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    hmmm, wonder if anyone needs a stand-in to go pick up a car in Sweden?

    nah...wishful thinking I guess :-)

    I get about 3 offers a year to drive something up to Anchorage and I never seem able to do that either.

    Steve, Host
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    If you're in the X-Plan, you can go to the Ford Partners website and find the X-Plan price for the vehicle that you want. It is, generally, about 2% - 3% over invoice. My wife and I bought our 2000 S70 with the X-Plan and were prepared to do the same with an XC90 until finding out about the OSD. The OSD price for the vehicle configuration that we picked out was about $1,500.00 less than the X-Plan price. Throw in the free tickets to Sweden and one night in Gothenburg and you've got a good start on a vacation (we figured we'd rather spend the $1,500.00 on a trip than just giving it to the dealer). We'll be picking up our new Volvo at the same time as Lev. You're exactly right about the drawback of the program, though: It can be about six months from the time that you order the vehicle until it is in your driveway. Plus, unfortunately, I think you might be too late for the OSD for this model year (the MY05 should be available for OSD in October, I think). Good luck with the X-Plan, it really is a good program, and don't forget about OSD next time.
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    I'll give you a little background and then explain how this whole thing works. My sister is currently a designer for Volvo in CA; my dad was a Sr. Exec @ Ford and worked @ Ford > 40 yrs. We went to buy an S60 @ Volvo Santa Monica 2 years ago. From the first second I arrived, I indicated I had a pin # and would qualify for Z-plan pricing. They said "no problem". As the transaction progressed, they began wavering about offering me the Z-Plan discount.

    They claimed, with absolute certainty, that the offer they could give me far exceeded my Z-Plan price. I went home, figured out true dealer invoice (on, added the allowable %, and brought my calc that back to them.

    Not only couldn't they beat the Z-Plan price, they would not honor it. The standard trick is to throw in a few options (that you don't want) or get you to sign a lease (and they assume you don't care what the cap cost is - you should care - this is a component of determining your payment).

    Both of these didn't work. The dealer is NOT incentivized to give you the Z-Plan price since there is no kickback to the dealership on the reduced sales price.

    Do your homework. Go look at the car, have the dealer draft EXACTLY what the invoice will look like, take it home, compare it to the TRUE dealer invoice on - make sure the #'s work.

    We ended up getting a Jaguar instead. We also went to test drive an XC-90 T6 today and are probably going to buy one in the next few months.

    FYI - The Ford discount applies to most all cars in the ford family (Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, Land Rover, Jag, etc...)

    The only one I'm pretty sure it doesn't include is Aston Martin.
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    Hi there, my name is Jeff and I'm interested in making the purchase of a Volvo XC90 in the next few weeks. I live in the Boston, MA area and would like to find someone that would be willing to sponsor me for a PIN # within the X Plan purchase program.

    My email address has been made public via the system so please let me know if someone is willing to sponsor me or if you know the contact information of someone that is willing to sponsor me and they can send me an email. Thanks so very much.

    - Jeff
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     I bought a dealer demo, less than 900 miles. This was a 2.5T AWD versitility, climate, premium, bixenon, and reverse warning, crystal green for 40,000 + tax,etc (msrp=43,500+tax,etc). San Francisco bay area.

    No trip to sweden, no x-plan.

    Looks beautiful. Drives great.

    I enjoyed reading all of the posts. Have a great trip, Lev! Maybe next volvo I'll try the overseas delivery-sounds like great fun if time is not an issue.
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    Sounds like a good deal azmom.

    I'll let everyone know how I do this week- it's negotiation time.
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    Well, I just made the deal for a lease on a 2.5T in black with premium and climate packages and backup warning. $999 cap cost reduction, $795 bank fee and $371/mo. for 42 months, 12,000mi/yr.
    It was less expensive than leases on many cheaper vehicles.
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        Hi, I got accepted for the X-Plan and have discovered that dealers are very open to negotiating. Lev is right in that going to Sweden and getting VIP treatment ( plus I would love to visit Scandanavia )and is a fun way to travel ( incorporating a vacation whilst picking up your car ) and doing it in your own car that you are really just driving it it....most cars need about 5K on the clock to be " driven in ". I will definitely keep it in mind for the future. People here ( including the host ) have been great about passing on tips which I really appreciate. I will let people here know ( honestly ) how I got on.
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    Share you negotiation experience, would you?
    I use to be a very tough negotiator and could tell a couple of interesting stories, if we would have a "General buying Experiences" board, as one of them is about Nissan and another about Yamaha piano.

