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Mercury Mariner



  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yes, you know my issue over the Auto A/C heh... The Mariner gives you interior trim, that's a bit more cushier and classier over the Escape twim. The Mazda Tribute version, has different suspension settings, feels a bit more dug into the pavement, but very subtle. Of the three, Tribute is sportier, while Mariner is muxurious, while the Escape is the middle ground pleaser.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Did you see the positive write up of the 2005 Escape in this month's Consumer Reports. Ive driven one and been in several (prior to 2005), and always thought it was a good vehicle. Im not convinced of the Mariner, though, given its enhanced-lux position but not really offering some items that most would consider important on such a vehicle (standard side curtains, stability control, auto climate control, XM, etc).

    At least its finally debuting, I feel like it was announced and shown at the auto show a decade ago (really 18 months, but thats still hella long).

    Overall, I think I'd pick a Tribute.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    I too am upset that Auto A/C was not offered, as well as a few luxury items, but comparing it with the Escape, it's almost prices somewhat the same. It's not unless you factor in rebates on the Escape, that might enhance it's appeal. I like how Mazda offers a 4yr/50K mile warranty, in case someone has concerns over reliability.

    Overall the Escape/Tribute have received significant updates even if their styling doesn't show it. Many things have been revised and improved. Everything from the 4x4 system which reacts much quicker, to the sound proofing.

    I haven't read Consumer Reports yet, considering their background and from past senarios, they are quite biased are one of those publications we don't really take seriously. Although I am aware how it's the bible for many consumer's.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well, the sound-proofing is very evident. That car was rock solid and quiet as a church. Amazing for the size and the money. Why doesn't Mercury join Mazda and Lincoln, by offering the 4/50 warranty? I think it would be a big sales advantage, and based on my experience with Mercurys, shouldn't cost Ford much in additional repairs.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    I agree, and that's something I have mentioned numerous times and have pushed for. Actually, Mercury buyer's seem to treat their vehicles much better, hence, have less repairs. It wouldn't cost that much to cover the vehicle an extra year, and if anything, it's really integrated into the intial price of the vehicle. What's an extra $150-300 for an extra year of coverage anyways.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well, this Lincoln-Mercury customer would appreciate it :)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    how much is it to add one more year to the warranty?
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    I am looking to replace my 2003 SVT Focus? I think my canine family outgrew my current drive. I have narrowed my list to the Mariner and the Freestyle. I am leaning towards the Mariner just for styling and comfort but there is this out thing that is putting me off. I haven't test driven one but I picked up a brochure from the local L-M dealer and by looking at the AC controls I noticed that it does not have separate buttons for AC and MAX AC thus impeding me from having MAX AC coming from the floor and dashboard at the same time as I can do in my Focus.

    Am I missing something here? Please tell me I am.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm pretty sure there is another way to accomplish that on the panel.....but I can't exactly remember how you do it. I only drove one one time. ANT?????
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Focus uses another control system than the Escape... I do not believe your able to accomplish that, with MAX A/C. I have to check on it...
  • in Mariner,Tribute,or Escape????
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    Yeah the Focus has a separate button for AC and Max AC, which the japanese cars have had forever. I checked an 05 Mazda Tribute and the fixed it. I like the Mariner much better than the Tribute in every other aspect though.

    Thank you nvbanker and ANT14 for looking into this.

    Billhermann, the owner manual shows that the Match 300 (p. 23) and the CD/MP3 player (p. 27) are both satellite ready. That means that you have to buy a kit from the dealership to be able to receive satellite radio (p. 31)

    All Ford manuals can be downloaded here: p?year=2005&vehCode=mrn
  • Does anyone know if I can have a remote starter put on my wifes Mariner? I don't want to foul up the keyless entry, warranty, etc. Anyone had experience with one? Any recommended brand if it is possible?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    so far, very funny.
  • Hi all,
    I just stopped by a LM dealer this morning when I spotted the Mariner. My husband and I just so happened to test drive an Escape drove nice, but I was disappointed with the interior.....when I saw the interior of the Mariner I was VERY impressed....the price on both cars were pretty close which was surprising....also we are interested in the tow package on the Premier...since Escape now comes in a hybrid do you think LM will make a hybrid Mariner???we will be going on a test drive on Friday!....but my main question is how service is with LM dealerships....I live in So Cal.....
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I don't know about Mercury's service department, but their marketing department sure is funny. (and creative)
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Lincoln received first place in Customer Satisfaction with dealer service. According to JDPower... mp;CatID=1

    Yes, there will be a Hybrid Mariner, but that won't debut till late next year, possible 2006. The issue lies on the battery pack manufacturer (Sanyo), and they are only able to produce 25K units yearly, therefore other venues must be studied to accomodate Mariner Hybrid, and Tribute Hyrbid.
  • housethouset Posts: 36
    What exactly is this message center with Compass display on the premier model?

