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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



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  • Your rear diff fluid needs erplaced at the first 7500 miles.
  • Yeah, I saw that in the manual. I'm surprised it needs to be replaced so soon. I assume it has something to do with break-in.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    text is Japanese but you can look at the pix. I guess this is what our 2005 will look like.
  • Here is a site from Amsoil that seems unbiased. It compares many different petrolium and synthetic oils by performing tests.
  • I have carried a few 8 foot mouldings and 2 X 4s inside my Aerio SX by folding the back seat down and sliding the pieces through the opening between the front seat backs and resting the tips on the dash (I have a dash cover) and could possibly taken a 9 foot length and it works fine. Sheets of plywood wont work naturally. Many roof racks have 100 to 159 pound limits but check around as someone just might have one sturdier than that but it would probably be European. I have a Suzuki sales booklet that their salesman were given back at introductory time in 2002 and it states that the Aerio roof structure will support a 3000 pound load because of the 3 side supports that extend up into the roof area to form built in roll support. Im not sure how to prove that or maybe they mean roll stiffness. This is food for thought.
  • Hello, I have a 2003 aerio sx. I have had the front bearings replaced twice. Once at 12,000 miles and again at 30,000 miles. At 42,000 miles the wheel snapped off the car. Anybody else had bearing problems only front wheel drive. If your not sure if your bearings are going up just feel the wheel if its 2 hot to touch you have a problem.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    vernongray,suzuki did have a TSB for the frt wheel bearings for a clunking noise.Were the first wheel bearings replaced for the same reason as the second ones? I'm on a couple of different suzuki sites and have not come across that concern yet.
  • I have a 2004 SX AWD and I definitely hear the clunking noise. But the dealer says that they can't reproduce the problem. Where can I get more info on this TSB? Thanks!
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Here is the TSB. This is for the US.The Canadian dealers will replace the knuckles as well,but for some reason the US dealers are instructed to replace the bearings only. - 01716-9260.pdf
    If you open up your e-mail on your profile I can send you more info.
  • Waited and waited for the Aerio to come out, and then to my dismay AWD was only available with automatic! Any chance of AWD and 5-spd? Anyone?
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    There are rumors of an AWD 5sp for 2005,but thats just rumors. Japan has had the 5speed AWD since they started making the AWD.
  • DAVIDD5, The problem was by the second time the dealership was getting pretty nasty. They wanted me to do an 900.00 maintance deal. I told them no I would do my own maintance they told me the next time suzuki might not cover the repair.

    At this time I have been trying to get a hold of the district service rep, but no luck understand they are busy with vitara recall.

    I want someone to tell me the axle breaking at the wheel was not caused by the bearings failing twice on the car.

    when the bearings went up the first time there was so much heat 1 of the wheels caught on fire. Had to replace both rotors because they were warped by the heat.

    If I don't get a call soon am calling nhtsa and lodging a compalint.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Wow,vernon I can't believe your dealer is taking such a poor attitude toward this concern. So can I assume the second repair was covered under warrenty? What kind of maint. did they want you to do? The bearings are a sealed for life unit.
  • davidd5, The maintance that they wanted to perform for the 900.00 was transmission flush, tune-up, oil change, brakes. One of the reasons I bought the Suzuki was that they seemed to be a relatively low maintance vehicle. Since the car was for my wife I thought that was great. It was just a dealership trying to get over on the customer. I just didn't appreciate having someone threaten me that my next repair might not be covered if I didn't do the main. package.

    Yes the 2nd bearing failure was also covered under warranty and since that was at 30,000 miles they extended that part an additional 12 months 12,000 miles.

    Still have not heard from district service rep concerning problem. Sent a complaint to NHTSA here in US. Also am calling Japan this evening and see if I have better luck with them.

