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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • idforedidfored Posts: 19
    See message #346 to #350 above for price. I saw an ad of Amanti 2004 a couple of week ago. It was about $20000 for "One at the price" deal
  • I haven't posted here in awhile, but wanted to say how happy I have been. I'll soon have 10,000 miles and am still thrilled with the car. I took an aquaintance for a ride the other night and when he got out he comented how smooth the ride was. He kept looking at the car and finally asked just what it is. I told him it's a Mercedes and he replied how impressed he is. I then told him the truth and he replied,,, It's a KIA !!!!! ???????
  • whzrdwhzrd Posts: 39
    anybody know what happened to amantis' incentives?
  • My first post to this board, I bought my Amanti two weeks ago, and have been very pleased with it so far. It took me a while, but I have read the owners manual cover to cover. With all the gizmos, I figured I had to at least keep up with the IQ of the car!

    I do have two question - I bought a 2004 Pearl White loaded, including the cargo net for the trunk. There are no instructions, and I can't figure out where it is supposed to attach to. Ant help would be appreciated. I know i can ask the dealer, but if it is simple I would prefer to hear it here. Second question - when did you get your first oil change? 600 miles? 3,000 miles? 7,500 miles?

  • I just checked the Kia website, they are still offering $3,000 cash back or 0% financing for 60 months for 2004 in-stock models. Offer good until 1/3/05. No mention of incentives for 2005 models, are they out yet?

  • whzrdwhzrd Posts: 39
    I did see that, thanks.

    No, I haven't seen or heard of the new ones coming out yet.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Hi! Welcome to the Amanti Forum! I've had mine since Jan 04 and love it dearly. As far as the cargo net goes, there are 4 small metal (D) rings (shaped like a "d"), on the trunk floor, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Each corner of the net has a clip which connects to one of those rings. These rings may not be visible if the carpet cover is on top of them, so you may have to move it and look. It will lay flat, but you can place items under it and it will refrain them from moving.

    If I recall, I changed my oil at 6000 miles, but in retrospect I should have done it at 3000. I think the manual suggests 6000 or 7500 miles. (I don't feel like running out to the garage and read the owner's manual -so I'm going by memory). I now have 16,600 miles and going strong.
    I did put in synthetic oil as I think its better.
    Hope this helps!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,239
    every 7,500 miles for the oil change. IMO that's not enough. I'd stick to the old gold standard of changing earl every 3,000 miles, or at least by the 4,000 mile mark.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I have not as yet purchased my Amanti. But I anticipate doing this in just a week or so. I had placed a deposit on an Infiniti G35; however, I don't really feel that the Infiniti can compare with the Amanti. I looked up both vehicles on the site which lists recalls and technical bulletins. The Amanti had a couple of piddling ones and the Infiniti had about 48 of them. Tell me, based on this comaparison, which is the better car. And as for ride and looks, I feel that the Amanti has it all over the Infiniti. I cannot wait to pick up my Amanti. As for oil changes, I remember in the past that new cars came with break in oil in the engines which had to be changed in about 500 miles. I still think that this is a good idea for there are usually metal shavings and other sludge churning around in a newly manufactured engine. I will change mine in 500 miles and then go with the full synthetic and change it about every 4500 miles. I know that the full synthetic will result in better gas mileage and possibly improve the hp a tad. I would also strongly a K&N filter as well; it too should improve the hp a tad. And a little tad here and a little tad there; you know how that goes. But seriously, I feel that for the money, etc. you just cannot beat the Amanti. I feel that it is a poorman's luxury car; and that's the truth. SemperFi
  • I have owned an 04 Amanti (base) since Jan of this year and have put around 7500 miles on it. After trading in an 04 Hyundai XG350L which I took a wash on but that was OK since I had always wanted an Amanti since I first saw a photo of it and read several articles (Canadian sources) but the car was not available when I bought the Hyundai. The Hyundai was an excellent car but the Amanti is (IMHO) a step up. The ride on the KIA is incredible while experiencing a super hush cabin. There are lots of comparisons that can and will make in future posts but so far the KIA is very fine indeed. I have not had any real problems except for a few gremlins which come and go....maybe others have experienced the door chime stays on all the time (car running or not) but it quit and haven't been annoyed again....some times (twice) the key will not come out of the ignition with numerous moves with the gearshift lever, etc....gas mileage questionable (albeit it weights 4000 lbs), power a little weak for a 3.5 litre engine....but I do not want to give the idea that I am unhappy with the car as it is a pleasure to drive and the build-quality appears to be top-notched contrary to what JDPower says. I am very pleased with car and I hope that I feel the same way a year or two down the line...I have several other comments that I could make but given this is my first post....I'd better quit....but I did not want as I have seen people say after having the Amanti for only a couple weeks and having a whole 350 miles on the car that they love, love it....give it a little more time before making strong statements....even my 11 months of ownership might be a little premature.....Yes really like....but don't totally love yet... but hopefully will......regards......more later.....
  • The Hyundai I traded in on the Amanti was an 03 not an 04....while I am at it here are a few things I liked on the down for front windows...nice on hot days, a MUCH larger pass-thru from the trunk into the rear seat area.....AND a couple of things I did not like..very, very touchy gas peddle, and alot of leaning on curves....Amanti does some extra leaning but the Hyundai seemed to do much, much more.......just a few differences but you can't go wrong ( I think) with either car....more a another time.....regards....harrier2
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,239
    about praising your Amanti! Go for it! Just look at my nickname and, well, there ya go! I have grown to love the Kia product and, even though I'm researching the Scion tC as a possible '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 replacement, what actually might happen is that we'll get another Sportage. Only this time it will be the new-world-order '05 Sportage from Kia.