    I am completely Torn between the Tribute and Mariner. Right now the Mariner is a 1000 more out the door for me than the Tribute. Looking at Mariner Premier vs. Tribute with Leather.

    I really did not like the Tribute's center console. I am going to test drive the Mariner on Saturday, so I hope it is a little nicer. I guess I am just spoiled with my wife's Mazda6 console. I don't like the black leather, but the beige does look sharp from the pics i saw.

    Also, can anyone answer me if the Mach audio system is Mp3 compatible? The luxury model's 6 cd changer is.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The information center lists numerous things...

    High Engine Temperature
    Driver'S Door Open
    Passenger Door Open
    Rear Left Door Open
    Rear Right Door Open
    Liftgate Ajar
    Service Emmissions System
    Check Fuel Cap
    Low Brake Fluid
    Check Compass Module
    Compass Data Error
    Compass No Response
    Service Brake System
    Check Left Headlamp
    Check Right Headlamp
    Check Left High Beam
    Check Right High Beam
    Check Left Turn Lamps
    Check Right Turn Lamps
    Engine Change Oil Soon
    Engine Oil Change Now
    Low Fuel
    Service 4WD Soon
    Turn Signal On
    4WD Locked Temporarily
    4WD Disabled Temporarily
    4WD Auto Restored
    Average Fuel Economy
    Distance To Empty
    Instantaneous Fuel Economy
    Systems Check
    INFO Display ON/OFF

    There will be a Satellite Ready, Single CD, MP3 made available. As well as a Satellite Ready 6 Disc CD Changer in-unit, MP3 Premium Steteo made available at a later time if you don't see it introduced now.
  • I'm really surprised that there is no monitor for the tire pressure!....Also, where is the spare?? and what do the side steps look like? Being on the shorter side I definitely need some help....Does it have mud flaps or are none needed? Thanks for the service info!....we will be checking a couple of dealerships to checkout the service depts. as well as test driving on Friday.....I can hardly wait!
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Spare is under the rear cargo area, underbody. Yes side step/bars are also optional on all trim levels. The dealership might have aftermarket one's if you prefer something different. Mud flaps aren't really needed, but also a dealership added accessory if need be.
  • housethouset Posts: 36
    Well, I test drove a tribute. I have to say i was not impressed. I thought it was just too plain. I test drove the S v6. I know that they worked on soundproofing the car, but i thought it was still much too noisy. I would have hate to hear what last year's model sounded like. Now this is in comparison to the Mazda 6 I own, so maybe it is an unfair comparison. With the 6, you can't hear the engine at all. I'm hoping the mariner is quieter.

    So the Mariner's next.. Here's what I don't like: I feel like i am forced to buy the premier. On the luxury, I want leather and an autodimming mirror. Well, you can't get them together. I find that very annoying. Or you can't get more than 4 speakers unless you opt for a premier. Another annoyance. Don't get me wrong, i can live without these. But a simple autodimming mirror should be offered as a Dealer installed option.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    It can be depending upon the dealer. You can even get some aftermarket one's (I have in the past) with even more functions for actually less of a price.

    You don't hear the engine on your Mazda6i ? DO you rev past 4000RPM, that's when I hear it when I'm driving my friends 6. Or downshifting around 65-95MPH also brings it out. Although around 90-100 it gets a bit drowned out by the wind noise, but I can still make it out.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    and one from the Sun-Times:

    Mercury dives into compact SUVs

    Steve, Host
  • housethouset Posts: 36
    Interesting review. I am going tomorrow to drive it..

