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Importing Canadian Vehicles to the U.S.



  • Hi
    I am trying to do the same as you did.
    You have now idea hope this has eased my anxiety.
    Can you tell me wher to go exactly at Sky Harbour ?
    Really appreciate what you have done here.
  • Well I did finally did get through customs. I did a lot of research on websites. There is a notation on the EPA website that all 1997 Chryslers are approved for import. Since the 1997 Roadtreck I have is a Dodge that qualified me. It was a major discussion at the border but I had a previous discussion with a woman in the border import office in Buffalo who agreed with me that I don't need the letter because of that. I had the border officer call her and they let me through, reluctantly.
  • Got it done......thanks again for your very helpful post
  • Did customs make a copy of the compliance letter or just look at it ,or take it? Is hs-7 the only form you needed to fill out? What exactly did they do at customs? thanks!
  • Did they already know your vin or did you have to fill that out on the hs-7 form? What did you tell them before you came so they were ready for you, and do you by chance have the phone # for customs in the airport?
  • Did customs make a copy of the compliance letter or just look at it ,or take it? Is hs-7 the only form you needed to fill out? What exactly did they do at customs? thanks!

    Did they already know your vin or did you have to fill that out on the hs-7 form? What did you tell them before you came so they were ready for you, and do you by chance have the phone # for customs in the airport?
  • importkiaimportkia Posts: 2
    I am a US citizen living in Canada. I bought a 2010 Kia Soul from a dealer new about one year ago while living in Canada. I am now moving, next week or so, back to the US and am struggling to make sure I can drive the car into Canada and "import" it to stay with me in my new residence in the US.
    Kia provided a letter stating the car complies with all US EPA standards, but will not provide a letter of conformance or compliance in regards to US safety standards. Nobody can seem to tell me what is non-conforming or what modifications would be required (if any) to make it conform.
  • gmiddgmidd Posts: 4
    I don't know what to say about this. Mine had a sticker on the door stating compliance with US saftey standards. But if it helps all that the border officers cared about was EPA. They never even looked at saftey.
    Good Luck!
  • medlowamedlowa Posts: 7
    I imported a Chevy Camaro. GM supplied a letter compliance for safety but not the epa.
    So we had it tested in AZ and it passed. we took this certificate along with the gm letter of compliance to the customs in Phoenix and filed out the paper work there.
    It only took around 5 minutes and we were done, they did not keep any docs.
  • berlawberlaw Posts: 1
    I purchased my ssr truck in US & now want to sell it . If I sell it back into the US what do I have to go through at the boarder US customs ???? I do have the original Title from the original owner could I just drive threw and hand over the truck and original Title in US ???
  • pamaramapamarama Posts: 1
    Felt I needed to post about my experience here, as I just went through this process today, with a 1999 Honda Civic, importing from Canada to the USA. I'm a Canadian citizen but permanent resident of the US for the past 8 years. I had a lot of anxiety about it, but it turned out to be a simple process As other posters mentioned, you do not need the HS-7. What you need is a letter on original letterhead from the manufacturer (in my case, American Honda, if importing a Honda manufactured in Canada into the USA). Do this in advance, as it took a few weeks to get this letter from them. I crossed the Windsor-Detroit border today with a temporary 10-day plate on the car I obtained in Ontario when the title was transferred to me (at a cost of $15). The customs officer asked me for the vehicle registration/title before even asking for my ID (a greencard, in my case), and when I planned to import the car. I said, "". I didn't realize there was an option?? Anyway, he sent me inside to fill out a form "CBP 7501" - "Entry Summary". They asked for the vehicle registration, my ID again, and gave me an explanatory form to help me fill out the form correctly. They inspected the car, had a big discussion about one ambigous line in the letter from US Honda stating the car was "non-compliant" re: instrument panel differences. (i.e. km/hr vs mph on the odometer), went out to inspect the car again, and then issued me 2 copies of the stamped, approved 7501, one for me and one for Secretary of State so I can register the car here in Mich. They were extremely courteous and helpful. As long as you have a letter from the manufacturer stating the vehicle complies with US standards, you will be ok. Make sure you have a temp plate on the car and insurance. Do your homework! Many late-model cars are importable into the USA. Expect to spend a half hour or so at customs going through the process, but they will help you through it.

    Oh, and another good thing...I was charged ZERO duty on it at the border. I asked the Customs Officer what I should write under the "value" section on the form, as the car was used and a gift to me from my dad. He guesstimated $2000, but wrote $0 in the value for duty section, so I was charged no duty. He said if I had been importing a brand new Ferrari, I'd be assessed duty, but not for an older car like the Honda.

    When I register the car at the Secretary of State office on Tues., they will likely charge state tax on the assessed value of $2000. I'm ok with that! :-)

    Glad to see this forum here. The process of importing cars can be a bit mystifying. Just do your homework! The info is available online or with a phonecall or two. Just make sure you have your ducks in a row when you show up at Customs. They will help you with the paperwork.

    Cheers! E-mail me if I can help in any way. I can relate to the confusion on this...took me months to sort it all out, but in the end, it was a process, but a smooth one.
  • It is going to happen to me as well.
    I am crossing US Border at Detriot -Windsor from Canada with my Canadian Honda Civic.
    I have a recall clearance letter from Canadian Honda Manufacture, and waiting for a compilance letter from US Honda Manufacture.

    I don't have time to wait the compilance letter from US Honda Manufacture.
    I am wondering if I cross the border without this letter or not.

    Do you have any experience?


  • ataurataur Posts: 1
    I am Canadian citizen and working us on TN Visa. I would like to import my car Hyundai Sentafe to US. I got Compliance letter from Hyundai Canada with CMVSS standard. What else I need?
  • I have been driving my GMC Envoy that I bought in canada three years ago. Its canadian plates have expired. The car is already in US. I want to register it in WA, USA. How can I get letter of compliance to US standards?
  • abrayabray Posts: 1
    What can anyone tell me about importing this car into the US? EPA, DOT, etc compliance etc. Thanks
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    It's more than 25 years old so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Start here: vehicles-%2F-cars-for-personal-use
  • nitlsunitlsu Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 Honda Civic that I imported from Canada to US a few years back. I did the necessary paperwork and it's registered in TX right now. Presently I am looking at selling the thing...can I do so? The speedometer and more importantly the odometer are in KMs (at least the speedometer has both units listed...not the odo though). Do I need a new odometer? Can someone who has done this whole selling process before give me some suggestions?
  • I recently became a permenent resident in the US living in Texas. I am working on importing my 2007 Honda Civic. The car is already in the US. When I originally drove into the US it was as a visitor so nobody inspected my car or anything for import. Now I want to be able to register and insure the car in Texas. I already have the compliance letter. I have been told I now have to take my car to a place called Wallace Labs, in Houston for testing and such, and pay $3400 to Wallace Labs before I can register the car in TX. Does anybody know if this is correct?
  • After trying to obtain a letter of compliance from General Motors of Canada,i was informed that they no longer issue these letters. So be advised,should u desire to register a Canadian General Motors car in the U.S.,I was forced to consult a broker that knows all the ins and outs of this process,the cost for me was 350. dollars. But lucky for me ,i am located near the Canadian Border as is the broker which made the process much easier. Money well spent for me.
  • ram39ram39 Posts: 1
    i bought a car from canada and i have the title and bill of sale and also i worked an getting the manufacturing letter and i have it now. My question is will the sos in us Mi give me a temporary liscense plate to go get the car from canada ?
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