their 2000 Cabrio? Thanks for your help!! :confuse:
  • ffoouurrffoouurr Posts: 2
    Just bought a 1998 VW Cabrio, which i love. However, i bought the 6 disk cd changer to go into the trunk, but am unsure what to do next. If figured the connection was in the trunk, but i cannot find it. So is there something i need to buy or a place that i missed? Help? :confuse:
  • jujupjujup Posts: 2
    I only have one key to my car but we contacted the VW dealership and to get another I think you have to give them some sort of number and they have to make it for you. I have a 2000 model with laser cut keys and they can only be made by VW itself. Kind of stinks but in a way good so no one can easily copy your keys. :)
  • jujupjujup Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Cabrio GL. When I bought it, it didn't have the owner's manual or the boot for the car. My dad bought a boot from M&T Manufacturing so that I'd have one, but I can't seem to figure out how to put it on. There's no elastic or anything that hooks that I can tell. It did, however, come with two screw like things that snap I guess. Anyone by chance know how it might go on or even able to tell me how the original goes on? Any help is appreciated.
  • I've got a 92 vw cabriolet. the cap rotor and plugs were burn't severly. it had a misfire and after the tune up the miss is even worse. ive heard of everything from firing order to injectoe to a bad ecm.are there any ideas??
  • ffoouurrffoouurr Posts: 2
    the cd changer wiring is under the rear seat plugged into a plastic mount on the floor on the right side
  • gfish2gfish2 Posts: 3
    WOW WOW WOW It was near 80 degrees today ! All day I couldn't wait til after work to put the top down and...Take the long way home ! I am feeling good again ! ginger
  • sgerlachsgerlach Posts: 17
    I'm the original owner of a 2000 Cabrio GLS. It came with one valet key and two regular keys with a banjo type remote on each of the regular keys. Also came with a tag to use for ordering purposes.
  • Anyone else having issues with their VW cabriolet? Here is what I have experienced in the 7 years, 48,000 miles that I have owned and driven it:

    1. Tires leaked air when it was brand new due to a bad seal at the rim. Had to replace tires - not covered under warranty.
    2. Electrical system problems - blew fuses constantly - after $1840 later they told me it was due to a bad seal around the window letting rain/water into the door where the window motor and mirror motors are located, thus shorting them out.
    3. Exhaust system bracket always comes loose and makes a huge clunking noise. Service dept always wants to replace the exhaust system instead of just the bracket. This has happened at least 3 times in 7 yrs and I have had the exhaust system replaced once with no improvement!
    4. Engine check light comes on more often than not. I did what it suggested in the owner's manual to let the air out of the gas line and then close the tank cover tightly. Did this fix it? NOOOOOOOO! I have had to take it in to the service center once a year to get it fixed at of course a hefty cost. This time they told me it was due to badly deteriorated vacuum hoses - another $183 down the tubes!
    5. Next on the list was an anti-freeze leak which they could fix for another $300.
    6. Plastic molded support for passenger seat cracked and to replace it - another $73.

    The list goes on and on. I could have paid for my daughter's college with what I have put into this "lemon"!

    Is anyone else having these problems with their Cabriolet?
    My husband and I have taken great car of this car. I drive it on the open highway but only around 6800 miles per year. Keep it in our garage when not driving it. Have kept up the regular maintenance on it, etc. We have a Grand Cherokee Jeep that is also a 2000 and has 138,000 miles on it and we have not had any major expenses with that car. I would be interested in hearing if anyone has similar issues.
  • jade98jade98 Posts: 4
    Ok. Jade is a green 98 vw cabrio.

    So far I had some problem with here. Now i know my car quite well, so i know how she is suppose to sound.

    I have a rattling sound ... clink clink towards the front drivers side.
    I get to 30mph and it strains to shift into gear ... once i hit 40, I'm ok to go.

    Rain and Jade dont seem to mix very well. Puddle or no puddle ... my engine seems to always get wet somehow and I have to wait till all the water sputters out before she will start ... once that happens, she runs quite fine.

    I also get an annoying smell inside her every now and again. Smells like the engine.

