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Dodge Sprinter



  • Yes, there are other alternator options available:115, 150, or 200amp are available as in an auxialry battery.
  • Does anyone know if Sprinter van can be "imported" to California from another state and registered here? I have seen them on the road a few times, and they all had CA plates, but the vans are not sold in the state. If you have good info on the subject you can e-mail me directly.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I found two California dealers (Hartzheim and Lithia of Burlingame) that claim to sell them on their lot so my guess is that it's legal to register them there. Maybe you should check with some other Dodge dealers .

    Steve, Host
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Our pricing pages have been updated:

    2005 Dodge Sprinter

    Steve, Host
  • nixitnixit Posts: 2
    I visit Orange County CA a couple of times a year. Within the past six months Fullerton Dodge had several in their newspaper ad but not listed on their website inventory. Their current website shows no Sprinters. My son reported another dealer with a 'line of them' visible from a south Orange county freeway. I didn't retain the name.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Perhaps they are selling only the commercial versions as opposed to passenger versions?
  • Thank you all for the response. I contacted Dodge and they sent me a list of dealers in the Sacramento and San Jose areas that sell Sprinter vans. Only some dealers are "qualified/approved" to sell Sprinters.
  • I caught only the tail end of the GM van versus Sprinter discussion but there are two tax incentives for vehicles, one expiring this year, one not.


    If you are buying a light vehicle, new, there is an additional accelerated depreciation of about $4,000 if you put it in service this year. This provision expires this year. It may be renewed, or not.


    There is another provision under Chapter 179 that exentially allows you to take the full depreciation on a vehicle with over 6,000 lb GVWR. GM lists the qualifying vehicles at:


    It does not have to be new, just new to your business. Last list I saw was: BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Astro, Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Express, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Durango, Dodge Ram Van, Dodge Ram Maxi Van, Dodge Ram Wagon, Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 3500, Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition, Ford E-150, Ford E-250, Ford E-350, Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, GMC Yukon, GMC Safari, GMC Savana, GMC Sierra, GMC Sierra Denali, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Range Rover, Lincoln Blackwood, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz ML320, Mercedes-Benz ML500, Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Sequoia, and Toyota Tundra.
  • for the next family vehicle. I have a wife, two (2) young boys and a dog. A very active bunch. I would buy a VW but I don't know when they wil have the new van out and I think it won't be what we think it is.


    Anyone experienced in buying one for more civilian use?
  • I have a new Sprinter cargo van on order. When it arrives, I intend to get it converted into a 9 person passenger conversion van. The converter I was going to use, Elk Automotive in Elkhart, Indiana just closed their doors. I am aware of Midway Specialty in Elkhart as well that does Sprinter conversions. Is anyone aware of any other Sprinter conversion companies? Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Don't know - GM is making a renewed push to sell customized vans, so maybe the number of conversion companies will stabilize.


    Customized vans could be the next big trend (Idaho Statesman - this is my local paper and may require registration).


    Another story is in the Herald Today.


    Please keep us posted.


    Steve, Host
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,180
    The Airstream dealer close to me in San Diego sells the Sprinter conversion vans. He keeps about 10 on the lot and they sell very fast. We looked at them and may buy one for cross country travel....
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,180
    Here is the link with all the specs on this very nice conversion.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Pretty spiffy. Wonder how it handles the winds crossing Kansas on the interstate?


    Steve, Host
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Aren't the winds across southern Wyoming on I-80 as treacherous as Kansas?

         I would not want to drive one of these tall, narrow motorhomes across either Wyoming or Kansas.

         However, the winds along the front range of Colorado can toss the jumbo jets around as they fly into Denver from the west. Cross winds along I-25 can also be scary in high profile vehicles like the Sprinters.
  • It can't handle any worse than an Astro in the wind.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    My reference point is my old '69 VW bus - nothing like being passed by a semi and getting sucked over into its lane, and then getting hit by a prairie breeze. Just passing a grain silo would move you over three feet.


    Steve, Host
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I have driven an Astro more than once and did not notice it being affected by the wind any more than any other vehicle of similar height. I do not think the Astro would be as adversely affected by the wind as the Sprinter.

