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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • the lower portion of the "normal" indicator. Motor seems to warm up fine, as the rear heat blasts hot, but the front can't even keep up with a mildly cold day
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I am not the priamry driver of our 03 Expy but I am 99% certain that there is no light illuminated when in 4Auto.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    I have an 04 4x4 too and you are correct, there is no light that illuminates for 4AWD. The light only comes on for 4x4 high and 4x4 low. This is normal and not a problem.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The problems then may not be related. You probably have a blend-door issue with your front HVAC unit. As to the engine stalling, that's probably a completely different issue. If it's not throwing a code, I can't help you on that one, I've never had one of these engines act up on me at all...
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    I'm not real certain there is a "blend" issue here. On Expeditions, I think the systems are independent of each other. There is no blend option between front and back. The front is either on or off, and likewise, the rear is either on or off. The exception being that if the front is off, there is no way to operate the rear separately. Also, for the rear air/heat, there is no blend between overhead and floor operation. Other than the seatbelt issue, this is the only thing I don't like about the Expedition. I would like to see another "knob" that allows one to at least blend the overhead and floor feature for the rear system.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm not talking about combining the front and back systems, I'm talking strictly about the front system malfunctioning because a blend door isn't closing or opening properly, allowing cold air to flow diluting the hot air.
  • Some mornings I can get into our 99'Eb and it starts fine, some mornings. However, sometimes it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get it to idle high enogh to start and not cut off. Yesterday i was in mid-traffic and it just cut off. Today it took 35 minutes to get it to stay started without cutting off. Any suggestions? wanna chunk it,can't afford it!!!!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds like it's not starting up in closed loop or the parameters of closed loop operation are not correct. The computer may have a problem, or something related to the closed loop process. You need to have it checked, and it sounds like this should be easy to check.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    It worked out that we have had several new Fords the last few years (due to wife's accident, etc.) I have found that it is nearly impossible to remove the oil filter on 4.6 and 5.4 engines at home. (I usually pick up the excellent 5W-20 synthetic blend Motorcraft oil at Wal-Mart and change my own and recycle the used). When I was ready to change the first time on my 2004 Expedition, the oil filter just would not budge with the tools I had or could buy. After breaking my old favorite Motorcraft style filter wrench, I took the vehicle to a Valvoline quick change place. The manager assured me no problem for their pros. After about 30 minutes of trying every filter wrench they had and the manager getting down in the Valvoline pit to help, they got it off. What are the Ford engine plants doing here? Factory robot impact wrench and dry gasket? Hey FMC, this costs us time and money. And, the Valvoline shop certainly didn't make anything on my first visit due to time wasted.


    As an aside, I was surprised that the local Valvoline manager did not have the 5W-20 Ford spec oil. (Honda and a few others use it too). The manager on his own saved one of my empty 5W-20 Motorcraft quart bottles and said he would find out more. Ford has used the 5W-20 in most light duty vehicles except maybe the 4.0L V-6 in Explorer and Ranger since the 2001 model. Honda maybe longer than that. Just a couple of years ago Wal-Mart only had the one Motorcraft selection, but now carries 5W-20 with the Ford, Honda spec in three or four national brands.


    Any similar experiences trying to get Ford OEM oil filters to back off?
  • lenrlenr Posts: 13
    Your story reminded me of the same problem with my '78 F-150 351. Had a wrench that fit the indents on the end of the filter. The filter was so tight that the side of the can started twisting up. Went to Sears in the other vehicle and bought one of the outside gripper types which I slid down as close to the base as it would go. Then used both wrenches at the same time to break it loose. Have bought 6 Fords since then without having the problem again.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I had that same problem on a 77 Oldsmobile I bought new once, and also on a 73 Mazda. I don't think it's indemic to only Ford. Any robotic applied new Oil Filter will be applied without a bead of oil on the gasket, and will fry on hard. For the first oil change, take it in to the dealer. Saves a ton of trouble. That's what I do, no matter what the car is.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    That's what I did with her 2001 Explorer Sport and 2003 Explorer 4dr XLT. Provides a Ford dealer record that the first oil change was on time with proper oil and filter.


    What did you think about my comment about the 5W-20 spec (don't have the actual spec in front of me). Old habits amongst do-it-yourselfers are hard to change. No need to read the owner's manual, 10W-30 or bust. Ha! I forget to mention that much of the $4.50 and higher per quart 0W-30 or 5W-30 in many brands of full synthetic probably would have the above 5W-20 spec covered.


    I just do some work at home to have something to do on the weekends. Have a nice oil lube compressor and impact wrench, floor jack, and stands. Save lots of time and money rotating my three vehicles tires. Avoid all the vehicle drop off and pickup as few tire stores have any kind of fast lane service for rotation only. Also avoid repeated improper lug nut torque settings by Ford dealers and tire stores(also have had missing studs, missing lug nuts, scratched hubcaps, frequent improper tire pressures, and on and on at the dealers and stores). No better at Ford dealers than local tire stores--ongoing problem due to low skill, don't care attitude of new hire types who get stuck with tire rotation. Little or no shop manager quality control anywhere.


