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Chevy SSR



  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    I verified with my buddy.....his company built all 4 of those trucks....and the Red one will be the production SS...

    - Tim
  • No doubt any first year vehicle can have some problems. Since Dec. of '93 I have purchased nothing but first year cars(5 of them) so I know all about the pitfalls, but as they say "no guts, no glory". They range from 2 Chevy's, 2 BMW's , and a Toyota. Knock on wood, none of them had any big problems and very,very few minor ones so I'm not concerned.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    it said Nov. '02 it comes out as an '03. Has the 5.3 all aluminum but didn't mention hp. DID say price is around $37k!!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Due out this winter, the SSR has been added to our "Future Vehicles" section:

  • cowboyjohn1cowboyjohn1 Posts: 125
    I believe they called them the "Retractable Hardtops." The big thing then was to have a "hardtop", so therefore they were known a retractable hardtops. They didn't have them in 1957 or I would have bought one - instead I bought a 1957 Chev Bel Aire hardtop with the powerpak. Later I wanted a fuel injected Corvette, but couldn't come up with the extra $700. Probably a good thing as the guy who bought it killed himself in it. Also I do not believe Ford had the retractable hardtop in 1958. The only one that I definitely remember was the 1959. In those years I followed cars a lot - but time may have dulled my memory a bit.
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    You got it pretty much right. As I recall, retractable hardtop was for 3 years; '57-59, but I think it might have started later in the '57 model year when they came out. If you could afford a new car in '57 you're obviously older than me; or your dad was a member of the country club I was caddying at.
    -- Don
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Stopped by my local Chevy store. Apparently the currently proposed $40K sticker price is not sitting very well with some buyers. The dealer said Chevy may have to consider lowering the price if orders don't pick up soon. The Ford "Lightning" is its biggest competition. Collectors are also having second thoughts about ordering it.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    if it came with a $40k tag AND supercharged 6.0. I can't believe GM stepped down from the original 6.0 to the 5.3....and no S/C offered on either.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Pardon my ignorance, but which Chevy (or GM) vehicle comes with a S/C 6.0 engine? The Buick Regal GS, Pontiac GTP, and soon to be Impala SS come with the venerable S/C 3800 Series II (L-67) motor. But I can't find anything about a S/C 6.0 liter. Do you know how much horsepower and torque such a beast produces?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Please note my post.....if it came with a $40k tag AND supercharged 6.0 keyword being if.

    It appears with the exception of the vette, GM has chosen not to compete in the performance arena with the Lightning, the S/C Harley Davidson edition, and the new Dodge Ram SRT-V10. Course these trucks are not built for everyone, then again, neither is the SSR. The original design of the SSR had the 6.0 only to be downsized to the 5.3. Bean counters at work?

    Impala SS with a s/c 3.8? Seems GM is content to denigrate a once performance associated name. Guess the same thing that Chrysler did with the 300M. Sure hope they do kill the Camaro and not install a s/c 3.8 in there as well.
  • Has anyone noticed how much this pig weighs? Good Lord - 4500lbs and only 285hp. Chevrolet really blew it.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "Chevrolet really blew it. "

    They blew it? Have you driven one? NO BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET!!! So how can you say chevy blew it?
  • Well, ryan, I can tell that GM blew it by looking at a few pictures and some stats. Keep in mind that I was expecting this car/truck to compete (somewhat) with the Lightning. In its original form, the SSR would have been quite a performer with zero-to-sixty times slightly below 6.0 seconds and the quarter at slightly over 100mph. Not bad. The production versions won't even come close to that.

    Where did all of this weight come from? It was supposed to weigh something like 3800lbs - is Gilbert Brown hiding in the trunk? All that extra weight won't help the vehicle's handling, either. And, who's idea was it to square-off the rear wheel flairs?

