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2000 Ford F-150

amacronamacron Posts: 16
edited March 2014 in Ford
I just ordered a 2000 F-150 Lariat 4X4 short bed

Can only oder a Lariat as a supercab lariat not
avialble in regular cab

the changes to the 2000 Lariat as follows.
new overhead console with compass,overhead
storage,outside air temp.

New LH and RH covered visor vanity mirrors

Drivers side keypad entry

Chromed steel wheels adn 17" owl tires

New flip up 40/60 rear seat in supercab
improved 18 degree rear seating angle in Supercab
New drivers side grab handle on A-Pillar on all
improved cupholder/ash cup design in instrument

the only colors you can get in Lariat is:
harvest gold
*new color: chesnut
bright red clearcoat
deep wedgewood blue
amazon green
oxford white
The truck I odered is as follows:

F150 4X4 SS
amazon green
leather split bench
med dark parchement (deleted the med parie tan)
Lariat Series
Signal mirrors
prem am/fm w/cd
air conditoner
5.4L efi V8 engine
3.55 limited slip rear end
4 abs disk brakes
4X4 offroad package containing:
LT265/75r Owl All-terrain tires including spare
17" cast aluminum Wheels(w/ steel spare)
Skid Plates (Fuel tank, Transfer Case & frame
mount crossmember)
HD Shock Absorbers
4X4 Off-road Decal
cab steps
6500 GVWR
Electric 4X4 Shift
overhead console
Sliding rear window
Class III Trailer towing group:
7 pin Trailer Wiring Harness
Class III Frame Mounted Hitch
Heavy duty electrical/colling package which
includes:HD 72 Amp Hr Battery,super engine cooling
(radiator upgrade), Auxilliary transmisson oil
HD Shock absorbers
Tonneau cover

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

I odered it on july 2nd. they was no price info.

the truck should arrive late Aug or early
sept,just intime for hunting season....


  • cliffccliffc Posts: 9
    Does the back seat have headrests?
  • pbwjrpbwjr Posts: 6
    Do you know whether the 18 degree rear seat angle in the 2000 F-150 is steeper or less steep than the rear seat angle in the '99 Chevy Silverado?
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    not sure on the Chevy not sure on the headrets. I don't belive they do
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    the Chevy's have an 18° angle back.
  • pbwjrpbwjr Posts: 6
    Amacron, if the rear seat in the 2000 F-150 now has an 18 degree seat back angle like the Chevy Silverado, and if the length of the F-150's Supercab has not been extended, then I suppose there's a lot less leg room in the rear seat. Have you actually seen a 2000 F-150 and set in its rear seat? If so, did it seem significantly less roomy?
  • polomanpoloman Posts: 5

    Today I ordered a 2000 Lariat 4x4 extended cab with the styleside bed parchment leather interior a 2 tone Wedgewood blue (top)/sand (bottom) with almost all options. The dealer quoted invoice + $500. Was curious what you were quoted. He said that it should take 6-8 weeks for delivery in Sept. Did you buy or lease yours.

    NJ guy
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    They don't have any 2000 out yet. I wasn't able to sit in the back. But I am probably not the one you want to test for Leg room ( I am 6'10) no back seat has enough for me :)
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    I just went to the dealership today to check and see when mine will come in but they don't have a date as of yet. Probably in Early Sept.

    In reguards to the prices I bought mine on "A" plan. The dearler still didn't have any price info. I plan to buy mine out right.
  • trenttrent Posts: 86
    What is the "A" plan. I have seen that on a dealer invoice but was not sure what it meant.
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    "A" plan is a discount program for employees and their immediate family. I believe you basicly get the vehicle for 2-4% below invoice.
  • james24james24 Posts: 17
    Did anybody get dealer info on the new F-150 supercab. I believe it is supposed to be a mid year introduction. Then again, so was the supercab Ranger last year, and it never arrived. Ford let Nissan beat them to the punch.

    Just wondering?
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    You can oder 2000 F-150 supercabs right now!
  • beaven1beaven1 Posts: 1
    Hey...thanks for the prices. They were right on the money. I just went and talked to my salesperson about getting a 2000 f150 lariat also. Pretty much the same as yours..4x4, 5.4, styleside. I looked at flareside...but not worth the extra cost. Looked at captain's chairs, but the real difference is in the center not worth the money.

    I saw a Lariat in harvest gold. Very nice...except I don't like the tan interior. You ordered the parchment interior. How is that different? Darker, lighter?

    My original colors are the Wedgewood blue w/ a silver accent. I may stick w/ that, but I'd hate to wash a truck that big every day. The harvest gold will look clean all the time.

  • amacronamacron Posts: 16
    A friend of mine bought a 99 in the harverst gold nice color but I thought it a bit too much with the tan interior. I went with the amazon green just one color don't really like the two tone.

    I believe the color is suposed to be like the prarrie tan but I am not sure.

    I think picking the color was the hardest delema to choose. I went to the dealer and just walked around on the lot and choose the color that way...

