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Nissan 350Z



  • I test drove a touring Z with auto transmission yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of an automatic, but this thing really seemed to have legs. Does anyone know what the test times are for the automatic?
  • I wish they would offer the Z with the leather & heated seats for around $29,500. But if you want a Z with a stick & leather you have to dish out close to $34,000. I know the Z Touring model with a stick has the Performance options too, but I don't need the extra options that's included in the Performance package.

    This is why I asked about times for the automatic.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Are you aware that aftermarket leather upholstery is available. Locally, in fact, you can get it through the Nissan dealer. You may want to check it out. The company I'm familiar with is Check their website ... my understanding is that the leather covers are available for about 800-900 and they will also provide seat heaters if you wish. Just an idea.

  • What do they do with that big bin on the dash if its not filled with the nav sys?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for sharing the details! We look forward to hearing more about your silver touring Nissan 350Z.... Happy motoring!

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host
  • i am about to buy a 350z, touring. top of the line. i want to know is it worth buying in a place where out of 12 months there is snow and rain 4 to 5 months of the year. i live in bloomington IN. is it worth buying it?
  • "tnjrobi1: I test drove a touring Z with auto transmission yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of an automatic, but this thing really seemed to have legs. Does anyone know what the test times are for the automatic? "

    A guy who goes by the name "350ZMotoring" has an automatic Touring. He timed his at 5.8/5.7 seconds 0-60mph and I believe he used "Torque Braking" to get that time. Without torque braking he got 6.0 secs 0-60. One time he even got a lucky run of 5.2 (although that might have just been a fluke).
  • "salooo: i am about to buy a 350z, touring. top of the line. i want to know is it worth buying in a place where out of 12 months there is snow and rain 4 to 5 months of the year. i live in bloomington IN. is it worth buying it?"

    Will this be your only car saloo? A lot of people recommend not using the Z in the snow because of the low clearance and the fact that it comes with "summer" performance tires.

    If you intend to drive the Z in the snow, do not, I repeat DO NOT drive with the tires that came with it! The factory tires are terrible in the snow and you will be sliding all over the place! Get some winter tires for the car pronto!

    I have seen some pics of 350Zs in light snow, but I dont know if they are driveable in the deep stuff. I dont have a Z yet and its not snowing in Seattle right now. Sorry that I cant provide you with any more useful information. Good luck!
  • this is going to be my only car. the only thing i am scared of is sliding everywhere in the snow. i dont want to be without a car for the 4 months there is snow here. i love the Z, but i dont want to sacrifice 4 months every year.
  • because of the snow, should i just go for the bmw 325i? i am considering that as well. i dont like it as much, but hell.. i`ll be able to drive it throughout the year. what do you guys think?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The 325i would have an advantage over the 350Z due to it's higher ride height and less agressive tires, but with RWD it's still not the ideal car for snow.

    I am formerly from the "Snow Belt" of norhtwestern PA. Even in Washington DC, I would not have purchased a Honda S2000 as my only car, if we did not also have a FWD Nissan Maxima and SUV.

    Until you get to the point where you can afford to have a winter car, I recommend you avoid going with a RWD sport coupe and definitely avoid a sports car like the 350Z. Besides not handling the snow well, it will take a beating and look bad after a few winters. I'm not a fan of Audi, but a used S4 with all season tires may be the best option if you are only going to have one car and want it to offer sporty performance.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    If you're trying to economize and grow into a fast, capable car (along with a winter car) avoid an Audi, especially a used one ... the reliability cost would make it nearly possible to own the Z along with a 'winter beater.' I agree with habitat that the S4 is a very desirable car in nearly any trim, but not for purposes of getting financial flexibility in your life!

    I'd suggest you might think in the other direction -- something like a WRX or a GTI. If you want the 325 it certainly will be better than the Z in snow, but you really should be looking at the 325xi.

    Another possibility, though it's fwd, would be to get a used Acura TL or CL "S" -- I've seen these locally in the $25k range ... good in snow, reliable, fast, and would last long enough so you could save for whatever you want (maybe in combination with a cheap winter car).