    I like the idea - no other company has anything like it. Even the Lightning is in a different class. I'm just a little disappointed in the execution.
  • Yep, I am probably older than you. Nope, no one helped me in the financing of my 1954 Chev red and white hardtop in 1955, my new 1956 and white BelAir hardtop with powerpak, my new 1957 Chev. yellow and black hardtop with powerpak, nor my first 3 Model As which cost $40, $50, and $100. First one bought in 1947. Cattle prices were better then.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Why are you so critical with GM's choices of engines for their new cars. Buick Regal GS and Pontiac GTP owners really like the S/C 3800 (240 HP) over the normally aspirated one (200 HP). Please read their posts in their respective forums. The only drawback is they're FWD and harder to control than a RWD vehicle.

    Yes, the '94-'96 Impala SS had the LT-1 engine that made 260 ponies, but it was big and heavy. Its 0-60 time was even slower than the Regal and GTP (7.1 versus 6.5 seconds). And yes, the same Impala could produce some pretty good burnouts, and it was also great looking (especially the black ones). But the '04 Impala SS is supposed to get a minor facelift and a "tweaked" version of the S/C 3800 that will make ~250-260 ponies.

    So when you say things like "Seems GM is content to denigrate a once performance associated name", you're only insulting people who own a Regal GS or Pontiac GTP. Unless you didn't mean it that way.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had leased a 97.5 Regal GS. It was the first year of the SC motor. If you're familiar with GM, you probably know about their 1st year models. While it wasn't plagued with major problems, I did have to adjust some of the trim and molding with a 2x4 and a rubber mallet from time to time along with rattles in the dash that the service department said was the loose change in my ashtray. Course if you own one, you're probably already aware of this.

    Impala burnouts?

    Remember this Buick?

    Or this one? This is a SC 3.8. Ever tried comparing it to the one offered today?

    My point is simply this...with the SSR, GM elected not to install the 6.0 but rather the 5.3. I would have hoped that they opted for the 8.1 which would truely distinguish the SSR. Same with the Siverado SS. Can't understand what the're trying to accomplish with it especially with Dodge rolling out with their new SRT-10.

    This also goes for the SC 3.8. Manufacturers like Nissan has naturally aspirated engines putting out 260HP, same goes for Honda and with less cubic inches to boot. All this while GM is content to place the same SC 3.8 in a Buick or a Pontiac with dubious build quality and expect people to buy them. Would you spend $40K on a Park Avenue with the SC 3.8? BTW, I own two GM products, a Denali and a Silverado. With the offerings from the other manufacturers, I seriously doubt that my next vehicle which I will be acquiring in February 2003 will be a GM.

    If people are satisfied with what they buy, that's all that really matters. What I think of their choice is not relevant. My only question would be....if they had really made an informed decision?

  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Thanks for the clarifications.

    (1) I've seen some video of SS burnouts (forgot the website). The car was indeed powerful. However, I've also seen some Regal GS burnouts (looks hilarious to see the front wheels smoking).

    (2) Yes, I've seen a few Buick Gran Sports in my long days on this planet (I'm 58). They were a great looking and performing car. I own a '98 Regal GS and found out the GSCA has a branch for newer GS owners. Check out their site:

    (3) I've also seen quite a few Grand Nationals on the street, and one GNX at a car show. I talked with a kid who brought his GN in for a tire rotation. We had a long discussion while we were waiting. Said he had a new intercooler installed. He said the car was the ultimate sleeper, and turned a few heads (chick mobile).

    Good luck to you in February, 2003 when you plan on purchasing a new vehicle. I was wondering though, if you don't like GM cars or trucks, why do you bother to post messages in a Chevy forum?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I was wondering though, if you don't like GM cars or trucks, why do you bother to post messages in a Chevy forum?

    During the gas crunch in the early 70's, I dumped my gas hog V8 390 Ford Galaxie and bought a gas miser import. Since then I've mostly bought Japanese imports until '93 when I leased a Lincoln Mark VIII. I found that I had missed the big car ride and the V8 HP and torque. So again in '95 I leased another Mark VIII. I was quickly reminded of American build quality as the car spent 2 of 24 months of its lease in the shop. So I nixed Ford and Lincoln on my next go around and ended up with a 97.5 Regal GS. Similarly I was reminded of the build quality so in 2000 I said I would get an older designed GM product which was the '00 Denali seeing what the newly designed Yukon caused many of its owners.

