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My 2001 Audi A6 2.7t picked up a 16 penny nail in one of its 17" Bridgestone Potenza RE040 tires. The car is new and the tire only has 3000 miles on it, so I'd prefer to try to have it patched rather than shell out $225+ for a new tire. Am I being penny wise and pound foolish? I do take weekend road trips with average speeds of 85 to 90 MPH.


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    ...on how badly the nail damaged the tire, and where it picked it up at. If it's in the tread, it could probably be fixed, but if it's too close to the sidewall, it might be dangerous.
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    You need a professional to take it off the rim and very carefully examine it. Any breakage near the sidewall and it's toast. But a clean hole dead center in the tread might be okay, if it was examined.
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    that the tire is only flat on the bottom. The rest of the tire is O.K.
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    My question is how fast do you drive? If you drive near the limit of the tire, replace it. If you drive in a more common manner, a tire rated for 130 mph + can be repaired and safely driven up to 90 or more if the puncture is in the tread at least an inch from the shoulder, and it is properly repaired. Proper repair mean to remove it from the rim, inspect it inside and out, plug the hole, and patch the inner liner.

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    it seems obvious then, that all the guy has to do is remount the wheel so the flat spot is on the top ;)
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    Actually there are a number of positions where the flat spot can be positioned depending on the length of the flat spot. The key is to NOT mount the tire so that the flat spot is on the bottom.
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    Go to Discount Tire, if one in your area and buy their certificates for road hazards. If the tire(s) can't be properly repaired, they replace the tire. I've got 17 inch Pirellis @ approx. $250 per tire. The certificates were around $150 total. Also includes free rotation and balancing every 5k miles. Have had 2 replaced, saving $350.
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