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I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!



  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Saw one drive by today. Are they even out yet? I am positive that it was a 2003 Saturn L-Series. Trust me, it doesn't look any better in real life.
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    I saw a Renault Medallion recently, and I thought, "Hmmmm...they had something going." What happened there? I missed out on it, and now it's driving me insane!

    To jog your memory:
  • sildogsildog Posts: 50
    My fiance and I have a running contest spotting El Caminos, Caballeros, Sprints and Rancheros. You get points if you are first to spot. Number of points is based on if it is actually moving, looks like it recently moved (like in a parking lot of a store) or looks dead! GMC Sprints and Caballeros get quadruple points over Caminos. Rancheros get double points over Caminos. A 59 Camino gets max points (we've never seen one). The problem is they are getting so rare that we sometimes have to add other vehicles to the spotting list just to add some scoring-otherwise it is too much like soccer!

    We did see a very clean Pacer recently in Cincinnati area.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Sunday, I saw an Aston-Martin Vanquish parked in front of the 4 Seasons Hotel just off Michigan Avenue. Wonder which lucky hop got the honor of parking that beauty?
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    There's one of them right near where I live. He brings it to some of our club functions.

    There's some other weird machinery around here: I see a beat-up Maserati Bora parked at the local Home Depot once in while. A local bakery has a Citroen DCV with a big plastic bread loaf sticking out the back. Then there's the guy with the Pinzgauer.

    We get some neat stuff at our open track days. A Pantera, a real Shelby GT350, and a Sunbeam Tiger that competed in the '66 Targa Floria. Also a Shogun (Ford Fiesta with a Taurus SHO drivetrain stuffed into the area where the rear seat would be). Oh yeah, there's the guy who has two vintage Camaros built to Trans-Am specs.

    Weirdest thing I've ever seen was some years back, I was driving past a low-rent used car dealer in NJ, and they had a Kaiser-Darrin on the lot: A fiberglass two-seater from the '50s, with doors that opened by sliding forward into the fenders.
  • I guess I am lucky to live in a quirky neighborhood, but here's what we have:

    My apartment complex: it's just a gated walkup complex, but the quirkest car is probably the TDI Passat wagon. Nothing too special :(

    But in the neighborhood, we have a Yugo at the hardware store down the block, a Mini Cooper a few blocks down the street, a Rambler on the same street. But within about 10 blocks, there's also a Renault Fuego, VW Thing, a house with three Citroen 2CV's. Also, there's a French family who owns a large house and has a Peugeot 604 from the mid-70's, as well as a 505 and a 405 (these people are extremely rich - I applaud their choice in cars!), a Volvo P1800, a Merkur Scorpio, and my personal favorite - an Eagle Premier with maroon landau roof and gold accented trim! Klassy!
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    One of my neighbor owns a red pantera, the only time I can see it is when it is nice and warm outside, otherwise it stays inside his garage.
    Also saw a beat up Rover in faded British racing green sitting on a driveway. A couple weeks ago I saw a Aston Martin Lagonda - what a weird car!
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    I saw yet another Cadillac Cimarron today, only this was one of the earliest models- an '82. It was very rough, with plenty of rust, cracked windshield, etc.
  • sildogsildog Posts: 50
    About 9 months ago, I saw a - GET READY - remember the Dodge OMNI? I saw one stretched like a limo! It had some graphics for a business on it. It was stretched quite far - I would estimate about 6 to 8 additional feet.
  • Hahahahahaha! I saw an Escalade limo recently. yuck!
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294 about a Hummer limo! Just saw one about two weeks ago. I swear they'll make a limo out of anything these days. Back in college I saw a beige 1986 Honda Accord made into a limo.
  • verozahl's dream!

    Limos as we know it in America are the stretched to infinity versions, but in Europe it's just a term for a really nice private taxi with possibly an extended rear end. Like an SEL Mercedes.
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    I saw a 60s vintage Mustang limo a few years back at a show. More recently I saw a Z1 in Germany, and I have seen not one but two Caterhams in Eastern Mass (on separate occasions). There is an old Saab 96 parked on the side of the road a few blocks up from my apartment, the only one I have ever seen.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    I saw a stretched Hummer in Chicago as well. Thoroughly bizarre.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Right you are.

    Some of my older relatives from the Strassbourg area say they would not want to buy larger Benz, BMW and Jaguar models people in the US think nothing of buying as they do not want to hire a driver. Seems among some of the more conservative French there is a feeling a car does not have to be all that large to be considered a limo.

    In Italy I have seen modest sized Alfas with uniformed drivers.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    I guess I'll have to find the place that will make my '87 Accord into a limo. Let's see, 98hp from carburated engine, manual transmission, crank windows, no a/c, 13" wheels. Sounds like a limo to me.

    Lately, let's see: I still see that Maserati Quattroporte in my neighborhood once in a while ('80s, faded ice blue paint with buttery tan leather seats), a '60-61 Rambler Ambassador sedan for sale near me, also a same era Rambler wagon for sale, just saw a '64 or '65 Studebaker (Lark? Commander?) sedan (the bigger, boxier one) in burgandy, kinda nice and unusual. Um, more later. Must go out and drive now.
  • nickpernickper Posts: 28
    I have seen a couple of the Pontiac Tempest versions of the Corsia too. Does anyone know the story about those? One had Canadian plates, the other had Michigan plates. What were those supposed to be???
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Every now and then I will see auto transport trucks with Neons heading east toward the Chicago railyards from the Rockford area DC factory. What strikes this US citizen as odd is that these are Chysler Neons. Obviously on their way to Canada and beyond.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Accord limos? ewwwwww!

    My building's real estate agent owns an old Alfa Romeo convertible. Any guesses as to what it might be? I'll have to ask him.
  • Alfa Romeo Spiders were very popular... I see them around occasionally. I saw a Fiat X1/9 recently and remembered that my grandfather owned an orange one around the time I was born.
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