    But now I am spoiled by Volvo OSD. For the second time all purchase takes is 30 min. homework on Internet, test drive and 10 min. in front of the sales person to fill in a couple of forms.
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    Sounds like a good deal. For comparison, the same vehicle with 0 miles would have been about $41K with the X-Plan, and it would have been about $39,500 fresh out of the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden with the OSD. But, while you didn't get the free trip to Sweden, you do get the vehicle now and don't have to wait. Enjoy!
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    Right now I am talking to a couple of dealers at Invoice Price for a T6 AWD. I am an X Plan member so I started at that price and once they knew that, I told them I could walk into any dealer and get that price. To be fair, all the dealers were taking up to 2k off before I even mentioned X Plan so there are deals out there. Whether I can get below that is the question.....stay tuned.
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    I think you can push a bit further than the dealer's invoice. There is always a threat of OSD that is below dealer's invoice. And T6 is a slow mover, so they might want to move a car off the inventory.
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    I closed the deal and took delivery today of a 2.5T AWD, versatility, premium, climate, gold/taupe (we really wanted the light interior, exterior wasn't as important, although gold was on our list of acceptable colors).

    Price paid: $39,899, or $100 over dealer invoice. The price here includes a $250 advertising fee (all dealers in Chicago charge it). Docs were another $53, and that's all.

    FYI- the 2K off of invoice is for lease deals only, and is only good until 4/30/04, although I could see them extending it, especially on the T6 as there are lots around.

    I feel like we did very well in price and in quality. It's about a g-note more than we'd pay for OSD, and there's no free trip, but we got the car today, so that's worth something.
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    The $369 lease deal (on the 2.5)does supposedly end today. My dealer said he's getting killed on this deal, but the ads continue to appear. In today's paper here in Philly, they had the $369 lease deal and it said "ends soon" 4/30 is sure soon.
    I have a black/black one on order that is coming in this coming week and it's under that lease deal.
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    Lev, or anyone else for that matter,
        The more I read up on the T6 the more I think that perhaps the 2.5 is a better car to get. However, given the weight of the car, you would imagine the T6 being as it is a bigger engine would be the way to go. I am going to drive the 2.5 this weekend to compare. I was little disappointed with the acceleration of the does idle for a few seconds. Anyone care to shed some light on their discoveries.
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    Can you provide the dealership & salesperson name. I am loking for XC with similar options.Thank you.
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    The T6, unfortunately, has a 4 speed transmission, while the 2.5 has a smoother 5 speed. The 4 speed was necessitated by space confines due to the larger engine. I, too, was a little skeptical about a 5 cylinder for a vehicle this large, but the turbo helps. We drove the Acura MDX (great vehicle, too, by the way) immediately prior to the 2.5. The MDX has a V6 with more horsepower, but - to me anyway - actually felt more sluggish (is that a word - "more sluggish"?) than the 2.5. I thought the power in the 2.5 was fine; you won't be taking it around the track at Indy, but it was more than acceptable to me for everyday driving. Plus, there is the gas mileage issue. I would actually prefer the 2.5 even if they were the same price.
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    Can you provide the dealership & salesperson name.

    You'll have to settle for the name of the dealership only. Read the introduction at the top of this page.

    tidester, host
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    I have compared 2.5T and T6 twice, once on a slalom trek at XC90 introduction event and then, I took both of them for about 1 hour each test drive, at the time of the ordering.

    Here is my 2C.

