Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    but if you have flood issues, you may want an SUV (or truck) that can handle deep water, and the XC90 can not. Not sure who can.
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    You should be able to buy for about 35K flat. I just bought an xc90last week in the DC area and paid $1,200 BELOW INVOICE. One qualifier - we got the versatility package and I believe that is the promotion that is ongoing. Just be up front - say that you're interested in buying asap, are aware of the promotion and are interested in their best price. Any respectable dealer will go near their bottom and not invest a ton of time haggling once they see you are educated. Bottom line from my buying experience - if you get a new xc90 right now with versatility you should pay between 800-1500 below invoice (based on where you get numbers and how well you work the deal).
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    Just bought and wanted to share the details b/c everything I learned on this board saved us a lot of money - hope this helps someone else.

    We bought a brand new AWD 2.5T xc90 w/
    - Premium package
    - versatility
    - Climate
    - Premium sound
    - reverse warning
    - bi-xenon.

    MSRP (from edmunds) is $44,525, invoice is $41,204 and we paid $40,050. Wife was particular on above options and color (really wanted ruby red/taupe interior) so we probably paid a little more than someone with flexibility. Actually car we bought didn't have reverse warning but dealer installed at above price - (didn't pay for labor). Bought in the No VA/DC metro area. Hope this helps.
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    i am looking at the XC90 and the X5. for those of you who tested both but ended up with the Volvo, can you give me a feel for what swayed you in that direction. also i am in the northen nj area and i have heard that dealing on the xc90 is very tough. is that true? if not, for an awd 2.9t w 3rd row and all the gadgets ia m looking at about 47k. any thoughts as to what i might be able to deal on this.

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    Thanks, nohassles, for providing such good info... I'm hoping other recent purchasers can do the same on a T6.

    Anyone having good experiences with dealers in CA-- Northern or Southern-- is also appreciated.

    I'd like to try to make a deal with the big "month end push" as an impetus with the Versatility Package marketing dollars also contributing to a loowwww price.

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    I just started the negotiating process in central jersey for a T6 the first quote i received was at invoice so i'm working from there. i think i should get it at a minimum of $1000 below invoice if not more. i'll keep you posted. i heard it might be hard to negiotiate..but it's not like i see many XC90's on the road compared to the X5 and MDX.
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    Send me your email and I will give you the info.
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    Rather than soliciting email from other members make your email address visible in your user profile and, if anyone is so inclined, they may choose to contact you.

    tidester, host
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    Thanks, Clare. You're email was not visible so I have made my email address visible so that you can forward the info. Thank you again! Still liking your XC90???
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    With the Versatility Package incentives, pricing seems to be coming down. Would appreciate feedback on the best quote so far:

    2004 XC90 T6 AWD
    Silver / Graphite
    Premium Package, Versatility Package, Climate Package, BiXenon Headlamps, and Reverse Warning System.
    MSRP $46,625.00
    Invoice (per Edmunds) $43,506
    Invoice (after incentives) $41,700
    Sale Price $42,500.00 plus fees.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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    I just finished negotiating on a T6 and I'm planning on signing the papers this weekend. $1650 below invioce --Premium, Versatility, Climate Packages, Silver/Graphite - Invioce $41,958 MSRP $44,825 Final Quote $40,315 (before tax and fees). Located in North Jersey.
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    What dealer did you buy from?
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    I bought the XC90 with premium, versatility, climate, for 42066 sticker was 45700 hope it was a good deal, it has been a pleasure driving it around.
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    This is always good info IMO for the Board. Here is the deal that I just closed on late last night! Thanks to the dealer in Chicagoland for their professionalism and to all of you for your deep insights!
    XC90 with:
    - Versatility, Premium and Climate Packages
    - Ruby Red with Graphite interior
    - Threw in the Burl wood wheel

    for: $40k T/T/L and destination charges. Thoughts???
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    It seems that I got a great lease deal. Since most of you are asking about purchase deals, I have not chimed in. But if anyone needs to know about lease deals, let me know.
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    Sure wish I could swing your deal... how did you do it?

