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Ford Mustang Cobra and SVT Cobra



  • And I just checked it out in Beverly Hills and they won't budge much below $5000 above sticker, some sales people can be morons. And that quote was from down in San Diego
  • jacuzzjacuzz Posts: 3
    I have owned many automobiles, I well appreciate the engineering marvel of them all, yes some were problematic,I personally have never owned a Toyota,or Nissan, the only foreign cars I have driven are Mazda and Hyundai,Chevys, Fords, Chrysler and Jeeps I have had quite a few and currently have Jeeps and my newest Baby the SVT Cobra 2003.

    My 93 Chevy s-10 4x 4 pick up has 120,000 miles and runs well.

    I loved my 68 327 camaro and had a 90 RS that was a lemon. My 95 thunderbird was great, of all my cars the fords were the most reliable. Chevy and Chrysler in that order the worst. drove the heck out of my Hyundais, with minor problems.

    There was only two cars I really felt bad about selling that was my first Camaro and my T-bird.

    Earlier this year I purchased a Mustang-gt premium coupe-automatic,what a Great car.It far surpassed any other car I owned.

    But along came the 2003 Cobra, one test drive and I was
    impressed. I agonized over taking a beating on the GT on Trade, but folks let me tell you-for me The Cobra is phenomenal. Yes we all read about the specs and the comparisons. But I feel it all boils down to the individual response to the vehicle.

    My dark shadow Gray cobra is a magnificent automoble.To me it handles and accelerates with authority and precision.

    People who know me will say in a few years he will
    get another car, but as of now of any car I have
    driven or owned, I like to think this one is a keeper.

    It has all the feel of what a performance car should be. It is so much different then a GT-mustang. I plan to drive about 5 thousand miles a year in this car. I also feel this vehicle can be driven just like any other Factory performance car.( The side to side handling is outstanding)

    Yes it is high performance,the cab is not like a sedan and the clutch is glunky and a little hard to shift, but the more you drive the car
    the more second nature it becomes, and all of sudden it can be a car you do not want to stop driving. The sixth gear has value especially when your touring.

    To each there own but for me,yes $36,000 is a lot for even for me, but I do not think I WILL HAVE ANY REGRETS.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    When is Ford USA going to quit this mess? They don't seem to have these problems over-seas. (Of course their offerings abroad are not as archaic as what is offered here)
  • Welcome Back '99
  • Talked to SVT folks at ford today--all is well with the Cobra's all cars built and held were released.

    Production has resumed.

    It seems a dealer bulletin on Quality CONTROL CHECK POINTS was confusing.

    No engine issues at this time---the engines have been performing well. They will build 2003 models until August 2003-( 10,000 to 12,000).

    Cobra certificates will be issued October 2003.
  • Anybody went on the track and got some results with their 2003? I have a 2002 Z06 right now and sold it and may re-consider buying another Mustang. I had a 1999 Cobra, planning a 2003. Don't know if I should wait for the 2004 Cobra or the 2004 S4. Btw, what I dislike in my 1999 Cobra is that when you were flooring it on bad surface, the end was "jumping", was it solved in the IRS of the 2003 Cobra?

    What do you guys think...

    Sylvain :)
  • I talked to a dealer in N. Calif. the other day and he said that there was a hold back on the Cobras because of a problem with the superchargers. Am I getting smoked? Anyone got the straight scoop?
  • it was so they could retool for a shipment to Japan but that was just some smuck on a message board.
  • Does anyone have this snake? I was wondering what kind of feedback you got on how you and others like the color? I think it's HOT!!!
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Reminds me of the old "grabber" colors of the 1970s.

    Looks pretty good, though to me Sonic Blue is more "musclecar" than "road racer" (I personally like Cobras in subdued colors that match its purposeful, "function over form" many other performance cars allow you to delete the spoiler if you want?)

    Of course, I'm biased...I own and love a True Blue GT.