        Unlike the VW Bus, the Astro had enough power to maintain speed even driving into a strong wind. The Astro 4.3L V6 had more torque and horsepower than the CDI diesel of the Sprinter.
  • I had a '68 VW bus. First year wihout the split windshield. I remember it was easily buffeted by the wind, but the '98 Astro I drive for work everyday is a close second.
  • I enjoyed reading through all the postings. I am seeking opinions from Sprinter owners for an application I am considering. Im considering buying a cab&chassis, 140 wb with dual wheels to be used in my Towing Service. Here are my thoughts on it. The specs say: payload capacity is 5774 lbs., Towing capacity is 5000 lbs. Gross Combined Weight Rating(GCWR) is 15,200 lbs. Vehicle weight is 4426.
    So if we take the the GCWR of 15,200 lbs and subtract the weight of the vehicle itself, 4426, we are left with 10,774 lbs of total load capacity. Lets subtract 774 lbs for driver, passenger, fuel and equipment and use 10,000 lbs as the maximum payload/towing weight. The Gooseneck trailer weighs 3000 lbs. This means I can tow a 7000 lb car and still be withing the factory specs. Most of the vehicles I tow are 5000 lbs or less. My thoughts are: Tow trucks run empty about 50% to 75% of the time. example: drive 10 miles to a tow, tow it 10 miles away from home base and come back empty 20 miles=10 loaded, 30 empty. Im looking for the Sprinter to save on fuel and maintenance costs. Brand new Flat bed tow trucks are $60k to $70k. The Sprinter and trailer cost will be approximately $35k. Im not worried about getting anywhere in a hurry. The town I tow in is pretty flat. I dont want to grossly overload the vehicle. With the Gooseneck/5th wheel I am well within the manufacturers payload/towing specs. Thank you in advance for your responses. I have contacted several Freightliner dealers and they tell me. Should work. But I am curious what Sprinter owners have to say, not just the salesmen. Thanks again.
  • There are many companies now doing conversions on these. I even saw one yesterday that is doing a class C motorhome, due out this fall. Looks very nice. is doing that one, as well as a standard conversion to rv without changing the body. Also does limo type conversions, instead of rv. Very nice, but very expensive. Don't know pricing on their Sprinters, but their "used" Expeditions are $120,000+. My personal favorite is they do total custom jobs, either people haulers or rv or mobile office. More costly than your stock conversion, but very nice. We didn't like any of the stock conversions we saw last year, so I hooked my mom up with a van and a converter. He's still working on it 9 months later!!! Incredible work, luxury materials, but it's gotten ridiculous it took so long. Just had a meeting with Dodge and the conversion guy, who wants another 3 months to guarantee delivery!!! Will either be abandoning the project and suing Dodge for our money back, or going to creative mobile interiors to get it finished up and try to get Dodge to pay for it. Only managed one trip in the unfinished Sprinter, but my mom loved the way it drove, it's more narrow which makes it tight on space, but nice to drive. Great gas mileage, which we love, and supposed to be safer than many other vans that are traditionally used for conversions. I'm planning to get one for my family, there are six of us and the kids always seem to have friends tagging along. Just don't know yet if I can afford to convert it, or if I'm going to go with a "bus". has two of the companies that make buses with the Sprinter (Diamler Chrysler or Starcraft Starbus), there is also "lebus" by Glaval. I drove a Glaval version last year, and loved how easy it was for such a big vehicle. I'm usually very self conscious in a large vechicle, but didn't worry in this one. They seat 10-15 people depending on the length and seating configuration.
  • ingridringridr Posts: 20
    Hi All -

    I am finally hitting the point where I have to upgrade to a bigger vehicle than my Forester .

    Here is my situation: Single woman but I show dogs :-) That means I need a van that can carry dog crates effectively. I need/would like an interior height of approximately 48 inches as I would stack crates (crates are 23 inches in height). This negates most minivans since the demise of the Aerostar. I am looking at the VW Eurovans, Chevy Astro, and the Sprinter.

