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Toyota Tacoma vs Ford Ranger - II



  • have you actually raced your charged tacoma in the 1/4 mile?i had a 97 v-6 x-cab,5 spd and went 16.5 with it at 81 mph.i was always curious to see what the charger would do for it in the 1/4.oh yeah i beat the kid next to me in a probe gt(v-6).......he ran a 17.1 :o)
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    Did you catch the red sox/yankee game when the fans at fenway were throwing stuff, well I wasn't one of them.The Yanks are a tough consistant team I think most red sox fans were happy with the season the sox had especially the beating they gave Roger, and who knows if they could have beaten the yankees in one of those first two games it could have been different.
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    Just wanted to reply to the earlier questions about the locking diff. The manual does indeed say not to exceed 5 mph. As to pulling out a stuck vehicle, no, it says "use it only to free a stuck vehicle" (ie, your stuck vehicle). It doesn't specifically say you have to be in 4lo to use the locking diff, but it says to put it in 4lo first to see if that will get you out, then to try the locking diff. Then to disengage as soon as vehicle is free.
    I have to admit I was disappointed about the 5mph thing, I thought perhaps you could lock in while light off roading in 2wd, and maybe not need 4wd.

    Question, if the locking diff only works in 4wd, how does it work on the Prerunner?

    I think the TRD package is well worth the money, the tires and rims would be around $800 alone, then add the bilstiens, better suspension, locking diff and I've got a great off roader that doesn't need any after market add-ons.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Thanks for the info on the 5mph locker. Makes sense as you do not go real fast in 4 wheel areas normally. I was up in the Pike Nat. For. Sun. and hit some areas that I was going up/down WELL under the 10mph start of the spedo. Is was maybe 45+deg hill real rutty and then hit a narrow spot that went to a 45 or so degree side slant. But the view of Pikes Peak 20-30 miles to the south was well worth it. Didn't need a locker in those areas but like a winch, well worth it when needed. The TRD option is a fair price for what Toyota charges and I hope to see something like that on the Ranger.

    I am looking at a Superwinch, in a basket to move from front to rear of off the vehicle. Anyone know anything about their 9000 model?.

    I have had my days. . .
    The NYSDOT may buy the Ranger because of inexpensive cost and reasonable reliability. Plus with the deals that the dealerships were giving the average guy, cities must get a great deal. You see a lot of cities with Rangers or S10 Chevy trucks here.
    Yeah, I miss going to Yankee and Mets games, having grown up in NJ, but now I have the Rockies. My son was the batboy for the visiting teams for the Rockies this year. Got me a 1999 team autographed ball for fathers day. From the Mets he got Ricky Henderson's (#24) and a couple of others.

    Well spoog i would consider hindsite in one main word, mature. He does slightly lean towards Tacoma but I would expect that.
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    Can of spray on grease, $2.99 fixes it right up when sprayed on the leafs.
    Do it when inspecting the underside of the vehicle after a hard day 4 wheeling.

    Ah, you Tacoma boys DO look under your vehicles once and a while dont you? Its easy, just bend down, lower the body and. . .
    Oh well you get the idea. (just my way at humor)
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    It not so much that it squeaks, it's what it says about quality. The edmunds review hasn't done that much off road with the truck, and it started squeaking early on. I take my ride off-road more than the edmunds test did, and my ride doesn't squeak. The thing is solid.

    The Rodeo thing is in regard to the Honda Passport review they did. They said it did better than their Ranger did. Passport, Rodeo...same thing.


    PS. GO YANKEES......! They should win it tonight!
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  • wsnoblewsnoble Posts: 241
    I agree most of this board has been about bickering. I just take offense when people make posts that mix fact and fiction together.

    My comments about squeaks were more related to previous statments i have made about build quality. The truck in question started squeking early one before edmunds started using it as a 4x4. From the springs and the dash. I agree not a big deal, but this refers to an ongoing argument Tacoma owners have been having about Ranger/Ford build quality. You will notice my previous post was in regrds to another post in which staments were posted about a certain vehicles pros and cons. I was just pointing out that some of the cons that were left out, seemed important to me. Squeaking important, probably not, tranny and drivetrain clunking noises, important.

    As far SC go. Alot of folks up here in New England like them because. Fast ride in summer, and full 4x4 action in winter....

