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Suzuki Aerio Wagon



  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    For 2004, the Japanese Aerio got an interior and exterior makeover. Many people liked the new interior but the exterior was considered "too soft" for many. For 05, the Aerio retains that same interior but has a new exterior with sportier edges.


    Enjoy! :-D
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    I liked the reworked interior but the exterior, while better than our base Aerios, was a little soft. This freshening looks quite good, although only the front bumper & grill appear to be changed.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    It also looks as if the Aerio will receive "clear lens" taillights like the XL7 did for 2004.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    I read in the August 16 issue of Automotive News that the refreshed 2005 Aerio will be out very soon with a few minor interior and exterior changes. It also states that a whole new Aerio will be a 2008 redesign. They must plan on keeping it in the line up and that is good.

    They also mentioned a new compact car about the size of an Aerio for 2007. That puzzles me unless it is a replacement for the aging Forenza. No details.

    I would like to see them bring the Suzuki Swift Plus to the USA from Canada (like the Chevy Aveo).
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    If you check one of my earlier posts, you can see the refreshened 2005 Aerio in Japan. For 2004, the JDM Aerio received a new exterior and interior. For 2005, the JDM Aerio has sharpened exterior looks on high-line models (but that's the only look that will most likely come stateside). As for the Swift+ coming here (aka Daewoo Kalos, Pontiac Wave, Chevrolet Aveo), I'm not really supporting it. I'd rather see the production version of the S/S2 hatchback...
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I recently received the 2005 MY changes in an e-mail from a Suzuki representative.

    Aerio SX and sedan: Powerfully Sporty
    A subcompact sedan and sport crossover (SX) model with the following standard equipment: 2.3-Liter engine with 155-horsepower and 152-lb.-ft. of torque – a top-performer in its class; side and advanced airbags; automatic climate control; air conditioning; power windows, door locks and mirrors; keyless remote entry; in-dash AM/FM CD player with seven speakers including subwoofer; tilt steering wheel with integrated stereo controls; driver’s seat armrest and rear spoiler. A Consumer Digest “Best Buy” in 2003 and 2004.

    Available features include: All-wheel-drive; ABS; 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels; fog lamps; in-dash six-disc CD player; silver interior door handles and interior chrome door locks.

     2005 Aerio trim levels
    • S: Well-equipped front-wheel-drive sedan, with air conditioning, a seven speaker CD audio system, and power windows and locks;
    • LX: Better-equipped sedan, with 15-inch alloy wheels and an in-dash six disc CD audio system. Available in front-wheel drive or with QuadGrip™ All-wheel-drive System;
     SX: An even better-equipped sport crossover model. Available in front-wheel drive or with QuadGrip™ All-wheel-drive System.

     Changes on all Aerio trim levels include a completely redesigned interior and sporty exterior additions:
     New front bumper, grille and fog lamp design
     Redesigned rear spoiler for sedan (LX, S)
     New “clear” rear combination lamp (SX)
     New-style 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels
     New “S” mark on front grille, center wheel cap, rear trunk/deck lid, steering wheel horn pad and key fob
     Automatic climate control
     Reconfigured instrument panel, steering wheel and console
     Integrated audio head unit with new steering-wheel stereo controls
     Change in instrument cluster from digital to analog
     Clock and outside temperature display on all models
     12-volt accessory socket
     Redesigned transmission shift knobs (for manual and automatic)
     Introduction of advanced airbags for front passenger
     Side airbags for driver/front passengers
     Redesigned front-door pocket
     Repositioned outside door mirror switches
     Sunglass holder on driver’s side (above window)
     Upgraded seat fabric
     Addition of panic mode function on keyless entry system
     New exterior color: Techno Blue and Ice Blue

     Additional changes on Aerio S
     Power door locks standard
     Silver-tone inside door handle and chrome-plated door lock knob
     Newly-designed rear trunk spoiler

