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Nissan 350Z

ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
edited December 2013 in Nissan
So what do we know: 3.5 liter VQ series V-6 enriched to 280-300 BHP, 6-speed stick available, base version sub-$30,000 and under 6 seconds enroute 60 mph. Anyone out there got any more on this potential breath of fresh air. Fast, 'Fordable and Fun.


  • Thank you for the info on the HP numbers. Since you sell the product you should know, but there has been nothing regarding those figures for so long...I ordered a Track model, many sleepless nights ahead until it arrives, then no sleep whatsoever once it's here.
  • I've read some other info on this car:

    The three engine options, will be:

    a 286bhp 3.5 liter V6 (350Z)(the only engine available at first)

    a 335bhp twin-turbo V6 (350Z Turbo)(the same engine as the next Skyline GT-R, more hp than the 320bhp Porsche 911)

    a 197bhp 3.0-liter V6 (300Z)(the volume seller)

    Convertibles will be available with all engine options. I can't wait to see pictures of the convertible!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Where did you see the three engine option info? Inasmuch as even the "lowly" Altima has 240 h.p. and the new Maxima has 255 h.p., I find it hard to believe that Nissan would put out a sub-200 h.p. "Z" car, at least in the states. That would be a real marketing blunder, IMHO.
  • Now that I think about it, I did see that on a U.K. website. So maybe it won't be offered in the States... my bad! :)
  • I dunno, a $24k Z with the 197hp engine (not that it's true) would be an attractive alternative to the rest of the crap out there right now.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ...if they choose to put out a $25k, 200hp "Z", they can pretty much punt the idea of being attractive to the mid-upper end market dominated by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and the like. In order to compete in this segment, they will need to maintain some element of exclusivity. For example, I don't think Mazda could ever introduce an upscale version of the Miata, no matter how technically competent, that would get a prospective Boxter or M3 buyer to give it a second look. Nobody wants to buy an upscale performance car that can be had in a detuned version by the average Joe (or Jane) at a bargain price.

    I'm anxious to see the car, but it will also interesting to me to see how successful Nissan is in its marketing / business strategy with the new Z.
  • The relative Bargain of a BMW 318i never seemed to take much steam away from the M3 shopper/buyer.
  • While I think Nissan is going after the Boxster in terms of performance, do you really think that a prospective Porsche owner would really look at a Nissan?

    If I could afford a Boxster I'd get one. It's a Porsche after all =)

    However, if I could get a car that looks great and performs like a Boxster but would be inexpensive enough to allow me to get it and still eat on a daily basis, then I'm getting that one =)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    You've got a point with the 318i, but it wasn't very long-lived and never achieved much in the way of sales. I also believe that a major factor in BMW's decision to discontinue it was indeed image concerns: they had to cut too many corners to hit the 318 price target and feared the reputation of the higher end models would be adversely affected as a result (in the US, at least). A German business associate of mine also pointed out that BMW didn't introduce a full $50k version of the M3 to the states until 2001 because it was thought that US buyers were too image conscious to pay that much for a "3". Prior to 2001, we got a "cheapie" M3 compared to the less image conscious German market.


    Actually, I guess I could afford a Porsche without giving up too many meals. But will I buy one?? Probably not. The M3, C32 and even S2000 are more likely candidates, given my mood on any given day. By the way, image consciousness is not confined just to the Porsche wannabes -- the 2002 redesign of the 911 front end was supposedly done to distinguish it from the Boxter so as to give prospective 911 buyers a bit more exclusivity. Heaven forbid that your $120k 911 turbo is mistaken for my $45k Boxter from the front!!

