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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • the radio was making strange noises through the speakers even when it was turned off. The speakers had been silent for a long time, now the radio turns on sometimes and then fades.

    Any thoughts?
  • The lawsuit against Kia for sudden acceleration ended in a hung jury and then Kia settled out of court for a confidential amount. The suit was able to identify around 8 different accident incidents in the 2004 to 2006 models. This is to share information only and is not to organize a class action law suit.
  • I would say that they got off extremely lucky, as I had seen, and documented, more than eight accidents, due to the problem. I strongly suspect that they stopped making the vehicle, to avoid any further 'issues'. I still believe that a lot of people were not aware that they had a problem and felt it was themselves, due to the extreme sensitivity of the Amanti gas pedal. This is especially true I believe due to the Amanti being purchased by an older crowd, who might have issues with throttle control. I was told recently that the luxury model vehicle from Hyundai was going to be brought in, as the 'luxury' vehicle for KIA. In other words, KIA was not going to try and make their own again, as they failed.
  • I have a 2004 Kia Amante. Two times now I have taken it from park in the driveway to put it in the garage and it lunges. I press (stomp) on the brakes and it is resistant to stop although no accidents yet. I asked my dealer and he never heard of this.
  • I have a 2004 Kia Amante and twice my car has lunged from park to drive. My foot on the brakes finally stopped it but it was resistent in stopping for sure -- I wasn't sure it was going to stop at all!

    Have or did you find out why this happens and how it can be repaired. My warranty runs out this October (extended warranty) Pat Hansen
  • jlopez99jlopez99 Posts: 9
    I think it was the logic or lack of logic in the central control unit that brokers between the gas and the break. Take it in to the Kia dealer. I think they did a service alert and not a recall.

    Personally, I would get rid of it. With our accident, we could have been killed or we could have hit some of the people standing on the street.

    By the way, the lawyer won the lawsuit against Kia!
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Good for you!! I still believe that they stopped making the car because they knew that it had safety issues.
  • I have a 2004 KIA Amanti that has lunged twice and hard to stop with brake. Do you know how this can be fixed?
  • jlopez99jlopez99 Posts: 9
    Take it into the dealer. A lawsuit against Kia was won on Ohio for a sudden acceleration problem. If you don't get any satisfaction from the dealer, then contact Kia directly.

    Personally, I would never own another Kia after the life threatening problems that we had.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    As I mentioned long ago, there was a KIA, 'TSB' (Technical Service Bulletin) that was issued that involved the reprogramming of the computer module. Do not be surprised that if you are out of warranty that they will balk at this, or claim ignorance of it (claiming ignorance appears to be standard for KIA). I still swear that due to KIA's lack of concern of safety for customers, and any driver/person in the vicinity of an Amanti, if the acceleration/braking problem happened, they are snakes. Their standard pattern is NOT to acknowledge and help, but to disaffirm and shun. They want you to believe that it is your imagination that you are having an issue, or that you are the only one having the problem. Their motto is disaffirm as not being 'reproducable'. Most cars have computers that remember error codes when they happen. My dealer told me that the only way they could see the code was to bring the car in, without turning it off, so that they could check the code. The inference was that if the car is turned off, the code vanishes. What type of crap is that for a computer tracking errors in the vehicle? It either means that their 'computer' s inherently 'not smart', or that the dealer was lying and did not want to acknowledge or deal with the issue. You chose which to believe. BTW, I had taken my vehicle end when an incident happened, for them to check the code. SURPRISE, they found nothing! If you, your family member, or a friend, wants to be insured that their safety and well being is considered by their car maker, do NOT by a KIA. They are not in the business to insure your safety, only their profits.
  • jlopez99jlopez99 Posts: 9
    Well said.

    We contacted Kia based on legal advice to report the accident. I did get a call back the next day to acknowledge that they had gotten my message and was told that I would be contacted by someone else at Kia within the next couple of days. They contacted me as asked me what I wanted them to do and I told them that I wanted to be reimbursed for the medical for my husband and I and for pain and suffering. I had to take three week off work at a very critical time on the job. I told them that we had the car stored in a storage unit, if they wanted to send someone to check it out. They said someone would be contacting me soon.

    A couple of months later, I got a message from Kia and I thought that was the follow-up that I had been told that they had promised me. Unfortunately, it was not. It was the day before my husband and I were to testify as a witness in a video tape disposition against Kia in the law suit out of Ohio. (By the way, the lawyer won that case). Unfortunately, it was someone from Kia wanting to know what we were say when we testify. Kia was really concerned about us, weren't they?

    That was the last time I heard from Kia (Oct 2010). No lawyer would touch us as we were not injured enough to make a suit against Kia worth while. Our medical bills were around $10,000 total. In April this year, we sold the car for salvage, after paying a year and a half of storage on that piece of junk at $145/month.