    If I drove the car I probably wouldn't have made such a fuss, but its the wifes car and we just had a baby in November.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Thats a great deal teets18. I just put on some michelin arctic alpins so I'm not looking. What kind of parts are you looking for? I will try to find a buyer for the tires.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    I'm looking for the parts that need replaced every so often, i.e. brake pads, rotors, wheel cylinders, alternator, starter etc. I figure that i better locate where to find these parts before something needs to be replaced. I don't really feel like paying high dealer costs. By the way, how much did you pay for your Alpines?
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    If memory serves me right,I think $122.25 canadian each. As for the wear items. Raybestos makes a pad for the Aerio. As for the rotors,I'm not sure if there is a maker yet. Same goes for the other items. But I'm sure by the time they will need replacment there will be an aftermarket for that stuff.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    I hope parts will be available soon. The Aerio has been out for a few years now, and still there are really no aftermarket parts available (i think). I'm going to check out to see if other Suzuki makes have parts available. At my store, we generally turn down working on Suzukis just as fast as we turn away BMWs and Mercedes etc.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Teets18,why would you guys turn away suzuki's. Being a tech myself,suzukis are an easy car to work on.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    We choose to turn away cars such as the Suzuki line up because parts are too hard to find. If we know that we'll have to go through a dealer to get most of the parts, we'll usually send the customer to the dealer. Not only is our profit margin small on dealer parts, the time it takes to complete the vehicle is very long. Sometimes we do work with parts from the dealer, in a pinch, for the customer. However, most of the time, the customer would rather go to the dealer anyhow when we explain the time it might take to finish their work. We'll inspect brakes, suspensions etc., but we make sure to inform them we may not be the best choice as far as a company to work on their car. Also, guys get upset when cars linger in their own bays for too long.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    If anybody was interested in my amazingly incredible offer of 4 new Blizzaks, sorry, they work great; i put them on my AWD Aerio. Traction was superior before, but now it's incredible. I'd recommend snow tires to anyone considering them. After i installed them, i could not get the wheels to spin freely--even after stabbing the gas.
  • I must say Suzuki needs to address its US dealer arm. If they plan to increase sales here they must look at the long term and gain repeat buyers. We have an old 1996 Esteem we bought new. It has over 200000 miles on it. It was never back for any warranty work and has had minimal up keep(Timing belt at 80000 and 160000) I think the front brake pads lasted about 85000 miles each time. The rear drums still had over 45% left at the last service. The only repairs that have been needed were a cv boot at 120000 and a rubber motor mount had rotted from age at somewhere around 160000. Also, one trick to suzuki windows is to keep the rubber track lubed with silicon spray otherwise the windows drag and are hard to roll up. Just some useless knowledge! I plan on replacing this car in a few years. I hope the next Suzuki I buy will be as good as the one I now own.
  • I forgot to mention. The repairs that were done on the car were not done at a Suzuki dealer. They were done at a local repair shop. Each time the car was dropped off in the morning and finished that day. I have never had a problem getting parts. That may be because I have never need something out of the usual like some sort of sensor.
  • Several Suzuki execs spoke at the Detroit Auto Show. Suzuki has just hired a recently retired GM executive to head up dealer development.. They hope to weed out the weak dealers and increase the total from 380 to 600 in the next 19 months or so and are pushing to get dealers to build separate showrooms and dealerships. My dealer in Tucson has recently done this and are a pleasure to deal with. The service department has even lowered prices on certain repair jobs to compete with independent shops. They are very cooperative and open to ideas. I plan on keeping my old Sidekick and 02 Aerio for a very long time and have had 3 others in the past. They have several new models coming out in the next 2 or 3 years.. Sounds exciting but everything takes time. The original Honda and Subaru models in America were an abortion.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    If they can boost dealer participation, they have a fighting chance to make a go of it.

    Funny, my dealer, if you did not know this area, ya'd never know they sold zukes. No sign except a pea sized one on the front of the building.

    Suzuki ought to send reps around to check this out and tell the dealers either get the sign up or lose your franchise.

    Its not a good way to advertise.
  • The Service Engine light came on a couple of Fridays ago. I took it in the next morning for immediate service (the manual says "service right away") to find out that neither the Suzuki writer nor a Suzuki tech were in that day. I asked for a loaner and then demanded one after the Pontiac/GM service writer assured me that I could still drive my car (though the manual said otherwise).

    So, a sensor in the gas tank was bad and a part was ordered. The loaner car was out three days and I had to pay for one of the three. I was okay with that, but not too thrilled about future warranty repair experiences.

    The part came in, and I sat for a couple of hours to learn that my filler neck is out of round, thus creating a vacuum leak, thus setting off the sensor. A gas tank is en route from Cali.

    I don't feel like spending a Saturday sitting around (and being bumped for other peoples' 'emergencies' like I was the last time I did a scheduled Saturday appointment.

    Do I have any recourse to demand a loaner since I'm in for warranty work AND it's the third time I'm in for the same (or at least a related)problem? I'm at work before 7 am and would rather leave the car overnight and be assured that it would be done by the time I get out of work the next afternoon.
  • I like this car. I still can't get over the fact that I paid the same price for a stripped Escort wagon in 1991.
  • My guess is it sounds like the first time you were there the tech misdiagnosed the problem by blaming the sensor. Probably any other tech would have done the same thing instead of checking the filler neck. I believe--on the grounds of a misdiagnosis--you should be able to receive a loaner for free. However, the service rep. might stick to his guns and still blame both the sensor and filler neck. Good luck
  • HankrHankr Posts: 100
    in the warranty section...

    "If a Suzuki vehicle is rendered inoperable, unsafe or illegal to operate and requires an overnight repair during the 36,000-mile/3-year new vehicle limited warranty period, your Suzuki dealer will provide a courtesy rental vehicle for up to five days through Enterprise Rent-A-Car."

    Sounds like your situation would qualify.
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