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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think you could, but if you consider the off-set for the European trip, the OSD will be a better deal anyway.

    See my math somewhere in the previous postings.

    My net pay-backs from the Volvo on a car+trip were well over $10,000. I do not think that you can get it here.

    And I would go to Europe anyway...
  • barryctbarryct Posts: 29
    Thanks for the info. Do you know who underwrites the warranty? I am wondering if I can find a similar contract online.

  • It depends on where you live. I had no luck in California, and I am not a novice to the internet searches.

    There were many companies selling extended warranty on a web, but a few were admitted in California, and they were not any better then a quote from the dealer.
  • lamomlamom Posts: 1
    I am wondering if anyone has an idea of when the 2005 models will arrive in TX. I figure this might give me an advantage on getting a good deal on a 2004 T6. I plan on sticking with the 2004 since I often keep my cars for the long haul. I'm a patient purchaser waiting for the right deal for what I want. Since I plan on negotiating via fax I am willing to consider any dealership in TX. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best time to buy?

  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    Hi Lev: I am nt second-guessing myself. I just want to have real data. The trip was great, and I'd do it again. Of course, if I discover that I could have saved 5 grand by buying it today, instead of going......

    of course, it was a great experience for my kids, and for me and the wife, so I don't have any regrets, even if I did learn that I would have saved money buying here.
  • I have a feeling that I am not quite clear in my postings.

    My point is, that, at least in my situation, I did save a lot than I can save here by going OSD.

    The MSRP (estimated) for my car was over 44.5K and I have paid $40,600 (not to mention that I could not get exact same car domestically).

    Then, my estimated cost of trip (that I will was planning to take anyway) was over $15,000 and I have spent (not to count gifts and merchandises) under under $9,000, saving $6000 right here.

    The combined savings are well beyond and above of what I can negotiate locally.

    Look at that from other perspective.

    The best deals we have heard here on this board were about $2000 - $2500 bellow invoice.

    With the OSD you start $500 bellow invoice, and you get 2 round trip tickets to Europe - $2350 in my case. So you already close to $3000 below invoice. And this does not take the savings on a car rental in Europe - which in my case (renting a large SUV for 21 day would cost me a little fortune - you can check the rates...)

    And this just a financial side of it - plus the great experience you have.

    So, once again, I would not think even for one second to choose OSD over the best local deal, for as long as I have a physical ability to travel.
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    all good points, Lev

    I had not paid attention to the posts about pricing, as they were not relevant to me. I thought that we might be seeing better deals than $500 off invoice.

    my 90 is on the truck - it could arrive today, but definitely by tomorrow

    never say "definitely"


    I better make up my mind re the extended warranty, and running boards/flaps/skid plate
  • Sorry, I've been gone a while...the warranty IS transferrable, and I do not see where it is refundable. However, I anticipate that we will use it at least to some degree...
  • phaworthphaworth Posts: 20
    I cannot take advantage of this offer but maybe you can.

    2005 Volvo XC90 2.5T AWD

    Premium, Climate and Versatility packages
    cargo net
    18" Alloy wheels
    0 due at lease inception- 0 drive off
    $473 per mo + tax & license
    48 month lease 12k miles per year
    Bad News-Expires tomorrow 8-31-04
    Royal Motor Sales -San Francisco

    Sounds like a great deal.
  • Al,
    How did you find out that your car is on a truck?

    I better call my dealer tomorrow.
  • flash9flash9 Posts: 7
    XC90 2.5T FWD
    Crystal Green Metallic Exterior
    Taupe Leather Interior
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Versatility Package

    Great / Good / OK / Poor ???
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    Lev: I called my dealer and he checked into it. I may have my 90 tomorrow!
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    Lev: My 90 arrived and I pick it up tonight
  • dk-wadk-wa Posts: 18
    I am picking up my new XC90 at the factory in about 3 weeks I have the VIN number and was wondering if there was any way to check where in the production process it currently is?????

     I know Just about like waiting for a new born!
  • Lucky you,
    Mine has stuck in the port, and I cannot even find the heads from the tails of when it is going to be released. VCNA does not know. I will talk to the port broker today.
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    sorry to hear that
  • Customs has seized about 90 cars, mine included, and even broker does not know the reason - drugs, bombs?
  • If you want to read about the new V8 engine and 6 speed tranny for the XC90, here's the first article I've found about it. (I think it's funny/tragic that the Gothenburg-Post are so behind on reporting Volvo news by the way.) - l

    I've heard Road and Track has tested the car and an article, either on their web page or in their magazine, is forthcoming. Let's all keep a look out for it...
  • A couple of things regarding the V8:

    With the engine being so compact, does that mean it will have to come out of the engine bay for the slightest maintenance, say spark plugs or changing timing chain? Anyone with mechanical knowledge care to give their best guess to this?

    Also, I wonder what the fuel consumption will be (I know it was mentioned in the article but I'm wondering about the "real world" consumption since that seems to differ a bit)?

    Third of course, what will the price be?

    And lastly, does this mean the T6 is going to be phased out?
  • I will be purchasing a 2.5 AWD in the next two months and I have been monitoring the boards for any recommendations for northern California dealers. I live in the Sacramento Valley and I am looking for #1 great service and #2 great purchase experience. Thanks in advance
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