    I have an oil leak it seems. Mechanic and dealer looked at me funny when I went to buy the car, i popped the hood and stuck my hand under the engine ... to their surprise ... my hand was soaked with oil ... so it was supposedly fixed. well yesterday i went about cleaning my baby, popped the hood and there it was again. a puddle of oil sitting on the engine thingymajiggy.

    I cant seem to fill my tank up completely, or maybe it is full and the indicator just isn't working ... but its always just one bar shy of full.

    my radio volume wont go pass 20 without turning the radio on and off ... so i have to keep it at 17/18 no more then 19. I'm a huge music lover and I catch a lot of traffic on my daily commute to and from work via washington dc and alexandria md.
    i like to pump my stereo at 25 singing along and not stressing that I will be in traffic for a good hour.

    My brakes just seems to exhaust themselves ... i hear squeaking. Friday I had to push all the way down to the floor for Jade to stop. Drove her yesterday, while the squeaking was there, it wasn't as loud as friday and I tapped the breaks and she came to a stop. whats that all about?

    Bout a week ago, i figured how to put the backseat down.

    Also she came with 1 key ... so not good. Where can i get an additional key?

    I dont know much bout cars but under Jade's hood dont look good. Her wiring all seems old and deteriorated. One of them I have to check periodically to make sure its plugged in.

    Aside from that, Jade runs so smoothly. I love her so much and hope to have her forever. However, I'm a girl and mechanics seems to think we're fools. I want her fixed but i dont want to be taken either. So if anyone had any of the following problems fixed. please let me know whats the average price range of the repairs.

    Also i have been advised of a transmission flush for the gear shifting problem
    A oil gasket cover change ( it think thats how he worded it) for the oil leak on the engine.
    New breaks all around for the squeaky brakes ... i think i have pads in front and drums in back.

    As far as the rain thing goes ... people seemed confused when this is mentioned ... i guess they dont understand unless witnessed ... anyone else had that problem? if so, what do you do?
    I was thinking maybe rims or bigger tires to bring Jade up an inch or two might help.

    I love my baby though and just want her taken care of well so that she may last :blush:
  • snosnamsnosnam Posts: 1
    My only complaints with my VW has been the horrible dealership (and only option) in Shreveport, LA.

    I have a 2001 GLS (bought new to replace an 88 Cabriolet, bought new), after 5 years 5 months the roof started to become unglued and split on the back seam just above the rear window -- slowly but surely split all the way open and I found an upholsterer to replace it for close to $1,300. just this spring on a trip to mardi gras the check engine light came on and for around $300 I'm replacing an air filter. Other than oil changes that's pretty much all I've had to put into it - and it was the same for the '88.

    I have managed to lose all but 1 set of keys and have just ordered the banjo remote from for $45. The service dept at Moffitt said I could only get it from the dealer and it would be well over $200, so tonight I'm searching. I found the key blank at their partner site but the blank alone was around $45 as well.

    I guess I've been lucky but I work at home so I've also got really low mileage.
  • ardieardie Posts: 1
    I have always been a Japanese car owner (Honda, Nissan) and just purchased a 2000 cabrio so I'm a little nervous. I've heard I need to find a non-dealer mechanic since repairs can be so costly. How do I go about finding one?
  • ceecee1ceecee1 Posts: 1
    Please help...I just purchased a 98 Cabrio. The odometer screen is blank. How can I get a reading? Is it the computer and where can I find this?
  • jade98jade98 Posts: 4
    SO i changed the front brakes....
    Boy did i have to shop around for that since the ppl in my life wouldnt let me do it myself. Once again cuz Im a female.

    I went to several different places wanting to charge 120 per tire to this looney tune asking 480 bucks....I pulled out of tehre so fast i felt like speedy gonzalez.

    Finally I went to the dealership mechanic and he chared me only 60 bucks to do the brakes. (I already bought the breaks)

    Come to find out the brakes was fine, just cheap.

    Newest problems. Fuses are burning like wildfire...just last night I parked Jade. 20 mins later came out turn the car on and headlights wouldnt come on. so i switch the fuse with another and voila headlights on.