    If it is a T6, as I figure it MSRP was $46,050 (T6 V,P,CP,MP,WSW) and invoice would be $43,011. With the current incentive of <$1,806>, that brings the actual dealer cost to $41,205. What method/info/strategy did you use to get it $40k which is ~$1,200 below dealers cost?

    If it is a 2.5, then it would seem your deal is on the high side: MSRP=$42,925 Invoice=$39,828 with incentive= $38,022 = so $40k would be ~$2k over cost, ~$130 over invoice.

    Thanks for your help in figuring this out.
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    There has been a price increase in dealer cost that is not yet reflected in the Edmunds pricing-- but ONLY FOR CARS INVOICED TO THE DEALER AFTER MAY 1ST.

    I've learned thru negotiations over the last few days that post-May 1st cars are priced *higher* than Edmunds list & invoice pricing for various options. The pre-May 1st cars have pricing identical to Edmunds. In reviewing a new pricing sheet for OSD as well as reviewing dealer invoice sheets, I discovered the discrepancies and had more than one dealer independently confirm the price increase and date.

    Options pricing changes for pre-May 1/post May 1 invoice(T6):
    Premium Pkg- $1,118/$1,285
    Versatility Pkg- $1,462/$1,806
    Volvo Nav Syst- $1,715/$1,823

    I would assume for the 2.5AWD:
    Premium Pkg- $2,214/$2,489

    All other options I saw as identical for list & invoice on both models. Obviously, the greatest increase is in the Versatility package. The post-May 1 pricing would seem to be confirmed by the current marketing incentive of $1,806 to the dealer ("free Versatility offer") good through 6/30.

    It looks like if you want a new XC90, now is the time to deal. I've been lucky to "find" some XC90's of the pre-May 1 invoice variety and have had good luck in negotiations. The latest offer for a T6 with Premium, Versatility, Climate, Bi-Xenon, and Reverse Warning in Silver/Graphite: $41,950. I figure that to be just $250 over cost after incentive of $41,700.

    Best of luck and thanks to all who have helped me via their posts!!!
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    I have been quoted 500 less from a dealer an hour away. My two local dealers don't seem to want to negotiate or hustle as much to give me the same or better price or to get me a vehicle in stock that I would like. Is it worth going to the dealer an hour away to get 500 less price and a color I will enjoy more? In fact, there is one 3 hours away that will get me the car I really want for the same price (not sure if they will match the extra 500 off) and they may be willing to come to me to assess my trade in? Please give feedback and read on.

    By the way, one of my local dealers said he won't offer me the base discount price that other dealers have since he feels he is "entitled" to 200 more than the others are offering and mentioned advertising costs as well. Plus he seemed reticent to find me a vehicle in another color than the one vehicle they have on their lot. The other local dealer said they could obtain the color vehicle I want which is half way across the U.S. but they want me to contact the sales associate who located the vehicle and talk about the price of obtaining it. It seems I am getting less b.s. from far away dealers than my local dealers. I prefer a particular color but have made it clear that I will accept another color if there is no additional charge for it.
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    This was a 5T AWD but I think you did not see that the price included Tax, Title and License, includes doc fee, and so on. The actual price before tax, title etc. is $37,241 - much lower than the invoice.
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    Thanks for the extra info-- now it all makes sense! Happy driving in the new XC90!!!
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    Let me know your thoughts on this:

    XC90 2.5T AWD premium pkg., climate pkg., versatility pkg., wood steering wheel

    MSRP: $43,645 (plus tax, tags and $99 processing fee)
    Sale price: $37,691
    36 month lease, 15,000 miles
    MF: .002
    Resid: 54%

    I also have another quote from a dealer (not sure what the MF and resid are):

    XC90 2.5T AWD premium pkg., climate pkg., versatility pkg., wood steering wheel, leather knob, cargo net, premium sound, xenon lights, navigation

    MSRP: $45,800
    Sale price: $41,000
    36 month lease with 15,000 miles: monthly payment of $698 (included 5% sales tax)

  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    2004 XC90 2.5T AWD in White with Premium package, Climate package, Versatility package, Reverse and Bi-xenon, Wooded streing weel.
    M.S.R.P. $ 44095, Sale price after $ 1800 rebate for Versatility package is $ 40464.