    *Question marks do not mean anything.
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    Thanks for posting the extensive list of changes and improvements in the 05 AERIO. I like the idea of side air bags. Quite a long list indeed. Anxious to check it out. When???
  • frenchcarfrenchcar Posts: 247
    We have an 02 Aerio SX automatic and live in sunny Arizona. Our son in Denver wants to buy it this winter. I know most of the Aerio owners in Canada run snow tires in the winter but do any of you have much experience running one with stock tires only on snow and ice? Many front wheel drive cars do fairly well. The Aerio however has a lot more horsepower than my sons old 3 cylinder GEO Metro 5 speed and he never had a problem with stock tires on it in the winter and often went into the mountains in bad weather. He does have special Sipes cut into his tires and I used to do the same when we lived in Colorado. Discount Tire and Americas Tire Company specialize in it and it does make a big difference in traction and they run cooler in summer and last longer. OK snow drivers...what are your thoughts? AWD would solve the problem of course but thats not an option in this case.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    My guess is that the 05 Aerio should be in this September, the latest would be November.
  • Living in Canada,the first year I had the Aerio,I just ran with the stock geolanders. I found them to be OK. I never really got into trouble. But again,I don't live in a mtn area. Last year,I bought 4 michilin alpin tires. What a differance. I will always use snow tires now. BTW,I have a 2wd 5 speed.
  • I just dropped off my XL7 for maintenance when the service guy told me the 05s are in stock round back. He took me back where they had 2 2005 Suzuki Aerio SXs, one in white and the other silver but both FWD. The inside is NICE! The cloth, like the press release says, is improved and I also noticed that the cushioning is not as hard and more soft. The interior dashboard is NOT plastic, but rubberized plastic like the Verona. Also, it does not use the same stereo unit as the XL7 or 04 Aerio, but an all-silver unit that has the buttons in the same place. The unit is also a different shape with rubberized knobs, clearer display, and it makes a "BEEP" noise when you change it (just like custom units...Sony, JBL, etc.). CHECK ONE OUT NOW!!! :-D
  • We have a 2003 SX Wagon. The clutch went out at 25k miles. The mechanic (Suzuki authorized dealer) says there is no "visible" defect - meaning it's not covered under the warranty, or abuse - meaning he doesn't know what caused the clutch plate to "burn up." Customer service says it is not covered under warranty - so much for warranties. Anyone out there experience this problem at such low miles? Any better outcomes or recommendations? Email me at Thanks. I
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    We have over 40km (about 25,000 mi) on our '02 SX Auto and, touch wood, have had no real problems to date. Did have the front bearing work and brake clunk work done, as per TSB's, but that's about it. Biggest complaint is the buzzing door panels. I find if I pull back the rubber strip that contacts the glass at the base of the window, it stops, so am looking at a way to hold these back on their own. Mileage actually seems to be improving as the car ages. Will probably keep it for a second car and buy an X-Trail or a Mazda5 next summer, but ultimately would like something even smaller for commuting etc...maybe an Echo hatch, Honda Fit/Jazz or even a smart.
  • teets18teets18 Posts: 28
    I purchased my Aerio AWD in the winter time and thought traction was okay with the stock Geolander tires. However, i purchased 4 Blizzak snow tires and my traction went through the roof. I highly recommend snow tires to anyone looking for better traction.
  • HankrHankr Posts: 100
    Winter driving safety is much more about stopping and steering than it is about starting.

    The measure of safety is not whether you "don't get stuck" with OEM all-season tires. It is whether, when you REALLY need to, you can turn and/or stop in time.

    OEM all-season tires just don't perform like snow tires; and I wouldn't compromise safety trying to do without snows.

    Nor do they really cost that much more... you only run 4 tires at a time, so whether you're wearing out tires from a set of 4 or a set of 8,
    you're still using them up at the same rate.
  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    Pretty good write up in today's National Post. Unfortunately, online edition has no pics but print version showed restyled grille and dash. story.html?id=2b236b7f-42b3-4b0a-bba8-1464e03b24f2
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 128
    Hear, hear. For winter 2003-2004, there was a day or two (never again!) of deep snow (with ice on the top, thank you!) in the city where I'd go to work if I could pull my car out of its parking space. My car has OEM Yokohama 195/55 R15 all-seasons. I spent much of my driving time actively keeping the car in a straight line, and gave my ABS system an unwanted, thorough workout. Get a pair of snow tires. Please.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Drove an automatic 03 Aerio and was put off by the dimbulb dash and the cheap interior. Just saw the 05 on the lot and gotta say that I've never seen a mid-platform adjustment that did more both interior and exterior wise. The new interior looks better than anything in class IMHO. This will be on my short list when it's time to buy...
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Big improvements, although the steering seemed a bit twitchy to me. Loved the dash, loved having automatic climate control. Like I said in my last post, I've never seen such substantial mid-platform improvements in any car.
  • Let's see...


