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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • Hello:

    If it is insane to restore one Cabriolet, since it usually takes THREE parts cars to make ONE good one, I REALLY must be MAD to restore TWO at the same time. Well, if it is any consolation, restoring is both insane and rewarding; and if nothing else, they DO say there is a "fine line separating 'insanity and genius'," right?

    Anyway, I am looking for a few parts. I need a Front Bumper Cover for the 1991 that I bought on Ebay and various small parts like an ashtray on the 1989. I also need side-strips that are missing on both cars, "Hella" High Beams for the 1991; and other assorted goodies, like boots for both tops. I tried buying some parts on Ebay, however I was ripped off; since Ebay did nothing to get my money back or the parts, I will NOT deal with them. This is a friendly request to find out if anyone knows of parts sources or even a wrecked/beat up parts car. These are fun little cars; someday they just might make it back on the road. Thanks for reading; and by the way, I am in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Gary, AT:
  • Why do we own these cars?!! Every few months i wonder why i didn't buy that toyota rav 4 that's just as cute, but not a convertible. can you believe that toyotas have NO maintenance. I know b/c i've owned a few. But still, i'm stuck on my 98 Cabrio now 3 years, and it's a love, worry, anxiety, hate relationship. Why do I love this car? I have sunk over $3000 in repairs for it!

    And yes, my top did start to come unglued, just along the back seam where the roof curves. I thought that it was b/c the top shrunk, and when i brought it in to have it repaired, the mechanic confirmed it w/o my even asking. I paid $950 for a supposed top of the line. i don't know. did i get ripped off? I got the top in July and this past week the back right corner of the top sunk in. i brought back to the mechanic and they think that the boughs are broken. has anyone else had this problem?