    Tire store or auto dealer of course is mandatory if any tire rebalancing or tire repair is needed.
  • sounds like you may have trouble with what they call a fast idle switch i think. If not that then have the dealer check the computer. not sure what to tell you
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    You forgot to mention the quick-lube places who sometimes over-tighten and strip threads on oil drain plugs. Happened to my friend's Honda; cost $400 to replace the pan and since he used several quick-lube shops couldn't prove which one it was. I also change my own oil- always have, probably always will.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Most mechanics I know laugh at the 5W-20 spec these days, thinking that 10W-40 is still the only oil made. Even if I requested what the car called for, I'm sure they flipped me off when I left and pumped her full of good old 10W-40 when I wasn't looking. LOL
  • I was just wondering if anyone else out there has had any problems with continental contitrac suv tires on their expedition? I have had the continental sports before and they were fine, but my newest expediton has the contitracs, and the tire shop found a bad tire on the left rear drivers side. I was going in for a tire balance on all 4 tires when they discovered this one was seperating. You can actually see the seperation and the bulge in the tire. I noticed a slight vibration that was new recently when driving. and this was what they found? I am ordering a new tire to replace. Anyone had this experience before? Has anyone had experience getting the tires replaced under warranty? I am not close(driving distance) to the town where the vehicle was purchased? should I contact the tire manufacturer? any comments would be appreciated, thanks
  • 4x4 light will not come on in 4auto. not even when there is little traction and the 4x4 is engaged.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think everyone has. It happens all the time!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds like your shift motor is out
  • In very cold weather my Expedition when put into 4X4 is now stuck & I can't seem to get it out with the twisting of the in dash knob. The 4X4 light stays on and it appears that the truck is in the low range. What can I do?
  • Seems that the problem has corrected itself. Thanks ofr the assistance.
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    During a routine service visit, the technician noticed that a plastic vent for the 4X4 system was laying against the left side engine manifold and had melted closed. He asked if I've ever had any problems using the 4X4 system and I told him I'd never used it. He informed me that because the vent line was closed off I might have trouble disengaging the 4X4 system. You might want to check that and make sure the vent line on the left side of the engine isn't closed off.

    Regarding Continental tires. I finally bought new Michelins for my 03 Expedition. I had 56,000 miles on them with between 1/4 and 1/2 the tread left. But, since going on an extended trip in the winter, decided to replace them. While I had no real problems with the Continentals, I have noticed that the Michelins are a big improvement in ride quality (quieter and not nearly as intrusive).
  • I spoke with several mecahnics and also the oil changer shop where I get my oil changed. as far as the 5W-20 spec on the oil goes...they say that the newer engines have closer tolerances and that I should stick with the spec. Because using oil that is not spec may cause more wear. also you get better mileage using the 5W-20 mine is still under warranty so i'll stick to the 5W-20. Also my last expedition, before I bought the latest one, I had driven it for 100,000 miles, kept the oil changed every 3000 to 4000 miles. and it ran beautifully like the day I drove it off the lot. I sold it to a guy who will probably drive it another 100,000 miles.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I agree 100%, and try to do the same. Just not sure away from the dealers, that all mechanics give a rip like we do. That's all I'm saying.
  • I have a new EB with the 5.4L and notice that it idle seems a little rough - not sure if that is just the engine or not - our old 2000 Jeep 4.0L had the same type of vibration during idle. Besides that it a great SUV.


    Thanks for your help
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That slight rough idle is not unusual for this engine. It's a truck engine, and feels like it.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    Think most all of us who have had the Contirac TR on late model Expeditions have had our share of similar problems. I contacted Continental in Charlotte, NC to complain about another batch of their "lumpy bumpy old things" on my 2004 Expedition. I got a voice mail from some nice lady about how wonderful their tires are and expression of concern I (more correctly they were having) was having problems. Later got a card to send in about my first contact with Continental. There has been further follow up by the company even though I complained on the card about the lack of proper initial follow up and correction.


    Local Ford dealer dodged replacing the one very bad Contitrac TR tire until many miles had run up and a new tire would not have matched due to wear on the other three. Three worthless attempts to balance the tires by the dealer. Dented those wonderful chrome clad steel wheels on the 2004 NBX more each time. (see earlier post)


    After I described how dead the battery was when I first looked at my new 2004 Expedition and how apparent it was that the vehicle had not been driven in months and months, my local Firestone store manager friend said the time on the lot might be the problem. He went on to say the one bad tire would not get much better based on his many years experience. Some Ford dealers rotate the stock excessively to make it look like sales are booming (Ha!) and other dealers don't move the unsold inventory around at all.


    Because of the automatic lights shut off on new Expeditions, there is little reason for a battery on a new unit to be so cold stone dead that it will not even operate the door locks. Buyer beware!! Lumpy tires on long parked unsold inventory might not get any better anytime soon.
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72


    has NOT been any further contact from Continental to assure the problem was corrected


    P.s. no follow up by the Ford dealer either even though I emailed them after the third balance attempt stating that the one tire was still bumping...also no response to my complaint that my lug nuts were twice over tightened by the Ford techs (150+ lbs the last time per neighborhood Firestone store)..then I'm the bad guy for going to Ford dealer management...unsupervised misfits do not need to be changing tires anywhere...
  • i just bought a 98 expidition, I would like to install the third row seat,was told I could at first then no, so do all expeditons have the option of adding that seat or is it certain models and years. Also I only have four sort of hooks or latches in the rear where the seat would go. I was told that is not for a seat.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I have a 2000 Expy with the 3rd seat and looked at a number of 98 to 2000's when I bought it- I don't think the heavy brackets in the floor were present on the non-3rd seat models. If you ahve 4 recessed metal brackets with about a 1/2" rod across each, I'm wondering if yours maybe had the 3rd seat once upon a time? A dealers service manager should quickly be able to eyeball this and not charge for it.
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