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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Thanks for the tip! Just last week I caught a squirrel with a peanut heading straight for our SL when I was on my way to start it up and go to work in the morning. I think I managed to chase him away this time but if I have the same problem in the future, I'll know what to have the technician look at first. (Our neighbor feeds these pests and I think that's where the squirrel found the peanut).

    $650 for the fix? I'd say "NUTS" to that. I'm surprised the factory warranty won't cover that (act of nature, perhaps?). There must be a disclaimer somewhere in all that fine, fine print!
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I have heard of quite a few cases where rats made nest in cars (since it is warm in the winter after being driven) and dies when it was started, and causing awful smell. In Germany some cars had to have the wiring replaced because rats had chewed it up so badly, costing upwards of $10,000. Consider yourself lucky.

    When I was taking flight lesson, a preflight checklist included looking inside the engine cowl to verify that there was no bird nest.
  • Once I saw it on the net that to tie a small bundle of German Shephard hair somewhere in your engine campartment will keep the rodants away from your engine.
  • I have ordered an SL which has all the features I want, except fog lights.I noticed on past postings on this site,there was some disscussion on fog lights,but I'm not clear on the way to go.
    Has anybody out there had them installed ?By the Dealer,or Aftermarket ? Is there a Nissan kit,or do you have to go for an generic type?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    call the dealer's parts dept. the kit comes with instructions, or you can spend an hour of labor for them to do it.
  • Thanks,Bowke28.I'll do that !
  • I have a 2000 Town & Country AWD now. The 2004 T&C does not have all the features that I would like- the 2005 does but eliminates the AWD. I am down to deciding between the Quest (which does not have AWD) or the Sienna. My T&C handles GREAT in the snow - no slipping or sliding even on hills. Choices are very limited for AWD now. Can anyone tell me how the Quest handles in the snow? Thanks.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the stability control on the quest makes all the makes it feel like AWD, but without the $3000 hike in price.
  • skramer1, let us know if you have success getting fog lights. I talked to my dealer a couple months ago and they didn't have a kit. I hope that has changed.
  • I pick up my quest SL tomorrow.My dealer has the fog light kit,and was prepared to install the fog lights,but the cost quoted to me was much more than I'm prepared to pay.Over $600.Canadian,or about $425 US.He said that all the lighting wiring would have to be replaced with a new package.I'll be looking at the aftermarket for them next week !
  • skramer1skramer1 Posts: 10
    I picked up my Nordic Pearl White SL last Saturday.If you are considering buying a new Quest,take a look at this color.I am very pleased with it.I'm also amazed at how roomy it is.I've only had it two days now,but I sure think I made the right choice in the Quest.
  • slhmtbslhmtb Posts: 3
    Yeah, that is what my dealer told me too. Over $400 for a Nissan install. Let me know if you find some good aftermarket lights. Thanks.
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    My dealer doesn't seem to know much about these, and I don't think they are available as an option from Nissan..
    Has anyone purchased any aftermarket HID lamps and installed them?

    Also, has anyone added an aftermarket spoiler on their Quest.. Curious to know how your experience was, if so.
  • skramer1skramer1 Posts: 10
    On earlier postings,I asked for thoughts on the alternative to a bug and stone deflector for my new Quest.I decided to go for the 3M Film application here in Calgary.I am extremely pleased with it .I went for the 24 inch application at a cost of $225.(can)($165.(us))
    I have a Nordic White Quest and it is just about invisable.
  • 2hott2hott Posts: 3
    I have unconfirmed reports that the Quest SL models will begin shipping with the optional Skyview roof by the end of March has anyone else heard this rumor? All dealers tell us it is only an option on the SE. Absolutely LOVE this van but we GOTTA have the Skyview roof and don't want to pony up the $ for the SE. My wife's brother works at the manufacturing plant in Smyrna Tennessee and told us to wait cause the SL's with Skyview are definitely on the WAY WHOOOHOOO! This is the deciding factor for us and I wanted to know if any of you have also heard this?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    i dont know how your brother-in-law would know, since the quest is built in mississippi.
  • 2hott2hott Posts: 3
    The Smyrna facility currently cranks out 1000 Altimas per day so you are currect but I thought if anyone would know it would be him. We're in the suburbs of Chicago and have already found a dealer that swears he just got one in 3 days ago its on showroom floor!

