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VW Golf Poblems

michsolmichsol Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
I own the VW Golf 1.8T already 6 month. A bit tin - cannish, but well though off design and very good perfomance. I was overall hapy, until one day, as I pulled to a gas station pump at 5 mph and slightly touched the curb with rear wheel, side air bag and safety curtain deployed! The side wall of the tire is OK indeed, but the dealer, siting VW rep for Philadelphia area, refused teh warranty repair saying it was my fault!!

Well, if you buy a VW' 2001 just keep in mind: you can't have almost ANY jolts of the car in the transverse direction, unless you want to observe how the wonderfull VW safety system operates, and pay some money for the privilidge!

Yesterday, my "Check engine" light went off. Another surprise?..


  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    One of three things are true about your story.
    Either VW has a major design problem with airbag system on Golf, your incident was a one in a million type of occurrence, or you are not telling the facts.
    What damage was done to the Golf? If there was no damage to the car and the airbags went off then VW should pay for the replacement of the airbags. I suspect that the speed was greater than 5 mph to cause sufficient force for airbag deployment.
    Contact NHTSA with a complaint if you feel there is a defect with the car.
    The Golf and Jetta are anything but tin-cannish. They are very solid in structure and known for this attribute. About the CEL, having a loose fuel cap will cause a CEL so w/o more information what can be concluded?
  • Sounds a s though the fun is just beginning. My 99 GTI is long gone but I still shudder at the thought of some of my problems (OUT OF WARRANTY PROBLEMS)

    Best of luck with your purchase!
  • Well, here is my quick story. Bought Golf 2000 4 cyl GTS 6/2000. I love the way the car drives BUT I have had..

    - 2 air bags replaced.
    - Ring job done because of burning oil at 25K.
    - Glove box hinge broke, seems to be a known problem.

    The warranty was 2 year/25K and I am 1.5 year and 32k. I cross my fingers the worse is over.
  • hpoohhpooh Posts: 13
    My Golf GLS 2/2000 2.0L 30K miles

    5k miles: No sound coming out from left side speaker(one of them) ordered part, waited for 2 weeks, replaced, still no sound coming out??? never try to fit it since it's not a problem for me

    engine oil light went off at 20k, checked my self and notice that 2 quart oil was consumed. Dealer response: normal, no leakage, it consumes some oil because it's german enginnering.... have to check every 2k. wow... i change the oil every 5k miles. It consumes 2 quart every 5k??? my god...

    just have the oil changed at 30k, checked brakes, front 75% left rear 15% left... sounds strange to me but that's what they told me, any idea???

    However, this car looks cool and i am happy about it althrough my 98 civic EX never has a problem.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Well, the brake wear report does sound very weird. I'd have that double checked right away.

    As for the oil burning, first off I have to say you really need to be checking under that hood much more frequently. You simply can't ignore what's under the hood for 5,000 miles at a clip. There could be some little leak or mishap or loose something. You need to get in there and poke around every couple of fill-ups.

    A quart of oil being burned every 2,500 miles wouldn't worry me. Most exotic car owners should be so lucky. But I'd keep an eye on it to make sure it isn't getting any worse.
  • hpoohhpooh Posts: 13
    Thanks Mr. Shiftright:

    I am sure there is no leakage since i park at the same spot every day and there is no oil dropping there. And i don't drive my car fast... appointment was made and i will fix the rear brake on Friday...

    My other 98 honda civic Ex Auto 42K never have any problem though... only some rattle sound at the moonroof area and there are still 50% brake left in the front and 65% rear....but the golf really make me feel better...
  • Recently our daughters' 1994 Golf would not start. The lights, radio, and wipers would work. We tried to jump it but to no avail. Had it towed to a mechanic and he said the computer thought it was in drive so would not start. A computer chip would cost $450 to replace but after sitting there for a few hours it started and has run fine since then.

    Anyone else have this happen? Other ideas? This time it happened at a friends house fortunately and I don't want to not fix the car if it happens again. We've had pretty good luck with it and she loves the car. It is such a classy looking ride.
  • I bought this car new 3/00, within 3 months the sunroof slider broke and back electric window motor broke. I have had one more window motor go, the system had shorted out 3 times and there was no power at all, the interior map light knob came off in my hand and it wouldn't work (they said this is what shorted out my car). Also dealer never filled battery with water one cell completely dry. Latest the engine light keeps coming on and the car keeps feeling like it is hesitating and then surging. Have spent $700+ in last 3 months. They say it needs to be rewired under the hood. Anybody have similar issues? I know I will never buy another VW!!!!!! I am so angry.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    I have the complete power distribution schematics for the 96 Golf you were asking about, including all fuses and the circuits they protect. It's 6 scanned diagrams, so send me an e-mail address and I'll send 'em out to you..
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