    My point was that Nissan can probably shoose to do whatever they want with the new Z: go after the high volume, relatively lower price market segment with a good, but not exceptional product. Or, go after the lower volume, higher end market segment with a more exclusive product. I just don't think they can do both, at least not immediately upon introduction.
  • I also saw rumors for a 3.5L turbo Z making 335 hp. Is it just me or does that seem too low a hp estimate? If the n/a 3.5L is pumping out 280-300 hp i would expect a twin turbo to make at least an additional 100 hp compared to the n/a version. If a turbo Z does come out I would expect closer to 400 hp.
  • Could be a single turbo with low boost, to save the engine from wear and tear.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Based upon prototype photos, does anyone else think the interior styling is a bit overdone? While the car's exterior really appeals to me, I'm not sure I could handle the "loud" interior. Too much simulated metallic-finish trim.
  • What about the 3000GT SL? The automatic did 0-60 in 8 or 9 seconds, but it didn't seem to hurt the VR-4's image.

    Then of course there is it's Stealth twin, with a 10 second base model...
  • qin2qin2 Posts: 26
    Nissan just released these shots to the media of the production North American Z car!





  • I really don't think that anyone should have to worry about cars damaging the reputaions of other cars. The NSX's image and aura isn't precluded by the fact that Acura sells sub-$20K vehicles, and I still think a Millenia S affords as much status as a base-model C230. And the fabulous Lancer Evoution VII's fine reputation probably won't be too unscathed by the paltry, wimpy $14,000 econobox Lancer available now.

    And in the JDM, things are strange. They sell RX-7's that are depowered, and even though the top, 280-hp ones sell for $33,000, the cheaper, less powerful ones can be had for a mere $24,000.

    Also, in the JDM, you'll likely be unable to find a car with more than about 280hp, even the GT-R and EVO VII. I think there's some sort of horsepower limit there or something. That would explain the base-level 286hp VQ available right off the bat (and Nissan would need development time to make a VQ35DET or DETT engine). The 197-hp one? Sounds like the same I4 currently in the 200SX/Silvia, and if put in the Fairlady, I don't see Nissan selling them here. Perhaps all the better...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the pictures. Looks great! Any details on when it's actually going to hit showrooms??
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    If the Z has a 3.0 engine choice then it would definitely better compete with a Mustang. Afterall, the Z is supposed to be a volume sportscar like it was meant to be.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Thanks for the pictures.

    My wife's gonna kill me next year. At least I'll die happy.

  • 64626462 Posts: 14
    I think the Mazda RX8 looks better. There's going to be some great competition between those two. Now if Honda would only get off of it's butt and put out a competent competitor to them with a new Prelude...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282 was a nice "chic" car that never had a chance to compete with any performance cars with it's front wheel drive layout and ho-hum engine. Sorry, had to say that just in case my former girlfriend who owned a prelude is reading.

    Seriously, the Honda S2000 is a nice $32k alternative to the Z for those who value sunshine. I notice the Z pictures do not show a sunroof and it doesn't look possible with the shape of the roof. Perhaps a targa will be in the future.

    I am beginning to think that the last Toyota Supra Turbo (1998 RIP), with its almost respectable hatchback storage and targa roof (not to mention sub 5 second 0-60 and almost 1g handling), may be in line for a resurection to rekindle the Supra / Z wars of yesteryear.
  • ...the Silvia looks better. That is an absolutely gorgeous piece of metal that Nissan produced; it's a pity we can't get them here.

    6462: Honda kinda does have it's butt in gear. The 260hp CL-S could be a good competitor for the Z, and arguably just as good looking. But they do need to replace the Prelude, and some descendant of the S2000 could do well. And I still rather respect Honda for never having produced a forced-induction motor.
  • I think the production Z pics look very nice. It looks a lot better with the smaller grill compared to the concept car. The Z also looks a lot better in silver that that weird goldish color they used for the concept. I'm not too crazy with the interior though. Where are the leather seats? Also the door sills look too high.
  • or does the front end look like an S2000 from certain angles? I think the RX8 concept should be better, because of the fact that I am a complete rotorhead who worships RX7s, they actually come as 4seaters, and that 6speed F1-style Trans sounds really cool (if that is what is being put on the RX7). Geez, that 10K RPM redline sure sounds tempting... but the Z Car looks pretty impressive... I am not much of a Supra/Z Car fan as I find them to be just too darn heavy, compared to an RX7 which is light... anyways sorry for the rambling, but this ZCar looks impressive, especially that engine... you could eat off that thing...
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    'preciate your photos:other sources indicates new 350Z length (translated from millimeters) as about 169.5 inches weighing in at just over 2900 pounds. Now if Nissan dealers will exercise a minimum of gread....................(perhaps the factory can partially suppress their hunger - or provide appetite suppressant incentive action)!!!
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    >>weighing in at just over 2900 pounds

