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  • jerry86jerry86 Member Posts: 3
    touc, thanks for the information. I'll need the truck earlier than that though. I'm moving back to our house in Wyoming from Oregon and need a dependable vehicle.
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    Hello. New experience for me. First ever computer and I am a young 63 year old. May never find this message again!!!I have owned a dozen vehicles in my time, including three Pontiac GTO' S. Purchased a new '02 tacoma (V-6) prerunner. It is BEST vehicle I have ever owned. BEFORE I added the TRD supercharger I got an amazing 22.2 MPG on trip from Fl. to NY. That was at average speed of 65MPH. Last trip So. to No. got 17.3mpg at 75mph with supercharger, headers, performance exhaust and TRD air filter. [non-permissible content removed] end is jacked @ 2" with gas shocks and anti-sway-roll helper spring. The supercharger is , how should I put it!? LIGHTNING AND THUNDER. From 0 to 75 it will take a Dodge Ram with 345HP. The big Dodge is @ 1200lbs heavier and that is the reason. I could tell you a story but dont want it documented. My particular Tacoma is the "Cat's Meow" ( to use an expression from the 50's) I am putting out 265HP with an amazing 277ft.lbs. of torque. Low end is EXTREMELY responsive. After 75 is mediocre but who needs it after 75mph!! My Tacoma will be mentioned in TOYOTA CONNECTIONS MAGAZINE this summer. I believe it is only published in SE US. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A TACOMA TRUCK CLUB?? or is all information about Toyota Tacomas found here?? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS ASK ME. REITERATE, HOPE I CAN FIND THIS SITE AGAIN...... The Red Marlin.
  • kayakkayak Member Posts: 3
    Go with the TRD package. The handling is better and the "stiffness" is really minimal. From what I understand, Consumer Reports recommends getting the TRD also!
  • gringo1gringo1 Member Posts: 72
    I bought a 92 V6 4x4 four years ago with 120,000 miles and now have 201,000. I have replaced timing belt, clutch, but otherwise been happy with my typical Toyota ownership experience.

    It's taken me faithfully on too many trips deep into Mexico to remember (too much tequila). Literally tens of thousands of miles on rough roads not to mention the speed bumps of Mexico.

    Now my truck can't take a small bump in the road without banging me around so I need to beef up the front end and rear.

    Does anyone know where I should start?


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    How's going everyone.

    My name is Paul. New here. I'm on market for 05 Tacoma Extended Cab with couple questions.

     I've looked in to 05 Ext Cab 4x2 V6 6 Speed Manual tranny with TRD Package. I've heard and then read here that Most people recommend to go with TRD Package. Now I don't know what package I should go with, because I probable won't be going off-roading, but mountains, snow will be on my schedule. So I am kinda confused what package I should go with.

     Also Auto Tranny Gas Mileage was shown 18/22 and Manual 16/21. Does anyone have any idea why auto might get better mileage than manual, and what actual mileage I would get (my regular routing would be 2/3 of the rout Hwy and then 1/3 city).

    I've got so many other questions on my mind, since it is my first car to buy from dealer and first new car to own.

     Also which one is better 4.0L V6 with 6 speed trainy or 2.7L 4cyl with 5 speed trainy. I've heard that most of the times 6th speed doesn't get used as much, but also I've heard that 6th speed might save you some gas. I have no idea what is true, especialy since today was the first time I've ever put in 6th gear while test driving truck.

    I really liked torque on 05 Tacoma Ext Cab 4x2 V6 6speed manual. I was shocked, especialy comparing to older ones. Now I wounder if 2.7 4 banner would have same great torque.


    Thanks a lot.

    Any help would be realy apriciated. I want to do my homework before getting something, cause knowing realibility of Toyota truck, this decision would reflect what I will have/own for quite long time.


    Thanks again

  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113
    Not much help on the cost factor mnkyboy, but I can tell you that my son owns my old '94 4cyl stick. When I ordered it new, I ordered it fully loaded AC/stereo/cassette/cruise, etc. The only problem I ever had with it was with the engine dieseling and spark knock at around 50K. The dealer checked it and we ended up running a cleaner through it and into the gas tank to clean out the carbon. He also retarded the timing. It worked. Over time we advanced the timing back one degree at a time until we returned it to the original setting. Toyota stated to the service manager that that condition was common with that engine. In the end the only repercussion is that we have to run it on premium gas. The octane causes a longer burn in the cylinder and that has rectified the problem. The truck now has 160,000+ miles on it. My son drives it back and forth from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau Mo. That is about a 3 hour drive down Interstate 55. The truck runs like a top and still purrs as it idles. That thing is bullet-proof and the only reason I got rid of it is because he needed something dependable. Believe me, if he wasn't in that fix, I'd still be driving it.


