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2007 Jeep Compass



  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Toyota has a 269hp 3.5L V6 in their [bigger] Rav4 which is rated at 21/28 mpg. I don't think anyone would bash Jeep for that! Jeep does need a new, more powerful mid-sized 6cyl engine to bring fuel economy and power to their lineup. They could share it with at least 5 different models. Buyers are looking through the fierce competition in the market and don't want to compromise.

    "...but if Jeep put a six cylinder in it everyone would kill Jeep for putting out somehting with poor gas mileage."

    There are videos of both the Compass and Patriot driving around on here. After seeing these I think those of us who are thinking the Patriot will be the better design are sadly mistaken. It actually makes the Compass look stylish by comparison! Assuming they will be identical inside I think I'm liking the compass better at this point.
  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    Dunno why you think that . The Patriot looks so much like the Jeep Cherokee its not even funny.

    I think its one of the better looking suv's on the market actually.

    I just don't want it to look like it cost 10$ inside when I'm paying 20k or so on it
  • drove the Compass today. I was excited because I liked everything that I had seen and read about it. But the Edmunds review is right on. I got in and I thought the seat was way too close... Unfortunately, the seat could not go back any farther! I am 6'2" with long legs and I did not fit well. Headroom is great but VISIBILITY IS TERRIBLE! I had to almost stoop to see out the windshield. I felt as if I were closed in a tight spot and I am claustrophobic to begin with. It was comfortable and the ride and handling were fine. But there is too much plastic. I was totally underwhelemed. I guess I will wait for the Patriot of look at a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe or the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Read my posting.. you will not fit!
  • I think what I don't like about the Patriot is the way from the side the main body is lower than the front and back. It makes it look fat and soft. The Cherokee was lean and tight looking by comparison. Granted the Compass has its design issues too. I think in the end the Compass mimicks the styling of a stylish import type crossover like the Lexus RX330 better than the Patriot mimicks the styling of a rugged truck like the Cherokee.

    Or maybe I've overthought this already :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's more talk about the Patriot in the Jeep Patriot discussion but I don't see much photo posting over there. There's some other info about it on Inside Line.

    image Jeep Patroit image Jeep Compass
  • I was originally interested in the Caliber, but looking at the stats for the compass I've moved on. The Jeep website gives Jeep with 4wd better mileage with the largest of the world engines than the Caliber with the midsize world engine in front wheel drive. The compass weighs more. Hmmmmm.

    Also the Compass has more hip room on the same width vehicle on the same platform. Are the Jeep engineers more optimistic than Dodge engineers? There are no Compasses available in my area yet, within a thirty minute drive anyway. Sitting in both is there that much difference? Has anyone found the 29mpg with 4wd to be accurate?

    Looking to be a Jeep owner soon. :shades:

  • fzr1000fzr1000 Posts: 9
    Make no mistake, the Compass is NOT a Jeep, it's basically an ugly Dodge Caliber that some idiot put Jeep badges on. Oh, and it's not 4 wheel drive, it's All Wheel Drive, like a Subaru Forrester. The Real Jeep community would like nothing less than to see this pathetic Compass discontinued.
  • I drove these back to back and although they feel pretty much the same the compass is definitely roomier feeling. The Caliber just feels cramped because of the low roof and short windows. The Compass has a higher ceiling, taller windows, more upright seats and I think was a little wider too. Anyway it was subjectively not cramped at all and is my clear favorite for that reason. (Even though the Caliber looks better IMO.) I'm waiting for the 2wd version to come out. I'm very interested in the CVT because I do almost 100%city driving where I think it will shine.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "For $25,395, our shiny Inferno Red Compass Limited 4x4 came equipped with the optional continuously variable transmission (CVT), as well as leather-trimmed heated seats and the Customer Preferred Package, which includes a nine-speaker Boston Acoustics sound system, Sirius Satellite Radio, a sunroof and those 18-inch chrome wheels."