    Just my 2 cents...

  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    In regard to your comment on the Rodeo vs Ranger consider this info:
    Vehicle Tested: 1998 Isuzu Rodeo LS 4WD
    Base Price of Test Vehicle: $29,355 (including destination charge)

    Options on Test Vehicle: Rear Spare Tire Carrier with Cover, Limited Slip Differential, Leather Seats, In-Dash CD Player, Power Moonroof, Moonroof Visor, Trailer Hitch, Sport Side Steps, Hood Protector, Cargo Mat.

    Price of Vehicle as Tested: $32,657 (including destination charge)

    Would you not expect a $32K+ vehicle to perform a bit better than an $18K+ vehicle? After all it is almost double the price.

    Also, to put the difference between an Explorer and a Ranger, the Ranger is about 15-20% lighter than the Explorer. I would expect that Ranger would perform better in the 1/4 mile being lighter. So while your comment is appreciated and understood where you were going, I do not think it is valid.

    But here is another point. When I am 4 wheeling for a 1/4 mile, I am usually going about 5-10 MPH in 4X low and could care LESS what I turn in the 1/4 mile dragstrip.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Appreciate your comments but consider this.

    Right now on the 2000 Toyota Tundra board(116X(something)) for Edmunds there are numerous complaints about rattles in dash etc, squeaks, wheels having a runout of .12 when .00X is acceptable. By your definition of squeaks etc does that make the Tundra a low quality vehicle and Toyota a producer of low quality vehicles?

    I see keiths opinion regarding dealing with life, it's a truck. My 4.0 engine is a truck engine which has it's limitations but it does have truck advantages. And it is not a sports car but Ford, in my opinion, did a good job of making it handle well.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    My neighbors 1997 4runner squeaks inside also. Does that make all 4runners bad quality? In my Ranger I have no squeaks or rattles. I do use mine also as many of you know as a 4x4 not a show truck. The Ranger/Mazda are the best value for a compact truck on the market today. Option for option the Tacoma is more. For those of us who don't want to pay for the perceived quality/reliability advantage and would rather spend the extra money elswhere the Ranger/Mazda fit great.
    In the fourwheeler article mentioned above the 0-60 times are as such
    Ranger 11.55 seconds, Tacoma 10.94 seconds. So for you racing types, the .61 second advantage must be worth the extra bucks too??
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Hey vince, and other Ranger/BrocoII owners, check this out. It looks great.
    It is off this site and EXCELLENT site for ranger information:
    The have so far organized 2 fantastic off road adventures one in Ohio and one in NJ.

    It is free.

    As stated, my squeaks stopped when I washed the underneath and sprayed a bit of lithium based grease on the springs. Just had to get the dirt out of there and add a bit of lub. Normal maintenance for a truck, ya clean it and ya lub it.
  • ziggy10ziggy10 Posts: 41
    Here's an update on my new V6 5sp Tacoma. It still runs great and I LOVE this truck. I did notice a scrape sound when going into driveway or drainage ditch. Then I noticed it going around corners. I figured it was a defective shock, but no. Toyota doesn't have those kinds of problems most of the time. It turned out that I had a heat shield next to the shock that was loose. Dealership tightened it up for free (of course!!!!) and had me back on the road in half an hour. Man, I tell you, the Toyota mechanics are of excellent quality down here in Northern L.A. area. Speaking of squeaks --- this one didn't even require oil :)

    LOVE MY NEW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    "Would you not expect a $32K+ vehicle to perform a
    bit better than an $18K+ vehicle? After all it isalmost double the price."

    I gaurantee you that a stock Jeep Wrangler
    and a 18k Tacoma would outperform a 32k Rodeo or Passport. I GAURANTEE it.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    I think and $18K Tacoma is a very stripped down, no optioned, not TRD and maybe not 4 wheel drive vehicle.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    The Edmunds article stated, in part, that SUV's such as the Rodeo are rarely taken off road. Just bought by people anticipating the 100 year snow storm.

    I was refering to an $18K Ranger.