    T6 does have more raw power. It was harder for me to control T6 on a slalom course as it was for 2.5T, but I do not consider myself as an ambitious driver. And 4 versus 5 speed did not matter there, because you could not get up to more than second gear anyway, before you would brake for the turn.
    The slalom course had a speed-up straight entry way, and I was able to get to the significantly higher speed from the cold start in T6 than in 2.5T. So, I would think that 0-60 will be better on T6. However, I had to brake much harder to get into the first turn. (and as a side mark - the roll-over and the DSTC systems feels like something from the SCI-FI movies, I was ready just to be thrown from the course, but somehow had made the turn).

    Then, a year later, my wife and I went on a lengthy discussion about an engine, before we order it. Honestly, she was mostly concerned with me being satisfied with a new car.

    I was concerned with the alleged underwhelming performance of 2.5T,
    however, there were other factors involved in the decision making process:
    1. I had a very similar decision to make, when I bought my S80. I have opted for the 2.9 versus T6 then, because the steep almost 4K difference in the price. But I have never regretted my choice. There was not a time in my 4 years and 76K miles, when I felt that the car is underpowered. It suites my driving style well. I even found the "mellow" acceleration from the cold start to my liking.
    2. Gas consumption. There is no doubts in anybody's mind that you can save significantly with 2.5T
    3. Environmental concerns. I have a few close friends, who are very vocal environmentalists, and were criticizing us for signing up with the "dark force" buying the SUV. It was really nice to point out to them, that California 2.5T has a Green Guide index of 9, higher than the 6cyl. Toyota Solara (GG index 8) that one of my most vocal opponents is driving and on a par with the best family sedans.

    So, the last step was to prove to myself, that 2.5T is a good enough performer. (Another side note - I do not share an opinion that become quite popular lately, that all cars and trucks should drive like a sport coupe. I buy SUV for different reasons as I would buy a sport coupe, and my set of criteria is different in both cases. So, all I needed to know, if driving 2.5T would be really frustrating, and T6 will make a significant difference).

    And we took both cars on a long loop through LA. For those who live in LA - we started in Calabasas on 101 FWY to Topanga Canyon up and down to the PCH, then up Sunset to 405FWY to 101 and back to Calabasas - a good mixture of highway - mountain - city drive. The freeways were light and the sales person was friendly, so we did try some speeds higher than the legal limit too.

    Our (my wife, my 16 year's daughter and I) conclusion:

    1. None of the engines is powerful "enough" for the ambitious driver. Neither will satisfy the X5 V8 or a new Cadillac STX lovers.

    2. The T6 is more powerful, but the aging 4 speed transmission diminishes the difference through the mixed driving. We thought that the shifting on 2.5T was more "natural".

    3. We liked the handling of 2.5T more, and what was even more important, we did not feel a real lack of power at any of the driving conditions. The 2.5T is absolutely adequate for the task. (though we did not tow 4000 lbs boat, but we do not have one either).

    My vote, without any reservations or hesitations - 2.5T

    And IMHO, those who complain about underwhelming performance should look elsewhere - there are 69 (according to the last Automobille magazine) different SUV on today's US auto market.

    I have found enough other reasons to like the Volvo XC90, but the brute power.
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    I got mine at Grossinger in Lincolnwood. I had similar offers from Laurel Volvo in Tinley Park, and an offer that was close (a little more) from Fields in Libertyville.

    I don't know if I'm allowed to say this or not, but I dealt only with sales managers at Grossinger and Fields. At Laurel I was dealing with a salesperson. My deal was all done by fax and telephone, I had never met the person I bought the car from until I went in there, check in hand for the exact amount. Don't be a fool and sit and bicker over price with a salesperson whose job it is to wear you down!

    I will also tell you Ravi that if you're serious about this car do not make an offer until the end of the month. The only reason I got this deal was so that they could get a car off the lot by the end of the month. April 29 is a good time to buy, but May 1 is not.
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            Thanks for the advice....did both of you buy the 2.5? Interestingly enough, my dealer told me over the phone today that the T6 Transmission has been giving some trouble to other customers ( he was honest about it ). It just seems like such a heavy car for a 2.5 engine. I guess I will see myself tomorrow one way or the other.
    Thanks again....appreciate it.
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    Yes, I did.
    I am not sure that the T6 transmission is a troublesome one, it's one of the most commonly used GM transmissions, but it's rated barely enough to hold the torque from the T6.

