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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • I know what Suzuki says, but the dealer would say that the fix doesn't require me to be without my car past their service hours, just that the drop off would be an inconvenience (for the third time). Seems like they want to NOT have to report loaners to the manufacturer.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Find the area rep for zuke and raise cain with them. They are putting you through the mill and you deserve better.
  • Something seems a miss to me. Chocoxtaco you say the "check engine" light came on. You took it to the dealer and they said a sensor in the tank failed. And then you have the car repaired but now they say the tank filler is the cause of the "check engine" light? Well I have had the tank sensor fault myself. Now according to my dealer that sensor in the tank measures the fuel temp[Does some computing with the engine temp to help set the fuel mixture I guess] Now with a filler neck concern,the only fault code I can see being set would be a "major evap leak". Two very different codes. But either way,you should have been able to drive your car until the parts came in and not be out any cost of a rental.
  • Nothing is amiss. I took it in immediately because the owner's manual says to have a check engine issue repaired right away. The non-Suzuki writer told me that I could drive it with the light on, but if the manual says one thing and the man the other, I'm over a barrel. Sure, it's the voice of experience, but if something does go very wrong, then the voice can quote the manual and scold me for neglecting the vehicle and inflicting unnecessary harm upon it.

    The sensor code was read, but no repair has happened yet because they had to order the part. The out of round issue came up when I went in to get the sensor replaced. So, two times to the shop and the problem has yet to be resolved.

    Why should I not demand a loaner if the manual requests a repair asap? And why should I not ask for a loaner since I'm taking the car in for the third time to deal with their mistake?
  • I didn't mean something was a miss with you. Just that are there two codes set or just one? With either one though,once the code was diag'ed, the car can be safely driven until the part comes in. But the way this was handled was wrong and yes,I do think you should have a loaner car.
  • Thank you for the clarification. No word on the elusive new gas tank after two weeks.
  • redsirredsir Posts: 34
    Our 2003 AWD SX has a rumble in the drive train at about 60-70 Kph, (35 Mph). It is not constant, and often goes away at high/lower speed. It can be felt mostly through the seat.

    Last oil change, dealer acknowledged the noise, and would enquire about it. I had them record it on the service order.

    I think the vibration is from the AWD viscous coupling. I will pursue this again at next oil change to ensure if it become a bigger problem it won't be ours.
  • Be aware that your AWD requires a diff lube change at 7500 miles, per instructions of Suzuki.
    I'm not saying this is your cause of the rumble, but be prepared to have all your maintenance liabilities covered so you don't get screwed. Also, could you be a little more specific about the rumble; maybe that would help in recieving more feed back. I'm going to throw a lot of maybes here because i don't have anything to go off of besides tha fact you mentioned a rumble. Is it more of a sound rather than a feeling, visa versa? . Usually, vibration felt in the seat of your pants is blamed on crappy back tires or out of round rims or maybe a weak or broken strut. How many miles are on your car and tires? I've seen all kinds of crazy things regarding vibration at different speeds, and 49 out of 50 of them were sold new tires or rims or struts, which always cured the problem. I've also seen vibrations due to sticking rear shoes, maybe your ebrake is sticking.
    My advise is: before getting involved with the dealer, take care of the more common items that might be causing this problem with someone else and in front of your own eyes. Have a reputable tire shop with newer equiptment balance all 4 tires, and tip the guy who's going to work on your car before hand and ask him if you can watch your tires spin on the balancer. I would do this even if your car is still under bumper to bumper because i've seen some techs take short cuts and just visually inspect tires and rims. This is a fast but horrible aproach, and i've seen it done many times in my own shop, which in many cases has led to a lot of unecessary agravation. Good luck, and keep us informed.
  • How does an Aerio respond with this type of faulty sensor? mine is relatively young, and haven't had any problems yet, but now i'm suspicious about the future. What should i look for as far as symptoms?
  • Being on another Aerio website,we have had one guy with a concern about vibration/drone/rumble. What the dealer found was a bent driveshaft.
  • redsirredsir Posts: 34
    Here is what I have observed. The rumble is not consistent. It is a vibration, more pronounced when cold, and occurs mostly within a speed range 60-70 Kph. This occurred when new, and still at 30,000 Km. It has not worsened

    You are quite right about tire vibration as a possible cause. Having gone through this with two other cars I know what it is like, and the problems were corrected.