    I hope i can really convince the dealersship to give me a good trade in on my 02 Altima S with Convenience package.. if I can, I may buy it. I'm all financed and ready to buy. Now it's just a matter of getting a good deal. ANT14, out of curiosity, what do you think my chances are that I can get 12,5 for my Altima.. It's listed under NADA at 12,5 and 10,5 under Kelly? Since I am an X-Plan member, the price is pretty much Set for me:

    MSRP: 27940 (includes Side A/B and Hitch)
    XPlan: 26134
    Rebate 2000
    Total: 24134
    Trade in of 12,500 - Payoff gives me the car out the door under 24k..

    I'll keep you posted on my experience. Since I really don't need a car, it's not gonna kill me.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Recently I've had some friends trade in their cars, and I've been shocked at what some places have offered. Market is very saturated, just hope for the best.
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    I'm planning to visit a dealer this weekend and see what happens. My car is not all that common (03 SVT Focus ZX5 with all options but Euro package). Do you think I have a chance to get a fair amount for it?
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Usually you get more if you sell it on your own, if your looking to maximize your cars worth.
  • housethouset Posts: 36
    Well, i finally got a chance to drive in the Mariner. Here's my impressions:

    The car that i drove was the Silver Premier with Black / Parchment interior. Optional equipment was side step and roof rack. This is long-winded, but since I've driven all three Escape-likes, i think it is worth it...

    EXTERIOR - I have to admit, from the outside, it is a very nice vehicle. I did a walk around, and i am thoroughly impressed by the exterior styling. I always liked the escape and tribute, and this just adds that touch of class. My favorite SUV if my pockets were filled with gold would be the Lexus RX330. I think the closest SUV that emulates that external style is the Kia Sorento (if it were anything but a Kia). I would have to rank the mariner up there. But I digress.. I actually like the chrome trim. I heard complaints about how it would look after a couple years, so I'd probably get a bra for the front if they exist to protect the front fascia.. I wouldn't want all that tar / bugs from the driving i do to ruin the appearance. I love the taillights. The silver accents just make it that much nicer. If you truly step back from the vehicle, you can see the "escape" in it. But the extra touches will make heads turn, no doubt.

    INTERIOR - Going into this test drive with my researching, I convinced myself i did not like the black / parchment. I like the pebble beige because it seemed to go together. But when I saw the interior in person and how it was done, I'm not so sure anymore. It's really distinct and attractive. There was a luxury model done in beige, and it is Very nice, but i do now like the black too. if it came down to choice, I'd choose the beige. but i wouldn't be disappointed with either. The front dash controls are almost identical to the escape. I really wish there was Auto Climate. Also, where's the steering wheel audio controls? To make this more of a mercury than a ford / mazda, they should have at least had audio controls from the wheel. I don't know of any SUV's other than the "Escape family" that don't have this. It's especially important for me who drive 120 miles a day. Love the message center. I'm the kind of person that keeps a log of my gas mileage. A nice added touch to have that built in . My Altima has it, and I love that feature. Glad to see it exists in the Mariner.

    AUDIO - The only cd i had was a billy joel in my car, and I asked to bring it along. I was majorly impressed by the audio. It was crystal clear. I didn't realize how good the Mach stereo system was. (ANT14 - Who Manufactures this system?) I thought the tribute had the same system, but i am pretty certain it doesn't.

    BACK SEAT - No real different than the other two vehicles i drove. It will fit 4 people and a car seat.. That's good enough for me. Same thing with the Cargo. I don't the actual measurements, but again I don't see much of a difference.

    THE DRIVE - I asked if we could do a little bit of City/Highway, and he took me on a nice 8 mile test drive. When I turned the engine on, it was nice and quiet in the cabin. I thought the tribute seemed a little noisy on my test drive, but the mariner seems to deaden the sound better. Not sure if that's a direct result to the interior quality. When I got up to highway speed, there is slight noticeable windnoise / tire noise. The engine is barely heard though. Which is what i like. It handles awesome too. The brakes are a perfect touch. I felt like when I needed to stop suddenly, I knew the exact amount of pressure to apply. The throttle is not as "peppy" as I originally thought. It's decent, but I can say my altima as more pickup and that's only 4 cyl.. Overall, I can see my self driving this day in and day out.

    BOTTOM LINE - There's some things i don't like Auto Climate, Steering wheel audio, non-distinct console.. But overall, if I had to choose between a Tribute / Escape / Mariner, it definitely a Mariner. I think the 2300 price difference definitely comes from teh inside, where you can clearly see the upgrades. I wish the Mariner would just add one more year of warranty. Is that too much to ask :)
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