    And do not forget that 2.5T produces 208 HP.
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    Clare, I've got the 2.5T and the characteristic of this engine, lots of torque at low RPM, matches well with this type of vehicle, perfect match for the Japanese made 5 speed transmission.

    When you want more acceleration, just use the geartronic and shift manually.

    I'm used to fast cars and motorcycles and while the 2.5T is not a rocket, it's not slow either. The 2.5T and the 5 speed was the right choice for me.

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    Yes, we bought the 2.5. We will be picking it up in late June in Gothenburg, so I don't have everyday experience with it yet. I was worried about the same thing that you are, but the test drive satisfied me. As Lev said in an earlier post, it's not the BMW X-5, but then again, it is not supposed to be. Enjoy your drive!
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    Hmm....well here is my two cents worth. I drove both of them back to back yesterday, and, could feel the power a lot more in the T6. An issue for me is my wife is going to be driving this car more than I am, and though she drives a stick-shift, I doubt if she wants to be swapping from automatic to stick as she drives. And, I did notice a marked difference accelerating in at the higher speeds ( anything over 50 was very immediate in the T6 ). I guess part of the problem for me is I have an Alfa Romeo 2.5 and just can't get around the fact that the same engine drives both. The XC90 is 1.5 times bigger than the Alfa. So, I am going to go with the T6...
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    And I would say - do what is the best for you. I gave you my reasons but the decision is yours.
    It's all about the perception. There is nothing wrong with either of the trims. They are made for the different drivers. Enjoy.
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    I just bought a white 2.5T AWD with premium and versatility package and wood steering wheel. MSRP 41,850 invoice 38,904 My deal 37,904. Volvo announced a rebate to dealers today on 2.5T AWD of 1800 so my dealer gave me $1000 off invoice. It seemed pretty good to me! As I figure it is about the same as OSD and I don't wait or travel to Europe pregnant.
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    In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Volvo advertised a $499/month lease on a 2.5 AWD with climate, premium and metallic paint. 36 months, $4139 due at signing. That's about $130 more a month and $1800 more down that the deal I got that expired 4/30 through a dealer-based lease program. Looks like interest rates, demand and possibly lower residuals are impacting these leases.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    !!! Only for those who like traveling abroad !!!

    The OSD price is still less that this really great deal by about $250, considering the destination charges.

    And Volvo subsidizes about 50% of your trip.

    Bellow is an estimated trip to central Europe (France, Italy) for ten days. I have provided two estimates - with the style and more on a budget side.

    From Volvo:
    Air (to central Europe, $1250 per ticket) 2500 Air (to central Europe, $1250 per ticket) 2500
    1 night ($200 per night) 200 1 night ($150 per night) 150
    10 day rent 2000 10 day rent 2000

    Subtotal 4700 / 4650

    From your pocket:
    9 nights 1800 9 nights 1350
    Food ($200 per day) 2000 Food ($150 per day) 1500
    Gas (150 miles per day, 20 MPG, $5 per gallon) 375 Gas (100 miles per day, 20 MPG, $5 per gallon) 250
    Incidental ($100 per day) 1000 Incidental ($75 per day) 750