    I do recall a prior test drive of another Aerio AWD, it behaved the same. I wrote it off at the time thinking it was just that vehicle.

    However, I will take your suggestion, and have the tires checked, just to eliminate them as a cause. Thanks for the tip.
  • We have a good Suzuki dealer here in Tucson and they handle only Suzuki. However they rarely stock more than one Aerio at a time now and load their lot with Forenza, XL-7 and Verona. Thats what all the ads are on too and they claim there is no interest in the Aerio. We still love ours but they have all but forgotten it. I bet 2005 is the last year for it and that is a mistake. What are your dealers pushing??
  • Well from what my dealer told me after their big regional dealer meeting is that the Aerio won't be discontinued. I didn't ask him that directly but he told me the supposed future lineup. It goes as:

    -The Vitara V6 stopped production about 2 months ago and will be DEFINITELY dropped for 2005.
    -The XL-7 is supposed to be the next GV either in name or placement in the lineup. It will no longer be the biggest SUV in the lineup. Eventually, it will be redesigned in mid-05 on a GM platform.
    -GM is currently working (for about a year now) on an extended version of the Saturn Vue with a different interior and slightly different styling for Suzuki to sell in Japan. Word is that it may be sold as the next XL7 here in America.
    -Suzuki will get a TrailBlazer-sized SUV (the dealers words..not mine). Whether it is a rebadged TB (please NOO) or a new SUV of the same size we are yet to see.
    -Suzuki may get their own version of the new GM midvans. When the next GM midvans on the Lambda platform (2007) comes out, Suzuki is DEFINITELY getting one.
    -GMDAT is working on an all new SUV (concept Daewoo Thetascope) that will be brought here as a Suzuki, but in Canada as a Suzuki and Chevrolet. There is also speculation that this might be the next XL7 instead of the "Vue EXT".
    -GMDAT might export the Daewoo Chairman as a Suzuki.
    -Since GM is bidding on SsangYong motors, they may export the Rezzo as a Suzuki.
    -Suzuki has PROMISED a 2-door sports car to compete with the other imports like the Eclipse, Tiburon, tC, Celica, etc.
    -Suzuki is working on a new V6 VVT 3500cc engine.
    -They have plans for a full-size SUV around 06.
    -Daewoo Tacuma (upcoming Chevrolet Vivant for Canada) has a 75% chance of coming to US as a Suzuki.
    -A crossover SUV is expected at the end of this year, to be announced at one of the upcoming auto show. This will be a TRUE Suzuki product.
    -Aerio gets an interior refresh. The same one in place for the Japanese 04 Aerio.
    -Verona may get power upgrade for 05 to 170HP. It is rumored to also get side-impact airbags.
    -Forenza may also get power upgrade for 05 to 140HP. It too is rumored to also get side-impact airbags.