    What I think it is spoog, with really no malace intended, you have a difficult time accepting that many independent sources, Edmunds, Consumer Reports, some of the Four Wheeler articles and a few others I will post later all select the Ranger over the Tacoma for all round value. The ones I will post later, like Consumer Reports, rank the Ranger and Tacoma dead even in quality and overall reliability. In one the Tacoma, I think, got 2-4 points higher over all.
    But one big notation that gives the nod to Ranger is the crash test that Tacoma did poorly in compared to Ranger.

    Deal with it. Your truck is 2nd in many tests but definitely 1st in one Four Wheeler test.

    Yours is number one in 1 or 2, Ranger number 1 in 4 to 5 reviews.

    Game, set, match.

    Just curious, if you do own a TRD, why did it take an independent who has never posted here to confirm vince8 was correct regarding the 5MPH restriction on the locker. That should have been a piece of cake for someone that owns one.
  • h2okieh2okie Posts: 1
    I've been following the posts here for quite awhile. I bought a 99 Tacoma Extra Cab 4WD last month. It has the V6, 5speed, SR5, TRD, blah, blah blah. I paid $21,800 for it not the 25,000+ some of you seem to think. It's a great truck, I have put 2,000 miles on it and done some serious offroading with no rattles or any problems with the exception of a cut valve stem on a tire.

    Now before you Ford fans get all upset, I used to drive a 97 Ranger Extra cab 4WD for work and never had any complaints about it either. Ford makes solid trucks and if I were looking to buy a full size truck, a would have gone with the F150 over the Tundra. I am always a little skeptical of buying the first year of any model. But I didn't want a full size truck and I just liked the Toyota better.

    If you like your truck, whatever make, model or year it is, thats what counts, and it really doesn't matter what I, or anyone else thinks. Just enjoy it, take it out and get it DIRTY!

  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Agree with you 100 percent. Washed a few pounds of dirt off mine this past tuesday from a month of hunting the back 4X roads. If the truck fits your purpose, what ever that might be, than you will be happy.
    By the way the 25K was for a turbo charged TRD. You got a fair price for yours. Bang them hard enough and you'll get some rattles.

    I have been looking at the new skid on the front of the Ranger. I like it but have concerns.

    Help me out if someone can. My plan is for a Superwinch 9000 in a basket with a front reciever setup to move it, if necessary, from front to rear. It avoids running the cable under the vehicle if you have to winch backwards. With that skid it looks like it may limit that kind of an idea, not to mention the bull bar I want to install.

    Anyone with the 2000, some good input would be appreciated. With that new skid it seems to me you would have to get a very bad bounce to hit anything that would cause damage. All my steering stuff is a good 5 inches above the lower arm frames.

    Help me out if you can.
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    "What I think it is spoog, with really no malace
    intended, you have a difficult time accepting that
    many independent sources, Edmunds, Consumer
    Reports, some of the Four Wheeler articles and a
    few others I will post later all select the Ranger
    over the Tacoma for all round value"

    Did YOU bother to read the 4wheeler article that stated the Tacoma as DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR the best truck package around?

    "Deal with it. Your truck is 2nd in many tests but
    definitely 1st in one Four Wheeler test.
    Yours is number one in 1 or 2, Ranger number 1 in4 to 5 reviews."

    Oh Cspounser you are so wrong. Go back to the 4wheeler article. Man, Cspounser, they STATE that the TACOMA won every single performance test. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!!!!! Same thing for the Petersons compact pickup offroad shoot out in aug 99. the TACOMA beats the Ranger in EVERY single performance test. EVERY single ONE! dont you get it? Thats braking, ride, handling, offroad, acceleration, passing, ect. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!

    Once again you open your trap only to stick your foot in it.

    yOu should rephrase your comment to "your truck is second in many light reviews(NOT TESTS)"

    Here it is again for you in case you forgot.
    By the way, Edmunds tests are grocery getting ventures in the city. 4 wheelr and Petersons are both 4x4 truck mags, not car reviewers.

    Here ya go, And read what it says WORD FOR WORD< and remember it so you dont make the mistake again that the Ranger beats the Tacoma in tests. LOl. ummmm dont think so:

    Although the compact Tacoma XtraCab itself is not completely new, the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) suspension and locking rear differential package is. The TRD Off-Road Package offers oversized fender flares, alloy wheels, 31-inch tires, Bilstein shocks, slightly softer spring rates, and an electromechanical, button-actuated rear locking differential, all for $1,690.