    36 months lease is $ 596 with 15K miles
    48 months lease is $ 553 with 15K miles

    0 down, only tax, tag , dealer processing fee, 1 st payment and security deposit. lease base on MD sales tax.
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    We were away and I just saw your message. Thanks for posting the details. Congratulations on your purchase! Sounds like you did a great job doing the deal! If it's allowed, can you post the dealership you went to? I would also appreciate knowing the salesperson you dealt with. If that's not allowed, my email address is [email protected] if you wouldn't mind emailing me directly. I truly appreciate all the assistance of everyone on this forum. Enjoy your new beautiful XC-90! Best wishes, Stephanie
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    As indicated in the introduction at the top of this page you may post the name of the dealership but NOT the names of salespeople and other contact information.

    tidester, host
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    Best deal I could find. Ordered a Ruby Red/Graphite 2004 T6 with:
    All told $41,475.

    Are any dealerships coming close yet?
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    To mad99 re purchase in Chicagoland:
    Which dealer did you get your vehicle from? I am about to close a deal myself and have not gotten to that price yet.
  • interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Please post which dealer in the Chicagoland area you got your deal from? I want to purchase in the next couple of days.
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    Philly area dealer advertises a 2.5T with premium package and climate package with $1800 down at $429/mo., 12,000 miles per year, 42 months. You can extrapolate the lease cost by adding about $30/mo. for each $1000 of additional price. Mileage would be about 15 cents per mile so for the 15,000 miles, add $450/yr.or about $37.50/mo.
    I got this deal at the end of April but my payment was $369/mo. before the cost increase and interest rate rise.
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    Funny, from listening to your earlier post I guessed you were in Chicagoland, and I also assume you used the fax attack.

    I bought from Grossinger in Lincolnwood. She (the sales manager) was very reasonable and willing to negotiate. The $200 ad fee is for real, and for $200 I wouldn't go to Tinley Park or Libertyville. For $500 I probably would have gone there.

    Unfortunately for me I bought before the $1700 rebate, but I did get a price that was $100 over invoice, you should be able to do the same ($100 over invoice minus $1700).
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    Where did y'all find the info on the Versatility Incentive? What are the details on that? I'm looking to buy a 2.5T AWD with Versatilty and Premium and would love the discount. Also, those DC area price quotes seem to be really good deals. Could y'all share the names of the Dealerships providing these price quotes?

    Thanks a bunch!!
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    I am looking for a GREAT deal in Seattle Area. Does ANYONE know a great place to go. I am living in a small town at least 50 miles & a ferry ride away from any dealer. Any comments on possible problem with getting service AFTER I buy a Volvo. Are there a lot of short visits to dealer to correct small problems?

    Any comments on incentives on the Volvo XC 90 AWD
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    Just drove home a XC 90
    White ( no extra for Paint)
    Wood Wheel
    Back-up Alarm
    Volvo Installed Receiver Hitch
    39,774 + tax & tag & and fees = $40,976
    From Crown Volvo, Greensboro, NC
    All started with quote request through Edmunds, the rest was straight forward.
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    What is a sales tax in NC? Less than 3%?
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    With the most sincere apologies, I have to say - It sounds too good to be truth.

    The invoice for the described configuration is $42,968 + something for the hitch - $1800 Versatility incentive = about $41,500 before taxes. So dealer have given away another $1500 - $2000

    Are you related to the dealer? Or, what is there that we do not know about? Demo? Service rental?
    Plus, I just have looked - the state sales tax in NC as of 1/1/2004 is 4.5% or $1800 from the $39,774.