    I can't wait...
  • sbehmsbehm Posts: 3

    Looks like you've got the jump on '00 info, so here's some questions for you: (1) Did you get the invoice info that you posted directly from the dealer? Just wondering if it's available on any of the online services? Looks like has the same info you quoted, but I don't really trust the online info this early in the season. (2) Notice that AC looks like a $684 option. Am I reading that right? (3) Also noted the flip-up rear seat in the SuperCab. Any thoughts on whether this might be better or worse than the '99 model rear seats? (4) looks like F-150s have disc brakes all the way around for '00? (5) Do you know the difference between the HD shocks in the Offroad vs. Trailer package? Thanks for your help. I've got a fleet manager who's got some nice '99 XLTs he's selling for invoice, but I'm wondering if I should wait for some of the new features in '00. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • amacronamacron Posts: 16

    I got the prices off the website
    don't know how really accerate they are.

    A/C is standard on the Lariat on the XLT it is "additional discount equipment"

    $684 is the invoice price retail was $805 for A/C

    The new 18 degree angle on the rear seat is supposed to be better.

    The 4 disk brakes are only for the vehicles that opt for the 5.4L engine and/or the 7700# payload group.

    I am not 100% sure but I would sumize that the HD shocks are the same for the offroad package and the trailer towing package.

    One thing you may want to look out for if you opt for the Off-road is the tires..

    According to the source book they list in the standard features in the off-road package is LT265-75R-17 Tires but when I ordered my truck they had on the sheet P265-70R-17. According to a different page in the source book they don't even list the LT265-75R-17 they list LT265-70R-17 (I believe the 70R are wider then the 75Rs). Basicly the difference in the P265 verse the LT265 is the number of ply tire they are the P265 are 2 ply and the LT265 are 4 ply tires.

    Now that I have completely confused you. There is an extra charge for the LT265 tires around $300.

    One thing I don't understand is what good is an off-road package without 4 ply tires. My Dad had bought a Ford tuck in 95 was going down a gravel road and blew out a tire 3 months after he bought it so It pays to get the better tires.

    Some people prearrange a swap with a local tire dearlership to pay the difference to upgrade tires. You may want to check that option out as well..

    One thing about the 2000 is the overhead compass and outside temp I was hoping ford would put those in for the new year.
  • fdogfdog Posts: 1
    Amacron mentioned the FDAF assessment and fuel charge. My order sheet from the dealer lists these as $65 FDAF and $15 fuel. My cost is $100 over invoice (including these charges). I went with the new Chestnut color. My dealer offered me no incentive to take a '99 off his hands.

    Also I dont think I saw any mention of the keypad entry on the driver side. I believe that is a new addition also for this year.

    As I compared the '99 vs '00 model, the added features justified most of the base increase plus
    I heard from an independent source the move to the 3.55 limited slip is not all due to a fuel economy measure but to correct for the rear end getting "loose" with the other axle due to amount of torque the engine produced. Also heard problems with the oil pump which is corrected in the 2000 model.
  • Is the 2000 5.4 F-150 getting any more power, the F-250 F-350 super duty V-10 is getting bumped up to to 300 or 310hp, the Navigator has a 300hp 5.4, why not the F-150? Im tired of gm trucks having more hp. Ford should increase power as following 4.6-255hp,5.4-285hp,6.8-315hp, is that to much to ask for? The Ford S.O.H.C.,and D.O.H.C. engines are great, they can really be opend up alot more though.
  • wilder3wilder3 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the 4.6 in the 2000 F-150 will be the 240 HP version (as in the 99 Expedition). I've heard that but haven't been able to verify. Thanks.

  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    check out they have a lot of information on all pickups including the f150 supercab there is a picture of it.
  • triton2triton2 Posts: 2
    does anyone know what kind of grill the 2000
    F-150 XLT supercab flairside is going to have?
    I heard somewhere that it is going to have an
    egg-crate insert but i dont know what kind of shape that is. any help will be app.

  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752 has a photo of the 2000 crewcab,it has the same grill as the 99 but the front does not look as rounded,scroll through til you find the write up on it. very nice truck.
  • Just wondering, what color is chestnut? Do the 2000 F150 Lariats have the anti-lock braking system?
  • pbwjrpbwjr Posts: 6
    I have a color chart. "Chestnut" is very close to "Dark Toreador Red."
  • triton2triton2 Posts: 2
    thanks for the info BARLITZ
  • ddqddq Posts: 1
    I am looking at ordering a 2000 F150 XLT 4x4 supercab and was wondering if they had changed the rear bench seat to one that folds up? Does anyone know the specs on this? Thanks
  • rgh7351rgh7351 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a web location that has a picture of a 2000 F-150?
  • Does anybody have the mileage figures for the 2000' 4.6L and 5.4L Tritons; Also HP ratings.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752 has a photo of the 2000 supercab, scroll down once page has loaded there is info and specs on lots of trucks there.
  • jmayorjmayor Posts: 2
    Does anybody know what colors the sport package will be offered in "2000" I know it was limited to a few colors in 99
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