    The Denali has performed much to my expectations except for three recalls related to the OnStar system. Ironic that something that is supposed to provide added protection actually cause me to get stalled as it inadvertantly under certain conditions, kills the battery. My '00 Silverado based on the new design had qualified for buyback under the lemon law. However, since most of the problems were repaired, I decided to keep the vehilce with a 6/100 Major Guard bumper to bumper $0 deductible warranty free courtesy of GM.

    One of the reasons that I post in the Chevy/GMC topics is to aid other owners who are experiencing what I had already gone through with either their dealers stonewalling them or the tons of problems with their trucks that have TSB's associated but still encounter dealer's service departments denial.

    My only point as I had stated above is GM's obvious opinion of the American buying public. Those that continue to acquire GM products though quality, performance, and perceived value is somewhat questionable. I'm finding it particularly difficult to purchase another GM product base on my last three vehicle experiences.

    BTW, you never did answer my question regarding purchasing a front wheel drive, SC 3.8, $40k Park Avenue. My thinking is that for $40k one should get a little more value, maybe something like this....with RWD, 340Hp V8.

    Back to the topic...why do you suppose that GM selected the 5.3 to install in the SSR? Other than costing less and requiring the 4L-60E vs. the 4L-80E which that in itself saves a ton of money, would there be any other reason? Do you think that GM will lower their introductory price because of this?

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    could it be because of the CAFE rules???
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Thanks again for answering my question. I do appreciate any feedback concerning cars that I currently own, or plan to purchase in the near future. To answer your question: NO, I would not buy a Park Avenue. It's way too big for my likes (and wife's). And as you imply in your Infiniti link, you can buy a better car for about the same money, and also get more "bang for the buck". Besides, I don't like being called a geezer, and the PA is definitely a "geezermobile". That's why I bought my '98 Regal GS. BTW, did you check out the GSCA link?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yes, I'm very familiar with the GSCA link as a friend of mine used to race a GS455 Type1. I've also visited though never posted at the site. Lots of good info there for current Regal GS owners who may be interested in tweaking their cars.


    CAFE ratings

    Isn't that what Saturns and Metros are for?

  • caramocaramo Posts: 93
    Maybe the SSR is using the 5.3 so as not to compete with the Silverado SS, which will have the 6.0 tuned for speed. . .
  • Now that the new SSR has hit the showrooms I'd like to hear from a SSR owner as to how they like their new "ride". I'm interested in both pros and cons pertaining to the ride, performance, and all-around specifics from an actual owner. I've read several car magazine reviews, now I'd like to hear from someone who actually owns one.
  • I've been waiting to see the SSR and I finally saw one in a showroom in L.A.. 20,000$ over the msrp. It is more beautiful and bigger than expected. Price of $64,500 + tx is bit more than I would like to pay. Made offer of $56,000 out the door. They said if they don't sell it before x-mas it will be mine. I don't care what my wife says I want this car. Anyone has info on how many more SSRs chevrolet plans to produe after the initial 15,000?
  • SSR's are a hot commodity everywhere but seem to be especially so in Southern California. Prices appear to be higher there than anywhere else. Here in the Midwest and Southeast SSR's are selling for around 2 to 3 thousand $ over window but occasionally you will find a dealer who will sell at window. Most of them sticker between $44,000 and $46,000 depending on the options. Demand for the 3 colors offered (red, yellow, and black) appear to be fairly balanced as far as desirability. If you don't mind buying out of state I think you can beat that $56,000 price by 8 to 10 thousand dollars by shopping elsewhere. If you have a particular color in mind let me know and I'll see if any of the dealers in my area have one and at what price. Good luck in your efforts to purchase one.
  • I wanted to buy an SSR. Researching found the US MSRP to be $42K. Recent currency exchange rates of 1.30 Canadian dollars to 1 US dollar peg the Canadian equivalent price at $55K. Instead, the Canadian MSRP is $80K.