    Good luck.
  • People over at seem to be having good experiences driving the Z on snow with Blizzaks. I agree that you wouldn't want to drive with the stock summer performance tires on snow or even in very cold weather...

    While FWD is clearly superior to RWD on snow or ice, that doesn't mean that RWD is undriveable in winter weather. If you have your heart set on a Z, I'd say get a good set of snow tires (i.e. Blizzaks), and go for it.
  • Salooo:

    We are on the northside (SBN) of the state, and drive our Touring 350Z everyday to and from work. Either I take it on the Toll Road to South Bend, or the wife takes it around town and her short hop to work. In either case, it goes out in the elements. We made a small investment in Blizzak snowtires and wheels ($1600 total) from TireRack, just down the road. Have not missed a beat yet, and we have had some pretty nasty weather these past few weeks. In a few months we will swap out the snows with the stock tires, no fuss no muss, and very little down time. Those Blizzaks did the trick for us.
  • thanks for your views. helped me a lot.
    about the tires.. $1600.. isint that a little toooo mUch. considering my other cars new tires costed $400.
  • salooo:

    You get what you pay for! The wheels were 800.00 and the tires $800. I could have went cheaper on the wheels but I didn't want to spoil the great look. TireRack had THE best price on Blizzaks, which I found to be best snow tire overall (IMHO). I suppose you could go with any of a dozen all session radials available, but I chose a dedicated tire for snow operations, since I MUST have a dependable means of transportation, first time, everytime. A way to save 1/2 the cost is just to use your existing wheels and have the tires changed out, which exposes your high dollar wheels to potential damage if not changed out correctly, plus I believe it is rough on the tires after a few changeouts. There are various combinations of handling the snow issue, and I chose dedicated snows. I had thought of the additional car method, but not knowing how dependable it would be, the additional fuel purchases and insurance increase, etc., it was easier to bite the bullet and buy dedicated snows. We did the same thing on our son's SE-R Spec-V (same tire issues as the Z). Doing his car was cheaper since we went with a smaller Blizzak tire and steel wheels ($38 a piece). Has not had a bit of problem driving in all types of weather and I have yet to worry about him getting stuck somewhere.

    Hope this helps.
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    If your car has traction control then driving a RWD on snow is no big deal. The tires on the other hand do have a big impact, but this is also true for FWD cars. So basically don't base your decision, FWD vs RWD, on the fact that you will have to occasionally drive on snow.
  • lukymelukyme Posts: 46
    I had XM Satellite radio installed and the bin in the center console worked well for the controller. I keep the remote in there, and just open the bin when I want to change stations. They installed the receiver unit in the bottom section of the bin behind the passenger seat. Perfect location. The only drawback was the "mouse pad" looking antenna on the roof just in front of the rear glass.
  • jandujandu Posts: 1
    The car works great in snow, provided you have good snow tire. I got the LM22 tires on all corners and it works great in snow, ice and both. I am in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It snows a bit here.
  • Thinking of getting a 350Z and would like comments from people who have been driving one on a daily basis.

    I checked one out at the dealer yesterday and the rear/side visibility seemed simply awful. (This from someone who owns/drives a 2002 Celica) In the real world of everyday driving, how does this work out? Can you compensate/ work around it. It's a wonderful car, but I'm not sure it would be safe to drive something with even worse blind spots than my Celica.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Use the mirrors, walter. Forget about direct eye contact. (I'm not being sarcastic.) Set the mirrors so you see everything behind your peripheral limit and you'll be set ... as much as you can be.

    Road and Track mentions it in their latest comparo. An article well worth reading! They compare the Z to the Z06, the 911 Targa, and the M3. The Z does very well. Well worth reading!!!

  • I've read with great interest the discussions regarding snowtires. I own a Touring 350 Z and love it...until it snows! I'd love to be able to buy a set of tires and wheels for winter then swap them for the factory set in summer, but I can't afford it. Nor can I afford a winter car. So, has anyone had any luck with an all season tire? Yes, I know the performance will suffer, but I'm hoping to accomplish two things: first, have a tire that will get me through a Wisconsin winter without breaking the bank; and secondly, smooth out the ride a bit. I's a sportscar not a luxury car. The ride is suppose to be stiff. But I'm thinking about making a chiropractor appointment. My neck from the bouncing is killing me. If I do find an all-season tire, what's a fair price for trading in the factory tires?