    -Smoke SL
    -SL upgrade Seat Pkg
    -DVD Entertainment
    -SkyView Roof
    -Floor Mats

    MSRP $31,550

    With the V.P.P program $27,488.66 +TTL @ 1.9%

    Seems too good to be true can't wait to see it!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the smyrna plant makes altimas, sentras, maximas, frontiers, and xterras. this summer, they will start making pathfinders too. the quest is 100% built in canton along side the titan, armada, and a few maximas and a few altimas.

    also, what is the 1st character of the VIN?
  • 2hott2hott Posts: 3
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    '5' means mississippi. if it were in smyrna, it would be a '1'.
  • thosukuthosuku Posts: 3
    I would like to know how to activate air only for the driver side while driving alone. I donot want fan running on the passenger side too when no one else is in the van but me. I'd appreciate your suggestions.
  • thosukuthosuku Posts: 3
    I purchased my Quest'04 SE in October 2003. I got 4.35% on finance from dealership. Given that in recent months, Nissan is offering 1.9%, is there a way for me to lower my interest rate? Did anyone refinance a new purchase in few months time? Thanks.
  • I too live in Calgary (Go Flames) and was wondering if you would mind sharing which dealer you bought your Quest at and whether it was a pleasant experience? I've narrowed my choices down to a Quest or a Sienna (which given how long it took me to do that, likely means I'll be ready to buy in a year or so lol).
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you have to close the vents on that side. when you operate only the driver temperature, it still blows on that side. there are 2 thermostats, but only 1 fan.
  • thosukuthosuku Posts: 3
    Thanks. But I have noticed that on the display panel, it shows temperature only for the driver side when defog is set. With this setting, air blows only on the floor for driver. But when I change the setting, passenger side also gets turned on.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    is for the whole window. it cant have 90 degrees on the driver side of the window and 72 on the pass. side. it wouldnt work that way. it deactivates the pass. temp. there is still only 1 fan. the defog setting has a different function than the regular heat or A/C.

    now...if you want the driver temp. ONLY, you push the "dual" button till it says driver.

    but if you want the air to blow only on you, then you must close the passenger vents.
  • skramer1skramer1 Posts: 10
    I purchased my Quest SL from Brasso Nissan.I had a poor experience with Fish Creek Nissan,and went over to Brasso.By the way,I love my Quest SL No problems.Rides smooth as silk.I too looked at the Sienna,but the features and appearance of the Quest won out.
  • Thanks for the info, was Brasso willing to move much on the price?
  • Hi all,

    My husband's 1990 Toyota Corolla is quickly nearing the end of its very useful and economical life. Its heart and lungs are still functioning well, but its body is rusting!

    My van quest started last Fall because we didn't think the old car would pass inspection in December but she did! Unfortuately, my dear husband was driving down a steep snowy hill this past winter and lost control of the car and hit a curb hard. Ever since that incident, the right front tire has been vibrating and there is probably approx of $200 in repairs needed. So we decided to head on out and view the vans!

    Today we looked at the -new 2005 Grand Caravan and the 2004 Quest. The lady at the Nissan dealer ship advised the folding third row seats were the most advanced in the industry but I guess she hasnt heard maybe didn't want us to know about the new Stow and Go system that Dodge is now offering.

    As a short person, I felt it was extremely difficult to adjust the third row of seating. The seat was extremely heavy. Do others find the same problem?

    After test driving the Nissan and the Dodge, I'm still not convinced on either. The Dodge had extremely comfortable seating and the Stow n Go was easy to operate.. but I'm concerned about spending $30,000 on a second vehicle and the transmission going around 50,000 miles. The Quest rode well, but the drivers seat wasn't as comfortable and the third row seats were very hard move! Also, I don't know if we need the longest van next to the delivery vans on the planet!

    Oh I also forgot, I looked at the Madza MPV and felt the length was ok but it felt narrow in the width department. Our main car is a Subaru Outback and sometimes it feels like we're in a Submarine.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    When we picked our 2004 Quest SL, we wanted 2nd & 3rd row seat collapsible. I am pretty strong, but to get the third row down I have to step into the well and pull / step backwards. Needless to say my wife will never be doing it. We also realized there is almost no reason should would ever collapse it.

    I will put large things in the car, go skiing, etc. If she really needed to, because she bought a stair master on an impulse someone from the store could do it for her, since they would also have to put whatever large object in the car for her, she is not nearly as strong as I am.

    2nd row seats collapse easily. She could also put something in that way through the sliding doors.

    I drove a 2003 T&C for a week (Nissan paid for it) I thought that drove like an old truck, the styling was poor, the ride was choppy and rough. I would doubt that the ride of the T&C has improved much (is it the same engine / trans?).

    For all my headaches with the Quest the ride is terrific, the heated seats (even with cloth!) are great during the cold blasts we have gone through (up to -10F). Th ability to put full sheets of wood (4 x 8) and a 11 foot package into the car without sticking things out the window or leaving the tailgate open are terrific - PS I have used this van to haul stuff - which is why we buy these larger vehicles, isn't it?
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