    I agree that Kia is not in the business to worry about the safety of their drivers, but to make profits.
  • adnanmadnanm Posts: 1
    I would really appreciate if you can tell me what was the problem. I have this 2009 Amanti and the CLUNK sound is driving me crazy.

    My agent KIA have no idea what can be wrong. They can hear and feel but clueless.

    What did he changed ?
  • I find it funny that a lot of people are still going with the "My accelerator stuck" Excuse. Even if your car was accelerating, there is always a mechanical link between the brakes and the brake pads. That is mandatory. Next time you get in your car (any car) Step on the brakes, and then start stepping on the gas. Unless you are driving a 500 HP car (not exact numbers, just making up an example) Your car will move very slowly.

    Plus, if you shut off your car, the car cannot accelerate. IF you put it in neutral, it cannot accelerate. If you panic and step on the gas instead of the brake, it will accelerate. You know why Kia settled outside of court? Because they didn't want to pay the extra money to win the case. Why throw away more money to win a case but lose a ton of money. Doesn't make sense.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Nice to hear that you live in an idealistic world, where everything conforms to what is expected.

    The acceleration issue with the KIA is more than just a 'turn off the key' scenario. When the vehicle accelerates, when it should not, the normal reaction of any party is to be temporarily startled. Depending on where your vehicle is, and its' surroundings, just turning off the key may not do you any good, such as:

    1. You are sitting at a stop sign, seeking to turn left, across multiple lanes of traffic. Traffic is coming, from both directions, and the car surges forward suddenly. First instinct, hitting the brakes, the engine is in high revs, and the car still moves forward, although slowly. The initial surge, and continued slow movement of the car forward has placed you into the intersection, into the path of on-coming vehicles. Turning the engine off will stop the vehicle, in the middle of the intersection, in the path of vehicles potentially right on top of you. NOT a good situation. Yes, I went through a situation almost similar to this. Fortunately, the on-coming truck was able to swerve around me, through a crosswalk, and gave me the finger while proceeding down the road.
    2. If you are parked, with anything right in front of you, and the surge happens, case closed. Yep, you can cut the key off, as you have already hit what was in front of you.
    3. My greatest fear, as I mentioned once before was in a KIA sitting stopped at a school crosswalk, with children walking across the street. The car surges, and you have zero time to stop it from hitting someone in the cross walk. The momentum from the surge will carry the vehicle immediately into the crosswalk, before you could hit the brakes, or cut the car off. The car would still be moving, after you cut the engine off. It would not help a person in the crosswalk.

    Summarized, there are many bad situations where a surge would not leave sufficient time to do anything, to avoid a bad situation. This does not even include the fact that different people have different reaction times to emergency situations. It is easier to talk about doing the right thing, when you have the time to think about it, and rationalize it. In an emergency surge situation, you have to react quickly, with zero time to rationalize. Some people will panic and freeze, it is part of the human make-up.

    There were too many people that had surge issues, which caused accidents. KIA would have lost and potentially would have put the Amanti in jeopardy of facing a 'recall', due to documented surge/braking issues. It was a LOT cheaper for KIA to settle the case. They did resolve the issue though, by stopping the production of the Amanti. This resolved their problem.

    BTW, I went through the surging and the braking issues with my Amanti. I had parked my car and had not driven it for nine months, before the 'fix' came out. I considered the car dangerous to myself and others.
  • jlopez99jlopez99 Posts: 9
    Obviously, you have never been in a vehicle that accelerates out of control. There was nothing my husband could do to stop that car. The brakes didn't work, the gear was stuck so he couldn't gear down. He could not turn the car off, nor take the key out of hole. In our case, the only thing that stopped our car was a crash. According to the lawyers, there is an electronic control unit that is a little computer program that brokers between the brakes and the accellerator. Unfortunately, Kia didn't do a good job at quality control and the logic for the brakes to always win over the acellerator was not worked into the code.

    It used to be that there was a mechanical link between the brakes and the brake pads, and between the accellerator and the bakes, but with the implentation of many, many computers in the car controlling a lot of areas that used to be mechanical, there are conditions that exist where the computer logic doesn't work. You know how sometimes your computer just freezes. Well that happened our Kia accelerated had that accident.

    Kia settled out of court because the trial had a hung jury. That was too close for Kia. All that one juror had to do was to vote for the client and the client would have won the case.

    The laywer had found 8 cases across the United States that had documented acceleration problems with accidents. That is why we did a video tape deposition for his client. And I am glad that she won a settlement.
  • My car's MIL was lit, code P 0302 and it ran rough. It now runs normal and the MIL is off. My code reader still shows the P 0302 and no pending codes. Should I clear the P 0302 and drive the car and see if the code returns? :: :lemon:
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