    Do we use a different math here on the West coast?
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    Long story: I am new to this board and wish that I had known about it BEFORE I just committed to a Volvo XC90 2.5T FWD. Our local dealer here could not/would not look outside the local area for what we wanted: Silver or Metallic Green, 2.5T FWD, versatility, premium with taupe and climate control. All they could find was AWD with wood steering. We were "about" to decide to broaden our specs and go with the AWD. The local dealer quoted "around $39K" for AWD. We decided to to contact a dealer in Nashville - who seemed very eager to work with us and they had exactly what we wanted. In one phone call with them we negotiated 2.5T FWD, versatility, premium and climate for $37,389. After reading some of the posts here, I am not sure now if we got the best price. Your thoughts? Also, I see so much about the AWD being better, etc. We live in Memphis and will possibly relocate to Orlando in the next 2-3 years. We didn't feel that AWD was an important feature to us for a vehicle we intend to keep for years in very mild climates. We have one small child, and will use this vehicle for primarily local driving with 2-3 year "10 hour" road trips. Your thoughts, please? Thanks!
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    Dealership we bought the 2.5 at was Don Beyer at their Dulles, VA site. Been about 2 weeks or so and we love the xc90. No regrets!
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    See above msg - we bought at Don Beyer - Dulles VA dealership. Went with them b/c (1 - color/features we wanted, 2 - price, 3 - very comfortable working with them). Although price is a key factor it seems that all DC area dealerships are aggressive right now and are going to be close on price (based on our buying experience - visiting 2 dealers and calling a few others). My advice - find one you like working with and get them to your price.
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    Thanks so much for sharing this information. I have heard good things about that dealership. One question though, I thought they were supposedly a "no haggle" dealership. Did you actually negotiate that price or was that simply the price they quoted for the vehicle/options you wanted? Also, would very much appreciate you contacting me off the forum w/ name of salesperson if you would please at [email protected]
    Thank you for all of your wonderful help!
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    Put deposit down on an
    XC90 2.5T AWD
    metallic paint
    no other options
    $38,000 plus tax, title, license, doc fee

    I worked hard to get this price. It is a new arrival and based on an invoice of $40,464 supposedly. I think this dealer will be very good to me service wise. Am I getting a good deal? From the sounds of everyone else's posts, I am not. Please provide feedback.
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    Marylander, you will have fewer spams by making your email public in your account details, rather than posting here.
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    I am close to making a deal with Don Beyer in Dulles, VA. Looking at a

    2004 XC90 2.5T AWD (arrives this weekend)
    metallic paint
    Invoice +$750 (minus $1800 marketing promo)= $39,677
    Adding the Entertainment System ($2300)
    total= $41,977

    DVD Entertainment system is a dealer install. Does anyone have an idea if I can get this price down? I can't find the EntSys in the options online.
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    I am confused!!!!!!!!!!! In the questions / comments above there has been discussions about &#147;GOOD deals&#148; . It is generally measures in &#147;above or below&#148; invoice price.

    My questions are:

    ¨ Should I expect the dealer to price the vehicle BELOW the invoice price for me to consider it a &#147;GOOD deal&#148;?
    ¨ Is Invoice price what the dealer generally pay for the vehicle. Or have they all another way of a making profit! If so is it the same for all dealers?
    ¨ IF ABOVE invoice is acceptable as a &#147;GOOD deal&#148; how much should I expect to pay.

    Last Question is about over seas delivery:
    What should I expect for pricing?
     Is it a fixed price from Volvo or is the price set by the dealer the same way the regular pricing is set? If so What is a &#147;GOOD deal&#148;?

     My plan at this time is for an AWD XC 90 2.5T with MOST options.
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    It looks like the prices under invoice are the result of the $1800 marketing incentive that Volvo is giving the dealers. They have to make something but if you take the invoice price of the car , subtract the incentive (if offered) and add between $500 and $750 you should be fine.
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    West coast Math... In NC sales tax is computed on difference between negotiated price and value of trade ($14,500 in this case)Does that help any? Trade was not even considered/ mentioned in the deal until after I negotiated the cash sales of vehicle. I had to remove dealer contact specifics per forum rules.

    Here is a copy of text of e-mail where the negotiations began...

    Loaded XC90 T6 for only $39,990

    This very special sale is only until Friday, June 4th.
    Look at everything that's included:

    * Powerful and smooth 6-cylinder engine for added capabilities
    * All Wheel Drive to handle any road conditions safely
    * Premium Package (includes leather seats)
    * Versatility Package (3rd row seats, etc.)
    * Climate Package (including heated seats)
    * Wood Steering Wheel
    * Metallic Paint
    Save close to $7000! ** Several colors to choose from!

    Call Name Removed at 336-xxx-xxxx to choose yours today...
    Internet Sales Manager

    Direct Line: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Crown Volvo Toll Free: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Crown Volvo Greensboro NC
     Drive Safely....Drive a Volvo

    I chose a unit with the options described in my original post and negotiated from there..