    Hope that horn blowing helps some.

    I will now descend my soapbox.


  • toyfamilytoyfamily Member Posts: 2
    Hello Karen,


    Own 2001 Tacoma, TRD Double Cab, 4x2, 65,000 miles. Great Truck! Only area of concern is the front brakes are pulsating while braking. New rotors and pads installed at 53,000 miles, in the shop again for same problem after only 12,000 miles. Another owner (same model) told me Toyota was putting the same brake assembly on all Tacoma models regardless of weight. The extra weight of the double cab and larger tires are heating the rotors causing to warp. Anyone heard anything on this?


  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Sorry to hear about the problems! I see you found your way to the Tacoma problem board. Hopefully some other owners have information to share.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    I read not too long ago about how the WHEEL LUG NUTS need to all be properly torqued and if they were not, that rotor warping can happen. Maybe that helps a little. Also, sudden stopping can warp them, so try to stop smoothly rather than suddenly as much as you can.
  • engineerbooengineerboo Member Posts: 45
    Hey, everyone!


    I got my silver 05 Taco (Access TRD-Off Road) almost 3 weeks ago and it's just awesome!


    The V-6 engine has a LOT of power. (I can't give it a lot of gas when stopped, even on dry pavement, or it'll spin the tires!)


    I'm getting about 22 mpg in 2 Wheel High and haven't driven an entire tank on 4 Wheel High to get the mpg's.


    It has 800 miles and I have, yet to find a single problem. (And the oil looks brand new, which is a good sign.)



    Monument, Colorado

    (I'm a systems engineer for Northrop Grumman)
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    Whoever is looking at new Tacoma's good luck on buying it for the MSRP. The dealers in my area jack the price up with accessories and charge more for warranties on top of the MSRP. Refuse to pay "overhead costs..." that will show up on your papers in the finance office at the same time you are tired and ready to leave.


    Don't let them pressure or rush you into a purchase the same day unless it's really a good deal and you know it without doubt. I've noticed through experience that they will take LOTS of TIME leaving you at the salesmen's desk waiting for replies about the price from some mystery man in the back. Tell them what you will pay and leave your number so they can think about it..not you.


    DO NOT let them do a credit check unless you are ready to buy. Too many credit checks looks bad on you credit report.


    If you like their price watch out later when signing papers for add ons you did not expect..almost guaranteed! You are not obligated to sign anything in the finance office even if you have spent some time up to that point with them. They will lead you to believe that you are! If you have any reservations in the finance office LEAVE and go think about it before signing anything in there. Stay in control.


    Another thing...if you are trading a vehicle, don't let them run off with your keys! Stay in control.


    If they pull out a blank piece of paper during negotiation for the price do not initial anything. It is a tactic and they use it to reel you in. Stay in control.


    If the salesman promises anything MAKE SURE IT IS WRITTEN and get a COPY! If it's not documented it didn't happen. Stay in control, cover yourself!


    If they control the whole process you will have uneasy feelings later after buying. It's your money and believe me, the dealer doesn't care about anything except getting your money!


    Yes, I've learned, hopefully someone can from what I've been through!
  • bjw1bjw1 Member Posts: 152
    Hello, I am a owner of a 04 tacoma ext cab v6 at, and I love driving it its convertable to me and added a clarion stereo so i think this will be a truck i will be proud to drive for time to come, i also added the turnado fuel save and now i am averaging 18.5 mpg city driving, well after the first 10k miles no problems.
  • blt1blt1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab. Does anyone have any good ideas for aftermarket seats? With 130,000 miles the drivers seat is begining to break down and get uncomfortable any ideas would be appriciated.
  • robin2226robin2226 Member Posts: 14
    Is it OK to fill the Tundra 2006 (V6, 4.0 engine) with Regular Unlead Gas (87%), or I have to use Suppreme Gas (92%) ?????????