    Subtotal 5175 / 3850

    Total 9875 / 8500

    % subsidized 48% / 55%
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    What exaactly does that 1800 apply to and can it be used for T6? How did you hear about it?
  • lhn5lhn5 Member Posts: 37
    Thanks that will save me a bundle. The dealer I was at this AM was not totally above board about this issue, so I used a certain discount card I have on the Costco website and that is working out great so far.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    What is that Costco discount card? I am a Costco member too for many years. I do not need it now, but it will be good to know.
  • lhn5lhn5 Member Posts: 37
    Go to and click on services then car sales...they have a program for a no haggle deal based off of invoice price which varies by vehicle.
  • lhn5lhn5 Member Posts: 37
    Picked up T6 with versatility premium etc...price was invoice minus 800 as dealer shared its versatility package rebate.
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        I bought the car yesterday...T6 AWD: Versatility, Premium, Climate, Wood Steering Wheel, Bi-Xenon, Reverse Parking, Nautic Blue for $42,685. I got $1,100 off Invoice Price...the dealer told me about the $1,800 so we each got some of it ( I was happy with that ). Thanks to all here for their advice/tips it was well worth it. I highly recommend the dealer in Northern California I dealt with.
    Anyone who lives in the area is welcome to contact me.
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    I'm down in Pasadena, but I'll gladly drive to NorCal for a good deal. I went to Detroit to buy my Honda Pilot! Anyway, please email at [email protected] with the information on the dealership and people that you dealt with purchasing the XC90. Thanks in advance.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    Fly to Europe for free instead.
    Do you know about the OSD program?
  • lee_wlee_w Member Posts: 239
    Clare, You can post the dealership name and city/state. Enjoy.
  • interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Are there taxes associated with bringing the car into the U.S.? I am trying to figure out any hidden fees or costs associated with overseas delivery?
    Thank you for any feedback one can provide.
  • interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Did you get initial quotes via the internet or all by phone? Can you tell me more, I am new to the townhall and want to buy a Volvo XC90 2.5 T in the Chicagoland area too. Thank you for the end of the month tip. I want to pay under invoice like others did with rebates as well.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    If you would not mind to search the XC90 and S40/V50 boards for my postings, you will find quite a bit of information on OSD.

    As a short version - the OSD is everything it's claimed to be and much more. Just read the Volvo description of it, and you will get the picture.
    There is no any hidden fees, just a lot of savings both on the price of the car and on the cost of your overseas trip.

    I strongly believe that this is truly amazing buying experience, and there are other folks on this board who share the same opinion.

    You would have to pay the state sales tax and registration fees, just as for any other car you buy at the time of the registration.
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    Interested- I did it by fax attack.

    I have no financial interest in the following company: fighting chance dot com. It's worth the small investment to get this information, specifically how to get the best price.

    I have no doubt I got the best price in April. Unfortunately for me the price came down in May! This was unforseeable. I don't think it's unreasonable to pay $100 over invoice minus the $1800 incentive. (that would be $1800 less than I paid). The only way to know is by fax attack.
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    I am buying this car as a vehicle to go back and forth to town I have a f 350 dually 4x4 so I only need it as a smaller vehicle. therefore I am going to get the 2.5 fwd and hope I am not making a mistake. the dealership told me about 3,000 less, but reading the other messages it seems I should push for more. also I have been debating this or the vw touraeg any advice?
  • dial911dial911 Member Posts: 7

    would also be interested in the NorCal dealership that you found pleasant... looking to purchase soon and would prefer a nice experience.

  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Here in the DC area, you would have a very difficult time re-selling a FWD SUV. New Orleans would be easier I guess, but it's still not a vehicle I'd ever want to have to re-sell.

    As far as the Touraeg goes, if you can get by with 5 seats, I wouldn't consider either the FWD XC90 or Touraeg. I'd get a nice sedan (Acura TL, Volvo S60, BMW 330i), save money, get better mileage and have a much nicer driving car. Especially if you already have a big truck. But that's just me.
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    Hi everyone,
    I've been reading all the back posts....the more I read the more muddled I become...I am looking to buy an XC-90, FWD w/premium & climate. Total MSRP is $38,675; total invoice is $36,174. I can do the x-plan, but is that the lowest way to go? Doesn't seem like it based on recent posts about folks getting near/below invoice. I see on Edmunds there is $1,500 "marketing support" cash to dealer from now till 6/30/04. Should I be able to get that deducted off my deal? I will not be financing if that helps. I haven't bought a new vehicle in 10+ years. What do you experts think I should end up paying here in Maryland? Thank you so much for any help.
  • missyjeanmissyjean Member Posts: 3
    The reason I want an suv is it is very hard to be in my big truck and then get into a small car. My truck seems so much safer and that is my number one concern. Also it floods really bad around here so I need something high. For anyone else reading this, if safety is your concern ask around about volvos and someone will have a story on how it saved them.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    If safety is your concern - there is no safer SUV than Volvo XC90 on todays market. And it is very car like one, so it will be a good transition to your next car, if you would want to buy a sedan.
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