  • Have you gotten an answer yet?
  • After you enter you 4 digit code, just press the RIGHT SEEK button all by itself and the radio comes on!!!!
  • aruncarunc Posts: 3
    Hi all I just purchased a used 2001 VW Cabrio GLX convertible with 51000 miles. I hope this thread stays active I would love to have a sound board for future joys/problems. I kind of fell in love quickly with this car. I am aware that repair frequency and cost on this car may be high and unusual so I am shopping for an extended warrenty and will be happy to share my findings with anyone who would like to know about them. That's all I just wanted to say "hi". By the way what would people suggest are some good extras to get for this car? I find the car very comfortable but would love a way to rest myarm and elbow towards the center console near the emergency break. Oh and as always additional cup holder augmentation device(s) advice is welcome!
    Arun C.
  • Hello, I am just curious what you paid for it. I am going to sell mine. I just bought a new car. I hope you have good luck with yours. I have a friend who has bought two used ones over the years and been very happy. I bought mine new and it has had many problems over the years. One problem made them replace the control panel, which means they had to set the odometer back. There is a notice on the inside of the door, but this made the car unattractive as a trade in and so now have to try to find an individual to buy it.
    I have done research, but would like to know what people are paying for theirs. Thanks.
  • I'm still undecided if I should buy this car with 65,000 miles. I test drove it for at least 50 mostly highway miles and noticed any problems except for I have to push the clutch a little to far almost all the way to the floor everytime I shift it to 1st gear. It drove and handled very well on the highway and about a little wind noise when driving with the tops up. Carfax shows 2 owners and the mileage is about just for a 6 years old car. It also showed that the car has been in the shop 3 times because of electrical issues. I called my mechanic and he told me that it's a good car but the parts will be a little bit more pricey. I called several more mechanics around the area and two of them refused to work on this car. I never owned a VW and a little scared to buy it but I feel like I'm already falling on it. The owner is asking $7500.00 but I think I will get it for $6500.00.
  • aruncarunc Posts: 3
    Ok let's see I am a research hound when it comes to purchasing decisions so I can recommend three good ways to help price your vehicle you can enter their names in any search engine like yahoo/goggle. 1. Kelly Blue Book- 2. NADA 3. Edmunds TMV. Everyone knows not to buy a car at Kelly's suggested retail price it is a starting point for negotiations at the dealer your car will most probably sell for less then Kelly's retail. Generally most buyers feel a bit safer at a dealer knowing that at least the brakes and the tires had to have been inspected maybe replaced and they have some small amount of protection or recourse when buying a used car at a dealer if it is a lemon. That is why all of these guys(pricing books) have some sort of private party value lower then the retail sales price and I have found Edmunds TMV to be the most realistic as to what people will pay. Buyers also pay attention to the trade in price which is sometimes much less then the private party price so they know how much money they would lose if they have to get out of the car fast after buying. I am sorry the odometer thing well,... sucks- the first thing I did on any car I was serious about was ask for a carfax report to verify no major accidents, airbag deployments, mileage descrepency and type of title. If I might make a suggestion try to call carfax or simply run one on your own car and make sure they know about the odometer thing and try to get them to report the incident correctly. Also perhaps get some notarized documentation from the people who did the work to show prospective buyers you and your car are legitimate. I probably would not buy a car with an odometer issue unless the price was real good. It also makes the car difficult to find an extended warranty on because the mileage is hard to verify. In your dealings/car adv. with people while trying to sell you should emphasize that you love your car and did all the scheduled maintenance if you have all the receipts and records all the better, you should also point out that (if it is true in your state it is in AZ) tax, tag and title is cheaper via private party sale then if they go to a dealer . Finally perhaps you can use the odometer thing to help you sell your car tell them that if they tried to buy a car as nice as yours at a dealer or private party sale they would have to pay a couple thousand of dollars at least more but because of your easily explained and documented odometer issue you must price your car lower then it is really worth and they are getting a real bargain! At last to answer your question I paid $8700.00 for my car(2001 GLX (cherry condition) with 51000) which was below wholesale and retail by some books but a bit above trade in value by most. The owner was great wanted to see the car go to a good owner and throw in some great extras like a car cover and XM satellite radio. Give or your local paper a try and see what happens with your car and just my opinion here but service the car well before you put it up for sale fix anything you can that they find and then let the buyer know what you did and what if anything is still wrong with the car I kind of think the good Karma of doing that will pay back dividends one way or the other!
  • Both the interior button and using the remote have stopped working the door locks. I looked at the fuse panel but didn't see a specific reference to power door locks. The trunk remote still works so I'm not sure if this is a vacuum problem or electrical.
    Thanks for your help
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply and with such detail. I appreciate it!
  • I have a 97 Cabrio, and occasionally when I start the car the Tachometer and Speedometer wont work. If you turn the car off and let it sit for a while most of the time it will start working again. Has anyone had this problem before? Is there a way to fix it?
  • HI, yes, i had the same a few years after i got my 2001 Cabrio. The dealer had to replace the control panel! I have had no probs with the controls since, but in changing it, they have to start your mileage over (or mine did) and then they put a notice on the inside of the car door that the mileage was changed at at what mile point. It does make it look fishy when trying to sell it.
  • Hi, this is my first time posting. i just bought a 99 carbrio GLS with 96,000 miles and it didnt come with an owners manual. I was wondering how you put down the back seats and if i can install a keyless entry system. also the automatic roof is broken so i have to do it my self... any thing else you can tell me about the 99 cabrio gls i would love to know
  • I decided to buy this car 3 weeks ago and glad that I bought warranty ( 5 yr/100000 miles). The power door locks stopped working and VW dealer fixed it for $ 540.00 ( $340.00 vacuum + $200.00 labor ). Thanks to this forum, I learned here how expensive to maintain this car so that made me decide to buy extended warranty.

  • I just recently bought a 98 VW Cabrio. My daughter has had hers for 5 years and loves it. She has over 175k miles on it and it is still going strong. I love the convertable top. I traded a 98 Jeep Wrangler Sport for it straight across - the dealer got the better end of that trade. But I get 27mpg around town (last fillup) so immediately I am saving money. (Main purpose for the trade).
    It rained heavily night before last - knock on wood no leaks. But this morning after 22 deg temps I opened the drivers side door (it did open) got in and started the car to warm it. When I tried to get out the inside door handles pulled like they were still locked (no resistance) and they would not open the doors. Rolled the window down and tried the outside handle - no go. Climbed out the window and back in when I had to go to work. When I got to work the doors opened fine. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  • I have a message "2 safe" on the radio and I can not input my
    code. What do I do to reset my radio?
  • I think you push and hold the seek button and then use the arrows to set your 4 digit code.