    White ( no extra for Paint)




    Wood Wheel

    Back-up Alarm

    Volvo Installed Receiver Hitch

    sticker before hitch addition $46,000

    Volvo Trailer Hitch List +$662 -$333 negotiated Discount on hitch-

    Dealer Discount on vehicle $6,555 =

    39,774 + tax & tag & and fees = $40,976

    minus 14,500 trade = $25,274 => 3% tax 758.22

    $45.00 tag

    $399 processing fee totals $40976.22

    enough detail?

    (Vehicle sales tax is still just 3% also)

    416 miles on vehicle

    I just put the numbers down direct from deal sheet.

    It doesn't matter if you believe or not, I was trying to be helpful and give what we are paying here on the South east cost.

  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858

    A few details that change an entire picture:

    What you have bought is more likely a showroom demo car, that is used for the test drives or the car that has been used internally in the dealership in some matter. That is why it has 416 miles on it.

    Your original message describes the deal as a result of negotiation for the "fresh" stock item.

    On my books, you can only be helpful if you describe the whole picture, and do not omit any details. I would be extremely disappointed, if I would "barge" into the dealership, "equipped" with your figures, demanding the same deal for the stock item, and getting a flat refusal. I would think that either I am a poor negotiator or the dealer is a jerk. And both would be wrong.

    So, thanks for the clarification, it all makes perfect sense now.
    I do believe in such deals.

    As a matter of fact, I was able to buy my first brand new car, 1990 fully loaded with all the possible bells and whistles Nissan Stanza GXE, sticker price about 19,000 back then, for 13,500 - 13,700 (I could remember now) as a substitute for the stripped down XE (manual, AC only)that I was negotiating, because it was a showroom demo with about 1000 miles on it.
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    ..lemon buyback?

    About 3 years ago, one of my business associates bought a Jaguar S type that spent about 90% of it's first 3-4 months in the dealer in an attmept to cure transmission and electrical problems. My associate (an attorney) got them to buy the vehicle back. I'm not sure if it went to court or they just settled, but the car ended up back on the dealer's lot and was being sold as a new car with 600 miles on it. They also sell Audi's, in case anyone wants to avoid this particular DC area dealership.

    I would not want to paint all "new" vehicles with 400+ miles on the odometer with a wide brush, but before I would consider buying one, I would want a written disclosure by the dealership manager as to the vehicle's full history. Hell, there was even an article in the Washington Poast a few years ago of one DC area dealership trying to sell a car that had been in an accident in a test drive as a brand new car. Not a bright idea in a town full of lawyers.
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    I guess I still don&#146;t understand &#147;GOOD deals

     Should I expect a BELOW invoice deals to feel GOOD and if so HOW MUCH below invoice?

    Should I expect to pay the Invoice Price to feel GOOD

    Or is some price above the invoice, such as $ 500 above invoice, considered a fair or a GOOD deal for all parties That is both the Dealer & I???

     Please help I am loooking for the XC90 2.5
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    IMHO- if there is a Versatility package discount available - you can expect to pay under the dealer's invoice.
    If this discount is not available - $500 - $700 over the dealer's invoice would be GOOD and anything bellow that would be EXCELLENT.
  • barryctbarryct Member Posts: 29
    Comment and question. From what I have seen on these boards it appears that anything below MSRP could be considered a "Good" deal. Some have done real well and have even been able to go below invoice. I would say that is less common and would characterize that as a "Great" deal. It was not too long ago that people were paying above MSRP. From what I have learned, there is always going to be someone out there that beat your deal, but did you feel good about yours at the time of sale, if so you did good.

    My question is on the versatility promo. I was told that it was for the 2.5T FWD only. Is that true or are buyers getting that offer on all models of the XC90?
  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    I believe the versatility is available at least on all 2.5s and maybe the T6 as well. I have found in negotiating with a variety of dealers in the D.C. area that the package is not available if you take another offer. Thus, if you take advantage of the $2000 dealer lease cash, no free versatility ($1805 credit). Likewise, if you use the 2.9% 36 month financing offer, no free versatility as well.
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