    *Now some of this is just word from the manager after I talked to him for about an hour. Some of the material I posted I read from the packet given to each dealer at the annual Regional Dealership Meeting. If any of this has been heard by anyone else, I'd love to hear about it!!!
  • Well, it usually depends on what Suzuki gets because GM is basically in control of them, even though they only own about 20 percent. I frankly would like to see more pure Suzuki cars here (not imported from Japan, but all new cars) and not as many GMDAT cars. They're good quality, but too many GMDAT cars makes Suzuki look too much like Daewoo......and I don't really know if that's a good thing. :\
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    Our 2002 Aerio with 21,000 trouble free miles just suddenly had the check engine light come on and restarting it wont make it go away. I will take it in tomorrow to be checked out. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANY OF YOUR AERIOS ??
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    We have about 28,000 trouble-free kilometers on ours, and no CEL's to date. (touch wood!) You may want to check if your gas cap was properly tightened the last time you filled up, as I've heard a loose cap can cause the CEL to come on.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    They also suspected a gas cap or fuel system problem but it turned out to be a large vacuum hose and missing clamp coming off the intake manifold. Odd that it still ran good but the gas mileage was down on the last tankful or two.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    Hit a major pothole (they're everywhere around here) back in the fall and slightly bent the right front rim (only on the inside of the rim, however...can't see it unless you take the wheel off)). Didn't notice any adverse handling effects and the tire/rim seal must be ok, as no loss of air pressure noted. Tire has a bulge on the outside sidewall, however. Dealer says around $600 CDN to replace the rim and tire (these are the factory rims/tires, BTW), but service guy says as long as the rim can be balanced, probably just need to replace the tire. Have been running on steelies/snows for the winter, but it's getting to be that time where I switch back to the "summer" tires. About 29Kms on the car but less than 20KMs on the stock wheels/tires as I have been running the steelies/snows every winter. If I get a brand new Yoko Geo, will it adversely affect handling, as the tread depth will be greater than the other 3 tires? Is it possible to buy used tires (privately, or from auto wreckers, etc.?) I know I could go the ebay route and possibly find something but I'd prefer to buy local (Toronto area). I'm not at the point where I want to replace all 4 tires, as there is plenty of life left in them.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    Here's what I'd do, if you intend to stay with the Geolanders long term. Buy one and also put the spare on another wheel, probably best to put the two new tires on the front. Use the less damaged one you take off as a spare. They're cheap at that well known online tire store. If you are going to change to another tire, I'd just go ahead and do all 4 right now.

