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Cadillac DTS



  • Just imagine if cadillac builds a fwd DTS that matches or outdoes the TL.

    It would still come in last on the Edmunds comparison test because they don't like the turn signal lever and the steering wheel will be too fat.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    When you start believing the "Car of the Year" articles remember that the Vega was Motor Trend's
    Car of the Year for 1971 as I recall. I guess the exploding Pinto was most likely the runner up.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I understand that the 2006 DTS will be FWD and the major redesign and switch to RWD will come around 2009 or 10. The 2006 will be redesigned and there will be engine improvements but it won't be a totally new car . This information came from the Cadillac Forum.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    AIC Autosite says that the 2005 Deville will be a carryover with Base, DHS, and DTS offered.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Surely someone has seen a spy photo. The car will be out in around a year! The car magazines are totally silent.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    Probably because the new DTS is being pitched to GM's existing customers and isn't considered to be the S-class fighter that GM is now considering building. The current Deville platform still sells well at Cadillac, and enjoys lots of fleet sales as well as Cadillac's virtual ownership of the hearse and 6-door limousine market. An upper end full sized Caddy S-class fighter would likely be too expensive for those traditional markets. Cadillac would effectively be leaving money on the table for not a huge investment.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I never could figure out why the Deville buyers have always been pegged as traditionalists, old, etc . I bought full size (there weren't any small Cadillacs then)Cadillacs when I was in my 20's. I have always enjoyed road trips in a full size car that holds lots of luggage and has a hospitable back seat. The CTS I wouldn't touch in a thousand years. One day driving around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in a 2003 was enough for me. Luckily I wasn't in the back seat. My 2001 Malibu has a more comfortable ride, more room, and better access to the trunk. I have a 2003 base Deville and thoroughly enjoy it. I've had Jags, Audis, and a wide range of Japanese cars. The latter cost a fortune for dealer maintenance and the Audis and Jags were lemons. "European Handling" to me is equated with a rough ride with teeth jarring bumps and potholes. The CTS rides just about like my 1997 Ranger Extended Cab. The Ranger might actually ride a bit better. My next Cadillac will be a 2006 DTS and I'd sure like to see a spy photo of it.
  • I actually went to buy a 2004 DeVille and ended up buying a 2004 CTS Sports Luxury Edition instead. I love it (for the most part). In a perfect world, I'd like to own both, they're VERY different cars. The DeVille is a luxurious, soft, comfortable, spacious, roomy feel. It's a great car to drive long distances, take friends and family to special events (especially in the black/black version), it's very very comfortable. Superb safety record as well. The CTS, however, is a sportier car, and it's billed as such, so the customer base is very different. I am leasing my 04 CTS and will trade it in in late 06 for the new DTS, I'm already confident of that, even without seeing what GM is doing to the DeVille. That's how much I love Cadillacs!
  • thegriffonthegriffon Posts: 12
    There are no plans to switch the DTS to a rwd platform, ever. Any large, rwd Cadillacs would be new models based on the proposed ULS platform and positioned above the STS. The DTS will continue on some kind of fwd/awd platform as long as sales can be sustained. GM is hoping to divert DTS customers to the new, more expensive Buick models such as the full-size Lucerne (LeSabre/Park-Avenue replacement) and the slightly smaller, rwd 300C killer.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    If Cadillac expects anybody to switch to Buick they need to amend the warranty so that it matches Cadillac. The normal Cadillac new car warranty is 48 months and 50k miles. The Buick is 3 years 36k miles just loke a Cavalier. The "certified" GM cars other than Cadillac have a warranty that is a joke. It is 3,000 miles or 3 months. Cadillac's is 6 years or 100k miles 0 deductible from date that the vehicle was put into service. Anyway, Buick has never reflected the prestige of a Cadillac and there is no comparison in my estimation.
  • LOL!

    They should have killed Buick instead of Oldsmobile, in my opinion.

    I have rented LeSabres, Centurys and other Buicks from Avis during my last job while traveling all over the US and they're a piece of junk. I have never been impressed by them, the interiors are awful, and they are outdated looking and not fun to drive.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I wouldn't say they are junk but the Century is hard to get into without banging your head. I had a 2000 LeSabre for a year -Buick refused to fix a creaking strut bearing (at 12,000 miles) so I sold the car after 3 months of arguing with the dealer and the zone people and a multitude of test drives. I've had 1990 and 1994 LeSabres which were dependable -good road cars and pretty good on gas in the city for commuting. I also had a 1994 Skylark which was a good commuter and pretty much trouble free. No Buick can compare to a Cadillac. I don't like the design of the 2000-2004 LeSabre and tacking those stupid portholes on the Park Avenue was silly. At least Olds at the end had some interesting cars. The Aurora design was much better than LeSabre. Even the early ones look entirely contemporary today.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    The ULS/Sigma Heavy platform may get scrapped in favor of further stretching the Sigma platform. Sigma can be stretched to over 200" and can house the V12. Right now ULS is at about the same stage as the Cien, with neither yet given the green light.
  • mbukukanyaumbukukanyau Posts: 200
    Cadillac should build the Cien to slay GT40 and develop a Le Man race program to slay Audi’s and the Italians. Without a Le Mans victory Cadillac will never get a foothold on the international market.
    A Le Mans victory would put Europe, Asia Africa and the entire WRC world outside North America on notice
  • evokevok Posts: 14
    I was told that the ULS is a ad hoc program that could easily be shelved when Lutz goes. Much the same as what happened to the Cien.