    Long-Term Test: 2007 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4

  • To fzr1000 who tells us "The Compass is NOT a JEEP"

    Gee, the last time I saw a Compass, it said "Jeep" on it. The window price sticker said, "Jeep Compass"

    fzr1000, do you know something we don't?

    It may not the the Jeep you want but if the DC corp. say's it's a Jeep, I bet all the courts in the land would side with DC Corp. rather than you.

    I understand you don't like the JEEP Compass, but like it or not, it is a JEEP.

    If you can get Jeep to design and make a Jeep just for YOU, your a better man than me.

    CK :)
  • Jeep did deseign a REAL Jeep with REAL solid axles and REAL off road capability. It's the 2007 4 door Wrangler Unlimited that I am getting as soon as it comes out. The Wrangler is NOT a rebadged anything from DC. The Compass IS a rebadged DODGE CALIBER. I guess to you Mr. CK; if Ford were to put Aston Martin badges on a Focus, you would probably call it an Aston Martin.
  • You know, CK, I guess you are right. Jeep does have their badge on children's strollers, so I guess this Compass thing is no different. We should just have DC put the Jeep badge on everything to sell what ever it is. I am sure that someone who buys a Compass because of the Jeep name would buy a child's stroller with the Jeep name also, although the stroller may be more off road capable. ;)
  • My point exactly. A Jeep Stroller is made for a certain market. I bet most people buying a Jeep Stroller have kids!

    I bet most people buying a Jeep Compass do so for the city crossover usage rather than the rugged off road usage.

    As the poster just above you stated, Jeep did come out with a rugged off road vehicle. It's the new Wrangler.

    So if you don't think the Compass is a real Jeep, then go buy a wrangler. They now make vehicles with the Jeep brand, that will (Hopefully) fit into all the nitches of american auto usage.

    If Jeep only made the rugged off road Wrangler, they wouldn't stay in business very long.

  • You know, I have another idea. DC should bring back the K car and put Jeep badges on that too! It would EXPAND the Jeep name to other markets. I was also thinking that DC should buy the rights to the Daihatsu Charade and put the JEEP badge on that, for the urban market of course. Now JEEP could be in every single market and the Jeep enthusiasts can start buying Hummers, since the design philosophy at JEEP seems to now be going to the soft roader, non off roader direction.
  • Bravo, clarkkent! I agree!

    The "different strokes for different folks" course. . .

    If someone doesn't dig the Compass then just ignore it and go with what you like in the Jeep line. . .

    Move on, fzr1000. . .No offense-

  • Thinking serious of buying a compass. After comparing other makes in the medium SUV market, Compass has alot of appeal. Would like to hear from Compass owners on the plus and minuses of the vehicle, performance, mileage, comfort and design comments.
  • sricsric Posts: 4
    Here Here adesaab !! Duly noted and agreed ! Do the same people who like the Chevy Silvarado enjoy driving the Chevy cobalt ? The hard core off roaders as well as the soft roaders are easily going to know the difference so who cares. Give Jeep a break ! Look at it this way, making the Compass and Patriot may just be what keeps Jeep solvent and able to keep producing the Wrangler. Vertually every manufacturer has a range of vehicle for different market segments. Subaru is building sedans for crip sake ! No one is going to be fooled into thinking the Compass is hard core off road. It wasn't build for that, so lets focus on how it is fairing as a road model small SUV with AWD made for snowy pavement. It Ain't Trail Rated ! We all know that already.
  • Took a Jeep Compass Limited for a test drive. CVT shift smooth, but the poor little engine sounded like it was powered by cats in a wheel with a taser for motivation. Lots of road noise, mostly from it's own straining screaming engine. Very poor acceleration. I thought as it was similar to the Dodge Caliber, and had the largest engine of the three offered by Caliber, that it would move out with authority. Definately a Sunday drive vehicle. Stability this, low profile and traction control and the thing still feels top heavy in a corner. Heavier than my Rodeo anyway. It is roomier than a Caliber inside. Height to roof and width at the hips. Hard to figure as it looks the same inside and has the same outside dimensions, but I did not loose 30 pounds between checking the Caliber and the Compass, and there was a difference. Caliber is cuter, and has a better name. Maybe I'll check out the Patriot if it ever arrives. :(
  • Like I said, Chrysler should bring back the K car and put a Jeep badge on it. With an updated suspension, the K car can be excellent on the road. Oh and by the way, I don't see the Chevy Cobalt as part of the GMC division, maybe GMC should put the GMC badge on the Cobalt and call it the GMC Magnesium. Then people who wouldn't normally buy a GMC would buy one. ;)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large daily newspaper is looking to speak to women who are current Dodge Caliber or Compass drivers. The reporter would like to discuss why you purchased the vehicle. Please provide your daytime contact info to no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2006.