    Parked her again 10mins later and came out 30mins later and same problem. So once again i have to switch a fuse. and once again her headlights r beaming prooudly.

    1 month agao, im driving it raining of course and Jade stops. she doesn't want to start again. Mind u it was 8pm when she stopped. By 11 pm i decided she was gone and i called a tow truch. Truck showed up at 2:30am. Got home at 3am.

    9am Jade cranks up like nothing ever happened. yeah I was madd as hell at her. lol

    Since I have had Jade, i think i've lost 20 lbs stressing over her.

    Someone help me understand whats going on under that hood of her's
  • tinosmomtinosmom Posts: 1
    I just bought a 98 Cabrio GLS and I really love it, except for one thing. Whenever I go above 60mph I hear a bum bum, bum bum sound. Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know what could be causing it? It seems to be coming from the back driver's side.
  • big_ibig_i Posts: 1
    This is my first time on this board so I figured I'd say hey. I've had a 1990 VW Cabriolet for about a year and a half now. I got it from a friend, for free actually, it's a long story, but it wasn't exactly in top notch shape. Over the years I've been progressively fixing it with my mechanic who is a solo guy and works only on German cars. I like picking my car up from him because when I go I get to see my car next to porches and the such.

    Well over the years I've put a new top on, threw a new engine in from a GTI model (when the original died on me, on probably the coldest night tihs winter), which was relatively cheap at $800, got new tires that aren't bald, got new shocks and springs, which was abut $800 also.

    It's been relaxing for a while, because I've been in Brazil for almost three months. Right now, it needs a new water pump, which is going to cost some. Eventually it needs a new pant job, seeing as who the first owner (I being the third) decided to paint it silver, but not paint it correctly, so the paint is peeling, leaving patches of the original blue. The paint job would be another $1000 approx.

    I have a few questions for you vets. One, what can I do to prevent further damage to things like the water pump, what do you do to keep the top it good condition. The car leaves me some artist liberty to fixing it up, because the side paneling that one door is missing, I can't get a hold of. My main objective as of now is reliability, because I'll be going off to college and I don't want it to break down or have problems, so what are some longevity suggestions as well?
  • panishpanish Posts: 1

    This is my first posting on this forum. I'm new and don't understand how all this works, but I'm grasping at all possible solutions to a current problem.

    I have an 85 VW Cabriolet and it needs to be inspected by the end of July. Problem is the speedometer does not work and the mileage is the same as the last inspection. Can anyone provide clues or suggestions on how I can get this fixed? Please help.

    Thank you.
  • momjennimomjenni Posts: 6
    I have a 2001. The "screw like things" actually snap onto the small little post thingys on each side of the back windows. Then you tuck the edges of the boot in all around. There are two tabby things on the bottom back of the boot on each side. Tuck these in and they are what actually holds the boot down. It all works fine and it's very simple. Good luck.
  • lylasxolylasxo Posts: 2
    " 9am Jade cranks up like nothing ever happened. yeah I was madd as hell at her. lol "

    hahahaha!! i live in FL.. and EVERY day it rains and every day my fabcab decides.. i wanna break down.

    i'm so glad to hear that the things that go wrong with my car and the same issues everyone else has. gotta love the cabrio.

    is your top coming unglued?? what do i do to stop this madness?!!
  • i had a similar situation w/my 2002 it turned out to be a wheel bearing
  • mine has the same problem? did you ever figure out what was wrong??? :sick:
  • ok i have a 95 cabrio, with 160,000 miles on it and i have alot of things wrong :sick:

    1. my car doesnt like to go into first gear all the time, i put it in first and it goes right to third. sometimes i dont have a problem, and then sometimes it just wont go in.
    2. if its sitting in the rainning for a long period of time it wont start right away, it takes me like 4-5 times to get it started.
    3. there is a rattling noise in the lower part of the engine area.
    4. the muffler is loose.
    5. the passenger window doesnt work anymore
    6. the lock on the driver side stopped working, then the lock it self came out of the door handle.

    does anyone have any experience with these problems, or know anything about these issues. i want to get my car back in good shape, but i dont want to spend lots of $$. hopefully i wont have to. anyway thanks for the feedback!
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