    Our Surfside Green test unit came with the 3.4-liter, dual-overhead cam, 24-valve engine and five-speed manual transmission. The Tacoma came factory-equipped with the lowest axle gears of the test: 4.10:1. It was this combination of excellent gearing (First gear for the factory five-speed is 3.83:1) that made testers comment about how readily the Tacoma jumped off the line. In fact, during track testing, the Tacoma was substantially faster than the others, both loaded and unloaded (see page 30). Tract ion came courtesy of a more aggressive tread in the 31x10.50 Goodyear Wrangler three-stage GSA. We found it supplied surprisingly good cornering power on pavement, with plenty of potential for aired-down trail running.
    As well as the Tacoma performed on the track, it was on the trail where the premium import seemed most comfortable. Best-in-class ground clearance, the most aggressive tread of the bunch, and a crawl ratio of better than 40:1 made the Tacoma everyone' s choice for hill climbs and steep backside descents. Even our resident auto-tranny diehards had to admit that the lively throttle response, sure-grip clutch, and built-to-work gearing meshed together as well as any championship-caliber team. In each perf ormance-related category of our test, the Toyota won.

    It's not often that our collection of testers agree on anything (in fact, never), but this year's Pickup Truck of the Year was a unanimous decision. Praises relating to the TRD suspension mentioned its ability to control rutted, seriously choppy terra in better than any other vehicle we'd driven. One tester went so far as to note that during a few moments of an effortless dry-wash run, it seemed the spirit of Ivan Stewart had taken over his body. This is a truck that can go slow or go fast, on pavement or off.

    Ultimately, in addition to a strong engine, good tires, and supremely tuned suspension, the clutch defeat switch (the only one in a truck sold in the US.), lever-operated transfer case, and pushbutton locking rear differential were the icing on a toug h-truck cake. Although you have to pay a premium for a premium package, the TRD Tacoma, dollar for dollar, is the best on- and off-highway compact package (maybe of any truck) we've seen. This truck has features the others just don't offer, and they all w ork. And that's why it's our 1998 Pickup Truck of the Year. /

    Yeeehaaw its nice to have the best.

    Copyright © 1999 Petersen Publishing L.L.C
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    4wheelr writes:

    "In each performance-related category of our test, the Toyotawon. "

    4 wheeler writes:

    "It's not often that our collection of testers
    agree on anything (in fact, never), but this year's
    Pickup Truck of the Year was a unanimous decision.
    Praises relating to the TRD suspension mentioned
    its ability to control rutted, seriously choppy
    terra in better than any other vehicle we'd driven.
    One tester went so far as to note that during a
    few moments of an effortless dry-wash run, it
    seemed the spirit of Ivan Stewart had taken over
    his body. This is a truck that can go slow or gofast, on pavement or off. "

    Yeee haww!!!! Unanimous? Theyve never had a unanimous decision until this review? Wow.
    That says alot. Lets see, a review that takes trucks hardcore offroad, takes them apart, heats and freezes the components, and basically beats the hell out of the vehicles for weeks, or a review that discusses trips to the mall parking lot and if rover can fit in the
  • keith24keith24 Posts: 93
    you're exactly right about the article that you quote. its kinda hard to argue with the print in the article. i know my moneys on the toyota.

    not to play devil's advocate, however, but exactly how even was the playing field in the test you keep quoting? (i've read the article) the ranger was a regular cab, 4x4, w/ the automatic. i can't remember if it had the 3.0 or the 4.0, but thats irrelevant to the point at hand. these were 2 different trucks. i would HOPE that the toyota would beat the ranger. now remember, i'm a big fan of the toyota. but when i read this particular article, i was surprised that they would actually compare these 2 trucks with their obvious differences.


    in the above mentioned article, the toyota won again. (surprise) but the trucks were more evenly matched. (x-cab, 4x4, v-6, 5-spd)

    again, i'm really glad you're happy with your truck. but geez, man, get off the high horse! i've never seen so much child-like bickering in my life. my soon-to-be wife teaches 4th grade, & some of her students act better that this!!