    You can almost certainly get a used replacement wheel from someone that replaced his with aftermarket rims. I can point you to a place on the web chock full of just that kind of folk, but you could most likely find it yourself through any of the popular search engines.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    I'll check tonight when I get home, but I have a feeling the spare is just one of those temporary
    spares. If it IS fullsize, then your idea sounds great. I'm also thinking that the Geolanders are directional........i.e. the ones on the right side of the car have to stay on the right side and same for the left.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    By now, you should have noticed you have a compact spare and can't use it for regular use. No, Geolanders on the Aerio are not directional. If you have all wheel drive, your tires must have the same tread depth. If you have a two wheel drive, mix and match all you want.
  • guickgguickg Posts: 19
    I went to see the NY Auto Show the other day. There was an Aerio SX displayed there, but I don't remember seeing an Aerio sedan. The SX was displayed practically out of sight, behind a huge column, and all the way on the edge of Suzuki's display area. There was practically no visitor traffic around it. Suzuki's new cars, on the other hand, were displayed right in the middle of the exhibit. There was a Reno Concept, but it looked like a production car Suzuki plans to roll out in 2005. There also was a Forenza Wagon Concept. Looked nice, but it reminded me of the Esteem wagon a little. A Suzuki rep said that it will come out in the fall of 2004. Once again, I don't know why it was labeled "concept". Both cars were locked so I couldn't check them out inside. Anyhow, it does not appear to me that Aerio will be around for much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if it's discontinued for next year. Suzuki will have the Reno and Forenza hatches/wagons. There appears to be no room for three wagons/hatches of basically the same size, purpose and target market. The fact that Suzuki dealers have very few brand new Aerios in stock makes me nervous too. Aerio has not sold well at all, and it receives direct and very powerful competition from the Matrix/Vibe, Focus and now Mazda3, Scion, even Aveo and others. I am afraid that Aerio used car values will sink even lower if Aerio is discontinued. Plus all the changes that many of us have been waiting for, like a non-digital dash, a little less ground effects, cleaner look, more inside storage etc. may not materialize. Do you guys have any thoughts on this matter?
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I think this next year will be the last for the SX as Suzuki has lost interest in it and has not advertized it for quite some time now. It was popular in 2002 and then they forgot it when the Daewoo GM deal went through and they came out with the Forenza, Verona and now the Reno and F. Wagon. They ignored the SX and relagated it to fleet duty which drove the resale value down more. It is a shame as it is a fine practical vehicle that they abandoned and our 02 has held up well with no problems. GM Daewoo has also bought a Cjinese Daewoo engine plant and a Daewoo assembly plant in India and will soon buy the other Korean plant and a diesel engine maker from Italy will build a diesel plant in Korea next to Daewoo for 2006. I look for future cars to come from Daewoo and trucks, 4X4 from Chevrolet.. The arrival of the Aerio came at a bad time. I either keep my Aerio forever or get rid of it soon. The Forenza, Reno sit too low for us and the Verona is not what I want. I have driven the Chevt Aveo (Daewoo Kalos) and was impressed. Good fit and finish, high quality paint, sits high, comfortable, quieter and rides better than the Aerio, zippy, more economical but less trunk space in the LS hatch. Works for me. Suzuki offers it in Canada but not here??
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    According to this article, the Aerio will receive a facelift this year
    so rumours of it's impeding death may be somewhat premature. I've seen quite a few around the GTA, so they still seem to be selling ok here. I DO think Suzuki could do a better job with it, though. Styling is probably it's biggest problem....the SX hatch is about the only version I like. The Matrix isn't exactly a stunner either, but at least it has decent sized wheels & tires. The best things about the Aerio are it's interior room and comfort + it's a pretty good value compared with it's competition.
    (although you lose what you saved in resale value). It's reliability has been very good as well. The digital dash (although I don't have a problem with it) doesn't do it any favours (the analogue redesign looks way better)and overall, it needs way more refinement. (Gruff engine, mediocre power despite the hp ratings and buzzing door panels leave a poor impression). It has served our needs well (wanted something economical with a bit more space than our 1993 4 door Sidekick). We may keep it as a second car and trade our 1993 Altima for a Nissan X-Trail in 2005 (or a Mazda4 or Toyota Corolla Verso, if they become available) or we'll keep the Altima
    (it's in great shape with around 90,000 km (56,000 mi.)) and trade the Aerio.
    BTW, frenchcar , I sat in a Swift+(Suzuki's "Aveo") last time I was in for service. It would make a great 2nd car/commuter and the front seats are good, but my head brushed the ceiling in the back and I'm only 5'10". Getting in & out of the back was also far more difficult than in the Aerio. Would probably buy an Echo hatch instead, (or maybe a Honda Jazz/ was recently spotted in Toronto).
  • bingerbinger Posts: 2
    I have a vibration in the steering wheel and seat at 2300 - 2500 RPM's. Dealership has not been able to help in over a year. The tires were balanced.....which are Yokohama Geolandar's. I suspect the engine because it does the same standing still. Suzuki says there is a "problem", but does not have a solution with mine or other similar complaints. Can anyone out there help? Thanks!
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    My 03 SX vibrates a little too.
     Here's a weird thing; tell me if anyone has noticed this on their SX model: when the car is cold and started up, i here a low grumbling sound that starts at the firewall then slowly progresses to the rear end (i swear). Maybe i should just get rid of the car. After 10K i'm experiencing signs that suggest low quality of the vehicle. The fit and finish of the paint job is horrible i discovered as i waxed the car.
    I balanced my own tires and noticed the rims are not exactly straight from the factory. So, Binger, i don't know what to tell you. I could give you a list of possible scenerios, but would that help?
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    If you need new tires, i'll send you a discount card from firestone ( i work there). Just post your email.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    Mt 2002 Aerio SX has 22,000 trouble free miles on it now. I have waxed it 6 times now and the paint is still flawless. Had a weird noise the first 3 weeks we owned it that went from up front to the rear. I laid under it while my wife started it and revved it up and it seemed to be coming from the exhaust system. It disappeared in 3 weeks. Check your clamps and the heat shields. We had put different tires on ours and had a vibration and had Discount Tire test them on their load force machine and 2 of them were defective and could not be balanced properly so they replaced them. Hope this helps. A few Aerios had a defective wheel bearing problem.
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