    Obviously GM Canada thinks customers won't notice. Interesting enough, the same disparity exists on Corvettes, etc. All Canadian buyers need to do their homework if they don't want to needlessly enrich General Motors.

    If any US dealers want to deliver a Yellow SSR to Canada, I have cash.
  • Five years ago I made a 4 hour drive and bought a new 99 Corvette in Dallas for sticker when the dealers were selling them for $10K over sticker here in Houston. Idiots were lined up to pay the extra 10K too, and were actually waiting for delivery! The dealer who was doing the gouging here in Houston only had two, one hardtop and one convertible. Both were white, both stick shift, and both with a red interior. The place I went to in Dallas had 37 new Vettes on the lot of every color and style made.
    GM bought the Corvette back because the paint was five different colors, and I bought a new Lightning for $500 over invoice in Cleveland, Ohio when dealers here in the Houston area were selling them for $5K over sticker.
    Chrysler dealers here in Houston were selling their sporty little cars for 20K over sticker - $61k for a two seater! It sat in their showroom for almost a year (as it should have).

    There's always a place that will sell you the vehicle for sticker price or less but as long as saps continue to pay over that just to have one it will continue to happen. STOP BUYING FROM THE GOUGERS and they'll have to lower the price. If that dealer is so proud of the SSR, let him keep it on his lot!
    It doesn't take a genius to know that this is another overpriced underpowered gadget with a little styling, and in my opinion is a very bad deal. My Lightning weighs about the same but is over 400 hp with a few mods, and could still go on a diet to reach true performance speeds. 300 hp with the same weight as the Lightning is NOT going to be close to any of the so-called performance cars. You may beat grandma in her Probe, but a Firebird, Corvette, Lightning, Camaro, Dodge truck (the new high hp one), and every old five-point-oh in town will blow you away. If you're thinking performance you better reconsider. Buy the SSR and if styling isn't enough for you then you're going to be a very disappointed person! Maybe racing the kids in their rice burning Hondas with your SSR will keep you occupied so that you don't remind yourself you could have had a Corvette for a few thousand more!***

    I hope I see lottsa these SSR's on the freeways to play with in my Lightning!


    *** The Vette is a real World class machine whereas the SSR is just another "thing" with 4 wheels!
  • I agree with that! I want one because it looks good to me. At 4700 pounds and 300 HP, I know I'm not going to win any money with it.

    GM took some metal and fashioned it into what I think is a pleasing shape. They did so to entice me, and others, into trading the metal for our fancy colored pieces of paper. It's strictly a commodity transaction.

    US $42K MSRP converts to Canadian $55K MSRP in any real world commodity exchange.

    Anyone who buys a new or used vehicle in Canada, without checking the equivalent value in the US and converting it to Canadian dollars, is going to get trimmed.

    Dealers need to recognize that this is the information age, and operate accordingly.
  • Yesterday I received a quote of $46,640 from a US dealer on a loaded (all options) yellow SSR. Using currency exchange rates, the equivalent Canadian price should be $60,600. Instead it's $80,000. Something's rotten here.

    This morning I received a call from a GM Canada public relations representative in response to my query about the MSRP price disparity. She advised that GM Canada and GM USA have different marketing departments and each operate their own way. She had no information on why the disparity exists, but said that to enforce it, GM cancels all warranty on any vehicle imported into Canada from the US. She went on to quote the party line that dealers are independents, and can sell for prices of their choosing. She admitted, though, that GM Canada sets the MSRP.

    This would make an interesting consumer awareness story, especially for Canadians. I hope someone picks it up.
  • hotdhshotdhs Posts: 6
    I just got a yellow SSR. Driving it home 120 miles after getting it at MSRP!! washed away all my 40+ years of stress and anxiety. Sure it didn't have the acceleration, it felt heavy, some what noisy, and lacked many convienient features of Japanese cars. But who cares. It's an American made ICON. Why would you race or compare anything with this SSR. I drove slow at 60 mph letting all the traffic pass me by and just watch their faces. Would Ford Lightening do that?
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