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I notice not one Tacoma TRD owners ever comments on the 5MPH limit on the locker. Hmmmm....
    And another huge point in the article PRICE, about a 5K difference. Tire size 31" vs a P235, yeah real fair match up. No limited slip on the Ranger either.
    Do you know what I could do to a Rangers suspension with just 4K?
    Spoog it a kid with a dream. He says he owns a TRD with a supercharger. When the Tacoma vs Ranger room first started,(Edmunds has since started a new one and deleted the old one) spoog entered the room never mentioning his Tacoma TRD with a supercharger once, until the 6th posting. The Tacoma TRD is a nice truck, never said it wasn't, if I owned a truck like spoog says he owns I would have started right in lambasting the Ranger not until the 6th post!
    Anyone who offroads knows what conditions a locker is supposed to be used for. Noone would take a 22K-24K TRD into the areas a locker will get its full use. This is a sales gimmick by Toyota and it looks like it has worked on some.
    Fact is, I enjoy my Ranger XLT 4.0 5spd S/C 4x4, with its offroad/tow pkg, pwr, A/C, remote entry, leather wrapped steering wheel, CD, 4whl ABS, rear slider, 31" All terrains, nerf bars, 3.73 limited slip rear end, and so much more. It gets me where I want to go here in the rugged Cascade mountains and deserts of Oregon, and gets me out of where I shouldn't have gone too.
    Too each their own. See you in the hills. :-)
    Sorry for the long winded post.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    I notice you did not respond to my comment on not knowing the 5MPH sticker warning is on ALL TRD's with lockers. Any owner should have known that and I hope they would have shared freely on this exchange.

    tisteve responded to the locker question

    Four wheeler takes new design vehicles/trucks and runs the truck of the year. I have questions on a few of the features they claimed on the Ranger such as the fact it is suppose to have had off road pkg but they cite the rear end as a 3.73. Anyway that is how they determine the truck of the year.
    The same magazine selected the Ranger XL 4X as its top 10 for 1999, not the Tacoma. It is cited as the best value by ALL of their reviewers combined. Consumer Reports almost always selects the Ranger as a "Best Buy" over the Tacoma. The articles I will post in a while give a slight edge to Tacoma but comment on its poor showing in the side impact crash test done by the US govt. That is a strength they cite for Ranger.

    They are both good vehicles. Spoog, however, cannot get away from the 4X TRD and look at all versions of the vehicle.

    The $25K number is a TRD with a $2500-3000 turbo.
  • OK, I decided to pull out my consumers digest buyers guide and compare all the features of these two trucks and boy did I get slapped in the face.

    All you Tacoma owners: be very careful not to get into a wreck. Your truck gets a measily 2 stars for safety (both passenger and driver) in frontal impact tests. They didn't perform side impact, but I suspect it would be as bad or worse.

    Meanwhile the Ranger got 4 stars for passenger and driver in frontal impact tests. And it got 5 stars for side impact tests.

    Watch out for rabbits while off-roading, I would hate for you to total all that money you spent. LOL

    PS. The Ranger/Mazda, F150, and Frontier are listed as the best buys for trucks.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    THANK-YOU Parkman!! One thing I have noticed in Tacoma forums is that owners are way over confident in their Tacoma's.
    I guess this is why I don't see Tacoma's where I go, they may get dented to easily.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Tacomas are good trucks but there are highlights and low lights to each truck. I will post the stuff I have been talking about later. I have 2 exchange students from the Ukraine that came in today and we are eating.

    They LOVE my truck and cannot wait to go four wheeling tomorrow in the rockies.
  • I have owned Rangers, a nissan, both of which were
    usually left behind off road or pulled out of somewhere they couldn't handle by Toyotas. My new Tacoma has never been either situation. Pretty sure it will someday, but it is a definite good buy at 19k for a V6 4x4 auto. Loaded. Deal with the dealers and you can get a Tacoma for the same price as Rangers.
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    A regular cab Pickup has an ADVANTAGE over and extra cab pickup. Shorter wheelbase is ALWAYS more desireable in offroad situations. Turning radius is smaller, ect.

    Also, the Ranger used the 4.0 v6. Its not that adequate of an engine as 4wheeler noticed.

    As for the LOCKER 5 MPH issue, you can use it higher than than, but not much. Toyota also has warning stickers on the truck that tell you this vehicles is not a car, and shouldnt be drivern like one.