    I noticed so many safety items Amanti has it is truly remarkable. The car is absolutely loaded with safety and luxury items and costs so much lower than it's worth, IMO. Enjoy your Amanti and post in here your Amanti "journal" if you don't mind.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • harrier2, you mentioned you liked the auto-down on the front windows of the XG350---is that different than the auto feature the Amanti has on all FOUR windows? Also, I like the fact that the Amanti's rear windows actually go all the way down--something not found in most cars.
  • Thanks for the information on the cargo net, I kept looking for something to hook it onto in the ceiling of the trunk. I thought it was for separating the front from the back of the trunk, which is the case for my wife's Subaru.

    I confess, my first purchase after getting the car was clear foot mats and a clear matt for the trunk as well. I couldn't stand the thought of messing up those nice floor mats... :>)

  • Obviously I was not very clear on this auto down for windows on the Amanti......with the Hyundai XG350 you could lower the two front windows at distance outside the car as you approached with the remote so when you arrived at the car they were already open and venting hot interior air...just a nice feature...also had that on my Infiniti Q45.......and to boot the Amanti rides more comfortably that the Q45 and that is saying something as the Q45 is the flagship of the Infiniti line .....thanks...enjoy hearing all about the Amanti from others owners.....has anyone else experienced minor league gremlins such as a couple that I mentioned earlier......a new one popped up the other day..when I closed the hood it set the alarm...go figure ????????
  • The Amanti received a passing grade, but not a "Good" like Saab and Volvo. I thought this was odd, given that it has active head restraints. Anyone else know anything about why this might be the case?

  • Has anyone experienced insert a cd into the player and goes in and does what it supposed to do....entertain you...eject the cd...wait awhile, sometimes after car has been shut down....try to insert cd again but it refuses to be inserted ( I do not force it )....turn off the engine try again and it usually works just fine...I can not figure if I have a bad unit or plays just fine when it wants to....manual says the little red light is suppose to flash before inserting the cd does not...anybody else have this experience....thought I would check before I make a special trip to the dealer...I think we have a three year warranty on the sound system....any info from the forum would be VERY biggie but these little gremlins can be very annoying.......regards, harrier2......PS....Iluvmysephia1...I do not feel badly AT ALL about positive statements about my Amanti.....just a conservative, cautious philosophy.......So long.....what about the rest of you ladies and gentlemen?????? NO GREMLINS?????????????????????????????
  • Well, maybe I have a "gremlin"......I'll be taking my Amanti in for its second oil change, and while I'm there, I'll have the front end checked. Recently, when encountering the slightest bump in the street, there's a "clunking" sound in the suspension--as if something is loose in there. But overall, I love the car. Yesterday, as I was driving, I was reviewing everything about the car, trying to come up with SOMETHING I didn't like about it. It was tough, but I finally came up with ONE THING I liked better in my Cadillacs--the parking brake would release when putting the car in gear. Not so with the Amanti. I can live with that....this car is amazing. I love it.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    ... and so far I love my Amanti. I can't stop going into the garage and sitting in it. I get so many looks and thumbs up. I hope it treats me half as good as I plan on treating it. While I was making my purchase a lady came in with a Lexus sedan to trade in for her Amanti. Does anyone know if there's been any recalls? I just joined here and will be reading updates often. Only think I wish it had was a compass on the mirror.
  • rong1rong1 Posts: 8
    About that clunking sound I also have knock/clunk and it sounds like its from the passenger side front end when going over ripples/undulations at low speeds(10-25mph)Brought car in to dealer four times. They installed new links,bushings,struts but still have clunking sound Dealer says he will not change any more parts until factory sends him service bulletin as per KIA . Anyone else have this problem?
  • Hi, Folks

    I am back , but happy at this time I have seen several amatis around my city...