    I'll believe that when I see it. But I sure hope you're right. That was the one factor keeping me from getting too excited about this car. I was assuming it would end up being closer to 3,500 lbs.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 12,843
    There's and article in the new Road & Track with a first drive on the new Z. The only 2 things that would prevent me from buying this car when it comes out are Dealer Mark-Ups and the lack of a sunroof.

    The weight is listed as 3150lbs (est).
    280 [email protected] RPM
    253 lb/ft [email protected] RPM

    That gives it an impressive 11.25 hp per lb ratio

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    Anyone know? Is the RX8 a 2+2?
  • The Silvia has 250hp with the SR20DET, and about 165 with the SR20DE.

    The NSX does loose image from the cheaper Acura's and Honda's. The NSX is a Honda, that right there means it won't have quite the image of a marque like Ferrari. NSX's haven't been a big money maker for Honda, they just build them as a display of their technology to get people in the showrooms. Largely because they don't have the same image as Ferrari. That's not really relevant though, because we're talking about three different versions of the same car. While the NSX is a totally different platform than the rest of the Honda/Acura linup. Lesser versions of a high end car will take away from the image of the top end model. It would be like if Ferrari offered 4 cylinder 360 Modena's with 110 hp, cloth seats, no a/c, etc, for $15,000. That's going to take away from the Image of the $180,000 360. Considering many of the buyers of those high end cars are only going after the image in the first place, that becomes an important factor. Most people who don't know about cars don't know the difference between a 318 and an M3 because they look very similar to the untrained eye. Like somebody else mentioned, the don't sell the 318's here anymore. That's because they want to keep a higher end image. They still sell 4 cylinder cars in Europe, so it's not like they've been completely discontinued. Still, BMW doesn't have the same image of say, Porsche who is known for building only sports cars(I curse the day the Cyenne comes out, Porsche is going down hill). So basically, no, I don't think a cheaper less powerful Z should be sold if they hope to compete with the S2000's, BMW's, Porsche's, etc. Image is very important to a cars sucess(ever wonder why the Japanese sports cars of the early 90's died off including the last Z, they didn't have the image to match the price they were being sold for).

    Oh, and a twin turbo won't necessarily add 100+hp. Heck, the last generation Z only had a 75hp difference between the N/A and TT models. Also, the new VQ block isn't quite as sturdy as the last VG block. It's made out of aluminum which is weaker, and has an open deck design so the cylinder walls can't take as much stress. So that may be a factor in how much power they'd get out of a turbo Z. Also, twin turbo doesn't mean lots of power. It's usually done to reduce turbo lag. Many twin turbo cars get swapped to single turbo when going for outrageous power. Of course all this talk of a turbo Z is assuming they even build one. It's all rumors, and I'll believe it when I see it(or atleast hear it from Nissan).
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    .........on the new 350Z: What do we know(or suspect)........Length - about 170"; width - circa 71 and change; weight 3150-3200..... projected price < $30,000 (but those greedy, egg-sucking dealers!!!) 1/4 mile under 14; 0-60 about 5.5 - - 5.8 (my estimate) lim slip diff/traction control yes but 4-wheel steer no....... Somehow I suspect that I'm overlooking something........

    I suscribe to both C/D and R/T and I've yet to see those articles (or to receive my December issues.........but in retrospect, I would think the post office in entitled to a little slack.
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