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  • Anyone have or test drove a 4x4 5 speed yet, any better pull than the CVT?????
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Someone might ask why I would ask such a question? Well if you go to a Dodge / Jeep dealer put then side by side. Check out the prices. This works best if you can find a Caliber and Compass thet have close to the same addons. Besides the looks does thing strike you as hard to explain? Well there is a huge price difference! IMO the Compass it the better looking, but is the Compas worth 20% more?
    Has anyone read any vehicle magizine that has a real good review of either the Compass or the Caliber? These two vehicles have been slamed so bad, the reviews on the YOUGO were kinder. Both of these vehicle smack with the words OVERPRICED all over them. The known fact is that these vehicles are brought out at first with NO DISCOUNT! Why? Because DCX needs a higher mark up in the first year, then the big rebates come in to play. That so when someone who is so up side down in the old flibber they can trade it in and think they got such a good deal. Remember the PT Cruser when it first came out? People paid extra just to be one of the firts owners. Now look at how much you can get off a new PT.
    Jeep needs a cheap vehicle to pull Jeep wantabes in. The Patriot should be a higher quality, look more like a real Jeep, Jeeep. Look for it to be TRAIL RATED. Perhaps the water depth of this trail rated vehicle will be only 10", but none the less it is more Jeep than the Compass.
    Now here is a real no brainer...You can get a Jeep Liberty 4X4 cheaper than you can a Compass AWD. AWD is not the same as 4X4 don't let anyone kid ya AWD is far less than a real 4X4. Why would anyone want a COMPASS when a LIBERTY 4X4 can be had for $2,000 to $3,000 less?
    The true price of a vehicle is not in the sticker price. The value is what the second owner will pay for it after you trade it in. Look for at least a 50% depreciation the first year for the Compass and closer to 60% for the Caliber after one year.
    The very sad truth is DCX is not putting the same value into their vehicles as compared to 4 tyears ago. Look at other smallcars like the Versa, Fit and you will see as I have DCX needs some real quality added or they well may be bought out by a Korean Company.

  • I don't know where your getting your prices from , but a Liberty 4x4 "Sport" with added options of better sound system, driver convienience package, security group, and cruise control, 6 speed, comes to $32,985 canadian , the 4x4 Compass with sound B/A package, security group , convienience group, trailer towing group, 5 sp, comes to $26,625, maybe you should be comparing the Nitro with the Liberty........ :confuse:
  • I'm tempted by the great discounts on the liberty. But I'm really not in the market for that kind of vehicle. As I do almost 100% city driving the compass makes a lot more sense with its independent suspension, cvt transmission and better gas mileage. I'm actually waiting for the Patriot to come out next year because I think I might like the style better and also because the Compass's front pillars cause a horrible blind spot. Also I agree these vehicles were designed to sell with discounts and I notice that over at carmax where they post prices they are already listing the compass at about 2 grand less than sticker.

    I don't give any credibility to people who ding these cars because they are "not jeeps". I don't care. I'm just looking for a new car that's roomy, comfortable and utilitarian. My other options are the other small cross over wagons like the escape. Jeep already makes plenty of rugged trucks. Now they are expanding to get new customers like me!
  • testing.. testing... does this forum still work?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It does! Perhaps a new post or two will attract more. :)

    tidester, host
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