    If you've accidentally entered wrong code number "SAFE" will appear on the disply. Initially it'll flash, then stay on. You can repeat the procedure again ONE TIME. The number of attempts will appear in the disply.

    If the wrong code number is entered again, the unit will be displayed for about 1 hour. LEAVE THE UNIT ON AND THE KEY IN THE IGNITION SWITCH FOR THIS HOUR. After the hour has elapsed, the number of attempts will stop being displyed and you can cancel the electronic lock once again. Remember, the cycle is ......

    - 2 attempts
    - one hour locked.

    (from 2001 Volkswagen Sound System)

    booklet 3.4
  • My girlfriend has a 99 cabrio. I took it to the carwash the other day and somehow one of the black inserts thats on the lower part of the front bumper/valence is missing from the passenger side. I've looked for a replacement on many websites but don't know what the part is called so it's difficult and frustrating. Does anyone know what the part is called and where I can find one?
  • I have a 99 cabrio with a stuck or frozen brake. Last nights temp was around 15 deg. and the parking brake won't fully release. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for you help.
  • I haven't had this particular problem on my Cabrio or my daughter's Cabrio......but the emergency brake is usually a cable linkage that gets pulled tight when you lift the handle inside the car....Ys off towards the back and pulls two mechanisms on either rear wheel that tightens up the brake shoes inside the rear drums. WD40 works wonders in two ways. If it did freeze up, that means there is water back there in the line WD40 disperses water. Second WD40 is a lubricant.....spray the two mechanisms on the rear wheels (these should be under the car in back of the tires and also spray as much of the exposed cable as you can, even up to the handle linkage.
  • I recently just got a 1996 cabrio off ebay. It didn't come with an owner manual. Is there somewhere I can download one from? I haven't been able to find one at all. The only manuals i found were like 40 dollars, is it worth the money to buy? Or are they somewhere else cheaper? Thanks!

    - Larissa :confuse:
  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours? Mine is doing the same thing, 2002 cabrio GLX....thx
  • fookyufookyu Posts: 1
    Im havin the same exact problem with my 01 cabrio, so did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours
  • I have had my Cabrio for three years and have begun to experience problems when adding fuel. The gas station pump shuts off at about half full and then I have to manually add the rest of the gas. This has happened at a number of gas stations. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  • I have the same thing, and the CD changer plays/broadcasts on radio station 89.7.
  • Are Cabrios really not worth the money? Do they really have lots of problems? How can one tell if it's a "good" engine? Even after my VW dealer telling me the dealership won't touch them because they're trouble ... I want one, go figure! Can anyone give me some guidance? Is a Jetta a better investment? Thanks!
  • I paid 6500.00 on mine last November 2007. I added a full coverage warranty for 1200.00 (used once for 550.00 on power windows). So far it's been great, very reliable specially on the cold days. It doesn't matter what car do you buy, if it is a used car you don't know what's gonna fail so i highly advise you to get extended warranty ( full coverage ) to cover yourself from expensive repair.
  • sarakisaraki Posts: 6
    Why would you want a car that many people say has tons of problems, including the dealer! Are you a glutton for punishment? My 01 Cabrio was nothing but trouble since day one! I finally unloaded it in December! Get yourself a Toyota or similar. I just bought a Scion and I love it! It was a sunroof, so I dont miss the convertible much. Go to consumer reports and do your homework.
  • craffieldcraffield Posts: 13
    I have owned both. Had a 89 Jetta got it second-hand. Drove the car 237,000 miles with minimal problems. Biggest problem was the floor board rot. My daughter has a 98 cabrio as I do now. Traded my Jeep Wrangler for it - straight trade. Did it because it was costing me 50 bucks to put half a tank of gas in it. Now 25.00 does the cabrio and I get 30 mpg. My daughter has had hers longer. She has but on 189,000 miles and the car still runs good. The biggest problem with hers was the check engine light. A local repair shop kept telling me it was the gas cap. Finally took it to a VW dealer and they found that a pump was the problem. Mine has 90,000 on it and runs good. Knock on wood, no problems yet.
    It is a great convertable. Just unlatch and put the top down. The jeep top was a nightmare.
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