    To be honest, the only real reason I am looking at the Eurovan is because I work as a prosecutor and have chance of getting a good deal on a 1995 Eurovan that was forfeited due to a drug conviction. But I want to make sure I am not buying a van that is not suited to my particular needs.

    Would be buying used anyway as I would keep my Forester for the daily driving. I live in Montana and travel quite a bit to other states for shows so reliability and good snow vehicle is a must.

    I have been a long time Subaru owner and this will be the first non-Subaru that I will be buying. I have to admit I have gotten used to the excellent safety features on the Subaru so I would lean towards a vehicle that has crappier gas mileage but better safety history.

    So what does everyone think? Is one of these vehicles better suit to my lifestyle than the other?

    Thanks so much and sorry for the disjointed message :-)
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    The three vehicles you mentioned have almost nothing in common. The Eurovan is a nice vehicle, but are you sure you want to start maintaining a 10 year old VW? The Astro (now in it's last year of production) is a very crude vehicle, very low safety ratings, but is somewhat durable and dependable. The Sprinter is a huge van, even in it's shortest wheelbase. It does get good gas mileage for it's size. I would also check into the smallest full size 6 cylinder vans from Ford and Chevy, if you not going to haul a lot of weight.
  • ingridringridr Posts: 20
    Thanks for your insight! Yes, the three vehicles in common have almost nothing in common - except the high interior and square body that would allow me to stack crates ;-) I will have to check out those other vans to see if they will work, I just need it to not be a cargo van.
  • supcrdssupcrds Posts: 11
    As an x-owner of an Astro, have a brother in law with an Eurovan, and think I would like a Sprinter, I see what you see in common with the 3 vans. ie: you want big but not a suv.
    Astro: perfect for you, big good power, nearly free 2 years old, cheap parts, no problem in your useage not having hideaway rear seat like other Minivans, I really liked mine after 120K miles but wanted something "nicer". Bought an Oddysey, very refined but lots of money.
    Eurovan: do not make them anymore so 1 to 2 years old going for MSRP af new one, around $30K. 10 years old good luck on parts and no aftermarket support for Mods. NO POWER with 5 cyl engine. Lots of room on the inside not to huge on the outside, "different" as a Subi owner you might like that.
    Sprinter. Great mileage, great load carrying, great towing, "different", 4 different sizes of HUGE. Lots of money. You can tell everyone you drive a Benz:-)

    If you are looking for fuction for your dollar the Astro wins hands down.
  • 2 minor corrections:
    a '95 Eurovan, which has another 15 years of life in it (unlike the GM) has a surprisingly large number of sources for after-market parts. Just do a quick google search. (our '94 has over 200k on it, and is on 2nd battery, 3rd set of tires, and we just replaced exhaust ... everything works still, including AC and cruise, and it gets 25 MPG driven moderately hard)

    And a Sprinter is not a Benz ... its a VW LT with a Benz engine. Mercedes also sells Eurovans with a Benz engine in Europe. Try buying alloys for a Eurovan and you can use anything designed for a MB.

    Both VWs (Sprinter and Eurovan) are built like tanks, so safety should be no concern.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    I'm looking at a new Dodge sprinter high top passenger van. 118 wb model. They also have a 140wb model but that is a bit over kill for our needs. My question is have any of you used one of these as a family van? I think we would like it but have your feelings changed after living with such a large van?
  • supcrdssupcrds Posts: 11
    First off I like the Euro van, huge room good mileage, cool looks in a different way (a lot like the Sprinter) my point on parts is they are limited and will take some research to find and at 10 years old you will need some parts, versus a 2 years old Astro under warrantee. I must have missed the part where you debated my comment on No Power.

    Second: "You can tell people you drive a Benz" is followed by a Happy :-) meaning you are driving a Dodge/Benz/VW work truck with seats, which I would have fun saying with a snob voice "actually it is a Benz"

    One thing to keep in mind is the height. I checked the specs, 93" tall. I can not get a low roof Sprinter in to the garage at work or the garage at home, this really limits my ability to convince my wife we really need one.
  • how have your maintenance costs been heard some unsubstantiated slams about rear brakes, bearinsg and stuff any help here would be greatly appreciated dave
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