  • 1972ck1972ck Member Posts: 56
    Hi Forum,

    I own a 2005 Tundra SR5 Double Cab SR5 4x4 TRD Off Road. This is my 3rd Tundra. By far the best one I have owned. My previous Tundras I have sold myself privately. The new owners of my past Tundras have put a lot of miles on them. Both now are running with close to 200k miles on them. When the new 2007 Tundra Crew Max (finally) comes out around April I will be having one parked in my drivewat. :shades:
  • 1972ck1972ck Member Posts: 56
    It is perfectly fine to use 87 octane fuel in your 4.0 V6. Toyota "recommends" 92 if you're towing with your truck or placing heavy loads in the bed. Higher octane gas burns slower and colder than lower octane gas. Not only does this increase HP/Torque (a little) but it also improves fuel economy a tad as well. The only bugger with using higher octane gas frequently is it often times leaves deposits on the intake valves. This is due to it's slower burn rate. That's why most higher octane fuels have additional additives in them to burn cleaner.
  • 1972ck1972ck Member Posts: 56
    Does your Tacoma have aftermarket rotors or are they OEM Toyota parts?
  • caribemancaribeman Member Posts: 3
    Hello Karen, my name is Teodoro Viera, I'm from Puerto Rico and I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra sr5, 4 door. I serivicing my truck outside the dealer and the check engine light comes on after I do the oil change. I know there is a code through the radio that resets the light. Do you know where I can find that code . The dealer wants me to come in and charge me for that since I'm not using Their service.
  • mytundra2007mytundra2007 Member Posts: 4
    Hi I am Richard Just located this site. Not even sure I will find it to know if I get a response to this input. I am an owner of a 2007 double cab 5.7 sr5. Great truck I love it so far. I will be putting it to quite a test . I am installing a 5th wheel hitch to tow a 5th wheel rv. The loads are pretty close to the max for the trucks ratings. Hope it will do the job needed. It will be some time before this is completed as I proceed I will let you know how good or bad a job this truck does. I too am looking forward to the answers. Do you know any one who has tow with a 5th wheel and what there outcome was ? Owned other toyotas in the passed never a disappointment. See YA
  • mule4mule4 Member Posts: 36
    Hello my name is Bill.I'm a retired teamster truck driver.I live in Arkansas.I own a 2007 tundra 5.7 4/4 sr5. First toyota i've ever owned. I'm very pleased with it.Richard i own a 34 Ft.TT bumper pull loaded weight 9500 # 1125 # tonge wt.I've pulled this trailer in the ozark mts. it did a good job. It was very stable & handled real good. It's amazing how much power & torck this truck has.The whole drive train was built to work together.Good luck with your truck.

  • mytundra2007mytundra2007 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for your reply to my question.. I put the 5th wheel hitch in. A superglide, and towed home my new 5th wheel rv. Pulled very well . so far so good although it was a heavy load for the payload is a little over weighted by some 500 lbs.will be adding air bags to help level out the truck and take some pressure off the sprins and suspension. I won't get to really test this until this June when I take it up to North Carolina, Where I will spend the summer months.I will keep u posted on this trucks abilities. Thanks again Richard
  • cskycsky Member Posts: 4
    Howdy Paul,
    Yes Ive owned a 93 extended cab sr5 v6 5 speed 4x4.I purchased this pickup from my step son 2001 or 2002.
    I live in colorado so my wife and i love camping in the mountains .after I bought the p.u. we purchased a 25 ft gulf stream travel trailer [ i was setting us up to buy a tundra hehehe]anyway the p.u. had 99000 miles on it when i bought it ,and ive towed that trailer over wolf creek pass ,loveland pass and the list goes on,I,ll tell what a few times I had to put the transfer case into low range ,to pull some of these mountains ,but what a view ,I sold the p.u. with 164000 miles on it ,[$4500.00] to friends 17 year old son and he loves It. There is no secret as to why toys jus keep on going an going , This truck was well maintained by the 1st owner ,then my step son and me being the 3rd owner --- I had history maintainance records from the 1st owner and on down to me. I did regular maintance as ,timing belt was replaced at 78000 and then at 15000 miles ,I put a new clutch ,pressure plate flywheel ,t.o bearing at 134000 miles ,the old clutch still had about 10000 left on it ,and the truck is still going ,I used synthetic oil ,since it had a history of syn. use. I used about 1/ 2 quart between changes . Any how you have an excellent p.u. -change all you fluids including differintial ,regularly and i recomend timing belt replacement before you find a cruise controll unit ,your truck will not die !! oh ya i did buy a 2005 tundra ,luv it .
    Good day
  • cskycsky Member Posts: 4
    Howdy ,jus wanted to thank all for there imput on my dual exhuast and tire,s .
    Thanks again
    CSKY :)
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