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Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions



  • I pulled the rubber off of the FPR and fuel came out. It took me about 2 minutes to get the old one off and about 20 minutes to put the clip back over the new one. But I got it on and it cured my problem. I started it several times today and it always starts right up. :) Happy Truck
    Thanks geo
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Glad to hear !!!!!!!!

    Pretty simple huh? That clip can be a pisser tho. !
    Lucky it wasn't a Caddy Northstar cuz you have to
    loosen up the fuel rail(s) to get the clip in right.
    Then make sure the fuel rail and o rings are seated

    Easy and cheap fix...........Just think if the dealer
    had it and started throwing $pendy parts at it !!!! :sick:
  • jcr2jcr2 Posts: 3
    You have 2 recourses You can go back to the gasoline station and send them the bill or go to your Insurance company and they will pay for it. GM should have flushed and cleaned the tank before they did the work. They owe you for the second one.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Year and model ??????????

    Do you have a tilt wheel?
  • This is more than likely your "intermediate steering shaft". I had the same problem, I took it to my dealer and described the problem and he knew what it was without even looking. It was replaced and the truck rides as good as new. Mine was warranty so I don't know how much the part costs. Good luck, but I'd bet this is your problem.
  • johanjohan Posts: 6
    I have not had any luck yet i have tried the drl relay and module and are both fine i have checked for power where it is supposed to be and thats all fine the only thing is there might be a bad connection in the switch it self.A buddy has the same truck so i'm going try his switch in my truck and see.If thats not the problem the hunt begins for a short in the system i'll let you know how i do.
  • lionslions Posts: 20
    Hello all well my dealer doesn't know why my truck pulls to the right they say they all do that. They have change tires,checked the alignment, checked the level of the truck,steering box has been changed, is there anything eles I can do, I have to keep the wheel to the left all the time the truck straight down the road. It has 32,000 miles on it. Thanks for any help.
  • My father has a 2004 Silverado 2500 Duramax (diesel) extended cab. It's the nicest truck he's ever had but is having trouble with his Allison transmission hesitating when he puts it in reverse. Several dealers and technicians haven't been able to diagnose. Anyone have ideas or similar problems?
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    lions; Rotate the tires and make sure the pressure is correct. It will at the very least eliminate those possibilities.

  • first,I love chevys! thanks to my dad (54 hardtop 265 i-6 w/dual carbs- latest progect) so buying anything but a bowtie would make me violently ill. after squeezing 400k out uf my '88 scottsdale, i took off my full roller rockers and traded it in (they gave me 3000 for it) on an '06 2500hd w/6.0 gas & od auto (long bed of course) which i love! i was told they only come with 4.10 rear gears so i paid an extra 2k(parts & labor) for them to switch them to 3.73s, thinking i would be getting better gas mileage,right?.....wrong! i'm getting wourse! 9.4mpg to be precice. i also run @ 2900 rpm @ 80mph exactly the same as before;is that even posible? i had the dealership double check the part #s & they are right for 3.73s. does the tranny just adjust itself to run @ higher rpm? & if so is there a software patch to fix this? the dealership guys look at me cross-eyed when i try to explain to them, so i need to find the solution myself & take it to them or i'll have to switch the gears back before i go cccccrrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyyy!!!!! please help or point me towards help! brain hurts. :sick:
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Lions, Haven't heard anyone suggest this but ....check the front calipers one may be hanging up causing constant pull on that wheel. Look at the wear on disc pads see if anything is different bewteen right and left sides. Is one more worn than the other that may be the problem. Is the rotor "blueing" or turning color indicating excessive heat on that side? Just my thoughts from a similar "pulling" problem. My was only under braking when it acted up though.

    Geo, is it winter yet??? where the hecks the snow?? You slumming down in Jersey ? won't find any there either LOL :shades:
    Ray T.
  • Am I the only person hairbrained enough to try this? 9.4mpg can't be a normal average, the trailer I sometimes pull only weighs about 1k lbs and 40% of my miles are highway.Should the tech guys at the dealership have known the tranny wouldn't work well with 3.73s since it was set up with 4.10s? I thought the extra tourque of the 6liter would make up the difference...guess not. They called and got new settings for speedo registered to my vin# so I thought the switch was routine, but it doesn't feel right; I know my tahoe is lighter, but I could load it down with fatasses and still smoke my hd empty, and it has a 327!-- thats a 5.3 for the non-oldschoolers--I've got the old gears in my shed, but if I change them back myself,I screw my warranty; and I'm too proud (and too broke) to pay them 1k to put them back. A 383cid should not act like a 305!............ I think I scewed myself. :mad:
  • 3&4 might be the battery wire on trailer hookup; if trailer was plugged in while sitting. Not sure about 1&2.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Ya gotta remember the poor 6.0 and 8.1 is strangled with
    GMs torque mgmt. program.

    The 4.8 and 5.3s run like scalded dogs compared to the 6.0.
    Till ya put 10k lbs. behind it !!!!!!!!!!

    My buds bone stock 04 5.3 x-cab 4x4 will run circles
    around my 04 2500 x-cab 4x4 and I have a Hypertech 3
    tune loaded into it !!!!!!!!!!

    10 mpg....Thats about right ! Imagine if ya had a 8.1 !
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Hey mister !

