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Cadillac DTS



  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Cadillac reps say the DTS will debut in Detroit along with the XLR-V.
  • Will the STS-V debuet as well?
    Also, do know of the HP amount?

    And finally since the DTS will still remain FWD will the HP stay the same as the current DeVille-DTS?
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    I bet the STS-V will debut at the NY show in April. The XLR-V will probably have the same power as the STS-V.

    The DTS will probably dump the base 275 HP Northstar that Pontiac took, and have the 300 HP version as standard. I can't see them adding any more power to the FWD platform, unless they modified G to have AWD, which is possible.
  • I saw another picture in Popular Mechanics mag, December issue...The wheels looked a little larger and had more spokes like the STS or XLR.

    Does anyone know of any more updated pictures of this car....

    I wonder if Cadillac will continue with the various trim levels, though it will be called DTS, will there still like a base model (like the CTS base, and luxury model package)etc. However, I hope all of those model will have a standard power Tilt and telescoping wheel.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I will consider the new DTS, especially with the new interior and other updates, although the price is high enough that I would have to be convinced it could go over 200,000 miles. Does anyone have any high mileage experience?


    I read the discussions above, and saw some discussions of front vs rear wheel drive. Things have changed. Here is a link to a very interesting article, from a police publication:



    and to a video of winter driving:

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _Ride_Drive_300k.wvx


    The other vehicles I am now considering for purchase in the spring are:


    Lexus LS430 (also very expensive)

    Chrysler 300 / Dodge Magnum / 2006 Dodge Charger (on and off my list, but back on because the view out is not bad with the seats set properly, and they offer almost all of the features of the LS 430 & DTS for a low to middle $30,000 price)

    2006 Toyota Avalon

    2006 Honda Ridgeline car/truck
  • IMO From the spy pic the DTS interior look similar to last generation Honda ccord.
  • I will consider buying a 2006 DTS sometime in 2007 when I can get a used one. It certainly won't be another stripped ex-rental car though like my 2003 Deville. I should have looked around more carefully and purchased a car that had been privately owned or leased with at least the basic package on it - heated seats, memory, etc. I will also opt for one with a sport suspension. My 2002 LeSabre Limited with the touring suspension drives and handles much better than base LeSabres. I don't understand the secrecy surrounding the 2006 DTS -all it is is a remodeled 2000-2005. Nothing much different visually except a new interior and changes to the front and back end. I can't imagine that we aren't seeing normal advance publicity photos by this time. I understand that the model will come out sometime this spring. Used Cadillac buyers should note that most of the one year old Devilles at 24k-27k are in fact ex rental cars with 25-30k mileage and don't come with any options. Most are "Certified" however and come with a 100k mileage protection plan which is a good deal. In my case I had to pay $1000 for the "Certification" which included the 0 deductible extended warranty and 4 new Michelin tires. A great deal!
  • Another gripe which I hope might be changed in the 2006. I don't understand why a $30,000 Buick LeSabre Limited is far better equipped than a $46,000 base Deville. The LeSabre comes with a far better radio, Concert Sound, Memory seats, electrochromatic mirrors (driver's side and rear view), and heated seats. Even the upgraded radio in a Malibu has far more features than the Deville radio. No RDS, auto tone, etc in the Cadillac and in 2003 it was impossible to order a base Deville with the Bose radio. I think Deville is missing the boat.
  • Does anyone know whether the 2006 DTS will be displayed at the Dallas Auto Show the first week of March 2005?
  • The 300C has the same # of features as an LS430? For shame!


       And why can't Caddy get AWD ready by launch? They haven't know for 5 years this boat needs AWD?


  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Explain why this car needs AWD?


    Being FWD, it won't have issues with the weather as FWD Cadillacs handle snow very well. And it's a luxury car, not a sports sedan.... the STS already performs the role of AWD sports sedan with the best of 'em.


    There is a significant market for FWD luxury cars and IMO it's wise of Cadillac not to abandon it. Hopefully in the not too distant future, they will build a Sixteen-like large sedan to slot above the STS.
  • At the $40k level, you bess not have torque steer if you want to be taken seriously as a luxury car worth having. 300HP, over 2 tons of fun, and FWD is no way to go through life, son.


       Unless you work at GM.


  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    The FWD Northstar Cadillacs have notably little torque steer. It's not really evident unless you really stomp on it... I've driven many much less powerful FWD that torque steered considerably more than the Caddys do.


    At $40K, being FWD isn't a problem. There are quite a few FWD players at that price point. Get much more expensive than that and it does become a problem, which is why Cadillac has already switched its other models.
  • I am very much interested in a awd or front wheel drive car that is dependable has leg room (front and rear)and has curb appeal. That limits me in terms of choices from domestic cars. I don't want to drive a boat on wheels I am use to the European drive. The only caddy that appears to have any of that is the DTS. the problem is this when I add the options that I want the cost rises quickly. I don't want a car that will cost me in the mid fifties and loose a very large part of its resale value in one year. What have you paid for your DTS with nav and CD changer and sun roof.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    "I don't want a car that will cost me in the mid fifties and loose a very large part of its resale value in one year."


    Since this is a refresh (not an all-new car) I expect the dealing that occurs on DeVilles to continue after an initial respite. It may sticker in the forties or fifties, but the transaction price should be in the thirties.


    I've had a dealership sales manager tell me his biggest margins are in loaded DeVilles (and that includes SUV's), so there's a lot of bargaining room.
  • The best deal on a DTS or DHS is to find a year old lease return or trade in. People DO trade in a car each year especially when it is a corporate car. Either that or buy a new Lexus which holds its resale value. Most other luxury cars have a terrible depreciation. A $60k Jag XJ8 is worth about 40 something as soon as you drive it out of the showroom.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Except that no Lexus meets the FWD/AWD and space requirement.