    And tell me, when you are cralwing on large boulders in gullies, with your windshield looking at nothing but blue sky, are you really going to be going over 5 mph? THats when you use the locker. What a sweet tool it is.

    just love how everyone gets so upset over the truth.
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    I agree with you 100 percent regarding use of a locker. With perhaps the exception of going thru some mud where you would not be crawling thru at 5mph. Sure you can go over that speed but we are not talking 20-30mph

    you said:
    " just love how everyone gets so upset over the

    Talk to me about truth will you, ok here you go spoog.

    One truth is, whether you like it or not, many independent sources choose Ranger over Tacoma for their best buy or best value. Thats just a fact spoog and does not say that the Tacoma is a bad truck or that the Ranger is the best 4 wheeler.

    More truth from Four Wheeler magazine, which you love to quote:

    Not on the web but 2 months ago Four Wheeler magaxine selected the 1999 Ford Ranger XL its Compact Best Buy pickup truck of the year. That magazine is still in print.

    However on the web you can find here:

    Best Buy, compact pickup 1996:
    Winner: Ford Ranger XL
    Runner-up: Chevy S-10/GMC Sonoma, Dodge Dakota.

    Typically the most diverse pickup category, the Ranger offers the most comfortable interior, a four- cylinder engine option that saves $500,
    and a manual-locking hub option that saves $104. One participant noted that even though the Ranger has the smallest four- cylinder, it offers
    plenty of torque on the low end. Throw in the standard 4.10:1 gears, four-wheel antilock, the respectable 2.48:1 low-range, and the only
    thing we could want would be the limited-slip option for $252. The rest of the staff split among the S-10/Sonoma (with the base 4.3-liter V-6
    and most towing capacity of the group) and the roomier Dodge Dakota (with a 3.9-liter V-6 and the biggest payload of the bunch.


    From the 1995 best small pickup from four wheeler won that year by the Nissan XE:

    " Even the Toyota's advocate conceded that its powertrain was disappointing. That left the Nissan as the winner. It has the most horsepower, and comes standard with power steering."

    still more:

    1993 Best Buy compact pickup:
    Winner: Mazda B2600i PSSST, Ranger and Mazda are almost identical

    Yes, we've chosen as a Best Buy another vehicle in its last year of production. Mazda will soon introduce an all-new 1994 compact pickup.
    The top of the line will be the B4000 and may remind you of the new Ford Ranger. As far as the 1993 Mazda goes, we chose the B2600 because it has
    the lowest price, and its 12-valve I-4 engine makes the Mazda only a tick slower than the hot-rod Mitsubishi.


    Previous four wheeler of the years from Four Wheeler Magizine, 4 Fords, 2 Toyotas (yes spoog the Tacoma was four wheeler of the year 1998 but is not on this URL)

    1974: Jeep Cherokee
    1975: Chevrolet Blazer
    1976: IH Traveler
    1977: Dodge Macho
    1978: Ford Bronco
    1979: Chevrolet LUV
    1980: Ford Bronco
    1981: Toyota SR5
    1982: Dodge Power Ram 50
    1983: Chevrolet S-Blazer
    1984: Jeep Cherokee XJ
    1985: Toyota SR5
    1986: Jeep Comanche
    1987: Nissan Pathfinder
    1988: Chevrolet K-1500
    1989: Range Rover
    1990: Ford Explorer
    1991: Ford Explorer 2-dr.
    1992: Chevrolet K-1500 Blazer
    1993: Jeep Grand Cherokee
    1994: Land Rover Defender
    1995: Land Rover Discovery
    1996: Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8

    Consumer Reports Best Buy Compact pickup 1999, 1997 and 1996 was the Ford Ranger.

    I just documented 4 awards of recognition for the Ford Ranger, one award for the Mazda (identical to the Ranger) and four awards for Ford products, a total of nine awards for Ford products compared to three awards for the Toyota products, one the Tacoma(I am counting the 1998 Truck of the Year).

    As they say in the movie "A Few Good Men"
    "Truth? You can't handle the truth."
  • cpousnrcpousnr Posts: 1,611
    Only Tacomas, so far, that I have seen are towing ATVS that go where I go.

    I am being honest guys, I know they can go there but Honest, I just see them parked by the ATV trailers, not on the trails with me.
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