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Isuzu Trooper electrical problems! HELP!!

irevoiceuirevoiceu Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
Dear members: I own a 99 Isuzu Trooper. When I first bought it, I was totally shutting down in traffic, wouldn't restart, and had to be towed to the dealer 3 times! They couldn't find anything wrong with it. One of your members found the problem, but I forgot his name! Anyway, that problem was in the wiring harness, a faulty o2 sensor, which has been fixed... and I've had a year of good driving. Now, I live in new area, truck is stalling in traffic, but will restart. I think there's an electrical problem in the dash. My cell phone charger caused electrical "static" noise, which weirdly, also could be heard when I applied the brakes! Pulled it out, noise stopped. But I have constant no-start problems. Auto Club has started me 3X....even with a new battery. Something seems to be drawing energy somewhere....but dealer can't find it. Now, I turned the heater on today and it shut down in traffic. Again, Dealer can't find any problems. AND...the cell phone charger is fine..I tried it in another car with no problem. Here we go again! Fruitless trips to the dealer with no help. I'm afraid of getting in trouble with lights/wipers...and stalling on busy freeways. I wish I could remember who helped me home in the mountains burned down, and so did my computer, of all my information went with it. Can anyone help me?? I sure would appreciate it!!


  • ngprongpro Member Posts: 8
    Not enough info here for pinpoint diagnosis but you have either a failing alternator (perhaps when hot) or a loose electrical connection relative to the alternator or battery.

  • irevoiceuirevoiceu Member Posts: 6
    Dear Mike, Thanks so much for helping me! I will take this info to the dealer and hope they can track this down. I appreciate this!
  • irevoiceuirevoiceu Member Posts: 6
    In cruising the message board, I found the name of my former savior, "Opatience!" I'm not very good with this computer, so I can't seem to reach you. (I miss my Mac!) but if you're out there, any electrical input on the SAME Trooper would be appreciated! YOU were the reason it got fixed last time, and I've never forgotten it. Thanks,, too! All input helps!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Hi irevoiceu,

    You might want to repost this information (a bit more briefly) in the "Electrical Gremlins" discussion, which is a catch-all for this type of problem. Opatience is more likely to show up there.

    I'm going to freeze this discussion now since we'd like to avoid having too many 4-5 post discussions on specific years and models.


    Mr. Shiftright
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