    GM and Ford are about the only games in town when it comes to full size FWD/AWD cars that don't cost a fortune. I'd look for a lightly used DTS or Pontiac Bonneville GTP, which is proving to be quite popular since they de-cladded it, added Northstar power and nice 18" wheels.


    There's also the Ford Five Hundred / Mercury Montego, which meet many of the criteria, although reliability is unknown and are considered by many to be blandly styled... although IMO they look good. Obviously they aren't in the same league as the GM cars when it comes to power, but when loaded they're nice cars.
  • Followed a Lexus sedan down the street the other day and figured at first that it was one of the mid-size models. I was amazed that it was an LS 430. Next to that uninspiring generic looking car that resembles one of the 2001 Camrys, my '03 Deville looks like a Maybach. Speaking of Cadillacs, I noticed photos of the 2006 Impala on the Chevy website but nothing on the '06 Cadillac on the Cadillac site. The car is just a revision, not totally new. Wonder why all the intrigue?
  • In the 2006 DTS? I can't figure out the secrecy and general lack of enthusiasm by Cadillac on what is historically the best seller in the line and the only car (not SUV) that is bigger than mid-sized. Everybody at Cadillac and elsewhere seems only interested in the CTS-V and all the other "V" renditions of sport sedans. Hopefully the Deville (DTS) will survive corporate apathy. I'd hate to have to buy a Lincoln. Again - why the secrecy on the 2006 DTS? It is just a makeover.
  • Judging from the inputs into this discussion no one seems interested in the 2006 DTS. Cadillac doesn't seem interested either. The 2006 DTS wasn't at the Detroit Auto Show but lots of 2006 models were. I hope all those Cadillac "V"s are great sellers. Perhaps Cadillac is so sure of sales success that they aren't marketing the DTS.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Caddy, like other manufacturers, likes to stage their product introductions across the various shows (LA, Detroit, Chicago, Geneva, New York). I'm sure the 2006 DTS will appear at one of those. Its platform stablemate, the Buick Lucerne, is supposed to debut in Chicago, I believe, so I'd bet on Geneva (possibly) or New York (more likely).
  • When the 2005 STS debuted no one really liked it, took some time to get use to. Now just about everyone LOVES it....I think the same will happen for the DTS....I read that will be only one trim level with options...I Dont know of the powertrains of any I'm wondering if it will have that 303hp from the Impala and Monte Carlo SS as its powertrain.

    HID lights finally.

    I'm wondering if it will only have the bench seating?


    Everyone should have now seen the Presidents new ride in the form of the 2006 DTS, so there you go...The new car will be more proportion.


    The 2006 DTS will premier at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show...More likely the XLR-V will debut at the Geneva or Frankfurt autoshows.
  • I certainly hope that the base model is decently equipped. The present DeVille is a disappointment. A $46,000 car should at least have an RDS capable radio and heated seats as well as memory. Each year something seems to be taken away from standard equipment and put in a package. Problem is that all the ex-rental cars are base models with absolutely nothing extra on them so if you want a bargain car in a year or so you have to get a bargain basement model. I know that I'll never buy another ex-rental car Deville. I'd like to at least have a better radio than I have in my Malibu.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Running Lights be disabled in the new Caddys (or any GM product for that matter)???...nothing bothers me more that, as you look at many GM products on the road, from cars to trucks to Tahoes, they almost always have one DRL out and one where the bulb still works...aside from GM and Toyota, does anyone else insist on those silly DRLs???...and no, I do not care if Canada mandates them, this is the USA...
  • Considering that you can't see the running lights from inside the car what's the difference whether they are on or not? I do like the automatic light function -i.e. lights turn on in at dusk or when it is raining, but the DRLs are of no consequence from a driver's standpoint.
  • I'm sick of looking at that same "spy" photo in the desert. What is the big secret? This is just a makeover of a 2000 design. Chrysler had photos of the 300 for months before it came out and this was a totally new car. I understand that the DTS will "debut" at the Chicago Auto Show. I'm sure that thousands will line up around the display. I'm more interested in the option packages and standard equipment than I am in a tacked on grill and some different tail lights. I guess the interior is new but it doesn't look much different to me.
  • Didn't anyone see Prez. Bush going around in the new DTS limo? I don't like it. The grille doesn't seem to fit on the car. Assuming that a production DTS would be narrower and of course shorter than a limo I hope to see better. I would just go with the STS and sacrifice the size.
  • Nothing on the Chicago Auto Show website about the 2006 DTS but it should be unveiled there. Just saw photos in Autoweek for a possible Lexus sports car. If they do a convertible that even remotely resembles this then Cadillac had better give up on the XLR. I always hoped that Lexus would come up with something that would be really neat. Now they have to take that stodgy 430 sedan and make it look like somethat that will compete with DTS.
  • Well they've really needed something that can be called a sports coupe because the SC 430 might be sporty but it really doesn't look too sporty. That concept should do it for them. As for the XLR I really like it, but it's jus a more expensive Corvette.
  • I like the XLR too but it seems silly to manufacture a convertible that has virtually no luggage space when the top is down. This eliminates the car for weekend trips or even commuting to a golf course. If it had a fabric top at least a person would have SOME room. The Solara convertible looks a lot sportier than the SC430. I'm ordering one in the summer - a 2006. If the SC430 didn't look so frumpy, a used one would be a great car. Hopefully Lexus will get its act together in the next few years and put out a decent looking convertible and sedan.
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