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Land Rover Range Rover



  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Oh come on is Karl just lazy or is he really that biased against Land Rovers?

    I remember the last Range Rover he reviewed and how he complained that the buttons were all pictographs with little English characters on them. Well guess what the Range Rover is sold in close to 190 countries many of which don't even use western style characters. What should Land Rover do make 150 different labeled buttons for a low production, somewhere around 50,000 units worldwide a year, vehicle?

    How could he have trouble releasing the parking brake? The message center in the instrument cluster tells you how to release the brake. It comes up with a message that says, "Push down paddle and hold foot brake to release parking brake." If you put the car in drive or reverse and touch the gas then the park brake releases automatically.

    Then the DVD player I mean come on how could you not figure that out. With the entertainment screen up, you get it up by pressing the music note button pretty intuitive really, you hit the button marked DVD to play the movie on the front screen while in park only. You have the screen up in the second picture of the blog.

    To turn on the rear screens you hit the button to the right of the DVD button the one that looks like a seat with someone sitting behind it and a music note again. At that point you can select what audio and video sources go to the rear screens. You can plug in a gaming system to RCA ports located in the center console. Someone can watch a movie on one screen while another person plays a video game and listens to the satellite radio.

    Finally you have the price and yes 95,000 dollars is a lot of money but it is the price of exclusivity. Approximately 12,500 Range Rovers are imported each year to the US. Less then 2,000 of those will be supercharged Range Rovers. You could probably get a Cayenne Turbo for about the same price as a supercharged Range Rover but it wouldn't have any options. Porsche makes EVERYTHING optional so in order to get similar equipment to the Range Rover the MSRP on the Cayenne would be about 116,000 dollars. There are a lot more cayennes on the road then Range Rovers as well.
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    Auto reviews where the reviewer expects to hop in and intuitively figure everything out are pointless. Read the manual, drive it for a couple weeks, then report back.
  • jadevettijadevetti Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if Range Rover is getting a makeover that will change the exterior significantly next year or the year after? I don't want to buy one if they are changing its look, and it will be much more different than what it is now . Thanks!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Next redesign is either going to be 2010 or 2012. The 2008 Range rovers will be here next month and they are essentially the same as the 2007s.
  • anyone receive any tranferable coupon re: lr3's or range rovers? i will pay $$$ for them
  • yrbenderyrbender Posts: 25
    Looking to buy a valentine 1 radar detector. Does anyone know of any issue with the heated windshield and detection problems?
  • Well - I'm now the owner of a brand new RRS - already done 3,000 miles and love every minute.

    I got the luxury package seats. Anyone got any good tips on caring for the leather please?

    Many Thanks,
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Does anyone know of any issue with the heated windshield and detection problems?

    I don't think there would be any issues. The heating elements are narrow and widely spaced compared with the detector's wavelength. Someone with hands on experience may know for sure.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My RRS exhaust pings excessively when when it's cooling down. I've been told it's normal, but I've never had a car this noisy! Does anyone else have this poroblem? It actual also "Pings" slightly when it's still running also.
  • Yes its normal. Most cars do this to some extent. It will lessen as the car ages and the exhaust doesn't expand/contract as much.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Enjoy the view and don't worry about the pings. The exhaust system and catalytic converter endure some pretty high temps so that they work properly. The metal expands and contracts as it's heated and cooled--which is exactly what it is designed to do.
  • Updated to new navteq map does anyone have the new override code to enter desinations while driving. Have been looking all over the internet and cant find. Please help.
  • any update on the new code for the udated nav? My old code wont work with new dvd.
  • I am also looking. I will let you know as soon as I find something.
    07 RRS
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Here's that code you were looking for:

    1. Pull over to the side of the road.
    2. Engage Park with gear selector.
    3. Enter destination in NAV system.

    Works like a charm every time!
  • You don't even need to engage park just pull over and stop. As soon as the Speedo reads less then 5 mph the navigation is enabled.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Sorry, chaps. Forgot to attach the sarcasm tag to my last post for those who wouldn't get it.

    My point is that it is extremely foolish even to think of diverting one's attention from the serious business of driving while a 6,000+ pound vehicle is in motion.

    Why do we need a hack to disable a key safety feature in the NAV? That's why it won't work while the vehicle is rolling. If there is such a code floating around the Internet, it doesn't need to show up on Edmunds as it would be promoting illegal modification of the software.