    FINALLY got some snow today in Syracuse ! Got to work that

    Yea.......Goofing off in NJ! Sunshine and birds singing down there................
    Thats why I am the "bar and travel consultant" over at the snowplowing forum and NOT a moderator !!!!! :P
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Something is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark. Your RPMs with the new gearing should be about 10% lower than before at the same speed, unless you changed the tire size for smaller tires. Also, you should see an improvement in fuel economy when driving the truck empty. The reason why HD 2500 trucks get lousy fuel economy is primarily the gearing. 4.10 gears are best for towing, not driving an empty truck. There is nothing wrong with going to 3.73 gears if you do not tow heavy trailers with your truck. In fact, the 1500 HD series, that comes with the same engine as 2500 HD, actually comes with 3.73 gears as standard equipment.

    $ 2K to change one set of pinion and ring gears appears outrageous to me. Even if your truck is 4 WD and two sets of gears required, it is still high. Years ago I remember I wanted to change the gear ratio on my 1985 Mustang GT and I was quoted something like $ 400 by a Ford dealer (parts and labor).

    Perform a simple test to see if you in fact have 3.73 gears. Jack up the rear axle at the differential, place the vehicle in neutral. Mark one wheel and driveshaft with masking tape for a reference point, then count the number of driveshaft turns required to get one full wheel revolution. For 3.73 ratio gears, 3.73 revolutions of the shaft will produce one full wheel revolution. You should be able to do this test fairly accurately.
  • Lions, if what rayt2 said to check turns out to be the case,(blueing rotors) you might also check the rubber hoses to calipers. -sounds stupid but I've seen two perfect looking hoses on two different trucks do the same thing- one of them AFTER a new caliper was installed. The hose collapsed inside and was acting like a one-way valve, holding pressure & making the truck pull to the side. they only cost $20 each -usually-
  • Thanks p100, I never knew that about how to check the ratio; I will definitely try that. --same tires-- also, I knew they were raping me on the price for the switch --the locker gears themselves were $800 and thats gms price-- but I knew I had to let them do the work so warranty would cover.
  • '04 tahoe Z71 w/5.3 --best-- and one of the fastest trucks I've ever had. I have pulled some heavy stuff with my HD so far, which left me with a stupid grin, but I guess I was expecting a bigger difference.--What mpg does the 8.1 get?--
  • I am hearing a noise from the passenger side ( I think in front of the fire wall) at random times. This noise sounds like a spring being "un-sprung'. Any ideas on what this might be?
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    I tend to think that your problem may very well be related to the trailer wiring/connection. Since you only had the problem while trailering and now it has cleared itself, check the trailer light connection closely and the trailer wiring itself for shorts and/or bad grounds.
  • Replaced the trans on my 99 z71 last night. Failed to mark all wiring harnesses. There are 4 harnesses that are exactly alike. The truck right now drives in 1st and 2nd. Must manually shift from 1st to 2nd. In overdrive it will not shift from 1st to 2nd. Also my speedometer doesn't work and the "On the go 4X4" switch doesn't light up. I am looking for a manual or anything to help me out.
  • make & model???? If it's coil spings, it could just be a rock stuck under the spring (take the weight off the spring to check under it) or the sping rubbing the insde of the upper bucket-- which usually means the spring has stretched outwards (gotten fatter) and you'll have to change them (you don't want to change just one)
  • Does anyone know if the instrument panels are interchangeable between the SS and a regular Silverado. I want to put the SS instrument cluster if possible.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    I hate to break it to you; My 8.1L gets 12+, mostly highway. If I do a lot of stop & go it'll dip into the 10's. You should be getting better, 14-15 mpg at least. Somthin' idn't right.

  • Every time I use the defroster, the compressor seems to cycle on about every 10-15 seconds and it does so with a loud "thud" that makes the floor boards shake. Even when the radio is on you can still tell when it is cycling. Anyone have a similar problem? I appreciate your comments. My truck has only 17,000 miles on it and I have a list of items to take to the dealer about... loose steering shaft, shifting clunk between 2nd and 3rd gear, tranny slip, etc. How many problems does it take to have a recall notice?
  • The cruise control on my 2000 model 1500 works fine if I am on level ground. If I'm going up an incline the MPH could drop from 70 to 50 before the truck tries to speed back up. Is there some sensor I need to replace or do I have to replace the total cruise unit ?
  • 2000 Z71 EXT Cab. It's a soft, muffled sound. Something in the climate control, ducting?

  • steve80,
    round 2 with gm, problem came back turns out it is corrosion in the fuel line. they still will not return money, the gm rep states that something in my fuel caused this problem. this is what the service manager states but will not let me speak with the rep. anyway can you give me the name and number for the dealership you went to.
  • I have an 05 Silverado 4x4 with 17500 miles. At 16000 and a tire rotation and balance, I noticed a vibration and strange noise from my left front tire, like the wheel was wobbeling. Took it to dealer, and they replaced left front bearing/hub. Low a behold, vibration and noise still there. The sound it makes it like a bowling ball sounds when it is traveling down the lane. The faster I go, the louder and more times the "ball rolls". It could be just road noise, but just seems like it is more to it. The tires are Bridgstone Dueller. Any thoughts?
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