    Actually two days ago ,

    We were 3 Amantis stopped waiting for the green Commecial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale....Pufff...

    Now..I have not complain , I love my car...

    See ya...
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Hi! I have over 17K on mine and I have from day one heard a sound that sounds like a tube of tennis balls with one ball missing, being shook. It's kind of a hollow sound and coming somewhere from the right side. It's subtle, but I do hear it from time to time over a rough road.
    A 'problem' with quiet cars is, that you can hear things that would never be heard if it were a louder environment. Does yours sound like this? Or is it more pronounced?
    I do not want to imply that I'm unhappy, as I still love this car. Still...this has bothered me on occasion.
    Just curious, do you have the moonroof, too?
    -Pete, FL
  • rong1rong1 Posts: 8
    Hi! I have 3k on mine with all 3 options. The sound I hear is exactly as you describe except after a while it sounded much more pronounced. Dealer tried to replace some parts and it did help for a week but then louder knock developed with a pronounced squeak(pigeon sound)at low speeds. Dealer installed more parts in front suspension(upper bushings/sleeve I think). Picked up car still has knocking. KIA says waiting for a fix from factory. Anyone else hearing this sound???
  • There have been several occasions when I "think" I have heard some type of clunk in the right area usually when going in and out of the driveway ( not too steep). I only heard something once in awhile but I can't really say for was mentioned the dam car is so quiet that one's imagination can play tricks on you. I will really start to monitor things very closely and see what happens....maybe we all have something that needs KIA's attention.....just don't know....WHOMEVER FINDS OUT ANYTHING PERTINENT PLEASE LET ALL KNOW ASAP...Regards.......Harrier2
  • right area==== front passenger side, front right tire area.....!!!!!!!!!sorry, sometimes it is necessary to not be in such a hurry to write stuff...Regards.....Harrier2
  • I believe that is what we Sedona owners hear. After owning ours for 3 years i no longer "hear" it that much. :)
  • I'm bringing my Amanti to the dealer on Nov.29th to have this front-end clunking looked at. It is something new that has developed just a couple weeks ago. If I drive over a small bump in the road, it doesn't make the clunk, but if there's a series of bumps, and usually at 10-15mph, that's when it's the loudest. This past week, I drove to Flagstaff, AZ, a much colder climate than here in Phoenix, and in the cold weather, the clunk is very pronounced. My wife and I had friends with us (they got their Amanti the same day I got mine) and they heard the clunking....they have not experienced this noise in their car. We each have roughly 5200 miles on our cars. If anyone has had this problem and actually had it resolved, please advise!
  • I have the solution so far.... close all windows and loud your sound system....

    bye now..
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,239
    check out a new band called The Drive-By Truckers. Their CD 'Decoration Day' is great as is their latest CD 'The Dirty South'. If Molly Hatchet, Nirvana, Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foghat, The Eagles and the like appeal to you or ever have, The Drive By Truckers will sound great to you. Crank it up and enjoy the ride! Spin magazine called them the "best underground rock band in America."

    I'm thinking they're gonna hit more of mainstream America eventually. It's kinda like Hyundai and Kia...America takes a long while to appreciate the best products. Some never do, which is why we have to endure Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Usher, GM, DCX, Ford, Subaru, Crapalier's, Honda's, Nissan's, etc. Notice I didn't include Toyota or Scion, Hyundai or Kia in that list? Name a bland and faceless recording artist and people will buy it because their friends have bought it. The Truckers have real talent. Hey, since we're talking come Foghat never made it into America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I mean SHAME?

    You Amanti owners enjoy your quiet rides and better acoustics. Do they feel anything like a 1968 Buick Le Sabre on the road? All I had to do was touch the gas pedal in my parent's '68 Le Sabre and that thing was off the block lickety-split! That car was powerful.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • rong1rong1 Posts: 8
    After 4 repairs on front suspension I am now back to the original knocking sound. Dealer changed both front strut bushings and spacers. On the other occasions replaced right front strut and strut mount. Sound is less pronounced but still there. Waiting for service bulletin as per Kia. Your comments are welcome.
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