    The gents who were asking for this need to take a deep breath and find something else to do. Read the owner's manual--detail the vehicle yourself--go for a long drive offroad, etc., etc.
  • Oh I know you were being sarcastic and I kind of was too. Just showing that it was simpler then you thought it was to activate the nav.

    The code everyone is talking about is disabled on all 2007 and up Land Rovers along with any 2005-2006 Land Rover that gets the nav update from navteq.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    That's a relief, since you are our generous resident expert on all things Land Roverish.

    These guys who can't be satisfied with a perfectly adequate ride just get me going... Reminds me of the yahoo who dominated a group trail ride a few years back. You know the type--big Hella lights and bull bar on the front of his RR. He wanted to impress everyone by charging the next hill. He went airborne at the top and broke something essential when he landed. Had to limp about 10 miles back to pavement in 2WD. Lucky for him he was in a Range Rover, or he never would have made it out!
  • All nav sarcasm aside. I purchase my 06 RR for off-road use. I find it odd to have to frequently field questions on why I would take it off-road. I have taken it off road durning lunch and return with it quite muddy (if I dont have time to spray it off). That is whend the Q&A sessions start. Just an observation.

    I had my truck up in the mountains this weekend and the temperature dropped to about 26. When started it sounded like a belt was loose or something a loud squeal. It continued for about an hour driving no stop through the mountains at average speed of about 55. Any one have any ideas on this or do I need to take it to the dealer?

  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Good for you! You're getting your money's worth by going off-road.

    It's hard to say from your short description why you would get a noise like that, although I sometimes had that happen with my former Jeep when the AC drive belt got a little older and the weather was cold and dry.

    If you were wading in the vehicle, and splashed sand, mud or grit into the under-carriage, it's always a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning afterwards. Otherwise, it could contribute to wear and tear. I would defer to the dealer's service staff before applying any "belt dressing" or other spray-on stuff to quiet a noisy belt.

    Enjoy your travels and let your friends know how much fun you're having in the boonies. That will usually stop any questions about why you're taking your RR off road.
  • Thanks for the reply. Now that you mention it I did wash off the car the night before. The doors were even slightly frozen in the morning. Perhaps this contributed to the problem. All seems well today.

    Any suggestion on how to protect the car off-road? Does the A-frame protection bar help? So far the paint is holding up really well.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    I should clarify "off-road" to mean while driving on unpaved roads such as primitive roads through National Forests or fire roads. Cutting a new trail in most parts of the country is not considered good stewardship of the environment, which is why LR and most other automakers subscribe to "Tread Lightly". I wouldn't spend the money on the A-bar if I were you. It's not needed unless you're planning to push down brush as you drive, which is not advisable.

    As for the paint, keeping the vehicle clean, covered parking (when you're not exploring!) and a good coat of wax is your best protection. a great liquid wax for SUV's. I have used it on mine and it stands up to the Arizona sun, dust, mud and the occasional swipe from overhanging brush.
  • Occasionally when I start my 06 RR the suspension height indicator light does not activate, this in turn causes the message center to display the there is a suspension problem.
    If I then turn the ignition off then restart the car all is fine.
    I have taken it to the dealership twice and they have upgraded some software, but the problem keeps reoccurring. Any thought?
  • As long as it shuts it shuts off again when you restart the truck don't worry about it.

    Many people have suggested that letting the vehicle run through its self check procedure before you start the car cuts down on extraneous check engine/suspension lights. Turn the key to the on position and wait till the steering wheel comes to a rest in your lap before you start the car. You end up waiting between five and seven seconds to start the vehicle but it does seem to work.
  • I bought a used 2005 Range Rover with about 28K miles.

    It is missing the CD magazine for the changer. I called Land Rover up for getting a replacement and they quoted almost $80 for it. I know that it is a Clarion unit and I can find CD magazines for this for around $40 online.

    Any information on the exact model that is installed.
  • Any one concerned about ford selling land rover?
  • Hi I am looking at one of the older style classic range rovers, the 2001-2002 model year. I know that while they are awesome cars, the current range rovers arent known for their reliability. Is this also the case for the older model years, or did these models hold up better? If anyone has any information on this or owns a rover from these years and would like to report on its reliability it would be a huge help to me. Thanks so much
  • You got it the other way around.

    The P38 body style Rovers from 1995-2002 are much, much less reliable then the Mark III Range Rovers from 2003-current.

    The only P38 I would buy is a 2000-2002 that has extensive service records.
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