    An I can confirm that Sigma can be stretched to 200+ inches. From a business case it make more sense to put the big Caddy on Sigma.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    TheCarConnection has spy pictures, including the interior.
  • I went to the car connection before coming to edmunds and saw the 06 DTS, and so I was going to post it on here but you got it first as always good looking out....How do you like the 06 DTS. I might like it. The interior looks kind of like the Town Cars well the dash does.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Other than the interior I can't see any change. Hopefully they will improve the base radio which doesn't have as many features as my 2001 Malibu standard radio. It sounds OK but features are nil.
    No RDS, auto tone, auto volume, etc.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    What is the DTS/Deville? I mean, what it's role compared to the rest of Cadillac's lineup?
  • tornado25atornado25a Posts: 33
    Volume, effectively. Yes, the CTS is selling well. I could be wrong, but did I see that it's on pace to sell 50000 units this year? I really see this as Cadillac's true volume car--perhaps pushing 100K units annually. I was "in love with this car, especially with the 3.6, until the 300C came out. I consider myself a Chrysler guy and although size-wise, etc the 300C isn't exactly competition for CTS, for the same price you get better performance, just as many goodies, etc.

    The XLR is a halo car--I think they built something like 7500 of them and they instantly sold out. And although virtually anyone is an SUV shopper, there's only so many that can toss out 55 grand for 'lade.

    I think as much as anything, as was pointed out above, Cadillac absolutely OWNS the hearse market (don't laugh, the elderly are rapidly becoming a very large part of our population) as well as virtually all of the "normal" strech limo market. Nothing to sneeze at. Plus, however "unfair" it is to portray Deville buyers as old, unsophisticated, whatever, the fact remains, the great majority of buyers of this car ARE old. It's not that they're unsophisticated, but rather, nondemanding. They want gobs of power for freeway merge, but they couldn't care less about torque steer, weight distribution, handling the twisties, or quarter times.

    Cadillac needs that car to "support" R & D on everything else--the cash needed to develop the CTS/STS/SRX, etc came from the volume cars. I, for one, wouldn't ever consider the car, but I recognize it's place in the US market and respect it for what it does.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to try to eventually put Deville buyers into the high end Buick (I mean a Park Ave Ultra has just as strong power as the Deville and easily pushes 40k at MSRP--if not over), but I *think* many people buy the Deville to say they drive a Caddy.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    This is an interesting message. I think that you are right - the Deville/DTS is the volume seller to lots of people and to rental car companies. I'm 64 and drove Cadillacs when I was in my 20's so even then it wasn't entirely an "old folks" car. I currently have an '03 Deville and like it for exactly the reasons you pointed out. It holds lots of people and luggage, is very comfortable on the highway, and has enough passing power (but for some reason doesn't seem as fast off the line as the '93). I rode around in the CTS one day all over the Dallas Metroplex. You can have it. My '97 Ranger Extended Cab rode better. My '01 Malibu is more comfortable and even has a more useful trunk. It is about the same size, too. The Chrysler 300C is a nice looking car but Chrysler reliability is terrible. I wouldn't gamble with one. The XLR appeals to me but wouldn't hold enough luggage for a weekend trip so it is out. I'm looking forward to something from Cadillac that looks like the Sixteen but offers the fuel economy (on the road) of an eight. The 2008 Deville/DTS may fill the bill.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I know of someone who had a 1992 Deville with the 4.9L OHV V8 and later had a 1997 Deville with the Northstar. He said that the 1992 was faster.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I haven't checked the statistics but the '93 at least seemed faster off the line. The gas mileage on the road however was much poorer on the '93 Deville. I can get 29-31 on the road with the '03.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Has anybody seen any additional spy photos of the 2006 DTS? When is this revamped model going to appear? midyear? Does anyone know?
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I have seen spy photos at other message boards that I am not allowed to name here. Otherwise, the moderators will send me a nasty e-mail. From what I can tell, the 2006 Deville will just be a moderate update from the current version. Except for new front and rear styling and a new interior, the car did not look significantly different from the current version - not much more of an update than the 2003 Town Car was compared to the 2002.
  • The only one I've seen is the one everybody else has seen. As time goes on there will probably be better ones published. Think I'll keep my '03 until the actual '08 new car comes out in '07. By the fall of '08 they will be selling program cars for 25k-30k just like they are selling '04's now. There is always the possibility though that Cadillac won't sell the new models to rental car companies and fleets just to hold up the resale value. They did this when the '98 Seville came out. I figured when I saw the spy photo that the '06 would simply be a moderate update. The middle of the car looks exactly the same.
  • ...Kinda's been around for awhile now--the pics that is.
  • Does anyone know what 2005 Autoshow in which the new DeVille-DTS will premire....Also those of you who think that the DeVille-DTS will replace in 2008 you're wrong...Cadillac wont or will not phase out this car for atleast another six years...But there will be car for the S, 7, LS430-(some future highlevel Lexus sedan) XJ fighter...DeVille is still to important for Cadillac. Its sales more than 1/3 of Cadillac sales.
  • Does anyone know what 2005 Autoshow in which the new DeVille-DTS will premire....Also those of you who think that the DeVille-DTS will be replaced in 2008 you're wrong...Cadillac wont or will not phase out this car for atleast another six years...But there will be car for the S, 7, LS430-(or some future highlevel Lexus sedan) XJ fighter...DeVille is still to important for Cadillac. Its sales more than 1/3 of Cadillac sales.
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