  • morekmorek Posts: 1
    I recently got 2003 Cobra.It definetly does worth 34 K what I paid for it .The only thing what I am concern about is T56 tranny.In 1-2 gear when you drive really slow and RPMs are around 1 - 1,5 there is a crisping noise when you are gradually accelerate.The noise comes not really from underneath of the car , but below the 12V power outlet.Also when you shift ,it shifts with clapping sound sometimes.Any feedback ? Tnx to all
  • I noticed the same clunking sound in my car as well. Any feedback would be great!! Thanks.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 268
    The crisping noise sounds like something might be burning up inside your 12V power outlet. I would check it out if I were you.
  • xbamxxbamx Posts: 2
    ford is aware of that problem and fixing it right now, so i assume they will have a mini-recall to fix the stiff clutch and clunky shifting
  • In post #71, Sylvain said he sold his ZO6. I am wondering why.

                Thank you!
  • About 40,000 miles ago, my 95 Firebird Formula with the T56 started making what I called a transmission noise while using 1st or 2nd gear at low RPMs. I've heard others on Edmunds refer to this noise as if marbles were loose in the transmission. As soon as I bring the RPMs up a bit, the noise stops. The car has approximately 110,000 miles on it and it did not make this noise until about 70,000 miles. I wonder if this is the same noise as referred to in the posts above. I've heard that the T56 just makes this noise and it is not a problem. Still, I wonder what the noise is and what it would take to fix it.
  • Hey Guys,
    Is $37,750 a good price for this snake? I live in N. Cal. Which color looks sexy?
  • What for a coupe? no droptop yes
  • msennettmsennett Posts: 1
    I have a gas guzzler tax question for anyone that can help me be better educated. I am going to negotiate a purchase price for a 2003 Cobra tomorrow. The dealer (very friendly person) faxed me the window sticker. The numbers matched exactly with Edmunds. However...the dealer's window sticker has a $1,000.00 gas guzzler tax. This price is not specifically mentioned by Edmunds. Consequently, I am now unsure about my offer. Here's a little background about my car buying record: I have never paid over invoice for any new car I have purchased. This includes the 2002 Acura TL type S and the 2001 Maxima 20th Anniversary Edition that I have bought in the past. I wish to offer the invoice price for the Cobra, but I'm not sure if Edmunds includes the $1,000.00 gas guzzler tax. Can anyone help me with this matter. Thank you! Max
  • If you go to the link:

    You see that the IRS charges the dealers the 1000 dollars for a cobra. The posted gas milage on a cobra is 22 miles per gallon. If it were 22.5 you would not have to pay anything.
  • bxd20bxd20 Posts: 68
    Will the 2003 SVT Cobra be carried over into 2004 ? I am NOT talking about the next generation Mustang Cobra, I know that is years off.

    What do you people think of the collectability of the 2003 Cobra? I like it a lot - I also like the way the next generation is looking. Part of me thinks that the 2003 Cobra will hold its value and become a collector car whereas the 2005 GT will suffer from high production numbers. Initially they may be pricey, but I'd guess that 10-15 years down the road the 2003 Cobra will be worth a much higher percentage of its original sticker than the 2005 GT. Opinions??
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    It's a supply and demand thing rather than the rarity that determines value in the future. People have to WANT it. Some very very rare cars aren't worth much.

    High horsepower and good styling, added to rarity, would help but for American cars, it has to be really really rare and really really powerful and really really desirable to bring serious money.

    Probably it'll be a "second tier" collectible but I doubt it's going to see Mopar Hemi money in our lifetimes.

    But you know, you never know. I never thought anyone would pay $15,000 for a Delorean, but it has happened.

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  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Shifty, how 'bout those "classic" late '70s Mustang 2 Cobras then? ; )
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    I think any car made in the late 70s is doomed to extinction, except forthe few that are never driven or damaged; otherwise, not worth saving in dollar terms I mean.

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled topic :)

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  • I would guess that after the payback from re-engineering the cobra in 2003 ford would consider changing the body style to match that of the new GT (2005?). However they would need to entice you to spend an extra 6 or 10k to move up from GT to Cobra. I would suspect that ford would use some of the engineering and motor part which came from the GT40 development. The move to a cobra would include a larger size displacement and other engineering benefits derived from the GT40. Two body styles would probably be too expensive for Ford. Best guess 2007.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    What are you talking about? The Cobra sharing platforms with the Ford GT(40)? Um, NO.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I don't think that's so far-fetched what he said..."larger size displacement and other engineering benefits derived from the GT40." That's not the same as "platform" as I understand it...
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