    > New front bumper, grille and fog lamp design.


    Looks ok, but similarities with Toyota Echo are

    too strong.


    > New-style 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels.


    More difficult to wash both sides of the rim, without taking out the wheel.


    > Automatic climate control.


    Very welcomed feature.


    > Reconfigured instrument panel, steering wheel

    > and console.

    > Change in instrument cluster from digital to

    > analog.


    Center dash looks cool (more chrome) but change

    to analog instrument cluster turns the Aerio to the same typical plain looking dash. tsk, tsk!


    > Introduction of advanced airbags for front

    > passenger.


    Another very welcomed feature.


    I still miss more sporty features like a sunroof.
  • I agree with everything but the dash... I love the new dash. Suzuki has never offered a sunroof on this chassis. Must be a structural thing.?. I do not like chrome on the outside of any car I own so I would have to ditch the chrome on the grill and replace the new chrome tail lights with last years tri color units.
  • May I ask what kind of roof rack and luggage carrier you used? We purchased an 05 SX with roof rack. I had the car then had to go back for the rack. It was very ugly and noisy - it whistled so much you had to shout to have a conversation. I went back the next day and returned it. I had been expecting a rack made for the SX this was more of an after market thing.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    It's been a wile and with 19,500.mi on I had a fan belt idler pulley replaced under warranty with no problim. Otherwise, the car has run well. I switched to synthetic motor oil and I am extending oil changes to 10,000.mi. (I drive heavy trucks for a living and they run them 60k oil drain interval's and 500k+ life). Service is due at 20k, I want to try a k&n air filter and some better plugs. 30 mpg is the best it will do.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    It sounds to me like you got a bad one. Maybe you should dump it. I got one of the first Suzuki cars to arrive in the US back in the mid 1980's (then called sprint). Today I have an XL7 and the aerio. Replacing that idler pulley is the only problim I've had with one. I entertain no high end expectations from Suzuki products, that is, I paid only $12,190. for my SX new, it is my terminal/work car. I'm not going to cry if it gets a scratch or something and I would dump it in a minute if it gave me trouble, I've got better things to do than fuss with unreliable cars.
  • pyropyro Posts: 3
    I would like to know what year your SX is that you paid 12,190 for . My area I can get a Vibe for alot less than an SX
  • I really wish I could dump it ...but I'm in year 3 of a 4 year lease. This Aerio is my work car. If you look at all the Tech service bulletins in the USA and Canada its seems a lot of people have a "bad one". One thing is for sure. As the millage goes up ...bad (expensive) things start to happen.
    I guess Suzuki is too busy with defective timing chain problems on their V6 motors and unreliable Veronas to deal with a few thousand defective Aerios. I hope you never have one of your drive axels drop out of the transmission. Mine did!
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    Paid $12,190 for my 2002 SX 5sp w abs, leftover, in Jan or Feb of 2003. I brought the Houston paper ad with me at the time, (SX 5sp no abs) $11,995. I'm sure they get a little more for them today but I wouldent pay much more. Maybe I'm just lucky with mine. Sorry your having trouble with yours, look for another way out maybe.
  • jmdchienjmdchien Posts: 11
    I am in the market of buying one. It seems to be 2000.00 more than you paid. Could you tell me where did you get yours. Maybe I can follow your path, and save some money. Thanks.
  • nhsjrnhsjr Posts: 15
    You live near Houston. Whenever I want to know the lowest price possible for any car I look in the Houston paper. I purchased my 2002 sx early in 2003, it was a leftover, probably on the dealers lot over a year. They were anxious and lots of incentive money was involved. I imagine you might have to pay a little more today, but if you do the home work shop around and don't hurry, you'll find a bargain. Let us know.
  • greeengreeen Posts: 2
    I am considering trading my '03 in for an '05. I was curious if anyone can confirm that the more common problems have been fixed in the new '05s (like the doors buzzing, mirrors shaking in the wind, brake clunks, etc.)? I aw aware of all improvements to the interior. Also, anyone know if the engine noise is any quieter, or if there is more sound proofing? Any comments on the interior from those that have an '05?

    I may think of more questions, but that's all for now.

    Thanks in advance.
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