    Thanks for any feedback!
  • Check out the various 350z forums on the internet. You'll find many discussions about the Z and how relatively poor the factory tires are and about their short life span (<10,000 miles). I don' think you'll get much for them in re-sale.

    I know you say you can't afford it but have you checked out some of the online tire retailers? I think you can get a very serviceable set of snows on steel wheel for the winter (15" wheels for far less than you'd imagine.

    You'll save a lot of money in the long run on the relatively expensive summer tires or even high performance all season tires by putting 3-4-5 months on the snows and the ride is way softer as a bonus for looking at the ugly winter wheels for that long.

    I'm running (on a 00 Maxima SE) the Michelin Pilot A/S tires (225/50/17") which are a very nice all around compromise (but expensive).

    Even with the Michelins, I still switch off to the 15" snow tires and cheap wheels for the winter. (I also live in SE Wisconsin.)
  • Does anyone have detailed information about the upcoming 350Z Roadster??
  • There is a 1996 300ZX for $14,995 in my local paper. It normally list for $16,995 on the dealers internet site. I called and asked the dealer why it was cheaper in the paper. The salesperson (Susan) explained that it had been on the lot for a couple of weeks and it was just normal to lower the price to move it.

    I asked Susan who used to have the car and she told me it was a couple in their 40's and they had bought the car new in 96. They traded it for a 2003 350Z.

    Listed below are the details on the 300ZX:

    72,825 miles
    2 seater
    perfect interior
    perfect exterior
    Black leather interior
    Power Drivers seat
    Compact disc Bose stereo system
    Auto climate control

    Is this vehicle worth the $14,995?

    (I posted this in the 300ZX topic, but I didn't get any replies. I'm going to meet with the dealership on Saturday (About an hour away.) I would appreciate any advice from anyone.)

    If I like the car what should I offer for it?
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Value: I could look in the TMV column here at Edmund's for you, but you could do that yourself. My recommendation.

    This car: have you heard of Carfax? I'd suggest using it, and never EVER believe a car salesperson unless it's in writing with the SM or GM signature.

  • Thank you so much for the valuable feedback. I didn't know the factory tires were getting such bad reviews concerning wear. Good to know!

    I never thought about getting 15" wheels/tires. I thought I'd have to stick with the same size wheel/tire as what came with the car. I will definitely look into this option. I have checked for tire pricing, but their website doesn't give any suggestions...they say to give them a call. I just haven't had time to call them yet.

    I like your idea about getting different summer or all-season tires to help with the ride. How much of an improvement can I expect (20% better, 50% better, 100% better!) by going with, say, the Michelin Pilot A/S tires? Did you buy the Michelins on-line? What's a fair price? Since your Maxima is front wheel drive, did you still notice a big difference in the snow with the new Michelins? Thanks! Please email me direct: (night)
    or (day)
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    It seems like a reasonable price. KBB for that car is $16,300. Ask to see the service records. Make sure the timing belt replacement was done at 60,000 miles, along with the water pump and tensioner. That's a $1000 to $1200 service that must be done. My Z is a 1994, and it's still going strong at almost 120,000 miles.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I don't think 15" wheels are going to clear the brakes on the 350Z. 17" should fit since they come as standard equipment on the Base and Enthusiast trim levels, and 16" might fit depending on the size of the brakes.
  • Afty makes a good point about the brake clearance with smaller than 17" wheels. That might be a deal breaker with using smaller 15" or even 16" wheels for snows tires on the 350Z.

    I would call TireRack and ask them about it. I've used them for 3 different sets of tires in the last couple of years (one with wheels) and been very pleased with their service and pricing overall.

    The difference in ride between 225/50/17" and 205/65/15" is significant, IMO.

    The 00 Maxima SE feels much more like a boulevard cruiser than a sport sedan when the 15" snows are on it. Of course it doesn't handle worth a d*** with the snows on and those 15" wheels are ugly.

    The Pilot A/S were about $200 each when I bought them. There weren't a lot of choices at the time in the same size. I think there are more available now.
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